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May 27, 2013


Hurricane Warrior






Thank you to every veteran who ever put their life on the line for our great country.

Go Canes! Go USA!




Thank you to All service men and women! Have a great Memorial Day!!




Cool Tweet from BTW DE Chad Thomas...

#Rampage ‏@F5_Chad
"U up cuz U know the U is thinking about U! BE A CANE! Plus a guy called Rampage doesn't sleep!" -Coach Golden

The Dude

Hooyah Navy! Hooyah Canes! USA, USA, USA! If you can today. See if anyone is performing Taps locally at sunset and go. Its the LEAST you can do. I don't like that this country sends its men and women to war and asks nothing from the citizenry. Go honor the fallen tonight. Honor those over there now. Think of the families that don't have mom and dad, sister and brother home today and of those that never come back. Remeber that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is still a POW and has been since 2009.


Afghanistan sux

The Dude

Didn't you just get there Hassan?



To all Miami Hurricane fans and especially ALL of the brave men and women who have worn or are currently wearing a US military uniform. We salute U!


University of Miami head baseball coach Jim Morris is suffering from pneumonia and will not be with the team Monday during the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament Selection Show on ESPNU.

Morris, one of the winningest coaches in college baseball history, has been hospitalized at Duke University since Saturday, when he fell ill and missed the Hurricanes’ final game in the 2013 ACC Baseball Championship against Clemson.

“I’m looking forward to returning to the dugout, and will rejoin the team as soon I can,” Morris said.

Assistant Coach Gino DiMare coached the Hurricanes against Clemson and will continue to assume head coach responsibilities until Morris returns to the team.

"The most important thing right now is the recovery of Coach Morris and we appreciate the care he has received at Duke University," said Director of Athletics Blake James. "We look forward to having him back with the program when he is ready. In the meantime, Coach DiMare has our full support as we look ahead to the NCAA Tournament."


Chris Yandle ‏@ChrisYandle 1m

#Canes headed to Louisville, will face Oklahoma State. @CanesBaseball making NCAA-record 41st straight postseason appearance. #RoadToOmaha


WVUM Sports ‏@WVUMSports 2m

Miami a 2 seed in the Louisville regional. Louisville, Bowling Green, and Oklahoma State the other teams in the region


Great article. It is important to remember those who protect our freedom


Thanks to all our servicemen for over 200 years of service and sacrifice so the rest of us can be lazy, oblivious, and unappreciative the other 364 days of the year.

Many have made the ultimate sacrifice. Sadly there are many many people that don't understand this.

Thanks to Soup for devoting an article on this important day. Well done.

God Bless America.


Joseph Zagacki ‏@canesvoice 15m

ESPN says Canes have Number 1 SOS. Canes will be battle tested for Lou regional which is loaded with good pitching

Account Deleted

Never forget those who gave all for us to enjoy all.....


Thank you to all of the current and past men and women serving in the military. They are true heroes!


Happy Memorial Day fellow Spacers and Soldiers...I'm proud to be in the Army and help represent all this Website/Blog doing So...Go Canes


Didn't you just get there Hassan?

Posted by: The Dude | May 27, 2013 at 11:50 AM


Been in wars for 7 years, 4 years in Afghanistan. I went home for awhile cause my dad was dying with Cancer.

orange 'n green in the vein

So, wait, you mean Morris found a way to get this team to the postseason despite his entire upperclassmen crew basically no showing the year against the toughest schedule in the nation?

Oh but just replace him with the guy at Vandy with no career titles and who has a slush fund set up to make up the difference in scholarship aide and tuition costs, right?

Laughable, and to think, some people on here get worked up if you have the temerity to mention the football coach's wining percentage at the school (52.1% BTW) then mention he doesn't have a single championship we care about, much less two, to his credit.

Get well soon Jim, can't wait to see what you can do next year after this one is finished, however it ends.

orange 'n green in the vein

Also fun reading next time some yokel starts chanting for Alabama because their team lost to them;


If it's TL;DR for you, the summation is; redneck fanbases like wireless internet and instant replay regardless of how exposed it makes their cheating officials at the game to valid criticism by drunkards, students don't go to games, secondary markets for tickets mean you don't have to also pay for scrimmages to see games you actually are interested in, and the Beaver's scheduling is boring people in the middle of nowhere in Florida.

The last one will still keep him from growing set and not forfeiting due to cowardice in 2014 against UM again though.

The Dude

Ah, I see. That explains the home time. I wish you well my friend. Be safe, come home soon.

The Dude

OGV, I don't even like going to most games. Hard, uncomfortable seats, smashed in way to close to some dude with terrible B.O. Beligerent drunk fans dropping F bombs and fighting. $9 beers and $7 hotdogs. No climate control. $30 parking and $70 tickets. It takes a lot to drag me away from my 55" TV with every game and a fridge full of beer. Every team in every sports is dealing with this reality. Stadiums need to rethink a lot of what they do. Its not the 1980's anymore.


I'm proud to be in the Army and help represent all this Website/Blog doing So...Go Canes

Posted by: DeeCane | May 27, 2013 at 01:58 PM

There IT is right there.

I have not forgotten your Canespace T-shirt Dee, I have just been delayed and limited in the different sizes. Email me at:



Went to the ACC tournament Friday and witnessed an animic offensive display. NC ST. doesn't get a ball out of the infiled and scores 4 runs. The 5 other teams I saw that day had at least 3 guys hitting over 340 and we had one guy batting 302, which was our highest. Something needs to change and the Herb would suggest, it's time for ole Mo to step down or we need a hitting coach or it's the talent or lack there of, that we have on the roster.


Hassan...I am at BAF...where you at?


Hassan...I am at BAF...where you at?

Posted by: Coldcane | May 28, 2013 at 12:18 AM

I am not on a base. BAF sucks by the way. very overcrowded. I might get up there soon and say hi to you.Check out the Camp Alpha DFAC if you get a chance, best food on the base by far.


Morning Spacers...

Although the move by DT Valentine to a Hialeah school might help Miami..rumor is coaches are thinking even if he does commit it might take a year or two to get in due to grades. Also..no shock here, but Treon Harris is a FSU "lean"..determined to play QB at the next level...


From The very hard working Pete Ariz...

I was able to have a conversation with Homestead Interim Head Coach Ahmad Ward tonight and he spoke about the rise to his current position, broke down the state of their program, gave some info on some of their prospects, and talked about what lies ahead.

Q: Talk about your coaching background and how you’ve gotten to the point you’re at now.

Coach Ward: I first got into high school coaching in 2006 at Miami Norland Senior High under coach Nigel Dunn. He taught me basically everything I know about coaching. I spent three seasons with them and when he left to Miami Jackson, I left to Homestead and coached under Bobby McCray for two seasons, and then one season I coached under Pat Burrows at Southridge and then we reunited again at Homestead Senior High last season. He (Burrows) got his promotion to be the assistant principal, so the school awarded me the interim head coach position. I have coached receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Five of the seven years have been with running backs.

Q: When will you know if you will retain the head coaching position?

Ward: Hopefully by June 7th by the time the school year is over. We have a new principal and of course he has to open it up to do the interviewing, but the plan is to keep the coaching staff together. I’ve already been showing as the interim head coach that the team can function and do well so hopefully we will know by June 7th.

Q: How long have you held the position of Interim Head Coach?

Ward: Unofficially, I’ve had the position since January since we kinda knew that Patrick Burrows was going to be taking that next step, so he was training me and preparing me for this. I wasn’t awarded the position officially until last Thursday.

Q: What is your main philosophy as a coach?

Ward: My main philosophy is to get the kids to always go hard As long as you always go 100%, nine times out of ten you will be successful. Whether it’s stretching or running gassers, I want them going 100%.

Q: What kind of progression did you see from the team this Spring?

Ward: Last season we had a taste of almost making the playoffs, so that has pushed the returning kids to go even harder. Last spring and summer they worked hard, but there were some obstacles along the way. This year, they worked hard all the way. Our quarterback Maurice Alexander goes to the park with Ermon Lane and some of the other receivers to work on timing routes without even being asked.

Q: Was there something in particular that you focused on with them this Spring that you saw as a weakness last season?

Ward: Our conditioning. The season kind of wore on us last year since we had a small team as far as number of players and it looks like we will have about 35 again this season. Some players will have to play both ways, so we focused more on conditioning and getting stronger. In the two games this spring, I’ve seen a big difference.

Q: Talk about the offensive scheme change that you guys are making for this season and how do you think it will benefit this group of players?

Ward: It benefits a lot because Maurice Alexander (2016 QB) and Antonio Calloway (2015 ATH), we call him ‘AD’, they played for the Florida City Razorbacks and their offensive coordinator when they played there is our coordinator now. Last year we were a Wing-T, so it was something different for them. We had some success out of it and Ermon Lane had success, but it was just something different from what they were used to. Lane was apart of a spread offense his first two years. It’s a pro-style type of spread and they’re just more comfortable with it.

Q: Your team will be coming into the season with high expectations, so what is your coaching staff doing to make sure they stay level-headed?

Ward: That’s one thing we talk about. We try to be humble. Every year, the coaches try to come up with a motto for the team and this year we’re going with ‘first class and family’. In a family, one person can’t think they’re better than another. We’re not putting any pressure on them because they know the goal is to get to the state championship.

Q: Antonio Calloway (2015) is a player who has stepped up for you guys this Spring and impressed. Where was he last season and how has he emerged?

Ward: He’s kind of had a chip on his shoulder since 9th grade because he was working out here, but he was supposed to move and stopped coming to workouts, but the move did not happen and he came back in the summer. He missed some workouts, had to put him on J.V. but he didn’t cry about it and worked hard, didn’t miss any workouts. He came in this spring saying ‘I shouldn’t have been on J.V.’ and has worked real hard. He hasn’t missed a workout. UF came to our practice two and a half weeks ago and they wanted to see somebody competitive go up against Ermon Lane so he stepped up at corner and UF was really surprised by him. They asked us what he played and we told them receiver and a little running, but that we were thinking about playing him some at DB and UF said ‘That kid’s a DB.’ He’s our backup quarterback, kick returner; he does a little bit of everything for us. He’s that kind of athlete.

Q: Everybody knows about Ermon Lane’s ability, size, speed, and all of that, but as someone who is around him everyday how would you describe him?

Ward: I have been around some kids that have performed well at the high school level, even someone like Xavier Rhodes that was just drafted in the first round. I compare Ermon to Xavier. Both had high school success and had a little bit of swag to them. Ermon is very quiet if he doesn't know you. For someone with all that hoopla around him, he’s very quiet and humble. When were together and out, he’s not the type of kid that says ‘I’m Ermon Lane. I’m number one, hook me up.’ He always talks about his mom and grandma, that’s the type of kid he is.

Q: What kind of improvements have you seen from him?

Ward: He sees room for improvement in himself. He’s been working on the little things like coming out of his stance, breaking out of his pattern. He listens. At first it was tough for him, but he’s worked on it and he realizes he needs to continue to improve if he wants to be able to play at the next level.

Q: With recruiting, does he have some schools sticking out right now?

Ward: The schools that he talks about around me, and I can’t lie to you because I really have no clue where his head is at, but he talks about four schools around me. Of course he talks about UM because that’s his hometown school and he grew up loving them. He talks about Alabama because they were the first SEC school to offer him and everybody likes a winner and he’s also very close to Amari Cooper. He loves UF. He took a visit there and came back very impressed. I don’t know what they did to him, but he’s very impressed by them. USC is also in the picture. Coach Tee Martin came by and spoke to him and he’s going out there on an unofficial visit and camp on June 24th. So those are the ones he really talks about around me.

Q: I know you guys have a nationally televised game against University School this season, but are there any other games you are looking forward to in particular?

Ward: Our district is very tough with games against Norland, Central, Northwestern, and Carol City. Our main goal is to go undefeated there. Our rival since 1979 is South Dade even though they’re not in our district. A lot of those kids from South Dade grew up and went to elementary school with our kids and some of them stay by each other. That’s a game that people always circle, but at the end of the day, the playoff game is the most important one.

Q: Having worked up at Norland and also down south, do you see any differences between the types of kids that come out of each school?

Ward: From my experience at Norland and also Southridge and Homestead, I don’t see much of a difference from the type of kids we have. I see the same hunger, the same goals. The only difference is that the kids at Homestead are a little bigger naturally, but another difference to is coaching. It’s tougher to get good coaching down south. When I was at Norland, we had 15 coaches on staff, but when I got to Homestead, we barely had six so that is a little hindrance.


per Thread Killa @ CIS & 247...

Johnnie Dixon post spring game update

-Dwyer beat Vero Beach 41-7
-Dixon had 5 rec 168 yds 3 TDs
-Dixon says he showed some routes and breakaway speed after the catch
-Carroll was there, as was Billy Napier, and coaches from Ole Piss, FSUcks, Arkansas, Ped St., and WVagU
-Second time Miami has visited him this spring
-Says Miami has shown a lot of interest and they hit him up all the time
-Says him and Carroll have a good relationship and it's getting better everyday
-Miami has recruited him the hardest and that could give them an advantage
-Dixon likes everything Miami has told him and he knows how they feel about him
-Dixon talks to Muschump on Facebook a lot, and ****smoker Joker too
-Dixon doesnt have a list but UF@g would be high on it if he did
-The drama between Jacoby Brissett and UF@g will not impact his decision
-Has no set summer plans, but wants to visit Miami again, Taint, UF@g, and the sister ****ers

*247Sports CEO Shannon Terry predicts Dixon will be a Cane, as does Miami insider David Lake*


Golden Tweeting Recruit..


DT Michael Sawyers..was Corn's HS teammate


Cant want for Jojo Robinson to flip..we WANT this kid..and definitely don't want to have to face him every year lol...Also look for an offer soon to DT Freddie Booth Lloyd from Cocoa who may commit. He played very well against MNW in the spring game and said he plans to do whatever it takes to get a Miami offer.


Per Thread Killa @ CIS and 247..

Kevin Olsen update

-Ray Lewis III will be his roommate
-Is really close with Alex Gall
-Olsen will likely RS
-Says Miami is one of the more talented offensive teams he has seen in a while
-Really likes what he sees in the OL, WRs, RBs, and QBs
-Says that 7-5 will turn into something a lot better
-Believe the team will get back into the national picture like years past
-Has 7 SEPT circled on his calendar
-He is around 200 lbs right now
-Will arrive in Coral Gables on 27 JUNE
-Hopes to wear #19
-He is glad the recruiting process is over and he doesnt have coaches texting and wanting to talk
-He's been focused on wrapping up HS and improving his drop steps


Miami also recently offered South Dade WR and FSU commit C.J. Worton


"but Treon Harris is a FSU "lean".."

That's like saying Sebastian the Ibis the mascot for UM.


"but Treon Harris is a FSU "lean".."

That's like saying Sebastian the Ibis the mascot for UM.

Posted by: LB | May 28, 2013 at 08:21 AM

lol..I agree..thats w I said "no shock here' lol


States like Florida, Texas and California have always had some of the best talent, but other southern states are starting to produce more top talent. Here is a look at NFL Draft first-round picks over the past four years based on where they played high school ball.



JC Shurburtt ‏@jcshurburtt 54m

2015 5-star QB Ricky Town will visit #Bama #UGA #Texas- likes #UCLA (VIP) http://bit.ly/12f4De3




I'm sure Town will go through the gambit of visits, and I wouldn't expect a decision until at least next year.

Head on shoulders type guy.


According to Ice Harris Qb coaches from Tennessee and Cincinnati will visit Treon Harris this week


Travis Rudoplh to take "unofficial" visits to Bama, Auburn and UGA next week...I think that means is not official, but the schools are still paying for it lol


Miami offered Village Academy DE Kevin Bronson..will visit Miami this weekend.


Per Thread Killa @ CIS and 247..

OG Corey Martinez update

-Football is important, but academics are more important
-Wants a school that is the best fit
-Wants a school that will benefit him the most in the long run if football doesnt last long
-Staying close to home is important, but he isnt ruling out LSU, Alabama, UGAy, Tennessee, or other OOS schools
-All his family is in FL so staying in-state would be nice
-He would like to play early, buy it wouldnt be a huge deal if he had to work and earn PT
-Will be releasing a list of finalists sometime this week
-Stays in contact with Kehoe who watched his practice a few weeks ago
-Barrow was at his spring game
-Says Miami is after him hard and doing everything to build a strong relationship
-Has visited Miami twice and says Miami has been consistent with him
-Says he never loses touch with Miami and some schools arent as good with that as Miami
-Says Miami has took the time to establish a connection while others havent done it as much
-His parents and coaches are helping choose the best fit for him football wise, and academics wise
-Does not personally know Reilly Gibbons
-FSUcks, Miami, Alabama, USF, UGAy, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt are the rumored finalists


By the time it is over Ricky Town will have offers from most major colleges and will have the opportunity to play QB wherever he wants. We hope he chooses Miami.



Cook is going to be a hard get:



Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 3m

Odds for #UM #Canes to win 2013-14 BCS national title: 28 to 1. Courtesy of Bovada.


Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS 1m

NFL announces 2014 NFL Draft will be May 8-10, so more run-up, more drama= more $$$.


Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 27s

Parties involved expect NCAA's Brynna Barnhart to be involved in Dyron Dye interview today - notable since UM asked she be removedfrom case.


Duke Johnson at 14-1 odss for winning the Heisman in 2013 according to Bovada.


I was thinking we had a good shot at Cook since we missed on Sony..but I think some of the previous rumors may be true so I agree he will be a hard pull.


Um has said Barnhart has "repeatedly misled university" according to Jackson.

One last dig by the NCAA?

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