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June 21, 2013



An interesting opinion on Urban Meyer Gators from an NFL perspective:

"2. As Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News reminds us, Bill Belichick took his annual pre-draft visit to the University of Florida campus in 2010, which was the year the Patriots selected three Gators -- defensive end Jermaine Cunningham (second round, 53rd overall), linebacker Brandon Spikes (second round, 62nd overall) and Hernandez (fourth round,113th overall). Back then, Belichick said of his visit: "It was a good meeting like it always is at Florida. Those kids are very focused on football. Football's important to them. They're in a good program. It's important for them to win. They know what they are doing. They've worked hard both on and off the field." But since entering the NFL, the three Florida players have all run into issues off the field -- Cunningham (2012) and Spikes (2010) with four-game suspensions for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances, and now Hernandez. Looking back, it makes one wonder if Belichick put too much stock in the off-field evaluations of his friend (and then-Florida coach) Urban Meyer and not enough in his own scouts."

Most 'Spacers could have provided that "warning" without batting an eye. Just sayin'


Not getting targeted DT's seems to be a trend.

Posted by: LB | June 23, 2013 at 09:37 AM

It's. June. People.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 23, 2013 at 09:46 AM

It IS a trend. Just look at the last 3 recruiting cycles. Facts are facts.

So what if its June. The trend is already well established. Compare to our OL line recruiting. Difference between night and day. Stud after stud on the OL. Project after project on the DL. De rosier? Really? Even his high school coach says he's payed very little football. At that no name junio college he played 3 downs. If we see the same crap defense after six games and it causes us to lose games, then FIRE D-NO mid season, IT WORKED FOR GT, and they fired a guy that was much more respected than D-No, Al Groh.

We're missing out on these recruits because of D-NO, pure and simple.

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: ConcernedCane | June 23, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Well at least OGV has someone to play with this summer. All the positive news coming out of UM this summer and you focus on ONE position that they have struggled with??
Chicken Little is blushing.
A UF tackle commit is camping with Golden as we speak.

Go 'canes!!

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: ConcernedCane | June 23, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Besides all the nonsense I think it would go without saying that Al Golden would fire the DC if they played at the same level as last year. As Ohio said, "It's June"!

Go 'canes!


Did I say anything that wasn't true?

Championship teams are built on the lines. We ARE getting it done on offense but there is no excuse for the defense. Look at championship teams now and those at UM from the past. It has to be done on both sides of the line.

Also, stow your attitude, I didn't post to get personal. A difference of opinion is ok by me, but stuff your personal BS, chief.


"Besides all the nonsense I think it would go without saying that Al Golden would fire the DC if they played at the same level as last year. As Ohio said, "It's June"!

Go 'canes!"

Of course. And I'm not saying anything other than UM is on a trend of not landing targeted DT's.


Barry Jackson:

### Ryan Tannehill said “what impresses me most” about Lamar Miller – the Dolphins’ first-team tailback all offseason – is “he’s picking up pass protections a lot better. Now that he’s got that, he’s going to be a great player.” Former NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson, now with NFL Network, said Miller is faster and more explosive than Reggie Bush.

### Two notable recent walk-on additions at UM: 1) Three-star running back De’Andre Johnson, who was Stephen Morris’ teammate at Miami Pace High but was dismissed from the Iowa Hawkeyes last August (he averaged 4.4 yards on 18 carries) after two incidents, including – we kid not – being ticketed for “maintaining a disorderly house” and failing to pull over immediately for a motorcycle speeding violation; and 2) New York kicker Joshua Bacon, who said UM called and invited him to come compete with Matt Goudis after he mailed UM coaches a tape showing him nailing field goal after field goal. (It's now on YouTube.) “I’m automatic inside 55,” Bacon said.

Sarasota 'cane

Also, stow your attitude, I didn't post to get personal. A difference of opinion is ok by me, but stuff your personal BS, chief.

Posted by: ConcernedCane | June 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Stop crying "Chief"! It's June and you're seething about a team that is on the rebound!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Of course. And I'm not saying anything other than UM is on a trend of not landing targeted DT's.

Posted by: LB | June 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM

I agree, but...

If UM beats UF and FSU this year you'll get your tackles. If UM wins the Coastal and possibly the ACC you'll get your tackles. If UM plays the same defensively as they did last season then you'll get a new DC which will likely get you your tackles. I don't see any scenario where UM isn't signing tackles next season.

Go 'canes!


6/23 Camp Updates Per CIS

Just got here and noticed Jojo Robinson from Miami Northwestern is here working with the receivers

Jacques Patrick is here but not participating.

Trayone Gray from Carol City is here working with the QBs

Golden pulls Gray to the side

There's a kid here named Daikwon Fuse from Dwyer. Defensive lineman. HUGE

Gray moved to receiver

Anthony Moten is here speaking Jethro Franklin. He is not participating.

Trevor Darling is participating

Gray is working with the DBs now. Seems like coaches are trying to see what position they like him best at.

USF LB Commit Jimmy Bayes is here watching but not participating

2015 Gulliver LB Dominic Sheppard is at camp as a non-participant

Deion Hallmon looks good

Deion Hallmon ‏@DeionHallmon 7m
I will be Committing tomorrow


Trent Harris ‏@trentharris33
Miami #canes pic.twitter.com/3c7lQYkf5N

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
So Hallmon will be committing tomorrow, but doesn't yet have a Miami offer. Think he gets one today?

Chill Causey ‏@RC22Era
Future Cane or nah? 😁🙌 http://instagram.com/p/a4FWpoAHyQ/

Kyle Pumariega ‏@KylePuma
Corn Elder & Kevin Olsen on their way to move into The U. Welcome home.

Anthony Chickillo ‏@Chickillo71
Big S/O to long time family friend @scott_patchan on getting offered by us yesterday! #allinthefamily #2ndgeneration


I definitely think we're on the rebound.

But D-NO scares me. Lets be honest, if this team disappoints next season, it will be because of his defense.

The reason good DTs don't want to play for us now is his philosophy of no penetration, but only engaging the OL. That's why Luther was benched for making a tackle and causing fumble behind the line, because he disengaged his OL. That's a loser philosophy and doesn't fit the talent of the DTs we've been losing. It troubles me because I love the canes and that engage and don't penetrate philosophy is suited to big slow Midwest tackles, not for the studs we're losing.


Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
According to Anthony Chickillo, 2015 DE Scott Patchan has been offered by Miami. 6'5", 240 pounds. Holds offers from USF and FIU also.

Sarasota 'cane

Twitter exchange with Alonzo:

Alonzon Highsmith:
Love the optimism this time of year and everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth...

@alonzohighsmith Are you happy with the direction that Al has the team going in? I think he's done a fantastic job under the circumstances.

Alonzo Highsmith:
Fantastic job under the circumstances ... He's a good one

The guy played at the highest level for UM and now SCOUTS talent for Green Bay. If he's happy then I'm happy! He's a PRO football player and also a PRO talent scout, not a PRO blogger!
He's also realistic and knows that there is still work to be done. When Al Golden got here he didn't have the luxury of fixing one position, but in two seasons he's fixed the offense, special teams, and most of the defense.
I don't hear anybody complaining about the DE, DB, and LB recruits and last I checked the DC is responsible for them as well. Outside of QB the tackle positions on both sides of the ball are probably the hardest to fill.
I don't think today is the day to be calling for anyone on the coaching staff to be fired. As a matter of fact I think if you want someone fired today after the positive news that came out of camp yesterday then you probably have a screw loose.
This team is trending up, not down. It's time to get behind them 100% and stop posting negative crap that hasn't even happened yet! If you have one foot in the future and one foot in the past then you're likely pissing on the present!

Go 'canes!

Go 'canes!!

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: ConcernedCane | June 23, 2013 at 12:23 PM

We all have that "what if" guy in the back of our head telling us to look out for crap that hasn't happened. The reality is that it usually doesn't happen. That's just a fact. The defense will be improved if not for any other reason than age and strength.
You cannot expect a top 100 defense to vault into the top 10 in one season. UM should fall somewhere in the top 30-50 if they are improved. That's reality whether the DC is D'No or Nick Saban.
I'm not a Miami homer either. I read the same stuff everybody else does and then I process the data based on today, right now. And today I like what I see compared to this time last year.

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
According to Anthony Chickillo, 2015 DE Scott Patchan has been offered by Miami. 6'5", 240 pounds. Holds offers from USF and FIU also.

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Is he related to Matt?




Does anyone have any info on any of these NO-NAME recruits, especially the one thats supposed to be committing without an offer?


Trevor Darling is dominating at camp right now.

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
Trevor Darling doesn't speak much on the recruiting front, but he's ridiculous. This incoming OL class is sick.

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
Reilly Gibbons is a consensus 4 star, and he's the 3rd best OL in Miami's current class. I mean...


4-Real..not sure of your question


From Tito...

2014 Oakleaf (Fla.) linebacker Darrion Owens was down to a top list of schools including Auburn, Georgia and Miami. It was a tight race for each school until he found his way down to Coral Gables where he committed.

“It was a very nice city. I like the coaches and I just really liked it there.”

The coaches weren’t expecting Owens to join the family so quickly but welcomed him with open arms.

“They were surprised, because they didn’t expect it.”

Owens was in Miami this weekend for a visit and really enjoyed his time while here.

“My brother plays football for FIU, he has a couple friends down here. They took me to a couple of places.”

One thing the 6’4 222 pound prospect certainly liked was the campus at the university.

“I liked the campus it wasn’t that big , but it’s good because it’s small so I can focus schoolwork and I can get my work done.”

Owens was recruited by linebackers coach Michael Barrow and really built a good relationship with the coach.

“He is a funny guy, but you know he is a good coach. I can’t wait to be coached by him.”

When asked what his level of commitment to the ‘Canes is, he replied quickly.

“It’s a hundred percent, I’m not taking my word back.”

While the latest Miami pledge is planning on getting better during the summer, he is also planning on helping the coaches out a little with recruiting.

“Oh yeah , definitely I’m trying to make my class as strong as it can be.”

Owens played mostly as a safety last year for his team but talked about making the transition to linebacker.

“It’s actually a lot better, I’ve been involved in the defense more and I’ve been tackling a lot. I really like it better.”

Oakleaf Defensive line coach Dana Arthur described what type of player Owens is.

“He is one of the hardest workers in the weight room and field; he is a state weight lifter qualifier. He always has a smile on his face off the field, but on the field Dr. Jekyll comes out. You can’t ask for a better kid.”


Per Pete Ariz..

The pipeline is flowing strong. After a few years of talk that the relationship between the University of Miami and Miami Northwestern High School was scarred, the ‘Canes have landed a Bull for the second straight recruiting cycle. 2014 DE/OLB Michael Smith committed to Miami coaches today at camp.

“I knew I was going to commit. I had it planned for a few days. I had been thinking about it and then I went to see Alabama, FSU, UF, Georgia and some other schools and that made me think I should commit when I got back,” said Smith.
Ultimately, the decision came down to one thing.

“It was the home atmosphere. I feel at home like I do at Miami Northwestern.”

Although his family wasn’t pushing him to stay home, they’re now excited about having Smith close.

“My family basically told me it was my decision on where I wanted to go and they would live with whatever decision I made because I’m the one who has to play football and go to school there for the next four years of my life, but when I decided I wanted to go to Miami it made them happy because I’m basically going to be down the street.”

Smith will turn his attention now to helping Miami add to their 2014 class.

“Of course I’m going to try to get them on board with me, but at the end of the day it’s their decisions for what they want to do.”
There has been much debate about Smith’s position at the next level, which is still an open discussion.

“They say they see my future as a weakside backer and a third-down pass rusher. It also depends on how my body develops because they also said I could play middle linebacker too.”

Smith’s defensive coordinator at Miami Northwestern/notorious ‘Canes fan Luther Campbell had a message for his star player when he committed.

“He was excited and told me welcome to the family and he was glad to have me on board.”


More Tito..

2014 Norcross (Ga.) tight end Chris Herndon was one of many participants in the Al Golden Football camp on saturday who was looking to impress the coaches. Not only did he impress the coaches, but he made them happy when he decided to become a Hurricane.

“I just like the campus and I like what the coaches had to say. They make me feel at home because one of the things I focused on was distance because I live in Atlanta, so that’s a nine hour drive, but he told me it would be like I never left home because the team is one big family.”

Herndon wasn’t the only one excited after committing as the coaches were thrilled as well.

“They all got excited and started jumping around and shaking my hand, it felt great.”

The Norcross product was working with tight ends coach Larry Scott most of the time and enjoyed learning from him.

“He taught me a couple new catching drills and footwork drills. He’s pretty fun, but he is tough. He is not too hard but not too soft.”

The Georgia native didn’t participate in the majority of the camp as he was only there for coach Scott to evaluate him.

“I didn’t really didn’t do the whole camp, because coach Scott just wanted me to do a couple routes and catch a few passes, but overall I did pretty good out there.”

When asked if he is solidly committed, Herndon didn’t shy away.

“I’m solidly committed there. I really don’t want to look at any other schools because thats where I want to be.”

The 6’4 220 pound prospect rates his level of commitment at a 100% and talked about the next time he will visit.

“Yeah, I’ll probably wait until during the year and use an official visit or come see a game during the season.”

Herndon had one message to leave Miami fans:

“I’m excited to be a Hurricane and I can’t wait to join the family officially next year.”


2014 ATH Turner commits to Miami

2014 ATH Dennis Turner of Dillard High School was not a name on many people’s radars going into Saturday, but now he will be. Turner has committed to the University of Miami after receiving an offer at camp, according to his Head Coach Lorenzo Davis.

“This guy’s got great character and he’s a very quiet guy. He’s a Miami guy, who works hard all the time and will never quit. He’s not a ‘rah-rah’ guy, but once he gets out there on the field he is a football player. He is very fast, runs about a 4.51,” said Davis.

Turner’s rise as a prospect started during the spring.

“I was telling different people they had to watch this guy. Schools at practice saw how he competed and ran routes so they jumped on the bandwagon. Wake Forest, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Northern Illinois, and FIU all offered him once they saw him in person in spring.”

Turner is expected to play defensive back at Miami and his coach sees him as a cornerback.

“He’s a natural. You can play him anywhere. It’s just so easy to him. He’s a cornerback and he wants the ball so he will go get it.”

The newest Miami commit didn't expect the offer would come today.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but it just came. I got it after the camp from Coach Paul Williams,” said Turner.

Once he received the offer, he committed shortly after.

“I committed within ten minutes. I talked to my mom on the phone and she said if that’s what I wanted then to go for it. She knew it was my dream school growing up. I’ve been watching them ever since I was a kid. I grew up with them.”

Turner will be playing cornerback at Miami.

“They want me at corner because they say I’m natural at the position and I have soft hands, which is very valuable at the position.”


Scott is Matts lil bro. He is the big white kid I saw lol


Sota..looks like that is a yes...

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
The immediate dislike of the fact that a third Patchan has a chance to be a Cane is ridiculous. 2007 butthurt.


More Camp Updates per CIS..

Travonte Valentine just showed up but is not participating.

Jimmy Bayes is currently being given the tour of the campus.

Nobody can come close to beating Darling in one-on-ones


Per Ariz..

Golden, D'Onofrio, Jethro with Moten. They've been all over him


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Jimmy Bayes has suited up to participate at camp


"You cannot expect a top 100 defense to vault into the top 10 in one season. UM should fall somewhere in the top 30-50 if they are improved. That's reality whether the DC is D'No or Nick Saban."

UM should be better by schedule alone. There is no reason why they can't sweep and outright win the Coastal, even if D'Onofrio's defense is still lethargic. With Morris and crew, anything less than 9 wins is unrealistic and would be an absolute failure.

If somehow the defense gets to be a top 75 defense, I absolutely see 10 wins.

Top 50? 11.

But winning the ACC Coastal and a bowl game are more important than delusions of NCAA titles. And I absolutely think both can be accomplished this year.

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: LB | June 23, 2013 at 02:09 PM

You hit the nail on the head in my opinion! Prognosticators have all said we should win the Coastal, and now some are whispering that we could win the ACC outright! Time will tell.

Go 'canes!!


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Luther Campbell at Al Golden camp once again

Sarasota 'cane

Luther Campbell at Al Golden camp once again

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 02:34 PM

As long as he behaves! :-)

Go 'canes!


Trent Harris ‏@trentharris33
Dang really liked Miami


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
Deion Hallmon working with the receivers.

Steve Feinberg ‏@canesthing
Duke at camp today...world class kid !

Sarasota 'cane

Bat signal!! My bet is Jo Jo!!

Go 'canes!!

Sarasota 'cane

If it's Moten I would crap myself!!

Sarasota 'cane

Trayone Gray!! Welcome to THE U!!


So......... what did I miss????????

Sarasota 'cane

Trayone was likely recruited as a WR though he will play QB this season for Carol City.

Go 'canes!!


Nash Williams ‏@NashSports
2014 Carol City (Fla.) ATH Trayon Gray has committed to Miami.


Per Ariz a month back..

2014 ATH Gray One to Watch

2014 Carol City ATH Trayone Gray (6’1”, 198) is a rising star in South Florida. After sharing the spotlight with Akeem Jones last season, the reigns of the offense will now be his.

“I’m pretty fast and strong, but my teammates are really pushing me now in the weight room to be a leader. I’m a very good competitor and going against the best brings the best out of me,” said Gray.

For Division-1 prospects like Gray there is never really a true offseason. What is he doing to prepare for his senior season?

“I put in extra work to try to be the best. Now in my senior year I have to take control of the team and be a leader. The offseason is one of the biggest parts of it because I want to be the best. I have to fill in Akeem’s shoes and there’s a lot of people pushing me since I’m kind of shy, but it’s helping me come out of my shell.”

Gray got some snaps at quarterback last season, but will now be asked to step in as the full-time starter.

“I’m ready, but I still have work to put in with studying film and going over my mistakes and working 1-on-1 with my coaches on my mechanics.”

Although he would prefer to play QB at the next level, Gray is open to play other positions as well.

“Quarterback is my main position that I want to play, but I wouldn’t mind playing receiver or kick returner either.”

The recruiting process is heating up for the versatile athlete.

“It’s getting better compared to my sophomore year. I got letters from Georgia, UM, and Appalachian State. I was gonna go to a UM junior day, but I had 7-on-7 tryouts and mixed the schedule up so I missed it.”

Gray has expressed an early interest in the ‘Canes.

“That’s my home school. I’ve always liked UM.”

What other schools are sticking out to him right now?

“I like West Virginia and Ohio State because of the type of spread offense that they run.”

The Chiefs’ signal-caller has an idea of what he will be looking for in a school.

“Getting my family to the games, the environment, and the best opportunity for me in my position.”


David Kenyon ‏@KenyonBR_CI
Remember when Miami was a real destination where prospects wanted to commit early so they made sure there was a spot? Yeah, it's back.


Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
For those not paying attention, that 5 commitments this weekend, and 1 mystery commit. 6 total. 7 if you count Derosier.


Miramar Sports ‏@MiramarSports
If you're UBER ELITE (ie Ermon Lane) we're holding a spot for you. Otherwise, you better get on this bus while there's still seats

Steve Feinberg ‏@canesthing
More comming !!!


As for DT's, I think there are two "names" left in Holley and Valentine. If UM whiffs on both, it's certainly time to start asking questions.
Getting all this defensive help is a big deal, especially since Golden continually adds to the 2013 class. A win vs. FSU or UF would be HUGE considering the easy schedule. I certainly hope my suspicions about D'Onofrio's ceiling are wrong.


As first reported by @SFHSSports 2015 LB Charles Perry has committed to #Canes


Peter Ariz ‏@P_Ariz3
The Trayone Gray commitment is big too because it will open up a Carol City pipeline. They are about to be a machine the next few years

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
EDIT: With that 2015 LB, that's now 8 commitments counting Derosier. Good lord.


Nash Williams ‏@NashSports
2015 Royal Palm Beach (Fla.) LB Charles Perry has committed to Miami as well. #Canes @FlaHSFootball

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
To say that Golden and his staff are doing absolute work this weekend may be an understatement.

Sarasota 'cane

Lt. Philip Nolan ‏@TheStateOfTheU
For those not paying attention, that 5 commitments this weekend, and 1 mystery commit. 6 total. 7 if you count Derosier.

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Our coaches suck! Sure we've had the best off-season in years, but we still suck! That is why I'm starting a new blog called "Canesuck: For the suck holes, by the suck holes"!
Our goal is to interpret all relevant data about the team yet still arrive at the same conclusion: UM Sucks! Three years ago the whole team sucked, last year the TE's and defense sucked, this year the tackles suck! In 2014 we at Canesuck expect to have the worst towel/water department in D1 ball! All the talent is So. Florida and we still have these tards/pigs schlepping water to our team on gameday? We suck!
Join us at our tailgate on gameday. We'll be easy to find as there will be a dark cloud dumping "suck" on our '77 Winnebago RV (the really little sucky model) even on the sunniest of days! But if you don't show we understand that as well because we suck!

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