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June 16, 2013





3 for me (again)


Winning the bronze medal will do it for me.


Actually u got the silver dude.


"Jameeeeeeelle...come out and plaaaaaay"

Ya'll know what it is, 5 BABY!...Melvin Bratton!

Account Deleted

Mr Top Ten...doing it again

Terrance Sullivan

Lol CR.

Terrance Sullivan

Happy Fathers Day peeps.




The famous "Do you know who I am" line..LMFAO its gotten more people thrown in jail then any other line



Anyone who uses "do you know who I am" should automatically be locked up!


If U have to ask "Do U know who I am" then clearly you ain't nobody. LOL


U can't see this?

The Dude

Just got home from Scout Mtn. Came home and turned on game. Why does Bosh DROP so many passes? Heat can't win like that. F*cking stupid plays. Easy 2 points for Bosh turns into transition points for Spurs. That dude needs to pay attention. He handles a pass like a 6 year old girl.



Junior DE Arden Key (6-6 208) of Lithonia, GA announced a commitment to USC Sunday afternoon becoming the Gamecocks' third commitment for the 2015 class. Key holds multiple offers and said his picked the Gamecocks over Georgia. Key visited USC Friday and learned a a lot about the university and the football program. "The academic part, it's like you have to try to fail," Key said. "I love the coaches. They are always ready for something. And it isn't far from home. It gives you a different environment. It's in the city, but it's also in the country."


Fix is in.

The Dude

Refs are letting Spurs mug LeBron. Lmao at Heat though. They don't play like champions. They just go through the motions. Even if they do win the next two, which I doubt they will at this point, they've played like b*tches for too much of these playoffs. Play like champs, if you can't do that, can you at least play like pros? A serious disgrace at this point.

The Dude

A little too late Heat. Way to dig your @sses an unecessary hole that you can't pull yourself out of. All because you have no pride in your effort or focus. Because Heat players have a "switch" and they can just flip it on whenever they need to. That is the most unprofessional BS in sports.




Raize...cancel the $10 bucks if the Heat do NOT win the next 2 at home. I will not be watching this circus anymore because the game is beyond ridiculous to me.

The Dude

Miami Heat, The 1 Championship "Dynasty." Sound like a team we know? Spoelstra = Coker. Underachievers. They don't want to do the hard things. Like rebound and play defense with intensity. There is no reason they should be in this situation.

The Dude

Heat fans get ready to watch the Spurs celebrate a championship in Miami because the Heat think playing with elite effort and focus is hard and so they don't want to do it. Lmao! Oh wait, no worries. Game 5 wasn't important, the Heat will just flip the "switch" and everything will be okay.


Lmao at the NBA script. Birdman hasn't played in 2 games! How many easy shots the Spurs got at the rim that he would've blocked or altered? Either Spoelstra is an idiot or this has to be scripted...

I say the Heat win game 6. Then script ends with the best team wins game 7 strait up. Imo


For Vegas. the Spurs in seven would be the biggest WIN.


IF it was really this easy to dial up a win based on motivation and momentum then wouldn't it happen in other sports like baseball and football?


Saw this one coming last Thursday. Spurs are the more desperate team, crowd is into the game like never before, refs miss a few for whatever reason then decide to start calling moving screens for the first time (but to be honest, that did go both ways), then S A can't miss a shot for the longest time and Miami can't claw back into it. Reverse the script for game 6, then we'll see who is healthiest for game 7. Wade came down hard on his knee late in the game and Parker has about 15 minutes before his hammy starts barking in the first half, 10 in the second.


Morning Spacers......although some people may be surprised by the Tyre Brady's commitment to Kentucky, it had been reported a few days earlier that he wants out of the city. Most signs pointed to him committing to Miami once he got the offer..but the kid really wanted to gey away. Good luck to the young man...

BTW..Kentucky has the #3 ranked class to far..their looking like the Ole Miss of 2013



Cocoa High’s Chauncey Gardner isn’t your typical high school freshman. The 5’11”, 190-lb ATH committed to the ‘Canes last weekend to become Miami’s first 2016 commitment.

“It felt like home. Everybody was telling me, ‘Miami is a good place, Miami is a good place’ and everybody expected me to go there because that’s where some of my peoples are from on my dad’s side. When I went down there, I got to know the coaches in the drills and met some players. I’m used to playing in the heat so I was used to it. I was going to gonna go there anyways and I know way more offers are gonna come along and I wasn’t expecting to commit early, but hey I got it,” said Gardner.

Gardner grew up as a fan of the Hurricanes.

“I started playing football in third grade seriously. My first time watching organized football was the Miami Hurricanes so it was like ‘dang imagine if I could play for them, that would be big’.”

The 2016 ATH was offered by Miami after his performance at camp.

“I got it that day. It was a big surprise. I’m gonna stay with it (the commitment) because it doesn’t matter who tries to offer me. When I say I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna stick with it. Once I put my mind to something, I go and get it.”

Miami coach Al Golden had to make sure Gardner was serious when he committed.

“He was like ‘are you sure?’ and he was really surprised because I think I’m the first player for 2016 to commit to Miami. They didn’t know I would commit so early.”

The Cocoa youngster plays both sides of the ball and is open to either side at the next level.

“Probably DB most likely. It doesn’t matter to me though because as long as I’m on the field making plays for my team then I’m fine with that and it doesn’t even matter.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of Gardner’s camp showing was his tendency to show emotion after big plays.

“I stay fired up, that’s a part of my game. I like to stay fired up and let everybody know I’ma be here. You can’t take what’s mine. I’ma be in your grill from the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, it don’t matter. I’ma be here. I like getting in people’s head. I like to get real violent and mess with people and throw them off their game.”

Gardner's freshman highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1672870/highlights/48196379


From Tito..

2015 McArthur Safety Kendrell McFadden was looking to not only excel on the defensive side of the ball, but also assist with his team’s offense.

“Right now we are just looking to work on our offense, we have a new offense and quarterback. Were trying to also move the ball down the field and score a lot of points.”

McFadden had a successful spring as he feels that his team got a lot better and progressed.

“It was going pretty good. We were progressing, we worked a lot and we learned a lot but that’s the past and were trying to get better.”

McFadden recently attended one of the many Al Golden football camps in Coral Gables and truly enjoyed himself while there.

“That actually went pretty good. I was out there with the DB coaches, Coach D (D’onofrio). It was actually kinda fun, being with Al Golden.”

It’s a known fact that the star safety has a large amount of interest in the hurricanes program. What he likes about Miami is the interesting part.

“The swag. I’m the type of player that when I’m out there I love to be aggressive, I just love to play with swag. Miami just carries the swag automatically.”

McFadden has more visits planned for this summer to top programs in the country.

“I’ll be at LSU, Alabama, Cincinnati, and I just left Florida State.”

When asked what he is looking for in a school, the McArthur product has three key factors.

“Academics, and the coaching staff and starting as a freshman.”


More Tito..

2014 Immokalee (Fla.) athlete Jimmy Bayes was with his team at the Dolphins 7 on 7 tournament in hopes of capturing the title.

“Were trying to make the top 8, were trying to win games and thats pretty much it just make plays.”

Bayes practiced with his team this spring to get better as he was on both sides of the ball as a receiver and a linebacker.

“Yeah we got better, we pretty much ran the same offense. We learned the defense pretty good and were just trying to work now.”

The 6’3 190 pound dual athlete has no preference for his position and feels it makes him better that he master both skills.

“No, I think that by playing multiple positions it will help me get on the field faster.”

The Immokalee star recently participated in one of the Al Golden football camps and talked about his time in Miami.

“It was good, I’ve been to Miami before so nothing has changed. I liked the stuff they’ve built for the student athletes, because you know your a student first before an athlete. So that’s always good.”

Bayes enjoyed working with the hurricanes coaches and talking with them. He had high remarks for the coaching staff.

“They’re good. They want to make the program better, they’re looking for good players to bring back the tradition that Miami’s known for. It’s always good when you have a coach that wants to make the program better.”

While he remains committed to USF, Bayes still has plans to visit more schools during this summer.

“I’m Planning on going to Louisville, USC, Miami again, USF, Florida and Kentucky.”

When asked what it’s going to take for Canes’ to jump the Bulls, two big factors are going to play a role.

“It’s hard to say right now, but it depends on how they’re going to use me and when they’re going to use me as far as playing time.”

*Bayes is looking for a good environment, and looking for a place with the right major.
*Currently does not hold an offer from Miami


per Thread Killa & 247

Calvin Heurtelou update

-Spent the weekend in Miami on his OV
-Said the city stood out
-Thought the campus was in a bad spot
-Spent time with Jethro and Hurlie
-Says Jethro and Hurlie treated him like a player on the team, not a visiting recruit
-Brought his older brother on the trip
-Says he and his brother loved the trip
-Says the academic side really impressed him
-Olsen Pierre was his host
-Pierre told him Golden always has their back
-Says Miami is behind Missouri and Kansas St.
-Says it will be a while before he commits



Thread Killa..

Antonio Smothers update

-He's confident that Miami is very high on his list
-Rated his OV a 10
-Said all his questions were answered
-Said there weren't any flaws with his OV
-Says he wants to get this decision out of the way to know where he is going
-Is visiting Kansas St. in July and should be ready to commit after that
-Said he connected well with the Canes coaches
-Spent time with Jethro, Dorito, Golden, and Barrow
-Based on his size, he can play all 3 LB spots
-Pleasantly surprised by the location of the school
-Said he heard negative things about the area
-Says he didn't see anything negative
-Interested in sports management
-Tyrone Cornelius was his host
-Cornelius told him it's a good time to come in, with veterans leaving and the need for depth
-Didn't bring any family on the trip but said his family would support a potential Miami commitment
-Says his family likes Miami a lot and his HS LB coach is a Miami fan
-Says his LB coach would be proud no matter what but it would be extra special if he ended up at Miami



Travis Rudolph update

-Participated in the Dolphins 7 on 7
-Will probably narrow down his choices in late July
-Once he has his top 5, he'll start looking at OVs
-Has recently visited Miami, Auburn, and Georgia
-Florida had been the rumored top choice for Rudolph who disagreed with that
-Says he does not have a top school
-Says everything is open right now
-Says everybody is recruiting him hard
-Talks to different coaches everyday
-Talks to Carroll frequently
-Lost to Miami Jackson in the Dolphins 7 on 7
-Played WR and CB in the tournament
-Will announce at the Under Armour game in January



Julio Derosier update

-Currently living in Waco, TX with his older brother taking summer classes
-Hoping to play ball in the fall at a D-1 school
-Was in Miami Tue-Thurs last week on his OV
-Got sick his first day in Miami
-Says he threw up as soon as he saw Jethro and Barrow
-They sent him back to the hotel, brought him some soup, and he was ready to go that night
-Him and his parents met Golden
-Golden told him he's really big (6-6 280)
-Says Golden is used to people lying about their size on their HLs
-Went out to dinner with the DL
-Hung out with Kareem Brown
-Most of his family live around Miami which is a plus
-His parents fell in love with the environment
-His mom likes it since she can see him any time because it is close
-Has 3 to play 3
-Met with a criminal justice advisor
-Wants to visit 1 more school before he is ready to announce
-Wants to visit Washington
-Might take another OV to either Akron, Colorado, or Hawaii



Chris Lammons top 5

South Carolina


I was a little surprised to hear Carol City on the Fins 7 on 7......here is a recap from Tito @ CIS..

Dolphins 7 on 7 Recap

Here a couple notes I took while there:

*Notice there are 65 teams there so I didn't get to see everybody

-Trayone Gray from Carol City is a man-child. When standing next to Trayone and not knowing who he is your under the impression that he has to play linebacker or safety but his talent and size at QB is unbelievable. He is supremely talented and it's a scary thought to consider that he can most likely play multiple other positions as well.

-Miramar CB Tyrek Cole was at the event and was showcasing his talent once again. One strength many don't see that Cole has is his Bump and run ability. He is very physical off the line and is able to stay with his receiver the entire way. Cole had a nice interception today.

-Jimmy Bayes was there and from the looks of it, Miami found the right guy to go after. Bayes has good strength and moves around in zone well. Obviously he showcases his zone coverage more in 7 on 7, but I really want to see how he does in man coverage one on one.

-JC Jackson was also there at the camp and has a much better performance then when I saw him at the I-M-G tournament. He has solid hands and good route running with the ability to get jump balls. He recently committed to Florida.

-Sam Bruce Jr. is an absolute nightmare for defenses. There has been talk that Bruce only excels in 7 on 7 just because there is no pads or physicality; I can tell you first hand that regardless of that Bruce is a flat out monster. His vertical skills, cutting ability and his great hands are only a preview of what he can turn into three years down the road from now. Bruce is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in South Florida to watch.

-The Miami Central team went undefeated today which to many is no surprise. Central my favorite to win states this year which to many is most likely an obvious statement, but even after this upcoming season they're still going to look like a heavy favorite with guys like Calvin Brewton and Da'Vante Phillips etc.

-2015 Safety Kendrell Mcfadden really impressed me when I saw him play. He is by far the most physical of the three big safety's including Brewton and Jaquan Johnson. McFadden was matched up today playing corner and didn't allow a catch. He also has a bit of a mean streak to him which I would assume most would like to hear. It's going to be interesting to see what Miami does with those three safeties in Calvin Brewton, Jaquan Johnson and Kendrell McFadden, considering all are High D1 Caliber safety's.

Everyone else like Booker T, Central, Monarch and others I didn't get to see. There will be more info including interviews later today

Old Skool

Welcome Chauncey Gardner. Interesting name. Fortunately, for him Being There was filmed and released before he was born


Ohio..where is that weekend commitment..slacker lol


Brandon Powell, RB From Deerfield Beach committed to TN over the weekend...did not have a Miami offer. Also, Daniel Gresham made a decision but wont announce to the end of the month. Miami is among the 3 left.


Expected to start at middle linebacker for the Florida Gators in 2013, sophomore Antonio Morrison was arrested on charges of first-degree misdemeanor simple battery after allegedly striking a bouncer early Sunday morning.

Attempting to gain entry to Kava Lounge at 1007 W. University Ave., Morrison inquired with the establishment's bouncer about the price of entry but was not pleased with the amount he was told.

After being denied a discount or free admission, Morrison became furious and yelled, "Do you know who I am, I am a UF football player, I am Antonio!" only to once again be told he would have to pay full price, according to the Gainesville Police report.

Morrison allegedly responded by punching the bouncer/victim in the head before leaving. He was positively identified on the scene and arrested shortly after.

After an officer read Morrison his Miranda rights, he admitted to being at the scene of the incident. He called the altercation a "scuffle" and claimed that it was not a big deal. Morrison also admitted to being intoxicated at the time.

The SEC All-Freshman team member appeared in 13 games for Florida in 2012, registering three starts. He finished with 34 tackles (2.0 for loss), a sack and forced fumble, which occurred during UF's rivalry game against Florida State when Morrison appeared to knock out quarterback E.J. Manuel.

Morrison was listed as the starting middle linebacker by Gators head coach Will Muschamp on the team's post-spring practice depth chart. - See more at: http://florida.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1516246#sthash.wiosLxrw.dpuf


Says he threw up as soon as he saw Jethro and Barrow

Posted by: UMike | June 17, 2013 at 06:19 AM



Ohio..where is that weekend commitment..slacker lol

Posted by: UMike | June 17, 2013 at 07:27 AM

We got one. Just wasn't announced publicly.




IDK Ohio lol


IDK Ohio lol

Posted by: UMike | June 17, 2013 at 09:48 AM

I do


Is this the same silent you mentioned on Friday or another new one?


UMike, a new one. Committed Sunday




The one mentioned Friday has been committed for a few weeks.


The U Reloaded is now only $30,000 short lol

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