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April 11, 2013







Name the two players signing the now FAMOUS ST#26 shirt at the bottom of the article?


Name the two players signing the now FAMOUS ST#26 shirt at the bottom of the article?

Posted by: SOUP | April 11, 2013 at 09:35 PM



Damn Dee U are GOOD!


Dee, Monty and TJL...I know I owe U shirts.

Are there any others? I need ALL of U to email me at: canespace86@aol.com


LoL..thanks SOUP..wish Ryan Hill would have been a DB his whole Career..think he would have been a better player


OGV...thanks for your MANY contributions.

I HATE to see U go but it is what is BEST for the blog. May God bless U and keep U on your journey in life. And may U find a more POSITIVE focus in your world.

Much respect.


Anyone know if the SG will be O vs D, or some kind of lottery Orange team vs Green team?


Don Draper


OFNC, Golden chooses teams. It's all his discretion.


Didn't get to read the last blog from today's posts, but if it wasn't said already, nice to see that Jelani Hamilton didn't need surgery on the knee. However, still no announcement yet as to what the injury was.

Anyone notice that more of the potential incoming players are talking about announcing before the season rather than waiting until NSD? Sure seems like the message sent out by the D. Kirkland situation a few months ago may have been heard by area players and coaches loud and clear.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a great hoops season this past year, even though it had a disappointing ending in the Sweet Sixteen with one of the worst offensive performances I've seen in tournament action over the years. It shouldn't detract from a great season and an ACC championship. Those will be tougher to come by with UNC and Duke only being amongst the bullies on the block with Syracuse and Louisville joining the club (and Notre Dame, to a lesser degree). This may be a tough conference for the U to win again anytime soon.


Anyone saw the new Jackie Robinson movie? 42



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Sarasota 'cane


Soup is that yet another endorsement for Stephen Morris and Al Golden from a credible source?

Go Frickin 'canes!


Barry Jackson:

### What UM players most improved this spring? Al Golden rattled off 12 names, with running backs Dallas Crawford and Danny Dillard, tight end Asante Cleveland, and offensive linemen Danny Isidora and Jared Wheeler at the top of the list. The others: Herb Waters, Kelvin Cain, Antonio Crawford, Tracy Howard, Jordan Tolson, Nantambu-Akil Fentress and defensive tackles Olsen Pierre, Cutis Porter and Luther Robinson.

### This would be funny if it weren’t so ridiculous: NCAA president Mark Emmert told ESPN that even though his former investigator, Ameen Najjar, shouldn’t have written a letter on behalf of Nevin Shapiro to his sentencing judge, “it’s not a critical misjudgment.” You must be kidding, Emmert.

### UM this weekend hosts its top recruiting target, Brandon (Fla.) Faith Baptist four-star power forward Demetrius Henry, who would step immediately into Kenny Kadji’s role if he signs. His coach said it’s a tossup among UM, USF and South Carolina, with a decision due April 24. Miami also is expecting to land a skilled European point guard.


WOuld love to see Dorsey or Walsh come back to coach QBs or maybe OC when Coley leaves. But would really love to see Ray come back and coach, well anything. Just being there he would raise the intensity and fear levels. Not to mention his impact on recruiting -- imagine Ray un the livingroom a D recruit, now try to imagine that recruit saying "no" -- can't see that.


Palm Beach Post:



Omar Rolle


From Canesinsight..

Spring Game visitor list

So far

Travonte Valentine
Ermon Lane
Thomas Holley
Chris Lammons
Tyrek Cole
Tim Irvin
Reilly Gibbons
Anthony Moten
Mike Smith


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Trying to freeze the Herb out, with the switch back type pad. I know you like seeing my name in bold blue print.
I saw where you sort of put the breaks, on the anti-Al Golden hater, man that's tough really enjoyed his off the wall sarcasm and bantering back and forth with him. I guess it's a cut-throat business.


OGV will be back around im sure


Ive been out of action here for a little while

Ive tried catching up on things with the baseball team. What the heck is going on with these guys?

Dead last in the Coastal....YIKES!!!!

I know the weaker part of the ACC schedule is coming up so lets hope they make a late season push

4-11 Maryland this weekend followed by 9-6 Clemson(tough match-up), 0-14 B.C. 4-11 Wake Forest before ending the season against 9-6 G.T.

Both the Clemson and G.T. games are at home so the `Canes better take of those series

A football player is leading them in HRs and RBIs while missing 10 games. Another YIKES!!!!!

I wont ramble on about the 47 errors in 36 games, the 32 unearned runs for the season or the .261 batting average....I feel much better now that I let the steam out

I can live with losing to a team that is just better then our `Canes are. What really rips at my backside is losing to teams because of fundamental mistakes.

Well theres always the Marlins to make me feel better about our season so far.


"take care of"

Terrance Sullivan

See you Canespacers tomorrow fam. Go Canes.


The baseball team has stunk it up most of the year. It seems every weekend we get a consolation win. We can't hit, pitching is not to bad but it isn't great either and then there's the errors. Something has to change.


Keith Bryant may not get into FSU... LOL

Couldn't have happened to a better guy.


For someone who has issues with Canespace you sure seem to be here alot.

Heck you cant even be man enough to use a real ID here

Its sad you had to come on here before 8:30 to read whats going on to make a useless comment

An ignore button would sure be nice


I thought the season might start a little slow. I just had no idea it was going to be like this in the middle of the season

Its good seeing BRad back on the mound pitching the way he is

The fielding problem seems to have been going on for the last couple years

3 has to rally these guys into a strong finish or the streak could end


See you Canespacers tomorrow fam. Go Canes.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | April 12, 2013 at 10:08 AM

Yes sir! Weather is gonna be shaky, but we will be there for sure.


If you cant get into FSU I dont even think Marshall would take you

Marshall takes just about anyone with a pulse that can play football

Terrance Sullivan

Yes sir 86.

Account Deleted

Wish I could be there to set it and join in.

Looking forward to all the reports and film clips. Hope we see good things for the fall season!!

And looking at the pic above, nothing was as great as seeing the working "The City Of Miami Welcomes You To The Orange Bowl"!!


Shandel Richardson Throwback:

The University of Miami coaches had every intention of this recruiting trip being about searching for a quarterback.

Running backs coach Don Soldinger had been instructed to use the opportunity in the fall of 1998 to sell the rest of the staff on highly touted QB prospect Chris Stephens, a prep All-American out of Gainesville Buchholz High School. That changed, however, the instant a running back from Buchholz's opponent, Gainesville High, received a kick and bolted down the sidelines for a touchdown.

"We were all about getting a quarterback that night," Soldinger said. "Then [head coach] Butch [Davis] looked over at me and told me, 'I don't want the quarterback. I want the kid who just went 97 yards to score on the kickoff return. After that, I started recruiting him."

That other player was running back Clinton Portis. He became one of the cornerstone recruits of the Hurricanes' 2001 national championship team, called by many the greatest team in college football history.

Soldinger said Portis' recruitment was somewhat typical of how the 2001 'Canes came together. Assembling one of college football's most dominant teams had a lot to do with Davis' keen eye for talent.

There was plenty of luck involved, as well.

"Let me tell you something," Soldinger said. "You've got to be lucky [with recruiting]. You can get all the lists you want and you can get all these guys with stats and numbers, but you've got to make sure they're going to work out and mesh with each other to win a national championship.

"Really, we just recruited a great group of guys that got along together."

The Hurricanes' staff, which included offensive line coach Art Kehoe and receivers coach Curtis Johnson, recruited off instincts instead of following scouting services. They secured talent from their traditional stronghold in South Florida's tri-counties, grabbing stars like defensive back Sean Taylor and running back Willis McGahee. However, they also took a more national approach than in years past, securing a few big out-of-state recruits like quarterback Ken Dorsey from California and receiver Reggie Wayne out of Louisiana.

"It's amazing to think of the talent Coach [Davis] was able to put together," Dorsey said. "That's hard to replicate, that's for sure. You don't really see that much anymore, the type of talent he was able to bring, not just from Miami but from all over the country. You had Ed Reed and Reggie Wayne from New Orleans, myself from California, guys from Texas, Pennsylvania, Canada.

"Obviously, you're going to make your living in recruiting right here in Miami, but they did a great job all over the country."

Miami landed top-tier recruiting classes from 1997-99, helping it recover quickly from recent probation that saw its record dip as low as 5-6 in 1997. The '99 class, which was led by Dorsey, receiver Andre Johnson and offensive tackles Bryant McKinnie and Vernon Carey, was recently ranked as the ninth-best in college football history by SI.com.

The abundance of talent contributed to the rebirth of the program. When lineman Sherko Haji-Rasouli was being recruited in 1997, he noticed a roster full of third- and fourth-tier recruits because of the NCAA sanctions. By the time he left, he was surrounded by future NFL draft picks.

"The talent got better and better while I was here," Haji-Rasouli said. "The talent was incredible that was coming in while I was here and some of those guys definitely panned out."

Thirty-eight players from the 2001 team were selected in the NFL draft, including 17 in the first round.

Soldinger said that he and the other coaches knew they were securing very good players during that stretch. Still, they really had no idea just how good.

"I didn't know if we were going to win a national championship," Soldinger said. "I didn't know the whole Ken Dorsey thing and how he'd turn out. I didn't know Portis would wind up being a phenomenon and a great guy. The luck was there. All those personalities meshed."


Happy frieday, folks. Sebastian- the baseball team just can't hit. Can't field very well either, but the hitting is the problem. And I don't know how that can be fixed.


So, let's see if this one posts: Good luck Spacers at the Spring game tomorrow, look forward to reading your updates


I'm glad that I am not banned . . . or even on probation.


Hooray for defense.


Keith Bryant may not get into FSU... LOL

Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 12, 2013 at 10:51 AM

Keith Bryant larger than life. Good luck big boy keep on loving yourself too much.


Ohio preciction for the 2014 recruiting class...Top 10 or top 5?

I say top 10.

Harry Miller

I just spent two days with Rick Town and Ricky Town. I will post an update later.
You owe me two shirts, but keep them for now I will get one from you when I come down in June with Ricky Town.
Glad to see you are stopping the negative
bs. It runes what is the best information and place for some one like me to fallow the Canes. Thanks


Jackie Robinson the film 42 is a must see. Let's stop racism and ignorance.



I hope we incur no injuries tomorrow.

Will there be any recruits at the game?






Another small victory for the Canes vs. The Empire of Evil (aka the NCAA):

"The NCAA's enforcement staff has agreed to strike at least some of former Miami quarterback Kyle Wright's testimony from its case against the Hurricanes, a person with knowledge of the move told The Associated Press on Friday night."


I take it as a sign that UM's strategy is working (at least for now; It's hard to predict anything when you're up against an institution that majors in unpredictability).

Dude on a Pale Horse

I did have first post of the year for the second year running 86, does that count as a first post?

Fingers crossed no injuries tomorrow.

Going into next year, we have the best QB, RB and OL in the ACC. We better win ten games.


LMAO at the old picture of Keoki, Aqua, Ricki, etc. That was back in the Fall of '07!


j.w.- LOL if the baseball team can't hit and can't field -what is left? scratching? LOL


Good morning SOUP, been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I like ALL Canespace bloggers but the constant negativity gets on my nerves, serves no positive purpose, and has no place in my life.

Thanks for providing the best place for hard core canes fans to get the most accurate and timely information available.
I dont know how you do it but I sure am glad you do!

Go Canes!!!

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