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April 25, 2013



More living in the past by a fanbase looking more and more like an old dude in hospice care.

Posted by: My Balls are Sweaty | April 26, 2013 at 11:05 AM

OK, and we STILL! have more NCs than the other schools in the State COMBINED!...AAAAAAAND!


UMike..really good research there. VERY impressive work between U and Ohio. Me likely mucho!


SOUP, UMike did it all, I just checked in on the 4th and 5th overall picks and added up the stars he searched.


ACC Breaking News ‏@ACCBreakingNews 6m

Report: Miami guard Shane Larkin schedules agent meetings http://sns.mx/pYusy2

Looks like NBA for Larkin...


Ohio..I saw that earlier..but thought it was already known he is leaving lol...what sucks for these kids is that if you stay it actually looks bad on you


what sucks for these kids is that if you stay it actually looks bad on you

Posted by: UMike | April 26, 2013 at 12:17 PM

No one told Russ Smith from Louisville that.


Larkin to NBA was already connfirmed, yes? Didn't he do a presser last ngiht to announce? I saw it on ESPN a little while ago that he is NBA bound.


Hilarious: Tharold Simon arrested last night, during draft, in which he's supposed to be selected at some point.



Larkin to NBA was already connfirmed, yes? Didn't he do a presser last ngiht to announce? I saw it on ESPN a little while ago that he is NBA bound.

Posted by: SOUP | April 26, 2013 at 12:22 PM

I wasn't aware. Admittedly, I haven't been paying attention cuz I figured he was leaving. Thought he was deciding Sunday.


Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS 31s

Report: Tyrann Mathieu no-showed meetings with Texans, Seattle: http://cbsprt.co/14kyjXl

Who's shocked?


SOUP..Ohio..I can read every where it seems that he was gone. Meeting with agents etc. Numerous LEGIT reporters Tweeted he was gone. I did not see any announcements and as far as I know he is making an announcement Sunday..BUT..it seems safe to say he is leaving.


Here U go:

Sporting News NCAAB ‏@sn_ncaab 2m

Miami's Shane Larkin declaring for NBA Draft http://bit.ly/14W579H


i have read****


Yup Larkin Pro. Boy, oh boi, I told you so (back in March).

Now the recruiting pressure is squarely on OGVs Man Crush. And boy is his whiffing this off season. This Coach L canes tenure might turn into a 1 hit wonder.


Also Henry commited to South Carolina earlier this week...Bad for our BB team...


Larkin's leaving
"Fire someone . . . "


Michel is $EC bound. Anything else would be an almost historic shocker.


LB..While i tend to thin it is still 50/50..I think I agree with you. Just too much smoke. Similiar to Tracy Howard, there was just so much "Miami smoke" at the end and you knew he would be a Cane. I just wonder why he hasnt been there in 7 months but has visited Miami multiple times since his last UGA visit. Could it be the distance, or free trips, friend etc?


Good point from Canesinsight...

Recruiting Perspective

Consider how things looked at this time last year:

Artie Burns recently decommited from Alabama

Stacey Coley was a longshot

Quay Bain was a must get

Half of our eventual commits that weren't even on the radar - Bond, Sandland, Griffin, Lockley, Figs, Elder, Edwards, Kamala, Knighton, AQM

Collins, Kearse, and Bryant were Miami commits

Travis Johnson would be our next commit

Don't flip out if Sony doesn't choose Miami today. Nothings over, there's a long way to go, and anything can change


Another great post on Canesinsight...

Miami fans & recruiting

When did Miami fans turn in to such spoiled Bltches??!

1. Coker and RS took this program from a consistent top 5 team to the dump
2. Golden is trying to build it back up and it takes time and during this phase you don't always get what you want
3. Golden & Company recruited Sony and every other top guy form this area, we got some we lost some.
4. Even though we know the NCAA situation is all but done, recruits and their parents don't! Specially when they have other coaches talking smack
5. WE are just fans, we go to games, cheer, talk smack. The work is being done by the players and the coaches.
6. UM is not a big state school and we can't buy players like the SEC .. specially now so get ready for local top talent heading out to SEC school for the next few years + because of this..... admit it.. except it.. and move on.
7. Alex Fig...the kid came in with 3 stars and is already a starter.. .works hard, and will make a difference at a much needed D

I went to Miami from 2000-2004.. i got used to winning every game pretty much. We are NOT that program anymore, BUT we are on path to become that program. So stop you winning and your bs analysis of how Golden is recruiting and why w are not getting some of the top talents.

Also, welcome to the world of social media and internet. Everything you write, people and recruits read it.

I remember during the Alex Collins recruiting Arkansas fans all you heard was positive towards Alex, it was annoying, at times could of been considered harassment, but still positive. You can have your opinion but until they sign I recommend not calling them names or if they don't pick Miami start pretending we didn't want/ need them.

Today most likely Sony will pick UGA. (yes there is hope we may not but from everything that is being said he is going to commit to UGA)..... on NSD Sony could end up in Wisconsin for all we know.

We have Yeaby!
I don't know about any of you but when I saw that hudle video of him breaking MT6's ankles it made my day. We have him and lets home he sticks.

In conclusion.
Stop acting like if Golden doesn't pull a top 5 class 10 months before NSD its over. Stop moaning how we didn't get MT6 or AC or whoever else. Be happy that we flipped Artie Burns (my favorite recruit!), Carter, Fig, Boe & a guy like Standish Dobard who is so excited to be a cane we won't shut up about it. those are the type of guys we need.

remember, Keith Bryant, Alex Collins were both committed to Miami around this time last year and other top guys we got now were looking at other schools..

take this to the bank.. if we have a great season we get Yearby + (Cook or Sony) if we have a bad season be lucky we got Yearby.

Go Canes!


From Rivals..


All of the schools that are in Michel's top five have recruited him hard, but we believe that Georgia and Miami are battling at the top here. Leaving Miami won't be easy for Michel as there are many there that would l like to see him stay home. Luckily for Georgia, there are also those that think moving away to play his college ball would be a wise move. Michel told UGASports at the Army All-American Bowl in January that he had formed a strong relationship with Georgia running backs coach Bryan McClendon, and liked Georgia because of the presence of two great running backs that he could learn from. Things haven't changed for Georgia in that regard, and probably won't between now and the time Michel makes his decision known.
Prediction: Georgia


Half of our eventual commits that weren't even on the radar - Bond, Sandland, Griffin, Lockley, Figs, Elder, Edwards, Kamala, Knighton, AQM

Posted by: UMike | April 26, 2013 at 02:02 PM

That's why I'm confident in Golden's "Plan Bs". And I'm likin' the looks of this RB fromn Western,PA, forget His name...reminds me of Jamal Lewis. It's some tough ass kids from that part of the Mid-West.


Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 2m

Miami now pessimistic about chances of getting rb sony michel who announces college at 4 30. Um expects georgia to get him


Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz

Miami now pessimistic about chances of getting rb sony michel who announces college at 4 30. Um expects georgia to get him

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 26, 2013 at 02:29 PM



From Problem2 at CanesInsight:

We are invading California

Just over the last day

Greg Biggins ‏@GregBiggins 21h Big offer from #Miami for Carlsbad (Calif.) LB Jordan Perez

Greg Biggins ‏@GregBiggins 15h Add yet another Gardena (Calif.) Serra player who landed his first offer today and it's kind of big- DL Olajuwon Tucker offered by #Miami

Brandon Huffman ‏@BrandonHuffman 2h Gardena (Calif.) Serra safety Glen Ihenacho picked up a new offer from Miami...

Brandon Huffman ‏@BrandonHuffman 57m Miami has offered Los Angeles (Calif.) Salesian linebackers Jamardre Cobb and Marquise Ware and 2015 ATH Kyahva Tezino...

http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1050166/...ights/27484374 (Ware)

http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1864003/...ights/30221376 (Tezino)

Adam Gorney ‏@adamgorney 2h Miami has also offered 2015 LB John Houston from Gardena Serra

orange 'n green in the vein

The best part of the draft last night was the five players selected from the in state rivals who no longer will give the Hurricanes fits. The ACC division picks from the team that finished with the best record overall in the Coastal last year were just icing.

Will Ponder or Manuel end up the biggest first round F$U QB busts at the next level of the Fischer years? I'm taking Ponder, although Manuel going before Matt Barkley makes me laugh at how the internet never forgets who couldn't stop jocking that overrated bust even as the cliff rapidly approached for the lemmings who couldn't get their nose removed from the seat of his football pants in time to save themselves from the indignity of going down for that particular ride. Always remember, the pac-10 sucks, no matter how much more Colorado (ranked about 116 or so in the nation in D last year, correct?) and Utah you want to throw in to it.


UMike...I am starting to wonder about Barry Jackson. I once though he offered real insight and breaking news but does it SEEM to U that lately (last 6-12 months) he just reports the rumors he has read of stuff we already know? LOL


No worries people Ohio called it already.... SONY to the CANES!!!!!!!


RT @DanielTummeley: Well that's that... Sony's family wearing UGA gear.


Good, we can finally move on to the fact we have a better running back coming next year in Yearby!!!!


The Herb says so what. Let Sony take Cher with him to the Dawgs. The Herb was calling this for sometime.. No big deal, just another life long Hurricane fan (HuH HuH)going somwhere else. Just another stud heading North. But what's our motto "next man up".By Gosh he better not be a tweener.


I'm just tired of us resting our hopes on one player. I'm just tired of us having a reason to be negative. I'm just tired of it all!

I now know why it was great to be a 'Canes fan when I was younger! You didn't care or know the going on behind the scenes... YOU JUST ROOTED FOR THOSE WHO SUITED UP IN THE ORANGE, GREEN AND WHITE!

Those who went out and represented 'The U'!


Hawaii awesome post brother!! Like 86 says There it is right there!


Shane to NBA; Sony to GA; Terry to wherever; no new Canes to NFL (yet).

Man, this is depressing!!!


Oh well, the name Michel looked PU$$EE on the back of a Canes jersey anyway.
On another note, I forgot Burnett was Cooks brother...new Manny:

Cook (5-11, 195), once a Clemson commitment, also has an older brother, new Canes' basketball guard Deandre Burnett, pushing him to stay home.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/04/canes-miss-out-on-michel-but-tandem-of-the-future-could-be-coming-from-miami-central.html#storylink=cpy


And in hindsight, the staff would've been better off visiting Cook.
Miami Central RBs have NEVER! let us down, unless you wanna count Elvis Peacock.


UGA is simply an easier route to get on the field early. Nothing to see here...lol


Trivia questions, has two 5 stars from the same skill position ever committed to the same school and went? Especially when another 5 star is already playing the position?


More Importantly 12% or Nothn Else.....That is All



After all the talk I remember on here and other sites wishing Michel well after his injury, it amazes me that he whimsically gives us the "die hard fan" thing and goes to another school.

Duke Johnson he ain't. Still hope he reconsiders, but there's something about all that that just ain't right.


Felipe...there is nothing that some cold, hard, $EC cash can't heal. After today, there is ZERO chance he comes to UM.

All of these claiming wanna be reporters who are stating that this is going to be a long, hard recruiting battle right up to NSD are smoking the good stuff.


Dude on a Pale Horse

You guys gotta come up here someday. Idaho/Montana border. Had a steak while watching a moose walk through the yard by the lake.


UGA is simply an easier route to get on the field early. Nothing to see here...lol

Posted by: 360Cane | April 26, 2013 at 06:44 PM

According to who???? Thats not what the two freshmen rb's from last year are saying, especially this Gurley man. LOL


We'll be fine.



FIU is the new NFLU. RayRay has to be the biggest bust in Miami history (maybe Big Willie, maybe....)


No, FSU is the new NFLU . . . unfortunately.


It's all good that Michel chose UGA, because there's a lot of talented RB's out there. What I don't like is how he says he's a die hard cane even though he didn't choose us. Fukk that. If he's die hard, he'll sign with us. Duke is die hard. He was coming to the "U" the day he was born. Sony is full of shyt in this aspect.

I still think we'll end up with at least 1 more high profile RB to team up with Yearby. Plus, signing day is 10 months away. So who gives a fukk at this point. I just can't wait 'til we kickoff against FAU to prepare for the gayturds.



There is no new NFLU. There's only the "U" of Miami. That shyt is branded dawg. I LMFAO at people that try to steal or give that title away. It's rediculous...


Nah. Have to have players pan-out and do something to claim NFLU title. FSU is not that. They will have 2 high profile busts, though. The FIU is to point out the utter lack of next-level talent on the Canes sqads as of late. Hell, the kid who couldn't get in the field AB11 got drafted before any of his previous teammates. That goes to show there was some serious lack of personnel assessment/development under Shannon. I mean Temple getting position-matched players drafted ahead of our top offerings was bad enough already. Now to have FIU join in the fun is throwing salt in the wound. Golden did in his second year what Shannon could never do -- win the Coastal. Give Golden 2 years in a post-NCAA-sanction era, we should be back to pumping out the talent and winning at a meaningful level. The bottom line is that these past 2-3 NFL drafts are the hard evidence of just how terrible Shannon was at his job. Utterly pathetic.


Can't believe the dolphins either. It's about time to stop supporting that team. Terrible draft decisions and now with Bess. You get ZERO for Brandon Marshall now you get ZERO for Bess. This is ludicrous.

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