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May 06, 2013



I see no issue with letting mt6 go. He didn't want to come to um anyway. This just remknds me if seantrel and usc but I would like to see what golden and co can do with a blue chip linebacker... seeing arthur brown become a beast and sack Stephen Morris and become a playet in grey and purple under ksu and snyder kept me up ag nights. Hes playing for my ravens and even in a interview said he didnt want to leave UM .

orange 'n green in the vein

Q, my best recollection of it was that UM got the signed LOI on the fax first that signing day, FSU got a signed LOI on the fax next from him like in the time it would have taken Domino's to deliver him a pizza without it being free back then, then there was an argument about which LOI was going to be the official one he'd have to stand by. It was a, in a word, fiasco.

orange 'n green in the vein

Damn, actually I'm missremembering both the story and player;

Jon Colon, not DJ, although DJ did word his announcement very confusingly and before Twitter probably had people at UF, FSU and Miami celebrating before the details got ironed out.

Colon did the two LOI's to Miami the day before and UF on signing day, as evidenced here;


"Miami (Fla.) will not pursue the letter-of-intent of top offensive line prospect Jonathan Colon of Miami-Central, Fla., who signed with both Florida and the 'Canes. Colon, who announced on Signing Day that he had signed with the Gators, also signed the night before with Miami. Normally, the first letter-of-intent signed in such cases is binding, but letters must not be signed before 7 a.m. on Signing Day."

It was over a decade ago and one is a future potential HOF candidate, the other is yet another central Florida bust, I can't be held liable for not having the details set in stone Q!

Terrance Sullivan

Lol OGV u cracking me up man.


Morris is not that bad, combine that yeah we are private with the fact we are recruiting great players who the MLB steals and it is hard. also remember in 2008 a new rule said you have to give only partial schollies, before you could give full for baseball, and some studs can not come because they can not afford it.

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