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April 24, 2013



sign up the canes for a win!!


Your boy was first, so for those who don't know the canes always win when I post first on a new blog....

Henry, O henry way to throw away a great opportunity!!


Soup IDK much about baseball but from what I have read here and there this kid Salas can pitch pretty damn good.

Account Deleted

2 spot....really....


Damn, even Larrañaga can't win against the $EC...FIRE EM'! LMAO!

Posted by: CaneRock | April 24, 2013 at 11:28 AM

Comment of the Week.


Barry Jackson:

UM basketball suffered a recruiting setback minutes ago when its top target - Brandon (Fla.) PF Demetrius Henry - announced he will sign with South Carolina instead of UM, which was his other finalist. Henry said coach Frank Martin is the biggest reason he chose South Carolina.

Henry would have stepped into departing PF Kenny Kadji's slot if he had signed with Miami. The Hurricanes desperately need to add quality size in the next few months, but most of the really good recruits already have signed elsewhere. As it stands, Tonye Jekiri will start at center (Jim Larranaga said he could end up being the best big man UM has ever had) but undersized 6-6 Erik Swoope could end up starting at PF.

Point guard Shane Larkin must decide by Sunday whether to leave for the NBA. ESPN says he is strongly leaning toward leaning pro, though Larkin and his father have said no decision has been made.


UMike...much respect for your opinion and taking the time to expalin your position more clearly. I understand where U are coming from and trust me, we all can see or say that "there is a problem" with the current recruiting process and the way the game is being played. But it is what it is.

I am a solution focused person so to me just to state that "there is a problem" does us no good unless we offer a solution. Your Patrick Peterson reference just exemplifies what the problem actually is. If U want to solve that U just have to pay $65,000 instead of LSU's $60,000.

But U and I both know that that ain't happening so there is no simple or easy solution. I see no purpose in spending my time worrying or complaining about it while knowing there is nothing I can do to solve the problem.

Even Shapiro said that UM can't compete with the $$$ being thrown around in the $EC. Miami will get who we get and as LB said we will HAVE TO WIN with those players. There are still plenty out there that are good enough, and some even better, than those who take the $EC money and run.

Be positive and have faith young man! And a word of advice: Try to spend more of your time and energy being more solution focused and less problem oriented.


Sorry to see that we didn't sign Henry, it is a blow but not a knockout. Haith wouldn't have been able to overcome this but Larranaga will find someone. Just have faith


Smh at Henry. Oh well. Enjoy Suck Carolina. On one hand, I hope he balls out because he's from South Florida. On the other hand, I hope he gets no PT & loses his entire career there. That way I can say "Dum fukk! You shoulda came to da U". Lol


I am sick of the $EC though. Is the football $$$ spilling over to basketball?

Harry Miller

I just finished talking with Rick Town who called to let me know that Coach Coley spent over two hours with Ricky yesterday. Rick really liked Coach Coley, couldn't! Stop saying good things about him. Coach Coley spotted Ricky!s wide receiver and said who is That kid, then went over and talked with him. Coach Coley said he would be back in a few weeks to visit again.
This is a good because UCLA is all over Ricky along with other area schools. Rick thinks it!s important that the coaches spend time with them and stay in touch. It was important that Al Golden personally invited Ricky to come down to Miami,s June camp. Miami coaches need to stay on top of Ricky. Ricky kikes UCLA almost as much as Miami and they are close to him.
I told Rick think about Ricky leading Miami into Notre Dame, being the most talked about QB in the country on ESPN and kicking their ass in their own house. Then leading the U to a nation Championship.what could be better
than that. Rick likes the idea of Ricky leading one of the most recognized
and watched football teams ever to play the game back to the top again.
I told Rick that will never happen at UCLA. He said I know. I said think about it Rick, Ricky has a chance to be the greatest QB ever at the greatest football school ever the University of Miami. What could be better than that.
He had to go into a meeting, said he would call me later.
Stay on top of Ricky Miami coaches, I need all the help I can get.


Co- It sounds like he just connected with Martin more than anyone, for whatever reason. Nothing you can do about that.

Dude on a Pale Horse

F*ck the $EC and f*ck the NCAA too.


And F**ck the Trolls that visit canespace!!!!


Be positive and have faith young man! And a word of advice: Try to spend more of your time and energy being more solution focused and less problem oriented.

Posted by: 86Cane | April 24, 2013 at 01:03 PM

Umm..I am solution oriented..but this isnt MY problem lol..Im not a UM coach lol..as a fan it is my job to talk about Miami problems lol


Henry is a little cock


Just to play devils advocate...how can we really be sure that the SEC is playing their players. If it is as cut and dry as it seems to be here...with numbers like $60k going to P Peterson, some enterprising reporter should be able to after this. I'm not expecting ESPN, but how about a reporter com a major city with no SEC team? I get the impression here that we are up against teams like Alabama that in theory might be spending millions on re recruits. We're talking about an entire conference theoretically engaging in massive NCAA violations. If this is the case, certainly somewhere, someone has information to share!


As it stands, Tonye Jekiri will start at center. (Jim Larranaga said he could end up being the best big man UM has ever had).

This isn't APRIL FOOLS DAY, is it?


TonyCane...IDk about the 60K for Peterson, but there were a lot of rumors about it AND his dad magically got a job at LSU. Patrick Peterson (or Johnson then) was ALL Cane. His whole MySpace page was decked out in UM..then all of a sudden he is at LSU lol...For me, I think the advantage lies more in the SEC media hype that payoffs. When all a kid sees on tv or hears is SEC this and "he is an SEC guy" etc, it pays off. How else would kids from Miami end up in freakin Arkansas and Ole Miss lol


The problem is most of the schools aren't dumb enough to pay them directly. Fans. boosters, etc. can do it better and cover their tracks- unless they get a Shapiro.


The NCAA investigated and found Newton "didnt know" his dad got money..it took about a week lol..they made sure he was eligible for the title game. Think that would of been the case with Miami?

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: Old Skool | April 23, 2013 at 08:52 PM"

LMAO. Well played good sir.

Frank Martin is a Miami legend and was my first pick as a coach, sailor language he uses be damned, so I'm not surprised he still has the ability to pull the prospects out of his hometown.

UMike, it's like I said, recruiting defections are something that's an incremental pressure builder, just like when Coker whiffed on skill position on offense players for three years and it took eight or so to compensate and return the roster to something approaching normal balance, so mentioning them for a few years in a row when they begin to happen will get shots across your blogging bow on a lag by the same principle, now if you were to mention the defensive ineptitude the team has shown the last two years or a certain winning percentage that is much less than the .701 that the two time champion baseball skipper sports in a non-revenue program, you'll get immediate blow-back from the usual corners. What really is hilarious though is if you take SOUP's suggestion and do offer ideas for improvement along with observations about what concerns you, you'll most likely then get told and/or ridiculed depending on which Kool-Ade chug-er is taking up the issue you don't know as much as the coaches who are paid to come up with the answers that aren't working to this point you're questioning in the first place as a fan (solar, that's irony). Also though, you're right, you're not paid to fix it, let the Templer's do it, otherwise what's an extension signed after a 6-6 year really worth in America? As much or less than questions of The Pimp's game-plan against Marquette? Also loved how diplomatic you wrote that boilerplate affirmation of Hurricane fandom before you posted your concerns about recruiting, I hope you don't force yourself to waste extra money on FAU and SS home game tickets just for the opportunity to see the turds try and throw flare routes and bubble screens for an hour in an attempt to hang with Stephen Morris and co. in week 2 this year, but that game will be much more entertaining from a spectacle standpoint than the satisfying but unfortunately somewhat tepid game atmosphere at the OSU game in '11 so I'll understand if you spring for it anyway just to be absolutely safe in securing a seat.


I don't know if this is of interest to anyone reading this blog ... then again, Canespace is the only place I can think of that covers everything related to Hurricane athletics, way beyond football, basketball and baseball.

I don't even know why I clicked on the Herald story about the firing of the women's soccer coach (http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/24/3360880/miami-hurricanes-fire-womens-soccer.html), but that's where I found the horrible news that Okie C'Connor, a really great man, who has impacted many lifes (including mine) has passed. I haven't cried in quite some time, but I have tears in my eyes right now.
There are so many memories from more than twenty years ago ... when his coaching transformed a skinny kid from Germany into a Hurricane rower.

I'm not good at writing obituaries, so I leave you with this one:
First Canes Rowing Coach Passes Away

Believe me, it is no understatement to call him the Schnellenberger of Miami Crew. He was the man who started it all.

My thoughts are with eyerybody impacted by his sudden and tragic death. RIP, Okie.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: Harry Miller | April 24, 2013 at 01:20 PM"

I just fished this out of the spam filter but found it really interesting Harry and was wondering is that the teammate you were talking about UM should get on at the patio last time we met? I remember you said he was a legit 6' and a half feet tall at like 16 or something along those lines or did I pour too many shots into my adult beverage at that point and am misremembering?

What's Ricky's draw of interest to UCLA in your opinion, I'm guessing it's Mora's quick turnaround combined with a more local ocean near campus? He can't be that big of a Cade Mcnown fan, can he?

The fact that raize was on here last year proclaiming there's no way he escapes Heritage Hall and now here you are saying look out for the Bruins is LMAO worthy at how quickly the 'mighty' have fallen with poor coaching from a huckster at the helm, oh and bloodline nepotism (or reverse nepotism as the case may be?) at the DC spot, can't forget that as a crucial ingredient in really poor football performance.

Sarasota 'cane

I'm quite certain that Umike does not share your hatred for the current coaching staff OGV nor does he bring a personal agenda either. You hate Golden, we get it.

Every legitimate article written about Golden states the same thing, the guy is turning the program around under the most arduous circumstances since Butch did the same in the late 90's. Larry Bluestein said less than a week ago.

I also love how you concede that UM will likely beat UF but that it will mean nothing in the big scheme of things. UM beating UF should be the check and mate on most of your nonsense but you somehow try to suggest that it doesn't change a thing. It's absurd, as usual.

UM beating UF, UM winning the Coastal, UM winning the ACC, UM getting back to the BCS would inspire even the most skeptical fan, but I'm sure we'll have to endure more nonsense from you even in light of those accomplishments should they come to fruition.

Go 'canes!


how quickly the 'mighty' have fallen with poor coaching from a huckster at the helm..and bloodline nepotism...at the DC spot, can't forget that as a crucial ingredient in really poor football performance.



Are you recruiting against Miami now?

Poor guy comes on here to give a heads up on a competitive recruiting situation, and your first instinct is to go back to your unending and obsessive Golden bashing.

I honestly think you would love to see Miami fail to prove your point and satisfy your irrational hatered of Golden. Sickening.

Get professional help because you have GDS: Golden Derangement Syndrome


Larkin to announce Sunday at 6


Umm..I am solution oriented..but this isnt MY problem lol..Im not a UM coach lol..as a fan it is my job to talk about Miami problems lol

Posted by: UMike | April 24, 2013 at 01:34 PM

Hate to break it to you kiddo but "positive" and "solution focused" U ain't! It's all good if U wanna sit around and focus on the negative and all of the ridiculous games that high school kids play, U know the ones that we "lose" to other $EC schools, but me I have MUCH better things to do.

I think I will hang out for a while at the BEAUTIFUL UM Alumni Center on campus that I am typing this comment from, go to The Titanic Brwery and have a few cold, frosty Tripple Screws or Irish Reds and then go watch a UM baseball game at the wonderfully renovated ARP at Mark Light Field vs FAU on a picture perfect day in Coral Gables.

And I would recommend that everyone here join me, especially U UMike! I'll buy you a cold one, introduce U to Ricky, Jerry and the gang, take you next door to All Canes and then...well U get the idea!


TonyCane and UMike...A source at ITU back in the day of PP's recruitment told me face-to-face that he could prove that PP got $60K from LSU and even knew who it went to (an extended family member not PP directly). He told me that the only reason he did not break the story or report it to the NCAA was that it would not do any good.

If Cam Newton's Dad got what was it $180K a few years after that then is it so hard to believe?


OGV...give it a rest man, sheesh.


UMike...this is for your eyes ONLY:


Those were the days!

Sarasota 'cane

I think Patrick was paid to go to LSU but I also think we over play the notion that every kid that doesn't come to UM is being paid.

The NCAA and losing are the two biggest factors affecting our recruiting right now in my opinion and both issues seem to be within our reach for the first time years.

We should be more worried about losing Al Golden before we worry about losing Sony or any other recruit for that matter.

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Soup I still remember meeting you and UMike and UMike's kid at the Canespace nose bleed seats at the first game in Sun Life against Charleston Southern!

You gave me a Sean T. shirt and I had every intention of keeping it but ended up giving it to a local kid who wanted it worse then I did! You'd of thought I had given him a golden chocolate bar to tour Willy Wonka's factory!

Go 'canes!


I got your back dog. The Herb ain't thrilled to see local talent vamoose out the back door. The Herb ain't thrilled to see no DT's signed on the dotted line on recruiting day.
The Herb is leary when Goldie starts moving former Defensive players to offense only to see them moved back to defense. Is there a leak there, well ya think! The Herb has spied 3 lost LBS from last years team, another area where we don't recruit very well.
The Herb sees losing area stars to other teams and replacing them with band-aids.
The Herb sees depth of talent as a BIG PROBLEM, especially on the defense. Yeah we can say we missed on more than a few. We are always going to miss on some but the trend lately is we are losing way to many. To the casual fan it is no big deal,to others they think we'll real them back in before signing day and say don't worry and they would be right why worry, we can't control where they sign but we can still bitch about it and that is the fun of blowing off steam on this blog, no mater how many times or ways you say it.

orange 'n green in the vein

"The Herb ain't thrilled to see no DT's signed on the dotted line on recruiting day. The Herb has spied 3 lost LBS from last years team, another area where we don't recruit very well.

Posted by: herbieibis | April 24, 2013 at 05:28 PM"

The rest of this post I can't really point out anything that's not accurate except these two points I'd say aren't exactly accurate but it's funny, because if you put the phrase as "no HIGHLY REGARDED DT's signed," you're spot on. It's telling that it's very easy to fall into the trap of exaggerating the signing deficiencies to this point there because there's been little to no impact from any recruit landed yet by the staff. Smith, DT, not highly regarded and was a non-difference maker, the young guys who have been signed as DT's, not highly regarded and haven't been a factor, even though the timetable for them to do so hasn't come and gone for recruits of their caliber yet.

Also the linebackers who they have signed have shown they can play for a higher than average pan out percentage on any given player, but the problem has been keeping them on the team thanks to some poor screening of character flags in some cases during their initial recruitment. Sure, they've often lacked prototype size as prospects, but it's not like they're signing bum after bum for the LB corps to this point, just guys who for whatever reason can't get along to go along and make the right decisions for keeping as many doors as possible open to their future.

Sarasota 'cane

The Sarasota 'cane thinks The Golden will be able to fix the talent slipping out the back door when The 'canes start winning and when The NCAA crap is behind The us.

The Sarasota 'cane can only go by what The area experts are saying, and The area experts are all saying that The Al Golden is The guy. Here is a list of The area experts:

The Michael Irvin
The Alonzo Highsmith
The Larry Bluestein
The Jimmy Johnson
The Jim Kelly
The Bernie Kosar
The Howard Snellie
The local H.S. coaches

Just to name a few.

The Sarasota 'cane thinks we have a long way to go with The defense, but The Sarasota 'cane thinks that The Coach that can fix The offense and The Special teams inside of two years under The NCAA cloud should be given a year or two to finish The project.

Go 'canes!


Sarasota, it's not that every kid that doesn't come to the "U" is paid. It's that the ones that have the "U" as their leader, that's always been a fan, that considers the "U" their dream school, only to all of a sudden pick an SEC school. An SEC school that their high school has no ties to. They got paid. Maybe you don't know anybody from Pompano. I do. It's NO SECRET that LSU broke bread. The whole hood in Pompano knows it. The whole hood in Lauderdale knows it was wrong side business with Collins & Arkansas...

Duke Johnson bleeds orange & green. He would've went to the "U" no matter who was the coach, if they were on probation or had went 0-12 3 years strait. Because the "U" is his DREAM SCHOOL. PERIOD!

These jits that say they grew up canes fans & the "U" is their dream school but go somewhere else are liars. Their dream school was whoever paid the most under the table. Dobard could've went to LSU & got paid but he bleeds orange & green.

It's obvious that the NCAA has been throbbing to destroy the "U" for decades now. It's not far fetched to think that they'll turn a blind eye when a SEC school pays a top South Florida player to shyt on the "U" on signing day. That's a slick & suttle way to hurt us. Because it does hurt when you lose some of the top talent that we wouldn't have lost otherwise...



WHAT!, OGV with periods and commas, no run-on sentences...yeah, I think Sarasota 'cane is getting under His Orange-N-Green skin.

Sarasota 'cane

We all know that kids get paid CoCane. More power to them. UM is losing more recruits to grades then they are to money right now, but should be in a better position than most schools when the standards are raised across the board in the near future.

I could care less where a kid goes if he doesn't go to Miami. We may never have a run like we did in the past but UM can still win championships with the right mix of talent, hard work, and luck.

If I thought UM had no shot to ever hoist the glass football then I would probably stop watching. Actually that's probably not true, but regardless I think UM can still win it all with Al Golden at the helm. As I said before UM would be be in bigger trouble if they lost Golden they they would be for losing any of these teenagers.

Go 'canes!


I agree that it seems Golden has us going in the right direction. He's still not in as rock solid of position as some portray. His seat will heat up without at least a coastal division championship & appearance in the ACC champ game this year. No D's azz will be on fire sitting in that hot seat if his defense doesn't at least play on a middle of the pack level nationally. For all the praise Golden is getting, he's still only 13-11 as coach of the "U". I'll wait 'til he ACTUALLY has a good year before I praise him like he's had one. I think we'll go 9-3 regular season but none of us know the future, so he could lead us to another 7-5 season. 1 things for sure, 2 things for certain. The proof will definitely be in the pudding this upcoming season...


I'm still having a hard time digesting the fact that McCord's talent & development at DE was wasted at OLB FOR THE ENTIRE SPRING. That's the type of shyt that scares me about this staff...


SOUP..great pic there...hard to believe my son will be starting high school in 4 months!!! And although he didn't make it in football, he made all-county in band and track this year..very proud of that..not to mention he is almost a straight A student.

CoCane..I praise Golden more for his efforts in changing the culture, recruiting a different type of player and mending relationships broken by Shannon. The mess he inherited cannot be stressed enough. There is a reason he is looked on in such high regard and has been offered of mentioned for countless coaching jobs. He was also asked to make a coaching/training tape of the NFL. He inherited some talent, but in most areas our depth was was off. He also inherited a team sorely lacking in conditioning and strength. Changing those things created a strong foundation. He has slowly fixed the relationship with local coaches and is work with them and in the community in general is awesome. On UM pro day he allows kids from small colleges and even old players to come out and show their skills to scouts. His camps and the way he spreads out the spring scrimmages to areas we hope to recruit are just other examples of his good works.

Now for the part that matters...the field lol...I think that Goldens success and future rely solely in D'No's hands. That is my ONLY worry about Golden. Our offense and special teams are far better than under Shannon, and with the exception of a few games against top teams, we have been in every game. If our defense can manage to play "middle of the pack" good, we should easily win 9 or 10 games. If they show no sign of improvement, and Golden does not fire D'No, then Golden's seat will become extremely hot.

Harry Miller

You never seam to miss a chance to rundown our coaching staff, it really gets old. Do you think you are helping, if so you must be something besides adult beverages. Just so you know I would not ask Ricky or his dad to read Canespace because I would be ashamed of some of you so called cane fans. One of the biggest reasons Ricky is so high on Miami. Is the coaching staff, especially Al Golden and now coach Coley. So OGV please stop it.
Now back to answer some of your questions. His draw to UCLA is they are in his back yard and Mora is all over him, comes to see him quite often. That is why I am glad to see coach Coley spending time to come see him and letting Richy and his dad know how bad they want him. Never heard Ricky mention Cade Mcnoun. No this is not the same receiver, that was tight end Brice. Coley saw Ricky,s wide receiver.
Ricky is still very high on Miami. Like I told Rick would you want to see Ricky play for top half of the PAC 12 and not travel so far or playing for the National Championship and being the most talked about QB every week on ESPN and traveling to beautiful south Florida and better beaches.
I will keep all of you updated on Ricky Town as time goes on. He is not going to Alabama he is going to kick there buts on National TV, that'swhat I keep telling his dad.
So long for now from a real hurricane fan.


Might Shane be staying if that kid from K-State transfers and sits out a year?



You'll know if the defense is going to be much improved this simple observation. If our CB's are lined up 10 yards back on a consistant basis against Florida.

This means we'll be getting roasted & giving up a lot of yards. The edge will be wide open for slants, bubble screens, flat routs, stretch runs, sweeps & pitch outs. 3rd & short will be automatic against us. It also means this is the defense that will be played if the defensive philosophy is left up to GOLDEN. It is his defensive creation. This will also mean the defensive will look just like the year before. So there getting mad will be futile. But...

If the CB's are only 5 yards back in the zone & there's more man coverage, they've learned! The defense will be much improved & we'll have a great chance to win that game. We'll win at least 10 games & the coastal division...

The only time I won't mind seeing the CB's 10 yards back is if it's 3rd & 15 or more...

Mcginns ale house

DT comitts to canes


SOUP..did you see all the positives in that post haha

Mcginns ale house

Dalvin stuckey DT. Was signed with fsu before talking to jethro today coming from juco.


Stucky was a 3-Star DT that signed with FSU in 2012


orange 'n green in the vein

And with that sincerest form of flattery the herb is now officially over on Canespace.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye. I've never been prouder of someone who co-opted Dwayne's on ice gimmick for their own gain than I am today.

Harry, I did recall thinking the guy you mentioned was the TE but I'm assuming without having seen a frame of evidence that the type of offense they run out on that coast he probably played split out wide at least occasionally and maybe it was the same player, but that's interesting that UM's OC is seeing some promise in another player at the school. I actually think Golden will be at UM longer than Mora will be at UCLA by a year or two because I can totally see Jim jumping at the first NFL gig that comes down the offer pipeline if he has another decent season like last years and who can blame him? UCLA football is still too dysfunctional for a guy with Mora's bloodline advantages at getting a pro job to put up with for too long even if they rededicate the AD there to actually being a dominant football program, which I've seen no indication of on their part to this point of doing. The quarter system is a detriment to a football program's success usually, I wonder if Ricky understands that and the implications of it on his team success at the next level?

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