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June 21, 2013



PS - It's been rumored that wherever Gresham plays, his best friend Demetrius Knox will follow. Knox is the #1 rated Guard in the country.

Would have an OL haul for the ages with Knox added in.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 24, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Were also still in it for 4-Star OG Corey Martinez and might be his front runner


And s shot at Isaiah Wynn


Per Thread Killa @ 247..

2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker update

-Has visited Miami twice this summer
-Plans on visiting Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and USF this summer
-Says he wants to meet the coaches and see what they're like anytime he visits a school
-Says he wants to play for coaches that will push him to get to the next level and help him reach his goals
-Says he wants to learn more about the education and see the campus
-Says he would like to stay close to home
-Says Golden told him to come to the campus whenever he can come down and he hopes he'll join them
-Says Golden wants him on the team
-Says he likes Golden a lot because he is a great coach that pushes his players
-Says he treats his players like his own kids
-Says he is a big fan of Miami and Florida right now
-Says Miami is the hometown team, and Florida is close too and they are a top program as well
-Says both of those schools have great talent and it is nice to have the option to stay close to home like that


Interesting post from a blogger at CIS..

With UK and Ole Miss, we've reached a new low

The nSECaa has become so autonomous that we have now experienced the impossible: historically terrible programs, on the levels of Duke, are now out recruiting powerhouse programs from other conferences.

The greatest influence for where kids play is how much they can get paid.

That UK and Ole Miss are beating us for kids is an absolute disgrace. And I dont mean on AGs part, theres nothing he can do.

If the boosters get behind a coach, and the team is allowed to break rules at will, they will recruit well. Facilities, wins, education, NONE of it matters. Mark Stoops isn't coming up with some pitch that hasn't been tried for a dozen years, yet suddenly he is out recruiting OSU in Ohio!

Our program can never come back as long as this type of garbage is allowed.


I PERSONALLY think the SEC recruiting has more to do with the Media hype that money.


per Thread Killa..

Chad Thomas update

-Has attended Golden's camp 2 years in a row
-Says the coaches hit him up and said it would be great for him to come through
-Says he didn't want to be the guy who walked around the field and watched everybody else
-Says he had to get work in himself and he competed in everything he did
-Says he feels he had a solid performance but he learned some things too
-Says the competition was good between the OL and DL
-Says the coaches told him they like how he works
-Says the coaches told him it was great he was out there dominating instead of just sitting around
-Thomas respected the fact that Jethro kept the recruiting pitch to a minimum and focused on football
-Says it wasn't about recruiting, it was about coaching and Jethro did that all day
-Says he knew what to expect, Jethro showed them how he is when it is time to get down and dirty
-Says he doesn't know a lot of other recruits outisde of BTW
-Says he ran into Mike Smith, who is his homeboy
-Says he was close by when Smith committed
-Says it's not going to change his mind but he was excited for Smith to pick Miami
-Only planned event going forward is The Opening
-Says Miami is one of his top schools but it isn't much of a competition right now
-Says he is about to get focused on the season so they can win state again
-Claims offers from: Arkansas, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Illinois, Louisville, LSU, Marshall, Miami, Mississippi State, N.C. State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCF, and West Virginia


More Thread Killa..

Braxton Hoyett update

-Likes the atmosphere and how the city is
-Says all the coaches love him and everything went pretty good
-Says it felt a little different from home, he could see himself happy at a lot places
-His parents took the trip with him and they both liked it
-His parents said it is kind of far but it is his decision
-Says he had a pretty good camp
-Says he went over a bunch of stuff with Jethro that he can take home with him
-Jethro talked to him about his footwork and how to use his hands rushing the passer
-Says Jethro coaches pretty hard, you have to pay close attention
-Says he met Chad Thomas, says Thomas is looking at Miami a lot
-Some construction on campus hindered some of his academic tour
-Says the fact that Miami is a smaller private school is a positive
-Miss St. leads, but Miami is up there because he liked it
-His options are still open
-Will take a few more visits in his area and re-evaluate things after that


The NCAA contends its enforcement process “will be substantially prejudiced by public disclosure” of currently sealed documents in former USC assistant Todd McNair's lawsuit against the association.

The NCAA's argument appears in its 71-page reply to opposition of their motion to seal filed last week in McNair's increasingly contentious defamation lawsuit. McNair and his attorneys are seeking to unseal those documents that appear to show improper involvement by the NCAA staff in the USC case that concluded three years ago.

Since then, McNair has sued the NCAA seeking to clear his name after receiving a one-year show cause penalty in that USC case. Since the June 2010 announcement of the USC penalties, McNair -- a former NFL running back and Temple star -- has not been able to find work in football. His lawyers are trying to show the association violated its own rules and procedures in investigating their client.

In its latest filing Wednesday in California appellate court, the NCAA makes a wide-ranging case why the documents should remain sealed. Central to their argument is that disclosure of the information would compromise the investigative process. It is a time-worn tactic used by the NCAA, one that doesn't hold much weight considering the challenge to the system in the Florida State case.



Papa Cane ‏@ByPapaCane 44s

2014 RB Daniel Gresham's Video Highlights: 1. http://goo.gl/TwtQu and 2. http://goo.gl/Pzhd1 Explosive, powerful and agile.

Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3 1m

RB Daniel Gresham has developed a good relationship with #Canes QB commit Brad Kaaya. Gresham announces today


Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet 1h

Championships from the Pro Teams in Miami: 7 (Heat 3, Marlins 2, Phins 2).

Championships from @MiamiHurricanes Football & @CanesBaseball: 9


I CANNOT wait until Sept 7th..I might have to sleep in the car at a rest stop one night and pack some sandwiches..but dam it Ima be there haha


Save the recruiters (Duke, Dobard, McDermott, Kaaya), it's hard to invest until NSD. However, it matters on a level of momentum. Good momentum on defense is important, as it projects positively on the program.
The only way we break the trend of $EC is to win. That is UM's only course, and winning a bowl game is going to help a BUNCH in that department.


It also looks really good on the program as it's a methodology of "best get on board now" as it comes from a position of strength.


Especially if that bowl game is against the $EC


Our biggest win this year that will be dramatic on the recruiting front is vs UiF. End of story.

We beat an $EC team and watch the recruits flow in.


Our biggest win this year that will be dramatic on the recruiting front is vs UiF. End of story.

We beat an $EC team and watch the recruits flow in.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 24, 2013 at 10:51 AM

Especially since we battle them for so many recruits every year...since we wont play for a while we can hold onto that win and use it as a tool


Gresham is originally from Louisville and has a lot of family there...BUT..he is a huge Miami Heat fan lol


Gresham picked Louisville. Blah


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