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June 17, 2013





thirsty, you're right, Lebron didn't get fouled on that play but Ginobli tries to run the ball in the paint like a running back and you want a foul? c'mon, the spurs choked plain and simple. they couldn't put it away with seconds left on the clock up by 4.

Sarasota 'cane

I've never watched a choke fest by two teams trying to win a title like that in my life! LeBron's final two possessions of regulation were two of his worst all season.
Please stop comparing him to Jordan already! Hell, don't even compare him to Isaiah Thomas at this point. We have witnessed the NBA at it's peak in our lifetime, and this ain't it!!


Isaiah never came close to 32, 11, 10. Come on now.


Thirsty...U are toast. Do NOT come back.

Thank U.


Go Phins and Canes!!!!!!

Sarasota 'cane

I mean "clutch" ohio!! I don't see it anymore. I love LeBron but he should have lost tonight. Just my opinion.


I agree they should've lost that game, Sota. But come on, he nailed a 3 to bring them within 2 with 20 secs left. He would've passed the ball 2 years ago. Hell, he was screaming and jumping for the ball when Bosh got it before he kicked it to Ray.

He didn't play perfect, but he tore up the 4th quarter


Without Lebron, the Heat aren't even in it. Yes, he missed that three, but people forget how hard he plays on both ends of the court, and what a difference that makes.

Sometimes you work hard and doing so lets luck pull you out in the end. Really, the bottom line is the two missed free throws during the last minute. Spurs just make one of those, and we're having an entirely different conversation.

jmo, enough with the comparison to other eras. Those were great times and players, but I don't see the point. Different times now, and different players. It's no less compelling. The human-sports drama of a game like tonight is just as intense as in the past, and now we have the holy grail of sports: a winner take all sudden death game 7. No matter what, it's great, and it's why I love sports.

The Dude

The Jordan/LeBron thing is stupid. They don't even play the same position. It would be like comparing Tom Brady to Jerry Rice. Heat should have lost because they have so many long stretches of bad basketball and poor effort. DWade likes to chuck up bricks too much and almost cost them tonight. LeBron missed a lot of layups he needs to make foul or not. The reffing is the worst ever. Its awful. The NBA has to address it. Its laughable. My wife couldn't understand the calls. LeBron gets fouled a ton with no calls. He also overreacts a ton to things he should play through, but that's the NBA now with the acting. Ginobili is the worst in the history of the game. Bosh doesn't want to post up and rebound. Spo can't get his team to play with intensity. Spurs look like a well coached team. Heat look like a super athletic team with bad focus.

The Dude

Ray Allen = Clutch @ss Three. That was ridiculous! Even if the NBA did want a game 7, there's no way they could have scripted that. The Spurs were the 2013 Champs until that shot.


Yes, he missed that three, but people forget how hard he plays on both ends of the court, and what a difference that makes.

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | June 19, 2013 at 01:29 AM

EXACTLY! Besides His great athleticism, His #1 gift is His EFFORT!

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