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June 05, 2013





2 for U





Every time I tried to log into the new blog it would shut down my browser. Did that happen to anybody else?

The blog was about the Golden camps.


2012 ACC Rookie of the Year and Freshman All-America performer Duke Johnson was named to Phil Steele’s Preseason All-America Third Team announced Wednesday.

Johnson was named to the third team as a running back. Last week, Johnson was tabbed first-team Preseason All-ACC as both a running back and kick returner by Phil Steele.

The Miami product enjoyed one of the greatest freshman seasons in Hurricanes history in 2012, amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 TDs, while breaking Clinton Portis’ 13-year-old school freshman rushing record with 947 yards. His 892 kick return yards were a single-season record, while also tying the school single-season mark with two kick returns for touchdowns.

For his stellar freshman season, Johnson was named a first-team Freshman All-America selection as a kick return and a second-team selection as a running back by Phil Steele.

Season tickets for the 2013 football season are on sale now for as low as $98. To purchase season tickets, call the UM Athletic Ticket Office at 305-284-2263 or buy online at www.CanesTix.com.

Account Deleted

Life in the top ten...how sweet it is!!


it is eating my comments


Hassan..been doing it all day lol


They're not in the spam filter or in the unpublished comments, so they're just being eaten...


guys go check out Golden on WQAM, good stuff on there

Also Beard says Kaays is the 2nd coming of Morris....which is a good thing.


Bearch also says Randolp is the 2nd coming of Cooper who he said was the 2nd coming of Reggie Wayne, also a good thing.

I met Randolph btw at the spring game last year, i barely knew who he was, no one was on him at the time, was real skinny. spoke to him for like 10 mins. kids change fast as the attention hits them...


Golden says he has some info that he believes the Olsen issue will be a non-issue moving forward.

Good to hear.

Thanks for the update, Hassan.


The Herb loved the article yesterday but didn't have a chance to comment, so I'll take this opportunity to make up for that. Always loved Art, the man knows his stuff and he has taken his fair share of maybes & mights and made them all-stars.
I like the way the O-Line is shaping up in recruiting. These guys coming in will surpass those Fr. & Sophs we have at present. I know most of you probably read about Saban & what he looks for in players and the Herb has been saying this for a minute or two, that we needed to get bigger and stronger on defense. When we were winning ships, it was with speed and athleticisim, well that was then and this is now. The days of 6'o 220 LB's are long gone and maybe that's why McCord is now an LB, instead of a 230 DE. As you guys have known and heard the Herb bitch about the smurf possee, we have on the Dee-Line, the 6'1 290-300 we have and there are 4 of these among our first 7 DT's, those days should have been gone FO-EVA AGO. The Herb sees no passes being batted down and not much push up the middle with ankle biters at the position, this has got to change. I see where we do have an FSU reject, coming next year that has the size the Herb drools about. The LB talent has got to get better and Bigger, through recruiting. It has taken Al a little bit longer to realize that games are won , mainly with good defenses and he finally is starting to toss ships out like bones to a dog at the big ugglies, it's to bad it wasn't this urgent last year and maybe we wouldn't of come up with a dougnut last year, making this year make or break.


Also Beard says Kaays is the 2nd coming of Morris....which is a good thing.

Posted by: Hassan | June 05, 2013 at 01:43 PM

At the same stage, I would say that Morris's arm was stonger, but Kaaya seems to be a more accurate passer than Morris was.


Delvon Simmons picks USC over Miami...



Help Wanted: Big, ugly, mean and nasty defensive tackles wanted for football team in South Florida. Must be a HS grad and over 6'2" and 300 lbs. If U eat quarterbacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner please send transcripts, highlight films and resume to:

Al Golden, Head Coach
University of Miami
#1 Hurricane Drive
Coral Gable,FL 33124

*Background checks and drug screening required.


Who is delvon Simmons?


Herbie, Delvon Simmons is the former 5 star d-line transfer from Texas tech.


Is there an issue with Jethro? I mean it doesn't seem like he is hitting any of his targets.


Our percentages keep getting lower and lower. If we were in Vegas, we'd be broke gambling on DT's. When it comes to LB'S & DT's, we are just plain dam snake bit. Somebody somewhere has a dam Voo Doo Doll sticking pins in our AZZ.


Jethro help recruit McDermott.


They stil have a chance to turn it around, but the body of evidence continues to build against Jethro, and especially D'Onofrio


Told you guys I hear/read rumors about Jethro and his recruiting..but certain people just attacked me for it lol..BUT..I don't think Jethro recruits EVERY DT or LB, so every DT we miss on cant be his fault..IMO, it is D'No's scheme and the D these kids say played on TV


In fort Myers by the beach, raining like hell. Still having fun!


Tropical storm warning now in effect. Hurricanes ain't scared!


SOUP, when I was a kid, I used to want a hurricane to come, but now...NOT SO MUCH!!! :D


OGV...the storm is coming to your front door.


Rock...whatever happens: WE READY!


UMike, the rea$on we're not getting the DT$, i$ $imple, it'$ called...the $EC! That $EC money i$ loooooooong homeboy, we ju$t ain't got it like that.

Hell, we can't even compete with Mi$$i$$ippi $tate when it comes to DT$, and that my friend...$ays it all!

It i$ what it i$, but you know what, LET'S WIN ANYWAY!


UMike, IOWs, the DTs are at the top of the food chain when it comes to that PAYOLA!


And YES!, I consider FSU part of the $EC!


More reasons to know the $EC is full of cheaters...

Some how the Alabama Crimson Tide end up on the APR honor roll. Really? Have you seen any of the interviews with 3/4ths of their players. They sound like they can read at a 3rd grade level!


I still say, if it is that blatant, if hundreds of players are being offered $10-$60K or more to play in the $EC, at some point this will crack. A player, a coach, someone will talk and have evidence. Even if it's being done through boosters, all it takes is someone with a smart phone.

IF this is true and the SEC is really the $EC, I give it another decade at most before it collapses. There are too many opportunities for exposure (even if major sports networks ignore it for financial reasons). And when the day comes that the majority of $EC schools are exposed for running a well organized, paid feeder system for the NFL you will have a scandal that makes Penn State pale in comparison. It will mean the end of the NCAA as we know it, congressional hearings, and a complete reorganization of college football oversite. And payment for players, if not an intercollegiant salary cap.


Al Golden just retweeted a kid I grew up around (Zach Bruney). Went to HS 5 mins from me and went on to play for Mt Union.

Lol, small world


The SEC will not end until the money is controlled.


Fort Myers is very nice.


Saw this before leaving this to work with
Rohan Marley on CNBC going jammin' java



Rohan has some nice coffee, check out the Marley head phones too.

Coach Onofrio is a big reason we can not land talent, no one ranks him as a good recruiter and he flat out lies to kids, I know this because I know 2 4* SFLA recruits that was 2013 kids that told me this. These kids wanted to be Canes, was told by Barrow they would have an offer coming, one is out of STA the other out of American Heritage, when you hear stories about recruits "not trusting" the staff this guy is the root of that, he will avoid their calls, but in person tell them he will call them. These are not scrubs, these 2 kids were 4 star players and have 20+ offers.

You can not take every kid, some are not a good fit for your scheme but you have to be honest with kids.

One of the kids went to the camp last year and he dominated but they gave MVP to a 9th grader..... come on man....


Maybe. Just seems difficult to keep under wraps indefinitely with social media and smart phone proliferation.

Harry Miller

Hassan, that 9th grader was Ricky Town, I think. Ricky Town won MVP last year at one of the camps.


I guess the following statement is why this guy gets paid to write and I just read. This is exactly what happens to me when the U loses...I think the losses hurt more than I enjoy the wins. Someone please tell me that I am just an awesome fan and not someone who needs to get a life...lol

...something that felt like sickness. TVs were turned off to avoid coverage. Quiet, please, I’m not feeling well. Work was missed or done poorly. Not just a game was lost; so was sleep. It felt like a bone-weary flu that made the haunted want to throw up in a bucket. That feeling — of loss — was very real. And it was a weight to be carried around in stomachs like nausea for days or weeks depending on how deeply you had been afflicted. It is one of the oddest things about sports: Some fans hurt more profoundly than the players paid to have suffered the pain.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/06/3435886/dan-le-batard-miami-heat-fans.html#storylink=cpy

orange 'n green in the vein

No offense personally to you TC of course, but refusing to turn a child rapist into the police because you're afraid it'll look bad that he was employed for life by your football program and used that fact to lure victims into his grasp will always trump even a repeated incident of six figure pay days to sign the LOI at a school.

SOUP, we ready!


Pete Ariz Workin....

Tampa Jesuit LB Vincent Jackson has been recruited by top programs for a few years now and is close to settling in on a top 5. After tweeting earlier today that he had his 5 in mind, he says he isn't ready to release those to the public just yet.

"That's coming later in the summer because I'm not 100% sure on it yet."

What are the chances Miami makes the cut?

"Very strong. That's all I'll really say on that (laughs).

The 6'3", 240-lb LB was at Miami earlier this year for a junior day, but doesn't have plans to camp.

"It kind of intersects with stuff I'm doing at school with community service and team stuff. My coach prefers for us to do team stuff over individual camps."

Mark D'Onofrio has taken a lead role in Jackson's recruitment.

"Coach D (D'Onofrio) was the one who came by last to see me. He might be my main recruiter now. He's a nice guy, Italian guy, talks fast. He's really what the whole Miami coaching staff is about."

Miami recently offered one of Jackson's very close friends, Isaiah Wynn, who is one of the top guards in the nation.

"We're looking to really play at the same school, so having the ones in common helps a lot. Miami is one of my all-time favorites, so having them offer him kinda sparks it up."

What else does Jackson have planned for the summer?

"I want to FSU visit sometime because I have family there and I haven't visited there."

Jackson is optimistic for his team heading into next season.

"The team came a long way from what I already thought was going to be a very good team. Everyone worked their butt off and we're getting better now in the summer with some transfers and freshmen who will play early. It's shaping up pretty good to be honest."


From Ariz re: Demetrius Campbell..

Just got this message from Demetrius - "I've been talkin to coach Franklin all day today & sent him some videos of me working out so now I'm jus waiting to see what happens & when I hear back from them "


Per a blogger on CIS...

ESPN's updated recruiting projections.

They say "updated' but if I had to guess less than 5 predictions changed.

They still have us landing


They have us losing

-Lane (Neck and Neck but they say "Alabama fans will be happy in the end")
-Rudolph (Florida)
-Dixon (Florida)
-Gaillard (Georgia)
-Holley (Penn St)
-Willis (LSU)


"Hassan, that 9th grader was Ricky Town, I think. Ricky Town won MVP last year at one of the camps."



I could be wrong..but maybe Hassan was talking about defensive players?


UMike, those so-called predictions by espn is basically wishful thinking, especially when it comes to Miami losing out on top notch kids. They're HOPING we lose out on kids like Lane, Dixon & Holly!


UMike, those so-called predictions by espn is basically wishful thinking, especially when it comes to Miami losing out on top notch kids. They're HOPING we lose out on kids like Lane, Dixon & Holly!

Posted by: 4-Real | June 06, 2013 at 07:46 AM

Perhaps..or it could be because we have lost out on more than a few top local kids lately lol..I think we get at least one between Lane and Dixson, a kid like Holly is blowing up now and although we were on him early, those up north kids are hard to pull


I hope it wasn't Town that Hassan was referring to.

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