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March 18, 2013



86 - I think Syracuse beats Indiana......


Just noticed Barry Larkin was born the same year I was. Kind of a sobering thought.


LB...as U know, Golden and Kehoe have been RAVING about Sunny since he arrived on campus. He is VERY raw but has great work ethic and is very coachable. They say he is soaking up info like a sponge, has a great desire to learn the game.


Now that Mike James is gone, I think I found my new favorite player. His optimism is infectious.

Go Sunny!


Also. Went on a cruise last week.. from port Canaveral to cocoa cay then Nassau. . Very nice had on um gear so I took some crap from fsu fans and uf fans but had a great time. Trying to get promoted within my. We have some jobs opening up in Florida


Raize...check this out:



New raising canes on sunny odogwu love this young man


86 - I have no issue where Miami is seeded and the region. We get past Indiana and it's a done deal. You want to talk about a killer region, look at the mid-west. Louiville, Duke, Michigan State, Memphis....BRUTAL.


Above and below is from Forbes Magazine:

Needless to say, the unexpected success of the Hurricanes’ men’s basketball program in 2012-13 has been a welcomed and much-needed shot of positive publicity for the embattled athletics program.

And, just like any program that enjoys unforeseen success, such successes may make the school a destination for high school recruits to consider…as well as serve as general marketing for the entire university which could lead to a deeper applicant pool.


Aside from the possibility of a random Cinderella school that sometimes sneaks into the tournament’s second weekend (e.g. Albany, South Dakota State, Pacific, Iona), there are two schools in particular that stand to gain the most from performing well in the upcoming weeks and at least reaching the Sweet 16.

Saint Louis University and the University of Miami.


OGV...I think Julian Gamble and Shane Larkin BOTH read Canespace. And maybe Kadji, but I am less certain of that.


Did anyone catch the Julian Gamble video bomb when Larranaga was interviewed?? Lol..I might b late on that one he did it to Kenny Kadji also a while back...its funny cause he just popped up smiling on each interview...unlike Bosh who gives more entertainment

orange 'n green in the vein


Go here and look at Szczerbiak's bracket, it says he picks the 'Zags but the bracket indicates he picks UM to win?

Sounds like more disrespect Shane! Turn off the internet and watch the Pacific tape!

Funny that the only coach on the panel also definitely picks UM to win it while everybody else chalks up the top overall seed.




Let's Go Canes! Happy Monday Party People

Old Skool

Here's a lead paragraph I like reading.

Florida State will host Louisiana Tech on Tuesday night in a first-round game in the National Invitational Tournament

Terrance Sullivan

6 more wins till ultimate glory. M-I-A-M-l fight, fight, fight!

orange 'n green in the vein

Today I just want to thank in order;

Frank Haith. (Yes I said it. Guy could recruit and never developed into the type of coach that could hold The Pimp's denture cup and I look forward to watching him get bounced in a mild first round upset again this year but somebody had to recruit these guys a decade ago and it was him.)

Paul Dee, rest his soul, who hired Haith and helped the BUC get built finally.

Shawn Eichorst, sorry your house got robbed, you have an eye for coaching talent and I can see why you deserved your promotion, hope your current Giant Squid Ear Spray taking football team loses every game until the world ends still.

And finally, The Don, best president this university ever had, bad football coaching mutants or not.

Now no delayed flights getting to the regional like the one that derailed the 2002 team's round of 16 run by touching down so late please.


KiriJax- thinking similar thoughts. No accolades might motivate them a bit more.

Account Deleted

Top 10 again!! 6 more wins is right!




Let's Go 'Canes! 6 more wins!


Maybe a 2-seed isn't such a bad thing. This will make the guys play hungry through the next six games. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the Miami Hurricanes, who are preparing to take the NCAA to court over their LOIC, also take the NCAA's most treasured NCAA Hoops Championship? Wouldn't surprise me if the NCAA eventually tries to strip it away from us ala USC.


The boys are back; the boys are back.



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