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March 18, 2013


The Dude

We are the best team I've seen so far today.


Ohio, that's good to hear.
Anyone else stuck at work while the tourney rolls on?


So who thinks Michel will choose us?

Posted by: CoCane | March 21, 2013 at 04:07 PM



So who thinks Michel will choose us?


BREAKING: Two FSU athletes arrested after reports of gunshots

Two Florida State track and field athletes have been arrested in connection with a report of gunfire within the city limits.

Stephen Newbold, 18, is charged with discharging a firearm in public and resisting arrest without violence.

Ronnell J. Mance, 21, is charged with possession of a forged driver’s license and resisting arrest without violence.

According to the police report, Tallahassee Police Department responded to reports of gunshots in the area of the pool at 810 Wadsworth Street, Campus Walk Apartments, around 3:36 a.m. this morning.

Arresting officer Terry Mahan arrived at the scene and encountered five men and ordered them to put their hands on their heads. An officer ordered the men searched and one suspect, later identified as Stephen Newbold, fled the scene.

The four remaining suspects were searched. Mance resisted an officer during the pat down and was placed under arrest. An ID card was found on Mance that did not belong to him with a date that had been altered.

Newbold was tracked and located by a K-9 officer and arrested for resisting an officer without violence.

A witness living at Campus Walk Apartments who said she heard two gunshots. She then looked out her window and saw a man later identified as Newbold fire two more times in the direction of the apartments' pool.

Florida State Athletics issued a statement in response to news of the incident:

“We are aware of the arrests and are working to gather all the facts. The students have been suspended from the team effective immediately. Whether they can return as student-athletes will be determined through our discipline policy and any legal proceedings,” said Director of Athletics Randy Spetman regarding the included probable cause reports.


Co- just having a little fun with my cold MEDS yesterday. :)
The shooting appears to have not caused injuries, involved a couple of track athletes somehow. Don't know much about it but thank God nobody was hurt.


RIP AB7. You are always in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. Its been 10 long years without you here. I know you lookin down keepin me on point when I start slippin. Someday we shall meet again in that special piece of Miami heaven. Miss and love you bruh

Posted by: Dueces Up | March 20, 2013 at 08:53 PM

Yep thats right, they read Canespace in heaven!

Dem Canes!!!

Old Skool

Tampa Bay Times reports no one was injured.

Apparently, FSU working on its high powered offense.


RT @TDOnline Reports of a shooting involving #FloridaState student athletes has been confirmed by TPD Spokesman David Northway.


First busted bracket starts at 12:40! Let's go Bucknell!


With Michel, I would be more worried about FSU, than Georgia or N.D. He's already been their 4 or 5 times.


How come Percy Harvin had to move to a state where weed is legal....... He will be suspended this fall for sure.

Posted by: Hassan | March 21, 2013 at 07:33 AM



know thy enemy:



Via the Herald:

"Former UM offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch, who was hired by the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars for the same position in January, attended practice."

Business or pleasure? Perhaps to draft an offensive weapon?


How come Percy Harvin had to move to a state where weed is legal....... He will be suspended this fall for sure.


I guess Heather is starting to jump on the band wagon, I think there is some room left for her.


Ed Reed will win Two Superbowls

The Dude

Ed Reed is a Texan now.

They should be real good next year.

The Dude

Wow, Heat win again.


UNC coach Roy Williams is a class act after the game on sunday he went to talk to the Miami players...


Posted by: Montreal-Cane | March 20, 2013 at 02:38 AM

that is class


Per CaneInsider, via ESPN:

Beginning of ESPN article:

MIAMI, Fla. -- Sony Michel (Plantation, Fla./American Heritage) has spent the spring working on his hands and trying to become a student of the game as he prepares for the next level. Now at 205 pounds, Michel hopes to add to his 4,819 career rushing yards and 57 touchdowns this fall, but the ESPN Watch List running back also admitted he could be ready to make a decision well before his senior season.

Poster from CI breaking the article down:

-decision will be mid april, no more visits, decision will be final
-"miami is a team I always see myself playing for. I like the offense they run and the backs they produce as well
- says there is no local pressure to pick miami
- says he already as a school in mind that he plans to commit too

on georgia- "Their running backs coach, Bryan McClendon, is a great guy that really relates well to the players. I feel like the success of their running backs in that offense is something that would be great for me."

on notre dame- Notre Dame: "Me and running backs coach Tony Alford have a great relationship and when I visited it was something different for me. I felt good on campus and Coach Alford made me feel comfortable."

 Dueces Up

RIP AB7. You are always in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. Its been 10 long years without you here. I know you lookin down keepin me on point when I start slippin. Someday we shall meet again in that special piece of Miami heaven. Miss and love you bruh


@CanesHoops has landed in Austin, en route to the team hotel


Dennis Dodd
Senior College Football Columnist
Syracuse hoops under investigation by NCAA
March 20, 2013 3:20 pm ET

Syracuse University basketball has been under NCAA investigation for a period of “years,” a source with knowledge of the case told CBSSports.com.

That source said the school has received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA.

The specific nature of the alleged violations was not disclosed by the source but the transgressions were described as both major and wide-ranging in nature. The investigation also encompasses football but is believed to primarily involve basketball.

Old Skool

New Adidas college Bball unis got less than stellar reviews. They're called Underoos, Fruit Stripes and LMFAO costumes



"Chick being pushed around."

That's all on No'D. What plays was he calling? He needs to call the plays that don't get Chick pushed around.




Really... :-/


I think Chickilllo was playing possum, just like in wrestling. Now everyone will think they can run at him, only to find out he was getting ready to Pearl Harbor the RB's. :)


First, Odogwu won't need any Tide until his redshirt soph. year. Hype & Hope is what spring forecast are all about. Spring football is great for the coaches evaluation but for the ultra fan like the Herb, I could careless. I care naught, about legends of the Spring only about the end product on game day.
Checking out Canesport today and I saw where Hamilton was talking about the defense and all the disrespect he got from friends and family because of last years production and he had the Gaul to say they didn't need to be like the defenses of the 80's but start their own identity, this was a new time. Last I remember, defense is defense, no matter what era and the objective still remains to score more than your opponent. I'd call last years defense "Sisters of the poor" best I can give them. To Mr. Hamilton, being compared to the 80's defense, would be an upgrade from what I witnessed last year and a damn great complement.


And Ogdogwu...love His attitude and perspective on life.
BUT!, He's gonna be a project as far as football is concerned, I don't see Him in the O-Line rotation anytime soon.


When watching drills be careful because drills are not Football, they are designed to do something, so when you see a 330 lb man move a 270 man why does that shock you, Football is not wrestling, it is not weight lifting, it is Football. Do you think Von Miller can win those drills against an NFL tackle? NOOOOO and it is not designed for him to.

Posted by: Hassan | March 20, 2013 at 12:41 PM

True that.
That was basically a drive block drill for the O-Line, so a stalemate was basically a win for the D-Line.
And Chick didn't do that bad, I was just pointing out Flowers' quickness and technique coming off the ball, He has that quick twitch that you look for on the D-Line.