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May 02, 2013


Old Skool

Could it be Yes
Good article Soup

Dude on a Pale Horse



NIce job SOUP. Like the looks of these three for sure, and you're right, these could be some high impact players that snuck in under the radar!


Early Heisman ideas. Our boy #8 is in there.



Good read SOUP, thanks.

Cant wait to see these guys on the field.

Go Canes!!!


I'm no defensive scheme expert or anything, and I know this Miami team isn't as talented as the 2001 team, BUT...there is enough talent to be better that we have been on D. No reason for us to be that horrible last year. Again..I think common sense tells you on 3rd and 8 to not have the CB's 10 yards off the ball. I remember one game last year, it was maybe 3rd and 7 or 8 and I saw our DB at least 10 yards back. I told my son "thats an easy out route for the first"..sure enough that is what happened. Not only was the CB 10 yards back, he started freaking back peddling right before the snap lol...And everyone who watched a Miami game for more tham 5 mins last year knew EJ was going to blitz every down from the same dam position every time lol..if a common fan with zero coaching experience outside my 9yo son can notice that, I m sure NCAA coaches can...

Co is 100% right...if you want to protect the CB's, help with the LB's, NOT having them 10 yards off the line..especially when you have a physical corner like Howard. JMO of course..but those things seem so obvious..I mean everyone in the stadium and watching knew that EJ was going to blitz and where from..is that all the creativity D'No has? lol


Great article by Tito over on CanesInsight,..

2014 Booker T Washington (FL) Corner Nigel Patten was apart of a Booker T track team that made it all the way to the State Championship.

“The track season went well, I came in second as the State Runner up. I was in the 200 meter 4x1 and my time was 21.13 and I also made All-Dade.

Patten feels that his participation in Track gives him a competitive edge on the field and helps with technique.

“Track helps me a lot, obviously with my speed and my hips. It gets my hips more flexible and helps me open an turn on the field when I cover a receiver.”

the Booker T corner has had his name all over the radar of many colleges and is having a good time so far.

“The recruiting process has been going good lately, I’ve been picking up offers from a lot of schools lately. I have a total of twelve offers right now and I am expecting more when colleges come see me in the spring.”

Some schools that have recently offered the track and football athlete are UCF, USF, FIU and Utah State.

While the 5’9 173 pound corner has no leaders, he does have a few schools sticking out.

“I don’t really have any leaders, but the schools that are sticking out for me are Miami, Tennessee and Kentucky.”

Miami is one school that Patten has liked for a while and talked about why he likes them.

“I speak with the whole coaching staff everyday, they make me feel like I’m at home. They ask me how my grades are and how I’m doing in school and they care about me.”

Two current Hurricanes have been doing a little work for the ‘Canes by speaking about how good the program is.

“Tracy Howard, when I went down there in the spring he told me it would be a great fit for me. Also Artie Burns told me we need to keep this hometown thing going and get a crystal ball back to Miami.”

Patten is planning a decision by the end of the summer and his coach is telling him where he feels the best choice for him is.

“Me and my coach we are going to talk it out before the decision. He keeps telling me Miami is a great spot for me, so we will see.”




Hey herbie...

Cocoa (Fla.) High School rising senior athlete Freddie Booth-Lloyd (6-3/300) is being recruited as a defensive tackle and was at the Elite Scouting Combine last Sunday to showcase his abilities in a camp setting.

“It has been going good,” Booth-Lloyd said of the camp. “My 40 time has gotten faster. I’m 300 plus, so I can’t be happier for what I did today. I improved today and went against some great people. I ran 5.15 in the 40 and a 4.8 in the shuttle.”

Colleges have also taken notice of the explosive multi-sport athlete.

“I’m hearing a little something from Miami, University of Massachusetts, Troy and that’s really all I’ve been talking to. Hopefully schools start rolling in after the spring game.”

Miami running backs coach Hurlie Brown is recruiting him and will be attending Booth-Lloyd’s spring game against Miami (Fla.) Northwestern. “Coach Hurlie Brown is coming to look at me play to see what I can do. So, I’m going out there to try and impress everybody and show them what I can do. Hurlie Brown is a family friend.”

So, where’s his interest in the Canes?

“I am really liking Miami,” Booth-Lloyd said. “It looks like it would be a great program for me to fit into and I could be that missing piece on defense.”

In a college, only one factor stands out among the rest. “Basically, hospitality. I want to see how I’m going to be treated there and other than that I’m coming to play football.”


From Pete Ariz..

**Burnett commented on his brother, Dalvin Cook, who is a top football recruit at Miami Central. Cook recently switched his commitment from Clemson to Florida, but Miami is still in the mix.

“I’m with Dalvin everyday and I’m trying to convince him. He still has another year so I’m gonna make sure this Florida thing isn’t a sure thing. I’m gonna have him on campus a lot, so hopefully these guys can convince him.”



It doesn't matter how much sense you make. The boneheads will discredit you by saying "you're a fan, not a coach". These are the same people that will argue with you even if you're sitting next to them, watching the game & calling out the plays before they happen. All the while not realizing that if a fan can predict the plays from the couch, the opponents coaches definitely are seeing what you're seeing. If I can exploit our formations. I promise you every team on our schedule will. Stay tuned...


"especially when you have a physical corner like Howard"

Statements like this really hurt your credibility


^^^ Why? I don't get it...

antcane aka anthonyjmanis

I hope your not referring to me Umike and Coke. I think Dno sucks!!!!!!!! Its just beating a dead horse. I'm still contesting watching games and going to games that I do not see talent that regardless of scheme would make it a Top 5 defense no matter who is coaching. Even with the best DC out there which we all know is not here we simply do not have the DE to play a 43. We do not have a DT that could play over the nose in a 34. We only have one CB who can play man press. I'm not defending dnofrio at all. However with the right staff this d could be should be and better be a top 25. There just needs to be creativity which is lacking severely. Plain and simple if you look at the top d in college you see both. I hate watching us play a millions yards off the receivers.



You're right. We don't have top 5 talent on defense. We do have enough talent to be MUCH better if they played to their strength. I think the CB's would be better in bump & run but the pass rush isn't good enough. So I get playing the zone. I just want to see 1 simple change in the zone. Have the CB's only 5 yards off the line. Only have them 10 yards back when it's 3rd & 15 or more. It's so fukkin simple...



1 more thing. If you think D'Fuckno sucks, then you think Golden sucks. Golden designed the defense. D'Fukno is just a caretaker. That's what scares me...


Canesfan_1... Dude.. I dont need credibilty.. Im a fan, not a reporter. Do you have anything better to do with your time that worring about what I say? Lol.... It is no secret Howard is good in bump and run and is a physical corner... Oh dam.. Just lost more credibility hahaha


I think we have the talent to at least be a middle of the pack defense.. But not close to dead last. Middle of the pack would of got Miami a couple more wins last year


Co.. I think Golden is to smart to not make adjustments which makes me think D'No is in control of the defense.. Was Golden ever a d-cord?


Fr. Lauderdale LB Jaboree Williams was offered by UNC


If I can exploit our formations. I promise you every team on our schedule will. Stay tuned...

Posted by: CoCane | May 02, 2013 at 09:07 AM

But U are just a fan so obviously U can't know ANYTHING. LOL


I think we have the talent to at least be a middle of the pack defense. But not close to dead last. Middle of the pack would of got Miami a couple more wins last year

Posted by: UMike | May 02, 2013 at 09:55 AM

No excuse for Miami being ranked 116 in defense last year.

No reason why Miami can't be a top 50 defense this year.

Nobody is asking for a top 10 defense, just a top 50. If we have that we will easily get 10 wins this season.

That is all.


You're not watching the same guy that I was.

He is far from being a physical corner.

Also I'm glad you admit you're a fan and not an expert, because there are several people here that are under the delusion they can actually coach and call college football defenses.

Like someone said before, it's cute


And if we have a top 50 defense and a pass rush, we'll win 11 or 12.

If we don't have a top 50 defense at the end of game 4 and sustained after week 6, then I'm all for dropping the axe on D'Onofrio.

No excuses.


Canesfan_1 = Don Soldinger

Good to have U on board coach but PLEASE take it easy on the fans!



We mentioned two weeks ago that UM was expecting to add a European point guard. That guard is Emmanuel LeComte, a 17-year-old who plays in the Ethias League. UM confirmed that he has signed with the program.

"Manu LeComte is a true point guard," UM coach Jim Larranaga told our Michelle Kaufman. "He is quick and fast and can shoot. He will have to learn the American college game. But with the loss of Shane Larkin and Angel Rodriguez having to sit a year, it is nice to have a point guard who can play right away."

The Belgian Youth Basketball Blog described him as "very, very talented" with a "ton of experience for his age" and "can take over a game."

LeComte, 5-11, told stateoftheu.com: "I'm quick. I can shoot from everywhere. I will need to improve my body, get more in the weight room."

### David Thompson, who is attempting to play both baseball and football at UM, has a difficult decision ahead: determining whether to play in a summer baseball league or begin honing his skills and body for the football season. Thompson, a quarterback, has a chance to be a holder on field goals this season.

“I know he’s a good player, can be a better player,” baseball coach Jim Morris told several media outlets today. “He just needs to work more on baseball right now.” Morris stopped short of saying a decision had been made about his baseball involvement this summer.

Thompson, who leads UM with 28 RBI but has been slumping recently, told Canesport.com: “Pretty much when baseball is over, I’ll be walking across the outfield and going right to football. Hope to compete for the No. 2 spot.”

### The transfer guard that UM is hoping to lure from Texas – Sheldon McClellan – averaged a team-high 13.5 points last season but also drew the ire of coach Rick Barnes because of lack of intensity and effort at times. Others – including Illinois, Marquette and Oregon – are also in the mix.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2013/05/snippets-from-jeff-ireland-decision-ahead-for-um-player.html#storylink=addthis#storylink=cpy


Canesfan_1..if you have been watching Howard since he has been at Miami then yea he doesnt see physical.. Cause he coach has him 10 yards off the line lol.. He was a physical corner in high school and it MIGHT even be the reason he bumbed heads with the staff last year... Surely not a coach.. But any CB.. Physical or not.. Isnt going to prevent a first down when he is that far off the ball. Cocane make a great point too that it really hurts us on sweep plays..i just think i we brought the corners up and let them get more physical and disrupt the routes it could help


Dieter Kurtenbach ‏@dkurtenbach 11m

H-Back? RT @KLV1063: I don't buy this at all RT @EyeOnNFL: Drew Rosenhaus: #Dolphins could have interest in Tim Tebow http://cbsprt.co/162zACB

I knew it was only a matter of time.


I agree with CF1, if Howard was physical, they'd play Him on the shortside (boundary). Besides, I thought TH fell down the depth chart this Spring...

orange 'n green in the vein

I'm more interested in 2/3 of these recruits playing for the competent coach of the men's basketball team personally.

UMike, he was UVA's DC when they always were poised for a breakout season that never arrived with him calling the plays, mostly because the 3-4 they ran never could win the big game.

Fans discussing sports on a sports blog for fans? What a concept, thanks for stopping by, be sure to change your screen-name before posting again to sock-puppet your opinion which I find intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter filled with the same.

Off to Saint Augustine to go watch The Smashing Pumpkins (minus 3/4 of the original band) outside tonight. The incompetent coordinator can be kicked later.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Football is not SO complex, especially at the college level. Many fans on this blog have a very high understanding of coaching strategies. Many of us have coached or still coach at the HS level. We've also seen it done right for many years. I guess I shouldn't comment on how great a coach Soldinger is because I never coached RBs at his level? We should never in our personal lives compare Matise and Van Goh because we can't paint like them? We shouldn't even vote because none of us have ran for office? I don't understand those comments. Folks here have been watching football since the 80's or longer. I think they can tell when a defensive scheme isn't working.


BUT...there is enough talent to be better that we have been on D.

Posted by: UMike | May 02, 2013 at 08:15 AM

UMike, this sentiment gets bandied about a lot on this blog...and while true, there's more to it than that.

Let's break it down...

Our 2 best Safeties (Bush-Jenkins)were TRUE! freshmen.

Our best LB (Perryman), was a TRUE! Sophomore.

Our best CB (Gunter?), was a RS Sophomore, from the JUCO ranks.

And if you agree with Coke, our best DLineman was McCord...a TRUE! Freshman.

Do you see a pattern here,UMike...LMAO!

PS: Even if you wanna argue who the best CB was, 2 of em' (TH & Finnie) were TRUE! freshman, and 1 of em' (McGee) was a Sr. who the staff felt underachieved up to that point.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Who's not in the band OGV?


Hey..I could be 100% wrong about Howard..but I thought I remember reading and hearing that he was a physical corner coming out of Miramar..if I am wrong..my bad. And Canerock..even with that young of a team, I just think we had enough talent to do better. Those guys were young, but good..maybe not top 5-20 good..but better that 115 or worse lol


R.I.P. Chris Kelly, the Kris, in Kriss-Kross.

ATLANTA (AP) — Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s kid rap duo behind one of the decade's most memorable songs, "Jump," has died at an Atlanta hospital of an apparent drug overdose, authorities said. He was 34.


But UMike, talent ain't enough LMAO!


By the numbers:

Bad News/Good News for the Offense:

Golden and Fisch stated at the end of last year that there were at least 50 dropped passes in the 2012 season. That statistic is significant enough to turn Morris's completion rate from 58.7 to 70.1.

Duke Johnson was injured last season for at least a couple of games and did not participate in UTough. Here are some mind blowing possible statistics...

Duke Johnson got 2,068 yards and 14 TD's on 194 touches (kicks, receiving yards, rushing, passing) last year. If his average holds and he can be more durable, check this out:

If Duke gets 3 more touches per game, he'll have 2,452 yards and 17 TD's.
If Duke gets 4 more touches per game, he'll have 2,580 yards and 17 TD's.
If Duke gets 5 more touches per game, he'll have 2,707 yards and 18 TD's.

The possibilities are ENDLESS with just a few more touches per game.

Now how about that defense?


But UMike, talent ain't enough LMAO!

Posted by: CaneRock | May 02, 2013 at 11:44 AM

My point..its D'Nos fault lol


Um with a new PG... A baller from Belgium...

I think UM can make some noise by recruiting kids overseas also, ive seen a lot of Bball games from Europe and some of those dudes who aren't American can flat out shoot the rock.. I like the move by Mr. Pimp


Canerock - exactly right. You make too much sense

Even if you don't understand defensive formations, just watch the film last year on Howard, not physical AT ALL. Compare to McGee & you'll see what I mean

antcane aka anthonyjmanis

Most of the points are valid but again this is beating a dead horse. 86 in addition to LOF lets do a prediction on were everyone thinks the D finishes statically in total yards allowed,points,passing yards allowed and rushing yards allowed.


One more thing. This blog can be very negative at times bickering back and forth about the same ole same ole. The offensive rarely gets any love and by love I mean we spend most of the time complaining and not complementing the other more talented,better coached side of the ball.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I disagree AJM. I think we give the O a lot of love. We were just giving the WRs love yesterday. I can't blame folks for DISCUSSING the D. They are CLEARLY our weakness. I don't think we would be discussing them as much had Golden fired D'Onofrio last year, when many feel he deserves as much.


Canerock - exactly right. You make too much sense

Even if you don't understand defensive formations, just watch the film last year on Howard, not physical AT ALL. Compare to McGee & you'll see what I mean

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | May 02, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Oh, no doubt.

To give Him the benefit of the doubt, He does have some GREAT! cover skills, BUT!, if He wants to be a 4 down CB, His run support skills are gonna have to pick up.


Canerock - exactly right. You make too much sense

Even if you don't understand defensive formations, just watch the film last year on Howard, not physical AT ALL. Compare to McGee & you'll see what I mean

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | May 02, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Dam..there goe smy credibility out the window..how will I ever live hahaha

I think we praised the offense a lot..just yesterday we talked about Morris being a top QB and having an elite offense lol


So 360 & Canesfanny think my football knowledge is cute. Ha ha...

Yall hatin' like hoz. Because after watching this team the last 2 years, you 2 lames still don't understand what you're watching. Like a female asking "why do those guys with the striped shirts throw those pretty yellow napkins"? You 2 biatches are too cute.

Soup. Get ready to delete. I think I'm going to have turn up on these tinkerbell biatches. Lmao!




CoCane...please do..Ima sit back and watch the show haha..dude Co..we got to chill at the Florida game!


Oh yeah Coke, what happened to that Syracuse 2-3?! LMAO!


Adam Torres, 6-6, 270, Lake Mary.

That is all.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/hssports/2010/02/florida-class-of-2014.html#storylink=cpy

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