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June 19, 2013



This from Rivals..

Visalia (CA) College of the Sequoia's DE Julio Derosier landed on the Hurricanes' radar in late April, and he landed a Cane offer last month. That offer has now netted a commitment

But on Twitter people are saying Derosier said he did not commit


1. I'm just saying, you are a hypocrite if you think one is out of bounds while the other is in play just because of where they went to college.

2. tbc, I took you comment off because your comment calling for someone to be banned is just a pure personal attack which SOUP isn't interested in fostering on here, so if you have a problem with that, feel free to tell me your opinion on that matter and I'll be happy to LOL at it and scroll down.

3. j.w., that's un-American, even a damn vampire/werewolf/cannibal deserves fair legal representation and a presumption of innocence in this country.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 20, 2013 at 05:15 PM

1. I'm just saying you have your FACTS wrong. But please, don't let that stop U from expressing your opinion, no matter how misguided and inaccurate it might be. To even TRY to compare what Hassan posted from somebody on Facebook to what I posted from ABC News is like comparing a cotton ball to a cactus.

2. TBC is a fringe character who is most likely a troll.

3. U just say that because U ARE a werewolf, right. I know because I have seen the transition at midnight!


Also..he will be a class of 2013 recruit..not 2014 if/when he commits


Ahhhh, the old off-season and the Summer doldrums. Ain't they fun!


UMike...shhhhhh not so LOUD.


### Quick UM note before we get to Heat: UM has added to its roster Julio Derosier, a former three-star defensive end out of Homestead who played for College of the Sequoias in California last season. An impressive physical specimen at 6-6 and 265 pounds, Derosier had 15 tackles in five games in 2012 but missed part of the season with a foot injury.He also had been considering Washington and Colorado.


That's per Barry Jackson BTW.


CaneRock..I think its true and just came out earlier than he wanted lol

This was an hour ago..

InsideTheU.com ‏@InsideTheU 1h
Julio Derosier denies commitment: http://miami.247sports.com/Board/92/Derosier-Denies-Commitment-19431806


American Heritage-Plantation catcher Zack Collins has decided to attend the University of Miami turning down an offer to sign with the Cincinnati Reds, who drafted him in the 27th round.


Troll: not a chance
Cane & dolphins fan: yes
Heat & Marlins fan: not so much

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: UMike | June 20, 2013 at 07:23 PM

LOL, good form.

SOUP, like I said before, I don't care who gets slandered on the internet because communication between people doesn't have any real effect except what someone allows it to have on themselves, it's a self inflicted injury if you let the content of a phone call, text, tweet, post, key strike, etc. get you to feel something because it didn't make you happy to read/encounter. I'm just saying, it's hypocritical to consider Hassan/posters of a similar vein passing along an avowed rumor as just that as being irresponsible or out of line and then do the same for another person being investigated for a worse crime yourself.

Personally, I might not find any interest in the developing case but others might and that's fine by me, but if those others spreading the not complete at this time story and also the ones saying it's wrong for others to do the same and the only difference is where the individuals involved went to school, that's hypocrisy, which again, if that's someone's bag, by all means, hypocrisy it up, but don't be surprised when you get called on it. Again, I'm not even sure why it's a running issue on a blog primarily concerned with Hurricane sports since the guy hasn't been in college in a recruiting cycle, wasn't an iconic player by any means when he was, and isn't a star in the NFL.

tbc, part time fringe blogger, yes, but IMO, probably not a troll, but he sure let The Decision rub him the wrong way it seems. I though Heat hating became passe when they won the title last year? Maybe it's making a comeback strong for one night only? I got the Heat by a little, not a lot but they'll need to bring the A game down the line as a team to do it because you know the Spurs won't go quietly into the night, the franchise just isn't made that way anymore since they turned the corner in the late 90's.


Heat will win tonight!!! I call it how I see it!!!!!


You forgot to erase my post from earlier.....lol


OGV...I sure am glad that U get to define what is and what isn't around here. Just because U say it is so does not make it so.

So stop framing your arguments that way as though they are already resolved according to your opinion and there is no possible counter position because you have decided that U are right and that the end of that.

That is what LOSERS do. U act like it is a simple as claiming: "I am right, U are wrong" and there is nothing else to say so damn the FACTS.

An ABC NEWS national public report does not equal what somebody told you on Facebook. That is a fact that U just want to ignore so that the arguement fits your narrative.

U know that is the definiton of INSANE, right?


There were rumors Julio Derosier committed today..but that doesn't appear to be true..at least not publicly.

Posted by: UMike | June 20, 2013 at 07:29 PM

Sound like someone who doesn't wanna deal with media to U?


I'll give the credit where it's due at another time regarding Derosier.

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