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June 19, 2013



first cant sleep the new hip is hueting after vigorous exercise yesterday ...Go canes


seems I cant spell either LOL maybe its because I am typing in the dark
Soup the articles have been extrodinary lately, I wear my canes shirt all the time here in Debary and Orange City, yesterday at Target a small boy pointed at me ans turned to his mon and said "hey look the canes" his mom said show him the "U" and he did. I did the same and thanked him.


UM football recruit Walter Tucker flashes speed at Great Southwest Classic

[email protected]

Miami Hurricanes football coach Al Golden went into last weekend pondering whether Plantation American Heritage speedster Walter Tucker will make a bigger impact as a linebacker with great lateral movement or a bruising running back with breakaway speed.
Tucker might have swung the pendulum toward toting the football by winning the 110 meters hurdles and leading the Team Florida 400-meter relay team to a nation-leading 40.11 seconds at the Great Southwest Classic in New Mexico on Saturday.

Tucker, who signed with Miami on Monday morning, said getting the green light from Golden to continue his track career at Miami played a big role in picking the Hurricanes over Clemson, Tennessee and Georgia.

“Miami said they would let me play football and run track,’’ Tucuker said. “When coach Golden told me that I had the biggest smile on my face. That is when I knew I could make my decision.”

Tucker clocked 13.95 to beat fellow Florida team member Timothy Holmes for the 110 Hurdles title and then put on a stick exchange clinic with Gibbs’ High School’s Trayvon Bromell, American Heritage teammate Jerimy Strainge and Dr. Phillips’ Reggie Glover to help the Team Florida 4x100 clock 40.11. Tucker said he ran a sizzling 9.20 split on the third leg and Strainge brought Team Florida home on the anchor leg.

“The 40.11 means a lot, ‘’ Tucker said. “Great Southwest is a prestigious track meet. Plus you’re going against 50 other states. We were talking about setting the new top time when we were practicing. We were kind of nervous because we never ran with Reggie and Trayvon. We knew we had the speed but we knew we had to put it all together and run.”

Strainge, provided one of the most inspirational stories of this past track season when he returned from an injury which kept him out for a season and a half to win his second state title in the 200 meters and lead the Patriots 1,600 meter relay team (3:14.00) and 400-meter relay team (40.49) to the then No. 1 times in the nation.

Strainge set the tone for a stellar anchor leg by winning the 200 in personal-best 20.78.

“The Tennessee coaching staff has been overly attentive of Jerimy, even before Jerimy ran a 20.84 at Golden South,’’ said Heritage coach Corey Hicks. “They were even committed to him when he ran 21.15. Jerimy has persevered through adversity. He never wavered with his faith. I don’t think we could have asked for a better way for him to go out.”

Bromell, who is headed to Baylor, created perhaps the biggest buzz of the track season when he ran 9.99 to win the 100 meters and become the first prep sprinter to go below 10 seconds. Bromell ran with a +4.0 tailwind, however, which gives him the top national high school “all conditions” time and leaves Jeff Demps’ 10.01 in 2008 as the top non-wind aided time.


Also Kentucky...yes football Kentucky..is #1 in team rankings according to Rivals. This is where I believe the media hype and sensationalizing of the SEC hurts non SEC teams. The ONLY thing they have to offer is "you will be able to play in the SEC"...I have seen recruits say "I got that SEC offer"..and not even mention the school name lol..I know there is a long way to NSD, but like Ole Mi$$ last year, Kentucky is taking full advantage of the SEC media hooplay! lol


Also..there seems to be some rumors that Kentucky didnt accept Brady's commitment..IDK how true that is, but he is not listed as a commit on Rivals.


Lookes like DT Fadol Brown's transfer from FIU has been blocked by FIU. He was interested in Miami and the other big Florida schools. I think he was going to go to JUCO, but then changed his mind allowing FIU to still be in control


Per Thread Killa @ CIS..

Ermon Lane Tidbits From An Alabama Insider

-Info is from Tim Watts, the recruiting guy for Alabama's 247 site

-QB commit David Cornwell is recruiting Lane

-Lane has made it clear he wants to be in the same class as a bigtime QB

-Lane's recruitment won't be over anytime soon with his OVs being the key

-While many people think Lane will end up in Miami, sources say it is an Alabama vs Florida battle for the S FL playmaker


Per Ariz..

Braxton Hoyett camping this weekend
Pelham, Alabama DT just confirmed with me through text that he will be camping at Miami this weekend. He arrives on Thursday.


4-Star DE Davon Godchayx from Louisiana will be visiting next month



By MANNY NAVARRO | [email protected]
Tue, 18 Jun 2013 21:47 EDT

It still might be another six to eight weeks at the earliest before the NCAA's Committee of Infractions announces the violations and penalties the University of Miami's football and men's basketball teams face, but that doesn't mean a tentative verdict hasn't already been reached.
In fact, it probably has, says University of Wyoming law professor Jerry Parkinson, who served in a volunteer capacity as Coordinator of Appeals for the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions from 2000-'10.

"Traditionally, what happens is when they have a hearing the committee all stays around until they've fully deliberated on each of the cases they heard. If they only had Miami [this past weekend], it's possible they did those deliberations on Saturday before everybody scattered," said Parkinson, who has followed the Miami closely through news reports.

"They'll take whatever time is necessary to go through all of the allegations to make findings that supported by the evidence and decide whatever penalties they're going to impose. At least the tentative decision will have been made already."

Parkinson said one member of the eight-person Committee on Infractions is then assigned to write the initial draft of the infractions report with the help of NCAA staff that is nearby in Indianapolis. That process can go through several drafts before it's presented again to the full committee during a conference call typically six to eight weeks later.

"The committee will get together and they will take a few hours because they go through the report thoroughly, essentially edit and make changes," Parkinson said. "If the committee members have changed their minds from where their initial decisions were made, they can throw that out, too. So, it's a work in progress, a working document that's in process right up to the point it's released to the press and made public."

Conference USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky headed the 16 1/2 hours worth of hearings this past weekend in Indianapolis, asking questions about allegations not only geared at UM, but former basketball coaches Frank Haith, Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez and football assistants Aubrey Hill and Clint Hurtt.

"The committee operates by consensus so there are no dissenting opinions," Parkinson said. "There may be times when there are some disagreements during the deliberation process that the committee actually does take a vote. Whoever is in the majority is what holds fourth unless there are changes later on."

Was it a good sign for Miami that the deliberations took less than two full days compared to the USC case, which lasted three? Not necessarily, Parkinson said.

"Most hearings are scheduled for one full day and usually eight to 10 hours are enough to handle everything," he said. "The length of the hearing is really defined by the extent of the allegations and whether or not there is significant dispute about the allegations."

In UM's case, while the proceedings did get loud on occasion on the second day of hearings, word from those inside is that it ran smoothly and respectfully for the most part.

Ultimately, Parkinson said what helps Miami in its case is it self-imposed two postseason bans in football, and the primary witness for the NCAA, Nevin Shapiro, is a convicted felon, serving a 20-year prison sentence for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme.

"I can't remember a single case where a two-year post-season ban was imposed. So that goes a long way in that they took serious steps and imposed harsh penalties on themselves," Parkinson said. "That doesn't mean the committee will necessarily just accept all of them. But I think it does help. Those are very meaningful, very significant penalties and that means a lot to the committee.

"[Former UM athletic director] Paul Dee was on that committee for nine years. We all knew and loved Paul. [UM President] Donna Shalala is a highly respected university president. I mean, there's no question in this case the people who are in charge of athletics at Miami are and were good quality people, and there's no reason to think they were even beginning to be in the league of the people at SMU, which is the only case that got the death penalty. It's not like people wondered who was in charge. They respect those people and that carries some weight, too."

While Shapiro alleged he spent millions lavishing UM players and coaches with improper benefits, ultimately UM's Notice of Allegations, received Feb. 19 included numbers far less staggering. According to an Associated Press report, the NOA said Shapiro provided $170,000 in benefits to players, recruits, coaches and others between 2002-'10. About $90,000 of that was used to get former UM defensive tackle Vince Wilfork and cornerback Antrel Rolle to sign with Shapiro's sports agency, Axcess Sports.

The AP also reported that the NOA mentioned that 48 players received VIP access and beverage service from Shapiro at Miami nightclubs; 38 were entertained at Shapiro's home; 18 received invitations to bowling alley events; and seven dined with Shapiro at Benihana.

"The goal these days is to shoot for six to eight weeks [for a ruling]," Parkinson said. "But because this is an involved case that took a couple days, I'd say eight to 12 [weeks] is a reasonable expectation for a final verdict."

Dye still waiting

The criminal complaint filed by Hurricanes football player Dyron Dye against former NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier will not lead to charges being filed.

Spokesman Ed Griffith of the state attorney's office told the Miami Herald last week there was no evidence that a crime had been committed even though Dye said Johanningmeier "coerced him into providing favorable answers for [the NCAA's] investigation."

Darren Heitner, Dye's attorney, said he and his client are waiting with much anticipation to see what the NCAA plans to do with the 6-5, 261-pound's eligibility.

"Right now, there is no indication his eligibility is at risk," Heitner said.


A few notes from UM’s two-day hearings last week in front of the NCAA’s infractions committee, according to three sources, including one in the room:

### UM was led to believe that the infractions committee will try to render a decision on potential sanctions in six to eight weeks but made no assurances.

### UM emerged feeling optimistic, believing the infractions committee will look at the case in a fair and unbiased manner, unlike some members of the enforcement staff.

### In one exchange, when an enforcement staff member made a particular argument, an infractions member said that comment did not make sense. But the infractions committee generally did not pass judgment during the hearing.

### The process was rough, at times, for the ex-UM coaches. Clint Hurtt, especially, was grilled with tough questions, including follow-ups that put him on the spot.

### While the NCAA defended Nevin Shapiro’s credibility with regard to his claims against UM, UM worked vigorously to undermine it.

At one point, UM said that if even though the NCAA has used felons before as informants, it was important for the infractions committee to keep in mind that Shapiro in in jail for a crime that involved lying.

### Still, the hearings weren’t combative between the sides; the lawyers didn’t interrupt each other, and the coaches kept their cool.

### UM mentioned that it previously asked NCAA president Mark Emmert to stop commenting about the case. Emmert said in August 2011 that the “death penalty” could be play. (It is not.)

### The NCAA told UM there was no need to mention the tainted evidence against UM that was tossed from the case. So in this hearing, UM could not emphasize that in condemning how the NCAA has handled the case.

### The sources said UM president Donna Shalala delivered a compelling opening statement, pointing out how UM has self-imposed penalties, and that UM attorney Mike Glazier was also impressive.

### The committee did not make a ruling on UM’s or four of the coaches’ motions to dismiss. UM isn’t expecting it to be granted.

### FYI: Ed Griffith of the state attorney’s office told me last week that the state would not be filing charges against NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier because it found no evidence that he committed a crime against Dyron Dye. Dye went to the Coral Gables police, and his attorney (Darren Heitner) went to the state attorney’s office, alleging that Johanningmeier used intimidation tactics and coercion to extract testimony from Dye.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy




Good tidbit from poster @ CIS..

DL class could be one of the best.

We have Stuckey and Jenkins right now.
But we are still in the running for many top DL.

Thomas Holley
Khairi Clark
Anthony Moten
Travonte Valentine
Justin Jones
Abu Lamin
Taylor Timmons
Chad Thomas
Rohan Blackwood
Grant Harris
Kentavious Street
Julio DeRosier
Davonte Lambert
Jeremiah Clarke
Kevin Bronson
Cory Johnson
Michael Sawyer

If we can get 2-3 of the above plus mike smith. I think we are in good shape on the DL.


Two defensive linemen are a good start, but honestly we need at least three more to even start to hit equilibrium. I could care less who they are.

Given injuries, suspensions, graduations, defections to the secondary, and transcending to junior college... our linebacker depth is horrible.

Perryman, Kirby, Gaines, and Figeroua seem to be the four starting linebackers. We also have Armbrister and Cornelius with actual game experience. McCord is a rush specialist, and no one can convince me that moving him away from that is nothing but idiotic. Two of these names (McCord and Figeroua) have yet to see a down at linebacker.

Gaines and Cornelius will graduate, and Perryman could very well bolt early. Even if Grace and JaWand Blue both make significant strides and crack the two deep, we're still hurting.


Redshirt Freshmen

McCord (laughable at this position)

Perryman (could bolt early)


Am I the only one who sees the issue here? Even if we pick up three linebackers in the 2014 class who can play immediately, we are still in deep doo doo given game experience and confidence in their ability. From what I've heard, FL linebackers are slim pickings this year. That kid from Georgia won't be enough.

We seriously need four folks who can play right now, and taking McCord out of an already weak defensive line isn't the answer.


UMike, are we no longer in the running 4 Keyon Brown?


4-Real...no we arent..but UGA seems to be out in front..here is the latest from Tito @ CIS..

2014 Hardee (Fla.) defensive end Keyon Brown is rated as one of the top pass rushers in the nation and is looking to focus on improving one skill this summer that is sure to take his talents to the next level.

“My speed, I’m trying to get faster. So I’m trying to work on speed.”

While some recruits find the recruiting process to be stressful at times, Brown has yet to feel any stress during it.

“I think it’s kinda fun. I mean I can understand where it can be stressful in the middle of the season or towards the end of the season, but right now I’m enjoying and having a good time with it.”

The 6’3 240 pound end prospect has been hearing from multiple top schools such as Georgia, Florida State, Miami, Clemson and Tennessee.

In the past, Brown has refrained from naming a leader. However, there is a new school in the front for his services.

“Georgia, Georgia is my leader right now, they’re sticking out now.”

The Hardee star has built a good relationship with the staff in Athens and likes the team’s defense.

“Coach (Todd) Grantham and coach (Bryan McClendon) came down twice, I’m talking to them a lot and they seem like great guys. I know Georgia’s defense is great and I think Georgia would be a great school.”

While the Bulldogs may the lead at the moment, he still has Miami in the mix.

“I still like them a lot, it’s still a great school. I wouldn’t say Miami’s far behind Georgia right now, it’s just that I like Georgia a lot right now.”

The star defensive end is in constant contact with Coach Jethro Franklin and maintains a good relationship with him.

“My mom just talked to Coach Franklin today, my mom and him are good friends. They talk as much as me and him do. They have a great relationship and I have a great relationship with him, so thats good. I would say they’re one of the main schools recruiting me pretty hard.”

Brown is very intrigued by Miami’s campus and always seems to enjoy visiting it.

“That’s one of the main reason’s I like Miami. I can comeback at any time. It feels like a family down there and I can visit at any time.”

The top ranked rush edge player is planning on returning to the Miami campus sometime during the summer.

“I’m sure I’ll be back down there, it’s only about two and a half hours. I’ll probably be back down there sometime, I just don’t know when.”

Brown is looking to have his final decision following his senior season.

“I’m pretty sure it will be after my season, I mean I’m not putting an exact time on it but I’m pretty sure it will be after my season.”


LB..I definitly see it. Losing out on Paul, EJ and Terry HURT us..also "missing out" on Matthew Thomas and then trying to get in on Skai Moore in the last second hurt. I think the staff learned from that and that is why we are after so many DL kids so we are not stuck without a back up plan.


IDK how many LB's were in the running for this class neither..some are..

4-Star - Dillon Bates
4-Star - Antonio Smothers (in his top 2)
3-Star - Vincent Jackson (I think he is Bamas)
2-Star - Terry McCray

I think were after some JUCO kids..and we currently do NOT have an offer out to 4-Star LB Richard Yeargin III..another U School kid with no offer.


Don't U just love it when a UM signee wins a track Nat'l Championship?


"Tucker will make a bigger impact as a linebacker with great lateral movement or a bruising running back with breakaway speed."

Speed & SIZE... quite the combination! Welcome aboard Mr. Tucker!

Let's Go Canes!


Al Golden's new avitar on twitter is a headband. LOLOL!


Any updates on Griffin or Kamalu?


1. Soup the articles have been extrodinary lately.

2. I wear my canes shirt all the time here in Debary and Orange City, yesterday at Target a small boy pointed at me ans turned to his mon and said "hey look the canes" his mom said show him the "U" and he did. I did the same and thanked him.

Posted by: fran | June 19, 2013 at 05:25 AM

1. Thank U sir!

2. Wear the orange and green with PRIDE. It's ALL about The U!


The HEAT is making me crazy. That game last night was just NUTS!


Griffin did what he needs to, I believe. Will have to go thru clearinghouse, but should be fine.

Kamalu is coming, last I heard.

Actually, he signed his LOI, so until U hear UM saying they released him of his scholly, he's coming for sure.


Trouble in Gatah-land:



SB Nation Recruiting ‏@SBNRecruiting 16m

RT @JTalty: 4-star DL Elisha Shaw RT @elisha_shaw: Going to #OhioState tomorrow and I'm going to the #u #Miami #roadtrip


Build Your Own 3-Game Ticket Plan

Get a jump on the best seats with a custom 3-Game Ticket Plan: Pick ANY three games on the 2013 home schedule. Plans start as low as $49 and will go on sale on Monday, July 1.

If you're interested in getting the best seats, complete this form and a friendly ticket representative will call you with options.

Season Tickets are on sale now and lower-level seats start at only $215. Click here to view available seats or to purchase online. Click here to request more information or call 305-284-2263.

For example:

FAU/Sav St. $15/ticket
UVA/Wake/GT $19/ticket
VT: $29/ticket
UF: $79/ticket

Old Skool

If the last Elisha Shaw does before leaving OSU is shake Urban's hand, the U should greet him with a gift bag of hand sanitizer.


I love Viagra ads. But a picture of two girls on stripper poles would work best.

orange 'n green in the vein

"FAU/Sav St. $15/ticket
UVA/Wake/GT $19/ticket
VT: $29/ticket
UF: $79/ticket

Posted by: SOUP | June 19, 2013 at 04:31 PM"

Let's see here;
FAU; Upper End Zone 432
Row 14 | Qty 1-3


Savanah State;
Upper End Zone 432
Row 20 | Qty 1-4


Upper End Zone 432
Row 20 | Qty 1-14


Upper End Zone 424
Row 17 | Qty 1-3



Upper End Zone 432
Row 19 | Qty 2



Upper End Zone 432
Row 20 | Qty 1-10


So one out of seven isn't bad? Man, it must be great to work at the UM ticket office and be so high all day you can actually try and ask for $15 for what will be one of the worst college football scrimmages with uniforms of the year with no hint of shame.


Thomas Goldkamp ‏@Goldkamp247 15m

17 #Gators arrests under Muschamp: 10 completed DPA, had adjudication withheld or charge tossed. 1 to reduced charges, 3 guilty, 3 pending



Old Skool

James Gandolfini "Tony Soprano" RIP


James Gandolfini "Tony Soprano" RIP

Posted by: Old Skool | June 19, 2013 at 08:27 PM

Ya, sad news. Only 51. Great actor that portrayed one of my all time favorite characters.


"We've paid a dear price, and I'm just so proud of the guys for hanging in there and standing with The U and believing in being the stewards of this legacy," Golden said. "There are great days ahead, and when these storm clouds clear, we're going to be in a great position. I appreciate them." -

See more at: http://coachingsearch.com/home/3472-al-golden-when-these-storm-clouds-clear.html#sthash.V0td6ACi.dpuf


"We've paid a dear price, and I'm just so proud of the guys for hanging in there and standing with The U and believing in being the stewards of this legacy," Golden said. "There are great days ahead, and when these storm clouds clear, we're going to be in a great position. I appreciate them." - See more at:



Some movie oriented comments relating to Game 7...

Riley to media, before game - "There is only one ring of power. Only one team that can bend it to its will. And they do not share power."

Spoelstra to team, before game - "Tonight we cancel the Apocalypse!"

Coach Pop to Spoelstra, during warmups - "Our three pointers will blot out the sun."

Spo in response - "Then we will play in the shade."

Spoelstra to James - "Sweep the hamstring. No mercy."

Birdman to Duncan - "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

Sarasota 'cane

So one out of seven isn't bad? Man, it must be great to work at the UM ticket office and be so high all day you can actually try and ask for $15 for what will be one of the worst college football scrimmages with uniforms of the year with no hint of shame.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 19, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Right on schedule, UM's #1 fan! Fing "D"Bag!


Hawks baby! Win in OT


3/4 Star WR's Jacob McCrary from Coral Reef and Lamar Parker from Booker T both commit to WVU. Neither had a Miami offer


Per Thread Killa & 247

2015 RB Jordan Scarlett update

-#2 ranked RB in the 2015 class by 247
-Says he likes the early attention he has received so far
-Says the attention is part of the process and he is prepared
-Will visit Georgia and Florida St. in July
-Has family in the Atlanta area so he is looking forward to the Georgia trip
-Florida St. is recruiting him the hardest right now
-Says Miami hasn't been recruiting him hard
-Hasn't talked to Miami recently
-Wants to camp at Miami soon
-Would like to hear from Miami
-Wants to improve on his blocking to be a complete back


Per Thread Killa & 247

Austin Roberts update

-Florida, Miami, Taint, and USC are his final 4
-Florida wants him at TE, Miami wants him as a hybrid WR/TE/h-back, and Taint/USC want him at WR
-Already visited Miami and Florida
-Will announce after his summer visits to Taint and USC
-Has been in contact with Golden and Brown since his last visit
-The staff told him he's their top choice at h-back
-The staff wanted him to visit this summer but he could not
-Says his dad Alfredo would love for him to choose Miami
-Says his dad tries to stay neutral but drops hints about Miami here and there
-Says early burn isnt required to be successful


2015 CB Tyrek Cole update

-One of the top recruits in S FL for the 2015 cycle
-Florida, Miami, Florida St., and USCe are the schools standing out right now
-Has already visited Miami a few times and plans to camp later this summer
-Williams and Brown are leading his recruitment
-Says Miami is his hometown team, has a nice program, the academics and it is a private school
-Says the relations between Miami and Miramar HS have stood out
-Says the facilities and history of Florida stand out
-Talks to Travaris Robinson every week
-Plans on seeing Florida and Florida St. this summer
-Plans on attending the Golden camp later this month


2013 Signees Enrollment Update

-Olsen, Edwards, Elder, and Tucker are expected to enroll in summer session 2 next week

-Some things still need to be worked out with Muhammad, Coley, and Lockley

-Currently in a wait and see approach with Griffin, Kamalu, and Bond


ost high school graduates hope their parents buy them a car, a vacation getaway or throw them a party for their 18th birthday.

“My birthday gift was signing with UM,” said Walter Tucker, a nationally acclaimed track star from Plantation American Heritage School who put his signature on a football scholarship on June 10, a day after he turned 18.

“Me and [Heritage football coach and former Hurricane Mike] Rumph always talked about me going to UM and it being a good fit. He was talking about how UM used to be in the 1980s, 1990s. Players would hit people so hard and dance on the field. That’s me, kind of how I play. Rough mentality. But I show good sportsmanship, too.”

Tucker, the last of 21 players to sign with the Hurricanes as part of the 2013 recruiting class, is one of four players who will begin taking classes next week when the second session of the summer term begins. The others, according to a UM spokesman: Quarterback Kevin Olsen from Wayne Hills, N.J., running back Gus Edwards from Staten Island, N.Y., and two-sport star Cornelius Elder from Nashville.

UM has 11 other members of the class already enrolled in school: tight ends Beau Sandland and Standish Dobard; defensive backs Artie Burns and Jamal Carter; linebackers Jermaine Grace and Alex Figueroa; offensive linemen Alex Gall, Hunter Knighton and Sunny Odogwu; athlete Ray Lewis III; and graduate school punter Pat O’Donnell.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/20/3460575/walter-tucker-ready-for-two-sports.html#storylink=cpy


According to UM, defensive end Alquadin Muhammad, receiver Stacy Coley and athlete Ryheem Lockley remain possibilities to begin classes next week but could defer enrollment until the fall.


Were gonna love Rumph coaching at American heritage lol..

"But once Gionni Paul and Eddie Johnson were booted from the team this spring, things changed. Tucker said Rumph made UM’s coaches sit down and watch his football highlight tape at Heritage, where, during his senior year, he ran for 343 yards and five touchdowns on 36 carries as a backup to five-star standout Sony Michel, and racked up 33 tackles and two pass deflections as the team’s starting weak-side linebacker."


Although he will come in as a linebacker, there is a possibility Tucker eventually could switch back to running back. Rumph said he has the intangibles to do either. Tucker said he recently bench-pressed 225 pounds (the NFL testing standard) 18 times and was clocked in the 40-yard dash as a sophomore at 4.39 seconds. He recently ran the 100-meter dash in 10.4 seconds and posted the eighth-fastest hurdles time for a high school runner in the country (13.83 seconds).


Ever since Yahoo! Sports’ initial report in August 2011 that detailed alleged major NCAA rules violations by players and coaches inside the University of Miami’s football and basketball programs, the school has recruited against the specter of possible significant sanctions being handed down.

That hasn’t stopped Miami’s football staff from landing back-to-back top-15 recruiting classes.

How have the Hurricanes corralled some of the nation’s top high school talent? They don’t bring up the NCAA investigation with recruits and their coaches — at least the assistant coaches don’t.

“Not at all — never anything about it,” said Fort Pierce Central coach Josh Shaffer.

That doesn’t seem to bother a handful of Palm Beach County Class of 2014 prospects who’ve interacted with Miami coaches, either.

Of the four top-flight county prospects interviewed by the Post, only one talked to Miami coaches about the scandal or its potential backlash.

“I’m just waiting to see what happens,” said Dwyer receiver Johnnie Dixon, one of Miami’s main targets in the 2014 class. “I haven’t asked them about it. I don’t think anything will happen.”

If the incendiary allegations haven’t already hurt Miami’s recruiting, perhaps the Hurricanes have avoided significant damage altogether.

This February, the NCAA acknowledged major mistakes in its investigation of Miami, and there’s a chance those blunders — plus Miami’s self-imposed bowl bans in 2011 and 2012 and player suspensions — could reduce the final punishment.

Santaluces receiver Darrell Langham and Palm Beach Central tackle Kc McDermott — ranked among the top recruits in the country — have already pledged to sign with Miami in 2014.

McDermott, whose brother Shane is Miami’s starting center, did ask Golden about the investigation during a face-to-face meeting with the coach this winter.

“He said if he hadn’t left already, why would he leave now?” McDermott said in a March interview with the Post.

The McDermotts spoke directly to Golden, who acknowledged the scandal was the chief topic recruits and their families discussed with him.

“He said that once it was over, the other schools out there better look out for Miami,” said Randy McDermott, Kc’s dad. “Because once the cloud of uncertainty was removed, he and his staff were very confident that they could out-recruit many others out there.”


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