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April 05, 2013





Holy you know what!






Yooper...nice work my man, NICE WORK!

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top 10 for me!! Man, 86 is on fire posting these blogs!!


Top 10 again.


DAMN!!! A new thread every 5 minutes??


Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds

Dave Wannstedt was at the Canes scrimmage tonight. This means Canes probably won't win the AFC East.


FSU 0, UM 0 after 3 innings at Mark Light.


How's the scrimmage looking? Is DW calling plays on D? I know done peeps would be happy about that. Maybe he's showing Dino some stuff.

But seriously, any word ?

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: UMike | April 05, 2013 at 02:06 PM"

LOL! Welcome to the unbiased side of the football program commentary my friend, a few more hilarious and accurate comments like this that include any combination of references to a record of 13-11 over two years or the percentage 54.1 will result in some eye roll inducing oblique references to Green Bay scouts' opinions as a lame attempt at an engagement to an argument about opinions on what the future holds in 2013.

orange 'n green in the vein

The 'Stash is doing the Butch special adviser to Schiano thing for personnel isn't he?


Standish Dobard welcome to U Tough!


Thanks to Jim Morris Baseball since 2009 has become irrelevant at the U.


Everyone needs to stop ripping on Morris on here. He has done way more for his program than the Temple coach and PIMP have combined. And that's with PIMP being the best coach who had ever coached at the U in any sport ever. Hell, he just won coach on the year and that's way more than that MAC coach has ever done despite putting ballers into the NFL before any team took Shannonites. I haven't even seen what PIMP can do in recruiting but I'm sure it's pretty awesome and we will sign a killer class this year after Larkin leaves, and Morris is still better than PIMP and MAC coach combined because he recruits MLBers that get drafted top 3 rounds. NOW THAT'S PIMPIN'! Leave Morris alone and go after The MAC.

Truly yours,


Well, just back from the Naples scrimmage. The weather was clear, cold and windy.

The play was "average" at best. I feel a lot like I did last year after watching the Ft. Myers Bishop Verot scrimmage. Our 1st string looks like a major college team... our 2nd and 3rd stringers look like D2 players... small and unimpressive. (Bottom line... STILL not the depth we need to compete over an entire season with our big guys... just don't see it.)

Duke is still Duke... the dude is just SPECIAL. Great balance, shifty, and not afraid to lay a lick on someone about to tackle him.

QB's are just NOT overly impressive. Morris seems to have the best overall pocket presence & balance, but made some dumb throws, and tried to force a few that either should have been or were intercepted. Also threw a ball directly into a rushing d-lineman that could have been intercepted... made no sense to let it fly... like trying to throw through a Kodiak bear standing 3 ft. in front of you...

Ryan Williams seemed the most polished of the backups... seems "thicker" this year too. Had one poor decision and threw a poor pick. Crow threw consistently "behind" receivers.

Dobard is large but had a tough night. Got what looked like a hip pointer after one catch and run up the sidelines... and then got totally lit up and looked like he was unconscious after a crossing pattern shot. I can't remember who delivered the shot, but it was brutal, and got a late flag for what I assume was a helmet to helmet. Dobard was tended to on the field for at LEAST 5 full minutes before being helped off.

No super duper plays or real exciting news. Hurns looked ok, but had 1 pretty easy drop. Scott was probably the top receiver tonight... looked good. Fentress had some good plays with the second team defense. (Dude reminds me of Rohan Marley.) Bush made some good plays on defense too.

Trel Henderson looked as good as I've ever seen him. (Getting ready for the NFL I guess.) Danny Dillard has some tough runs, as did Maurice Hagens... although Hagens was limping off near the end.

Definitely some tough hitting... no holding back. Liked that.

Figueroa was definitely looking good out there, as did Perryman, but the QBs generally had TOO MUCH TIME TO THROW... not enough of a consistent pass rush... too much like last year I'm afraid.

And finally, my LOF from the O... wait for it... Dallas Crawford. Dude was looking very sharp carrying and catching the ball, worked hard all night.

No shows... DId not see Dorsett or Feliciano anywhere. Think I saw Linder in shorts with a knee brace on.

Sunny O. is one big dude... but got his A$$ totally chewed out by Kehoe after an interception, so I guess he missed an assignment somewhere.

Kicking game was NOT impressive... at all. Missed a bunch, and trajectory did not good. (But it was cold & windy... )

Anyway, wish I could tell you all more, (it would be a lot easier if they had a megatron screen for instant replay), but it was nice to see the team in action. They seemed energetic and after the game spent a lot of time with the fans.

Wish I could be more positive about things... maybe the Freshmen coming in over the Summer will be difference makers.

Standout player of the night for me: Dallas Crawford


^^^trajectory did not LOOK good


OK.. I'm turning in... cold night & long drive wore me out... Later Spacers!

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