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July 10, 2013



Ohio...can U post a link to the blog you emailed me? I deleted it by mistake.


The blog I emailed U? Pretty sure I didn't email U. If I did, don't click the link, cuz I got hacked.


It was a link to a womens health blog? Maybe it was NOT U? It was from your email account, better check it or change your password?


Ohio, I got that same email


Sum Ting Wong?


Ya, musta got hacked. Changing now. I know my twitter got hacked


@mortreport: Stephen Morris of Miami win skills competition at Manning Passing Academy. #TheU



Wow, George Zimmerman NOT Guilty verdict


Hey... That's the U.S. justice system. If your lawyers are good enough & the prosecutions sucks enough, you'll walk. Regardless of how guilty you are. It is, what it is...

Now back to the canes


Well, it seems as though truer words have never been spoken:

Skool...that IS too funny! Reading the comments makes me long for the days of Solar's comedic relief here on The Space.

Posted by: 86Cane | July 13, 2013 at 02:21 PM

It seems to me some Solar Medicine is what the Space needs right 'bout now!


Posted by: Pre83 | July 12, 2013 at 12:11 AM

Hi ya Pre. Yeah that is quite a cast of characters. Nice catch and release program in Gainesville

Posted by: CGNC | July 12, 2013 at 08:58 PM

CGNC - Hi to U, CGNC. Always great to see U around. I've been doing my best to keep my emotions in check, but U have no idea as to just how bad I want the Canes to pound the $h!t out of the Crocs on Sep 7.

I know it's just one game, but my love for the Canes & dare I say hate for the Crocs couldn't be farther apart!

Prayin for Hurricane Ibis to do some SERIOUS damage inside Sun Life that Sat afternoon!


My Solar post just reminded me of something - I know this will make sense to only the old school 'Spacers, but I heard a Jackson Browne song just a day or so ago & I swear every time I hear a JB tune I think of Solar & him playin' his drums to some JB tracks : )


Other qbs at the manning camp Morris ripped it.

Others attending include Allstate Sugar Bowl Most Valuable Player Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville, A.J. McCarron of national champion Alabama, Zach Mettenberger of LSU, Nick Montana of Tulane, Tajh Boyd of Clemson, Jeff Driskel of Florida, James Franklin of Missouri, Tanner Price of West Forest, Marcus Mariota of Oregon, Aaron Murray of Georgia, Tyler Russell of Mississippi State, Connor Shaw of South Carolina, Justin Worley of Tennessee, Scotty Young of Louisiana Tech, Bo Wallace of Ole Miss, D.J. Williams of Grambling, son of Doug Williams, and Kolton Browning of ULM. - See more at: http://www.sportsnola.com/sports/local-sports-news/other-local-sports-news/597859-manning-passing-academy-set-for-18th-year-with-stellar-participants-.html#sthash.UeBEZ



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