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June 21, 2013


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NEW BLOG...slackers lol


Gresham picked Louisville. Blah


Gresham is originally from Louisville and has a lot of family there...BUT..he is a huge Miami Heat fan lol


Our biggest win this year that will be dramatic on the recruiting front is vs UiF. End of story.

We beat an $EC team and watch the recruits flow in.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 24, 2013 at 10:51 AM

Especially since we battle them for so many recruits every year...since we wont play for a while we can hold onto that win and use it as a tool


Our biggest win this year that will be dramatic on the recruiting front is vs UiF. End of story.

We beat an $EC team and watch the recruits flow in.


Especially if that bowl game is against the $EC


It also looks really good on the program as it's a methodology of "best get on board now" as it comes from a position of strength.


Save the recruiters (Duke, Dobard, McDermott, Kaaya), it's hard to invest until NSD. However, it matters on a level of momentum. Good momentum on defense is important, as it projects positively on the program.
The only way we break the trend of $EC is to win. That is UM's only course, and winning a bowl game is going to help a BUNCH in that department.


I CANNOT wait until Sept 7th..I might have to sleep in the car at a rest stop one night and pack some sandwiches..but dam it Ima be there haha


Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet 1h

Championships from the Pro Teams in Miami: 7 (Heat 3, Marlins 2, Phins 2).

Championships from @MiamiHurricanes Football & @CanesBaseball: 9


Papa Cane ‏@ByPapaCane 44s

2014 RB Daniel Gresham's Video Highlights: 1. http://goo.gl/TwtQu and 2. http://goo.gl/Pzhd1 Explosive, powerful and agile.

Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3 1m

RB Daniel Gresham has developed a good relationship with #Canes QB commit Brad Kaaya. Gresham announces today


The NCAA contends its enforcement process “will be substantially prejudiced by public disclosure” of currently sealed documents in former USC assistant Todd McNair's lawsuit against the association.

The NCAA's argument appears in its 71-page reply to opposition of their motion to seal filed last week in McNair's increasingly contentious defamation lawsuit. McNair and his attorneys are seeking to unseal those documents that appear to show improper involvement by the NCAA staff in the USC case that concluded three years ago.

Since then, McNair has sued the NCAA seeking to clear his name after receiving a one-year show cause penalty in that USC case. Since the June 2010 announcement of the USC penalties, McNair -- a former NFL running back and Temple star -- has not been able to find work in football. His lawyers are trying to show the association violated its own rules and procedures in investigating their client.

In its latest filing Wednesday in California appellate court, the NCAA makes a wide-ranging case why the documents should remain sealed. Central to their argument is that disclosure of the information would compromise the investigative process. It is a time-worn tactic used by the NCAA, one that doesn't hold much weight considering the challenge to the system in the Florida State case.



More Thread Killa..

Braxton Hoyett update

-Likes the atmosphere and how the city is
-Says all the coaches love him and everything went pretty good
-Says it felt a little different from home, he could see himself happy at a lot places
-His parents took the trip with him and they both liked it
-His parents said it is kind of far but it is his decision
-Says he had a pretty good camp
-Says he went over a bunch of stuff with Jethro that he can take home with him
-Jethro talked to him about his footwork and how to use his hands rushing the passer
-Says Jethro coaches pretty hard, you have to pay close attention
-Says he met Chad Thomas, says Thomas is looking at Miami a lot
-Some construction on campus hindered some of his academic tour
-Says the fact that Miami is a smaller private school is a positive
-Miss St. leads, but Miami is up there because he liked it
-His options are still open
-Will take a few more visits in his area and re-evaluate things after that


per Thread Killa..

Chad Thomas update

-Has attended Golden's camp 2 years in a row
-Says the coaches hit him up and said it would be great for him to come through
-Says he didn't want to be the guy who walked around the field and watched everybody else
-Says he had to get work in himself and he competed in everything he did
-Says he feels he had a solid performance but he learned some things too
-Says the competition was good between the OL and DL
-Says the coaches told him they like how he works
-Says the coaches told him it was great he was out there dominating instead of just sitting around
-Thomas respected the fact that Jethro kept the recruiting pitch to a minimum and focused on football
-Says it wasn't about recruiting, it was about coaching and Jethro did that all day
-Says he knew what to expect, Jethro showed them how he is when it is time to get down and dirty
-Says he doesn't know a lot of other recruits outisde of BTW
-Says he ran into Mike Smith, who is his homeboy
-Says he was close by when Smith committed
-Says it's not going to change his mind but he was excited for Smith to pick Miami
-Only planned event going forward is The Opening
-Says Miami is one of his top schools but it isn't much of a competition right now
-Says he is about to get focused on the season so they can win state again
-Claims offers from: Arkansas, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Illinois, Louisville, LSU, Marshall, Miami, Mississippi State, N.C. State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCF, and West Virginia


I PERSONALLY think the SEC recruiting has more to do with the Media hype that money.


Interesting post from a blogger at CIS..

With UK and Ole Miss, we've reached a new low

The nSECaa has become so autonomous that we have now experienced the impossible: historically terrible programs, on the levels of Duke, are now out recruiting powerhouse programs from other conferences.

The greatest influence for where kids play is how much they can get paid.

That UK and Ole Miss are beating us for kids is an absolute disgrace. And I dont mean on AGs part, theres nothing he can do.

If the boosters get behind a coach, and the team is allowed to break rules at will, they will recruit well. Facilities, wins, education, NONE of it matters. Mark Stoops isn't coming up with some pitch that hasn't been tried for a dozen years, yet suddenly he is out recruiting OSU in Ohio!

Our program can never come back as long as this type of garbage is allowed.


Per Thread Killa @ 247..

2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker update

-Has visited Miami twice this summer
-Plans on visiting Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and USF this summer
-Says he wants to meet the coaches and see what they're like anytime he visits a school
-Says he wants to play for coaches that will push him to get to the next level and help him reach his goals
-Says he wants to learn more about the education and see the campus
-Says he would like to stay close to home
-Says Golden told him to come to the campus whenever he can come down and he hopes he'll join them
-Says Golden wants him on the team
-Says he likes Golden a lot because he is a great coach that pushes his players
-Says he treats his players like his own kids
-Says he is a big fan of Miami and Florida right now
-Says Miami is the hometown team, and Florida is close too and they are a top program as well
-Says both of those schools have great talent and it is nice to have the option to stay close to home like that


And s shot at Isaiah Wynn


PS - It's been rumored that wherever Gresham plays, his best friend Demetrius Knox will follow. Knox is the #1 rated Guard in the country.

Would have an OL haul for the ages with Knox added in.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 24, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Were also still in it for 4-Star OG Corey Martinez and might be his front runner


I also read that when Clark committed Muschamp said something to the effect of "are you joking" lol


PS - It's been rumored that wherever Gresham plays, his best friend Demetrius Knox will follow. Knox is the #1 rated Guard in the country.

Would have an OL haul for the ages with Knox added in.


A lot of people predicting Texas RB Gresham to pick Canes here in a little bit. I'll post here as soon as he does.


VERY ODD. Hat game trick?

Posted by: SOUP | June 24, 2013 at 09:46 AM

Very possible. I don't know what to make of it, unless it's one of those $EC scenarios.

Regardless of who he's said he loved in the past, who randomly commits to a school without seeing it?


I'd bet we can flip Moten before Clark, tbh. Something's up with Clark. We lead forever, then all of a sudden he commits without ever having visited UF. On the day we get 5 commits.

It's odd.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 24, 2013 at 09:24 AM

VERY ODD. Hat game trick?


Texas RB decommit Daniel Gresham will be deciding today. Man, we could get ANOTHER ONE!


I read Moten hasn't visited Florida neither

Posted by: UMike | June 24, 2013 at 09:25 AM

I also read one of their coaches recruiting him said "we never had him", as in he doesn't think the commitment means anything and that he'll go somewhere else.


I read Moten hasn't visited Florida neither


I'd bet we can flip Moten before Clark, tbh. Something's up with Clark. We lead forever, then all of a sudden he commits without ever having visited UF. On the day we get 5 commits.

It's odd.


if Valentine gets away then Im really going to start to worry lol...Still a long way to NSD and we could always flip Clark..but he was suppose to be a huge Cane lean and a lock..I remember reading somewhere that someone close said Miami would really have to screw things up to lose Clark. I dont think that happened, but it showed that Miami was really in front. Maybe its just a recent high. Hopefully our D improves enough this year that recruits arent scared off lol


2-3 more 4-Star DT's and I think we get at least 2. Valentine, Johnson, Holley and maybe a JUCO could still be in this class imo

Posted by: UMike | June 24, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Wouldn't be surprised if all 3 U named commit.


ACC Future Power Rankings..



Here is our current commit list, excluding one "mystery" one:

Joseph Yearby RB 5'9"/195
Trevor Darling OT 6'5"/315
Reilly Gibbons OT 6'6"/270
Juwon Young OLB 6'2"/230
Alin Edouard QB 6'2"/180
Nick Linder C 6'3"/275
Brad Kaaya QB 6'4"/210
Dalvon Stuckey DT 6'3"/300
Courtel Jenkins DT 6'1"/315
Darrell Langham WR 6'5"/190
Chris Herndon TE 6'4"/230
Derrion Owens OLB 6'4"/222
Michael Smith OLB 6'2"/210
Dennis Turner ATH 5'11"/174
Trayone Gray ATH 6'2"/200

Don't forget, DT lovers, Stuckey and Jenkins are no scrubs. But there's more help on the way.


LB..I agree we have been missing out on way to many DT's, especially th eones considered elite or highly ranked prospects...many in our own back yard. Klark was a HUGE suprise, but we are right in the thick of things for 2-3 more 4-Star DT's and I think we get at least 2. Valentine, Johnson, Holley and maybe a JUCO could still be in this class imo


Just a note: let's relax about Coley. He hasn't coached a down yet for UM. I'm saving the praise until we get some statistics.
"Great weekend for the Canes...but Im sure its only a matter of time before the Golden hates complain about the 2-Star recruits or "$50 recruits" etc"

My previous comments about missing out on DT targets stand. UM has a trend of missing long before Golden took charge. However, getting players in camp is a different animal. You're right, UMike. As long as these coaches have time to see them up close and analyze them... I'm down.

We now have two defensive tackles, three linebackers, and a couple of athletes. That's very helpful. I have absolutely no problem with these guys as we know Barrow can coach his butt off and we've got a good base with Perryman, Kirby, Gaines (graduates). Bond has college game experience and Grace seems to have a lot of talent. I'm certain at least one of these dudes will be able to contribute.

The silent, I've heard, is a defensive player. If I'm mistaken, please let me know. Heck, it could be #TownCane.
News From the Opposition:
-Productive Pitt tailback wants back on the team. Their backfield is awful. Even D'Onofrio's 2012 defense would have a shot at keeping these stooges below 100 yards.
- Despite losing their name QB & WR, Duke has an extremely experienced offensive line. They've got 100 total starts compared to second place (UM, 97).
- FSU sucks
- Va. Tech overhauled their offensive staff. They'll probably look a lot different in their schemes.


On another note, it is great to see the pipeline is alive and well with Miami Northwestern and Carol City. Just need to work on BTW, but I think we get Patten and maybe Thomas as well from there.


Great weekend for the Canes...but Im sure its only a matter of time before the Golden hates complain about the 2-Star recruits or "$50 recruits" etc..But Im glad Golden and staff see these kids up close and personal and Im sure they already have watched film and done homework before the camps. I think it is kind of funny that a 2015 U School DB earned an offer at camp, but their current top rated DB doesnt have one lol...COME EARN IT..or listen to coaches!

Still wondering who this mystery commit is, we should find out this week. I have an idea, but cannot put on the board here.



**Carol City ATH Trayone Gray came into the day without an offer and left as a Miami commit. Gray started off working with the quarterbacks early on, but Al Golden pulled him aside and shortly after that conversation he was switched to the receivers/defensive backs group. Gray worked with both groups, but more as a receiver, which I see as his college position. I personally love this get by the staff. He is as impressive physically as it gets and has produced in the toughest district in the country. He will put up monster numbers for Carol City this season, as he will be in control of the offense at quarterback. You can read Gray's commitment story here: http://canesinsight.com/threads/5362...mmits-to-Miami

**Miami Northwestern WR JoJo Robinson was at camp as a participant, but he did not not work in the one-on-ones portion of the day. He was spending a lot of the day with Gray. Two other Northwestern receivers, Tanares Robinson and Jabari Dowling were two of the more impressive receivers in the one-on-one session. Look for those two to blow up this season.

**2015 Timber Creek RB Jacques Patrick attended camp and did not lace up until one-on-ones. Patrick looks the part as one of the top running backs in the country for his class. He moves very well for his size too.

**St. Thomas Aquinas DT Anthony Moten (UF commit) was a non-participant today. The coaches were all over him and he was seen with Anthony Chickillo and Shayon Green as well. Moten says his commitment to UF is solid, but Miami will not give up.

**One of the prospects that I was most impressed with today was 2014 Dwyer DL Daikwon Fuse. He was built like a truck and could really move. I hadn't heard anything about him before today, but he performed well enough for the staff to monitor him down the line. Arguably the best looking kid there from a physical standpoint.

**Longtime 2014 commit Trevor Darling was at camp and competing. He was nearly unbeatable in one-on-ones and looked lighter on his feet than I've seen in the past from him. I still don't know if I like him at guard or tackle better, but Miami got a great prospect. He's a forgotten kid in this class because he's been committed since last summer, but he is big-time.

**Two Gulliver Prep kids caught my eye. 2015 LB Dominic Sheppard is built like a college backer already and Miami has offered him. 2016 ATH Dionte Mullins is an electric player, who was making plays as a receiver. He will be a big-time prospect.

**Cypress Bay's Deion Hallmon came to camp today hoping to get an offer, but it doesn't look like that came. He worked with the wide receivers, which was interesting because most schools want him at corner.

**Travonte Valentine was at his third camp today, but did not participate because of a minor knee injury.

**Immokalee LB Jimmy Bayes (USF commit) was competing at camp for the 2nd time. He looks the part, but struggled in coverage at times.


Tito doin work,...

2016 Booker T Washington (Fla.) Mark Walton is one of the few 2016 prospects who holds a Miami offer. Walton was participating in the Al Golden Football camp and enjoyed his time in Coral Gables.

“I was going out there and competing. Just getting coached by coach (Hurlie) Brown was a great part for me. I learned some new drills and workouts that I can take back to the program.”

Walton enjoyed how coach Brown stresses effort with the running backs and is very honest.

“The one thing coach Brown stressed at the camp was effort, he will keep it real with you, saying you gotta keep competing and keep putting in effort. He would say 'if you mess up just go to the back of the line and try again'.”

The 5’10 175 running back was offered by Miami back at a junior day. When asked where the Hurricanes stand, he gave an answer Miami fans would like to hear.

“On my list Miami stands right at the top because I know I’m going to want to stay home and play for the university of Miami because I want my parents to see me and I don’t want to go too far. So right now Miami is on top of my list for recruiting.”

Walton’s top list of schools consist of Miami, Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and Virginia.

The Booker T product was offered by head coach Al Golden and talked a little bit about getting the chance to speak to him.

“At the camp I really didn’t get to talk to coach Golden too much, but when he offered me I got to talk to him. I think he is a very good coach and I like what he is doing with the program and trying to bring it back.”

While Walton is still three years away from making a decision, he is looking to make an early decision and Miami looks like the landing spot.

“I’m thinking about letting everyone know next year after football season. I was thinking about committing this year, but my parents want me to hold off. So I’ll probably wait until next year, but Miami is were I’m gonna be at.”

Walton plays with other Booker T star Chad Thomas, who is also being recruited by Miami and spoke about where he thinks he will end up.

“Actually after the camp I was asking him and he asked me if I would go to Miami and I said yes and then I said ‘how about you’ and he said ‘I would go to Miami too because they get guys in the league because of D-line and he can help out with the pass rush. So I think he will end up at Miami.”


I agree with O_C's earlier sentiment about the DTs, it's still early. Especially THIS recruiting cycle, the DT class is deep, at least deeper than last year. I see more guys in the 6'4"/260+ range than last year. Big frames that you can easily add weight to.


^^ Cut me off for some reason....

Was going on to say I expect Berrios to get an offer and commit on the spot. Can't guarantee an offer, but he should get one.


Expect 1 more commit in the next few days. Golden and Co going OFF on the trail!

Sarasota 'cane

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU 4m
LATE NIGHT GOOD NEWS: According to CaneSport, Coley and AQM should join the team this week. Kamalu and Griffin are looking at July.

oh yeah!!

Go 'canes!


From Barry at the Herald...

Anyone noticed Al Golden got this new kicker who never missed Inside 55 yards...in the last year...

New York kicker Joshua Bacon, who said UM called and invited him to come compete with Matt Goudis after he mailed UM coaches a tape showing him nailing field goal after field goal. (It's now on YouTube.) “I’m automatic inside 55,” Bacon said

ro 50 plus yards:



t’s parade time.

Before you head out Monday morning to celebrate the Miami Heat with a parade that ends in front of the AmericanAirlines Arena, here’s a guide to help you navigate among the thousands expected to line the parade route.

The route

The Heat’s victory march will wrap through downtown Miami and culminate at AmericanAirlines Arena with an invite-only victory rally. Only season-ticket holders will be granted entry into the arena.

This is not the time to be fashionably late. Many missed the parade last year by arriving late.

The procession will begin at 11 a.m. at the corner of Southwest Eighth Street and Southwest Second Avenue, head east on Eighth, then north on Brickell Avenue, across the bridge and north on Biscayne Boulevard to the arena. The parade is expected to last from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. before heading into the arena.


For those who are not bringing their cars, Miami-Dade Transit has increased Metrorail service during the parade.


Too busy for blogging this weekend.

Be back tomorrow...



Rohan Marley: Legend Of The Fall, Son Of A Legend

This feature article is based on an EXCLUSIVE Canespace interview with Rohan Marley.

AM: So how intense were those practices?-

RM: "There are no friends in practice, this is serious. It's a war; it's war. You better hold your position because there's a guy underneath you that might be just as good, or might be a little better next year. You don't walk on Greentree Practice field, you run. There's no standing still. We run, we tackle, we hit, we sweat. There is no quitting on Greentree practice field, there's no quitters out there."

"Lion's, all Lion's on the Serengeti."



For those counting, that's 16 commits total for golden. Ya, it's only June


Now that's what I call a recruiting hall! Sewing up key positions early is always good news. Now we just need to focus on DL and elite RB's to match the OL we're bringing in if I did my math right.

Old Skool

Excellent post Hassan

Sarasota 'cane

Watchin Coach Coley at camp dude looks like a lion on the Serengeti plains he is a str8 recruiter, moves from station to station seeking studs like Kim K in heat.

Posted by: hassan | June 23, 2013 at 08:06 PM

Post of the day!!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

It's a great class but until they sign...

I'm not about to start pumping the kids from the 2015 class! They have every right to get caught up in the hype of a camp at 17 and then cool off during the season. And Gray wants to be a QB so don't hold your breath for him if we ask him to be a WR and another school wants him to be their starting QB.

Golden has the team trending up, it's just nice to be able to hype kids on the program again!! If we beat UF and/or FSU this year we'll be beating back the kids who want to go to THE U, tackles included!

Go 'canes!


Watchin Coach Coley at camp dude looks like a lion on the Serengeti plains he is a str8 recruiter, moves from station to station seeking studs like Kim K in heat.


I love these recruits. Golden and company looks to see how the recruits look at camp, then extend offers to recruits that can play. Not relying of the star-system to recruit.

I feel much better about this class. Go Canes!


Anyone think us getting 8 commits 1 week after the NCAA hearings ended is a coincidence? NOPE!

Go Canes!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 23, 2013 at 07:35 PM

Good point!

Sarasota 'cane

Hassan just answered your question Keoki!! I forgot he was posted up with the team all weekend!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

UMike's the guy for that Keoki. I follow a few folks on Twitter that seem to have the same connections as UMike, but I never know till the Bat Signal goes up.
I'm gonna shut it down for a few weeks while I'm on vacation. The great thing about this season is I usually shut it down after signing day but with basketball and Golden's camps the positive activity surrounding UM has stretched into summer this year! Next up Floriduhhhh!!

Go 'canes!


Camps were crazy. Doing major work Jaques Patrick out of Orlando Timbercreek is that dude, that is all


Honestly, I thought the "unknown" at first WAS Derosier. Apparently, there's another one.

Golden and staff doing work.

Anyone think us getting 8 commits 1 week after the NCAA hearings ended is a coincidence? NOPE!

Go Canes!


So what is "official"list of commits for this weekend?


UMike, Ohio, Soup, Hassan, Sota,
Any speculation on the silent commit, Holley, ..?
Love reading your posts/ updates & is why I continue with The Space.

F' the Turds!


This big white kid who played DE was dominating. He is a jr. Bout 6"4 220. Very quick.

Posted by: hassan | June 22, 2013 at 10:45 PM


Posted by: CaneRock | June 23, 2013 at 12:47 AM

Nah, more like 6"-0" and 205. LOL

Sarasota 'cane

Always have, always will 4-Real. I have orange and green blood in my veins (pun intended!)!!

Go 'canes!


Saw Jason Geathers this weekend. He is playing for the Orlando Preds....


Love your enthusiasm Sarasota. Stay strong 4 the rest of us. lol


Trent Harris, beast DE from Winter Park Florida was on campus today..



The Jacques Patrick™ ‏@jacques_patrick
Our future coach ? #Canes #Miami javonte_seabury http://instagram.com/p/a6i5QZTSXT/


Miramar Sports ‏@MiramarSports
2014 St Thomas Aquinas RB Madre London RT @madrelondon: Won the running back MVP today at the University of Miami camp

Deion Hallmon ‏@DeionHallmon
Did good at miami camp Ran a 4.38.

Sarasota 'cane

UM just got a commit from my nephew, 2027 DT prospect Max 'cane!! He's a tank and has been a 'cane fan his "entire" life!!

Welcome to The U Max!!

Go 'canes!!

Sarasota 'cane

To say that Golden and his staff are doing absolute work this weekend may be an understatement.

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Understatement is right! We'll lose a few of these and pick up a few we didn't expect.
This year will be different anyways as you will see a good # of the top 100 not sign anywhere on signing day in my opinion. They don't have to anymore. UM is trending up and the kids see it. It's once again time to buy "Miami stock"!!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
For those not paying attention, that 5 commitments this weekend, and 1 mystery commit. 6 total. 7 if you count Derosier.

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Our coaches suck! Sure we've had the best off-season in years, but we still suck! That is why I'm starting a new blog called "Canesuck: For the suck holes, by the suck holes"!
Our goal is to interpret all relevant data about the team yet still arrive at the same conclusion: UM Sucks! Three years ago the whole team sucked, last year the TE's and defense sucked, this year the tackles suck! In 2014 we at Canesuck expect to have the worst towel/water department in D1 ball! All the talent is So. Florida and we still have these tards/pigs schlepping water to our team on gameday? We suck!
Join us at our tailgate on gameday. We'll be easy to find as there will be a dark cloud dumping "suck" on our '77 Winnebago RV (the really little sucky model) even on the sunniest of days! But if you don't show we understand that as well because we suck!


Nash Williams ‏@NashSports
2015 Royal Palm Beach (Fla.) LB Charles Perry has committed to Miami as well. #Canes @FlaHSFootball

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
To say that Golden and his staff are doing absolute work this weekend may be an understatement.


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
The Trayone Gray commitment is big too because it will open up a Carol City pipeline. They are about to be a machine the next few years

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
EDIT: With that 2015 LB, that's now 8 commitments counting Derosier. Good lord.


As first reported by @SFHSSports 2015 LB Charles Perry has committed to #Canes


As for DT's, I think there are two "names" left in Holley and Valentine. If UM whiffs on both, it's certainly time to start asking questions.
Getting all this defensive help is a big deal, especially since Golden continually adds to the 2013 class. A win vs. FSU or UF would be HUGE considering the easy schedule. I certainly hope my suspicions about D'Onofrio's ceiling are wrong.


Miramar Sports ‏@MiramarSports
If you're UBER ELITE (ie Ermon Lane) we're holding a spot for you. Otherwise, you better get on this bus while there's still seats

Steve Feinberg ‏@canesthing
More comming !!!


Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
For those not paying attention, that 5 commitments this weekend, and 1 mystery commit. 6 total. 7 if you count Derosier.


David Kenyon ‏@KenyonBR_CI
Remember when Miami was a real destination where prospects wanted to commit early so they made sure there was a spot? Yeah, it's back.


Per Ariz a month back..

2014 ATH Gray One to Watch

2014 Carol City ATH Trayone Gray (6’1”, 198) is a rising star in South Florida. After sharing the spotlight with Akeem Jones last season, the reigns of the offense will now be his.

“I’m pretty fast and strong, but my teammates are really pushing me now in the weight room to be a leader. I’m a very good competitor and going against the best brings the best out of me,” said Gray.

For Division-1 prospects like Gray there is never really a true offseason. What is he doing to prepare for his senior season?

“I put in extra work to try to be the best. Now in my senior year I have to take control of the team and be a leader. The offseason is one of the biggest parts of it because I want to be the best. I have to fill in Akeem’s shoes and there’s a lot of people pushing me since I’m kind of shy, but it’s helping me come out of my shell.”

Gray got some snaps at quarterback last season, but will now be asked to step in as the full-time starter.

“I’m ready, but I still have work to put in with studying film and going over my mistakes and working 1-on-1 with my coaches on my mechanics.”

Although he would prefer to play QB at the next level, Gray is open to play other positions as well.

“Quarterback is my main position that I want to play, but I wouldn’t mind playing receiver or kick returner either.”

The recruiting process is heating up for the versatile athlete.

“It’s getting better compared to my sophomore year. I got letters from Georgia, UM, and Appalachian State. I was gonna go to a UM junior day, but I had 7-on-7 tryouts and mixed the schedule up so I missed it.”

Gray has expressed an early interest in the ‘Canes.

“That’s my home school. I’ve always liked UM.”

What other schools are sticking out to him right now?

“I like West Virginia and Ohio State because of the type of spread offense that they run.”

The Chiefs’ signal-caller has an idea of what he will be looking for in a school.

“Getting my family to the games, the environment, and the best opportunity for me in my position.”


Nash Williams ‏@NashSports
2014 Carol City (Fla.) ATH Trayon Gray has committed to Miami.

Sarasota 'cane

Trayone was likely recruited as a WR though he will play QB this season for Carol City.

Go 'canes!!


So......... what did I miss????????

Sarasota 'cane

Trayone Gray!! Welcome to THE U!!

Sarasota 'cane

If it's Moten I would crap myself!!

Sarasota 'cane

Bat signal!! My bet is Jo Jo!!

Go 'canes!!


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Deion Hallmon working with the receivers.

Steve Feinberg ‏@canesthing
Duke at camp today...world class kid !


Trent Harris ‏@trentharris33
Dang really liked Miami

Sarasota 'cane

Luther Campbell at Al Golden camp once again

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 02:34 PM

As long as he behaves! :-)

Go 'canes!


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Luther Campbell at Al Golden camp once again

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: LB | June 23, 2013 at 02:09 PM

You hit the nail on the head in my opinion! Prognosticators have all said we should win the Coastal, and now some are whispering that we could win the ACC outright! Time will tell.

Go 'canes!!


"You cannot expect a top 100 defense to vault into the top 10 in one season. UM should fall somewhere in the top 30-50 if they are improved. That's reality whether the DC is D'No or Nick Saban."

UM should be better by schedule alone. There is no reason why they can't sweep and outright win the Coastal, even if D'Onofrio's defense is still lethargic. With Morris and crew, anything less than 9 wins is unrealistic and would be an absolute failure.

If somehow the defense gets to be a top 75 defense, I absolutely see 10 wins.

Top 50? 11.

But winning the ACC Coastal and a bowl game are more important than delusions of NCAA titles. And I absolutely think both can be accomplished this year.


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Jimmy Bayes has suited up to participate at camp


Per Ariz..

Golden, D'Onofrio, Jethro with Moten. They've been all over him


More Camp Updates per CIS..

Travonte Valentine just showed up but is not participating.

Jimmy Bayes is currently being given the tour of the campus.

Nobody can come close to beating Darling in one-on-ones


Sota..looks like that is a yes...

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
The immediate dislike of the fact that a third Patchan has a chance to be a Cane is ridiculous. 2007 butthurt.


Scott is Matts lil bro. He is the big white kid I saw lol


2014 ATH Turner commits to Miami

2014 ATH Dennis Turner of Dillard High School was not a name on many people’s radars going into Saturday, but now he will be. Turner has committed to the University of Miami after receiving an offer at camp, according to his Head Coach Lorenzo Davis.

“This guy’s got great character and he’s a very quiet guy. He’s a Miami guy, who works hard all the time and will never quit. He’s not a ‘rah-rah’ guy, but once he gets out there on the field he is a football player. He is very fast, runs about a 4.51,” said Davis.

Turner’s rise as a prospect started during the spring.

“I was telling different people they had to watch this guy. Schools at practice saw how he competed and ran routes so they jumped on the bandwagon. Wake Forest, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Northern Illinois, and FIU all offered him once they saw him in person in spring.”

Turner is expected to play defensive back at Miami and his coach sees him as a cornerback.

“He’s a natural. You can play him anywhere. It’s just so easy to him. He’s a cornerback and he wants the ball so he will go get it.”

The newest Miami commit didn't expect the offer would come today.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but it just came. I got it after the camp from Coach Paul Williams,” said Turner.

Once he received the offer, he committed shortly after.

“I committed within ten minutes. I talked to my mom on the phone and she said if that’s what I wanted then to go for it. She knew it was my dream school growing up. I’ve been watching them ever since I was a kid. I grew up with them.”

Turner will be playing cornerback at Miami.

“They want me at corner because they say I’m natural at the position and I have soft hands, which is very valuable at the position.”


More Tito..

2014 Norcross (Ga.) tight end Chris Herndon was one of many participants in the Al Golden Football camp on saturday who was looking to impress the coaches. Not only did he impress the coaches, but he made them happy when he decided to become a Hurricane.

“I just like the campus and I like what the coaches had to say. They make me feel at home because one of the things I focused on was distance because I live in Atlanta, so that’s a nine hour drive, but he told me it would be like I never left home because the team is one big family.”

Herndon wasn’t the only one excited after committing as the coaches were thrilled as well.

“They all got excited and started jumping around and shaking my hand, it felt great.”

The Norcross product was working with tight ends coach Larry Scott most of the time and enjoyed learning from him.

“He taught me a couple new catching drills and footwork drills. He’s pretty fun, but he is tough. He is not too hard but not too soft.”

The Georgia native didn’t participate in the majority of the camp as he was only there for coach Scott to evaluate him.

“I didn’t really didn’t do the whole camp, because coach Scott just wanted me to do a couple routes and catch a few passes, but overall I did pretty good out there.”

When asked if he is solidly committed, Herndon didn’t shy away.

“I’m solidly committed there. I really don’t want to look at any other schools because thats where I want to be.”

The 6’4 220 pound prospect rates his level of commitment at a 100% and talked about the next time he will visit.

“Yeah, I’ll probably wait until during the year and use an official visit or come see a game during the season.”

Herndon had one message to leave Miami fans:

“I’m excited to be a Hurricane and I can’t wait to join the family officially next year.”


Per Pete Ariz..

The pipeline is flowing strong. After a few years of talk that the relationship between the University of Miami and Miami Northwestern High School was scarred, the ‘Canes have landed a Bull for the second straight recruiting cycle. 2014 DE/OLB Michael Smith committed to Miami coaches today at camp.

“I knew I was going to commit. I had it planned for a few days. I had been thinking about it and then I went to see Alabama, FSU, UF, Georgia and some other schools and that made me think I should commit when I got back,” said Smith.
Ultimately, the decision came down to one thing.

“It was the home atmosphere. I feel at home like I do at Miami Northwestern.”

Although his family wasn’t pushing him to stay home, they’re now excited about having Smith close.

“My family basically told me it was my decision on where I wanted to go and they would live with whatever decision I made because I’m the one who has to play football and go to school there for the next four years of my life, but when I decided I wanted to go to Miami it made them happy because I’m basically going to be down the street.”

Smith will turn his attention now to helping Miami add to their 2014 class.

“Of course I’m going to try to get them on board with me, but at the end of the day it’s their decisions for what they want to do.”
There has been much debate about Smith’s position at the next level, which is still an open discussion.

“They say they see my future as a weakside backer and a third-down pass rusher. It also depends on how my body develops because they also said I could play middle linebacker too.”

Smith’s defensive coordinator at Miami Northwestern/notorious ‘Canes fan Luther Campbell had a message for his star player when he committed.

“He was excited and told me welcome to the family and he was glad to have me on board.”


From Tito...

2014 Oakleaf (Fla.) linebacker Darrion Owens was down to a top list of schools including Auburn, Georgia and Miami. It was a tight race for each school until he found his way down to Coral Gables where he committed.

“It was a very nice city. I like the coaches and I just really liked it there.”

The coaches weren’t expecting Owens to join the family so quickly but welcomed him with open arms.

“They were surprised, because they didn’t expect it.”

Owens was in Miami this weekend for a visit and really enjoyed his time while here.

“My brother plays football for FIU, he has a couple friends down here. They took me to a couple of places.”

One thing the 6’4 222 pound prospect certainly liked was the campus at the university.

“I liked the campus it wasn’t that big , but it’s good because it’s small so I can focus schoolwork and I can get my work done.”

Owens was recruited by linebackers coach Michael Barrow and really built a good relationship with the coach.

“He is a funny guy, but you know he is a good coach. I can’t wait to be coached by him.”

When asked what his level of commitment to the ‘Canes is, he replied quickly.

“It’s a hundred percent, I’m not taking my word back.”

While the latest Miami pledge is planning on getting better during the summer, he is also planning on helping the coaches out a little with recruiting.

“Oh yeah , definitely I’m trying to make my class as strong as it can be.”

Owens played mostly as a safety last year for his team but talked about making the transition to linebacker.

“It’s actually a lot better, I’ve been involved in the defense more and I’ve been tackling a lot. I really like it better.”

Oakleaf Defensive line coach Dana Arthur described what type of player Owens is.

“He is one of the hardest workers in the weight room and field; he is a state weight lifter qualifier. He always has a smile on his face off the field, but on the field Dr. Jekyll comes out. You can’t ask for a better kid.”

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