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July 10, 2013



roach..good points..and again it isnt meant to be a "Top 5", I was just throwing names out there to start a discussion so other names could be thrown out lol

The Dude

You know what's funny? Sean Taylor may have been our best RB ever, he just played Safety. But when got the ball and turned into a RB, watchout!


You know what's funny? Sean Taylor may have been our best RB ever, he just played Safety. But when got the ball and turned into a RB, watchout!

Posted by: The Dude | July 11, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Str8 up facts right here.


Sean Taylor greatest of allt ime!!! at least in mye yes thats my boy RIP26


Anyone have an ESPN Insider account to tell us if any Cane commits/targets won an award?



Yearby: RB with best moves- very complimentary of what he can do.
Chad Thomas: best pass rush. He really stood out.


Thanks, JW!


glad I could help, Ohio- waiting for a repairman or I would chat longer!


In no particular order, my All Time Canes RBs:

OJ Anderson
Edgerrin James
Clinton Portis
Leonard Conley
Willis McGahee

Duke is a CLOSE! honorable mention.


Willis mcgahee
Clinton Portis
Frank Gore
Duke<--- this boy set the world on fire!!


New Raising Canes tomorrow!!!!

@hurricanesports: "At Miami we are pioneers in this field." - @GoldenAl | #New RaisingCanes debuts tomorrow am pic.twitter.com/k57kvd7Rer


We made Sports Illustrated again!

This time, it's not bad news: http://m.si.com/3094969/coded-commitment-tweets-bringing-new-publicity-to-recruiting/

Hurricane Warrior

Here is a list of top rushers at the U: http://hurricanewarriors.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=266&Itemid=2



What do you think the large jump in the ratings for our recruits is do too?

1) Just because they were offered by a big time school

2) The "U" gave them the publicity to be noticed

3) They've improved



What do you think the large jump in the ratings for our recruits is do too?

1) Just because they were offered by a big time school

2) The "U" gave them the publicity to be noticed

3) They've improved

Posted by: Cane_Since_1982! | July 11, 2013 at 06:33 PM

IMO it is because how they performed at camps, 7 on 7 series and a major part was The Opening. They were up against the best of the best and performed well.


Cocoa Beach


Does anyone know where I can find those white shirts with the orange tie printed on them. Need a game day shirt for this season. Thanks!


I didnt see the tie shirt here, but a hell of a collection...



Per Thread Killa @ CIS

Chad Thomas and Braxton Berrios updates


-Visits Alabama this week and will visit FSU after
-ND recently offered
-Miami and Louisville have the advantage in his recruitment
-On Miami: been at him a long time, haven't let up or dropped interest, is into music and Miami has a great music program
-On Louisville, a lot of friends and family are up there, says Stong is fixing everything and they should be a great program for the next few years
-Impressed by ND's grad rate, academics, and football
-Wants to go to the USC/ND game and the Miami/Florida game




-Says his route running, quickness, speed, and hands are the greatest aspects of his game
-Thinks his hands are some of the best around
-Does 100 pushups after each dropped ball
-Only dropped 1 pass at The Opening
-Says a ND offer would be huge
-Likes their rich tradition and strong academics
-Hopes they offer soon so he can take a strong look at ND before it's too late
-Will be an EE
-ND previously offered slot WR Isaiah McKenzie who named ND his leader



His dream school is Miami..but he wants a ND offer too..these kids are offer whores lol


Posted by: Cane_Since_1982! | July 11, 2013 at 06:33 PM

Holy Moly! Long time, long time. Where U been?


Posted by: SOUP | July 11, 2013 at 07:29

Hey Soup were you a Cane since 86, or did you graduate in 86?


Chad Thomas CLEARLY wants to be a Hurricane but there seems to be a small patch of black 'ICE ' blocking the path to Coral Gables.


E. Lane referred to the U as his "dream school," too, so we know what that phrase means. Of course, Berrios sounds like he may still want to attend the U, while Lane is simply toying around while appearing to be SEC/FU-bound. If I spoke of my dream meeting with say, Jessica Alba, and she offered, I'm sure I'd tell her she's in my top 5 and I'll get back with her after a few other visits. Not!

What I like is that more guys appear to take the attitude that I want to jump on board early, my recruiting is shut down, and that's that. This is what a real verbal commitment is. Who even needs to hear about the rest of the hs players until NSD?


Trivia question...Whose lil' brother played on the 83 NC team?

Hint, big brother's first name is the name of a comic strip?


Well, perhaps the Urban Myth reaches beyond FL & OH after all...

From ESPN Boston:

"Alex (New York)

I think a big problem not mentioned enough in the Aaron Hernandez craziness is Urban Meyer. The guy could careless about taking character players, refuses to take a job at Notre Dame because they set SOME academic standards, then takes all the credit for Tebow and walks away from the blame with Hernandez!
Mike (11:33 AM)

Alex, I don't know enough about the Urban Meyer situation at Florida to have an informed opinion. My opinion, as it relates to Meyer, is how his presence/relationship with Bill Belichick has produced the following players: Chad Jackson, Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez. Between those four, you have a second-round "bust" in Jackson, a DE in Cunningham and LB in Spikes who have been suspended for violating league policy and a player who has been charged with murder. If you go back and read BB's comments from when he was on Florida's campus in 2010, he talked about these players were doing the things they needed to do on and off the field. That doesn't seem to match up with what we've seen in the NFL."


From CIS:

Coley and Burns update

Got word that they are tearing it up in summer workouts, called them "future superstars"

Also, Malcolm Lewis posted a vid on Instagram of those to racing. Burns won both, but not by much. That means Coley is FAST


Those TWO racing**


SOUP Rules! Go Canes!


I know SI.com isn't the most popular sports site around here, but you should bother to read this:

"This has been well-documented, but a lot of Meyer's Florida players seemed to major in getting thrown in the back of a police car. So many Gators got arrested that the Orlando Sentinel started keeping a running count. The New York Times reported last week that from 2005 to 2010, Gators were arrested 31 times. More amazing: of the 121 players on the 2008 national champions, 41 have been arrested either in college or afterward.

Is this normal? Well, put it this way: If you had three kids, and one got arrested, would you figure that was normal?"


A well written article which exactly reflects my sentiments.
And please think twice before you start to complain about Al Golden & Co. when they decide to part ways with a player.
After all, it may be the right thing to do.



So this is what your new Dolphins starting running back is doing while much of the NFL vacations:

Running. Lifting. Squatting. Sled-pulling. Pushing to validate every ounce of faith the Dolphins have placed in their gifted young back.

What makes the monotonous grind more pleasurable for Lamar Miller is that he is doing it alongside his friend and fellow Hurricane, Frank Gore.

“The way Lamar is learning from Frank, it’s a beautiful thing,” Steelers linebacker Sean Spence, another former Cane, said this week.

Gore’s mentoring of Miller has been one of the neater Dolphins-flavored stories of the summer, the four-time Pro Bowler and 49ers star taking the second-year protege under his wing. They work out together twice a day – with a group of other NFL players in the morning in North Miami Beach, and just the two of them, with a trainer, on a Davie field at night.

“Since Lamar started gravitating toward Frank, his work ethic and mentality are unparalleled,” said Pete Bommarito, who runs the highly-regarded Bommarito Performance Systems, where Gore, Miller and many other NFL players train during offseason mornings.

Miller, who almost assuredly will replace Detroit-bound Reggie Bush as Miami’s starter, began spending a lot of time around Gore a couple of months ago, at the suggestion of their agent, Drew Rosenhaus. Bommarito said Gore helped show Miller “how to take care of his body, what to do beyond what is required.”

Gore has noticed another change since they became workout buddies: “His footwork got a lot better."

Privately, the Dolphins believe Miller can be not merely a good starting back, but a great one.

“He’s the fastest running back I’ve ever seen,” said Bommarito, who has trained dozens of them, including Maurice Jones-Drew.

What’s more, Miller said he’s even faster than the player who averaged 4.9 yards on 51 carries as a rookie.

“I’ve gotten quicker doing lateral work, and I’ve become more explosive by training every day doing squats on my legs,” he said.

“[And] I’m stronger. Last year, I was kind of lost getting adjusted to the speed of the game and knowing where I’m supposed to be at all times. Now I’m very comfortable with the system.”

Gore said of the elite UM backs of the past 20 years – Edgerrin James, himself, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Miller – “Lamar is probably the fastest. He reminds me of Portis.”

Teammates, impressed with Miller’s improvement in his pass protection, believe he’s ready for the more prominent role that awaits.

Olivier Vernon, Miller’s Dolphins and former UM teammate, compares him to Tennessee’s Chris Johnson, who ran for 2006 yards in 2009. Philip Wheeler said “he’s really good. Speedy, and that’s what we need.”

“He’s just so smooth,” Matt Moore said. "As shifty as Lamar is, he's more of a downhill guy than Reggie. His nature is to go north and south.... You can see during walkthroughs that his leadership has stepped up. He has grabbed it."

Brian Hartline jokes he has a “man crush” on Miller, while also expressing affection for backup Daniel Thomas.

“And he’s a good kid,” Gore said. “We motivate each other.”

The relationship is especially meaningful for Miller because of their common roots. Both starred in high school locally: Gore at Coral Gables, Miller at Killian.

“We grew up in the same neighborhood – he’s just 10, 15 minutes away from me,” Miller said. “I used to look up to all the UM running backs growing up because that’s where I wanted to go. I want to keep the legacy of the University of Miami going.

“It has been great working with Frank, and it is going to help me in my game. He has given me a lot of tips.”

As they work side by side in the evening, Gore reminds Miller that most players around the league aren't doing anything like this on a July night --- traditionally a vacation period for many players -- and how that will give him a leg up on the competition, some way, some how, once the games begin.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


### Of all the UM football departures this offseason (Thomas Finnie, Gabe Terry, Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul, Dequan Ivery, Robert Lockhart), only Lockhart left completely by choice. Others didn’t follow the program, so to speak, and Finnie and Terry were arrested…. After UM gets its NCAA sanctions in the next few weeks, it will have 15 days to decide whether to appeal, according to bylaws provided by former infractions committee member Jerry Parkinson… Good to see Spence running at Bommarito's center this week after last summer’s devastating knee injury. He hopes to make his NFL regular-season debut for the Steelers by midseason.


Ariz doin work...

Lincoln High School (NY) DT Thomas Holley has had an extremely busy summer, as he has visited five schools already.

“I’ve been to Florida, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. Each trip was great and different and I had an opportunity to learn a lot about each of them,” said Holley.

What stood out about each of his visits?

“There was a couple things like Florida has the facilities, Florida State has the coaching staff, Miami has the great environment and the facilities that you ask for. Notre Dame has a great campus and same thing with Ohio State and the kind of people they have there.”

With offers from nearly every top program in the country, these visits have helped Holley begin to think about cutting his list.
“It’s definitely starting to help that process. Once I finish my visits, I’ll have a better idea of where I wanna go and what I like about each school. I’m probably going to Syracuse, Alabama, and Tennessee too.”

One of the schools that have been on Holley for a long time is Miami and the athletic lineman really enjoyed his trip.

“I did a lot of nice stuff and had an opportunity to see the whole campus and meet some of the players and see their dorms. It was just an opportunity to see Miami since it was my first time going there. It’s a wonderful place with a beautiful environment and atmosphere. Some of the stuff they were telling me as far as the school was really nice.”

Something that Holley has noted in the past about Miami was that it would be an easy adjustment for him coming from a big city, but the visit exceeded his expectations.

“It was actually a little bit better because there was a lot more there than I thought there would be so it made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

Holley’s uncle has accompanied him on all of his vists.

“He just tells me that everybody is going to try to sell their program so you have to really look at the fine print and ask questions about graduation rate and stuff like that.”

The standout DT has a timetable for cutting his list and making a decision.

“I’m trying to narrow it down by the end of summer to at least like a top 3 and before the season starts try to have my decision by then so I can focus on football and school.”

What are the chances Miami makes his list?

“It’s a very high chance, definitely.”


Thomas Holley & Dalvin Cook are now 5-Star players according to 247


Miami’s defense didn’t make many headlines last season, and when it did, it was for all the wrong reasons. The unit struggled mightily, eventually finishing dead last in the ACC in rushing defense, passing defense and total defense, respectively. The group was young, and it showed: The ‘Canes’ porous scheme often undermined a rather competent offense, led by strong-armed quarterback Stephen Morris and dynamic running back Duke Johnson. The results weren’t anything like the ones coach Al Golden envisioned in defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio’s second season.

The ‘Canes finished 7-5 last year and went 5-3 in the ACC’s Coastal division, good enough for a three-way tie for first place with North Carolina and Georgia Tech. The U has enough returning offensive talent to contend for the conference title this fall, but the defense must make some major adjustments.

The 2012 Miami defense didn’t discriminate; it was equally bad at stopping both the run and the pass. But the ‘Canes were particularly awful at getting to the quarterback. No Miami player ranked among the top 10 in the league in sacks, and the team finished with just 13 in sum, the 11th-ranked total in the ACC. Defensive end Shayon Green — a key cog on the Hurricanes’ defensive line — led the team with 67 total tackles last fall, yet he couldn’t manage even a single sack. The team’s leading sack-getter, Anthony Chickillo, threw down the quarterback only four times, but even that number signaled a drop from Chickillo’s five-sack total in 2011. Factor in an unreliable secondary and the defense simply didn’t pose a significant threat to opponents’ passing games.

In fact, opposing quarterbacks probably had Miami circled on their calendar weeks before the matchup. Duke’s Sean Renfree, Boston College’s Chase Rettig and NC State’s Mike Glennon all threw for more than 400 yards against Miami, while Florida State’s E.J. Manuel (229 yards) and Virginia Michael Rocco (300 yards, four TDs) similarly picked apart the defense. Those numbers don’t even include the performances turned in by Kansas State’s Collin Klein and Notre Dame’s Everett Golson, who appeared to be in cruise control during blowout wins over the ‘Canes. The Wildcats beat Miami 52-13 and the Irish thrashed UM 41-3.

Miami’s offense overcame the defense’s deficiences at times, including in shootout victories over Boston College (41-32), NC State (44-37) and Duke (52-45). Yet with so little pressure from the defensive line, quarterbacks had no trouble orchestrating their offenses, something D’Onofrio will need to change as the team prepares for 2013.

As mentioned above, however, opposing quarterbacks weren’t the only players who had their way with Miami. Many running backs steamrolled the ‘Canes in scoring situations. Of the 52 red-zone scores that Miami allowed in 2012, 26 came courtesy of the ground game. Quarterbacks pushed opponents down the field, and running backs finished the job. It happened like clockwork. Rinse and repeat.

Plenty of the blame for last year’s woes was ultimately placed on D’Onofrio, but as he pointed out early on, 17 of the 22 players on the defensive depth chart were either freshman or sophomores. It was a sentiment Golden echoed throughout the 2012 campaign:

“As I say to [D'Onofrio] and the whole defensive staff, we’re moving the team forward. Just keep moving it forward. As I said to you guys before, it’s not like we’re hiding a bunch of fourth and fifth-year seniors on the scout-team field. Where are they? There are no fifth-year seniors, there are no fourth-year seniors – only a couple – and there are very few juniors.”

Experience came at a premium on Miami’s defense, but that’s an area where the Hurricanes have improved, especially across the line. Green, now a senior, and Chickillo, now a junior, join junior Olsen Pierre and senior Curtis Porter to keep last season’s starting line intact with another offseason of practice under its belt.

‘Canes’ fans should also take heart in the notion that D’Onofrio has shown the ability to construct dominant defenses in the past. In his first season in Coral Gables in 2011, the Hurricanes finished seventh in the nation in red-zone defense (87th in 2012) and 21st in scoring defense (82nd in 2012). Fixing last season’s problems will be a test, but the coordinator has dealt with adversity before: He took a Temple defense ranked 117th in the FBS in total defense in 2006 and helped it finish 17th nationally in the same category in 2010.

Miami brings back a good chunk of its defensive production, but that won’t mean much if those same players don’t learn from their 2012 mistakes. The biggest question mark remains the defensive line, but players across the entire depth chart must step up. Given their offense, the ‘Canes could be a legitimate ACC contender. Now, it’s up to D’Onofrio to turn things around with some more experienced pieces to the puzzle.



From D$..

D$'s Top 25 Prospects in Dade/Broward- #5-1

Over the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to see Dade and Broward’s best compete on the gridiron, at camps and at 7-on-7s. The list below is my personal opinion, and I don’t speak for Peter, Tito, Cam or Nash. All forty times are verified by SPARQ. NOTE: I did not include Travonte Valentine as a Dade/Broward prospect because he hasn't played a real game down here yet. If you include him in the mix, he is likely a Top 10 prospect.

5. Jordan Scarlett, RB, University School- (5’11, 200)- Arguably the top back in the nation for 2015. Even though he is built like a young Trent Richardson, his gliding running style reminds me of Darren McFadden. Possesses legitimate breakaway speed to go along with his power. Ran for 1,351 yards and 22 TDs as a sophomore.

4. Ermon Lane, WR, Homestead (6’2, 196 lbs, 4.52)- Elite vertical receiver with downfield speed and the ability to grab the ball at its highest point. Lane is a 48-minute player who gets snaps at WR, CB, H-back and returner for the Broncos. Luther Campbell and the dominant Northwestern defense paid Lane the ultimate respect last year, as you can see below (by the way, he caught a 20-yard fade right after I took this picture):

3. Shawn Burgess-Becker, WR/S, Monarch (6'2, 190)- A natural. Played mostly safety in 2012 before exploding as a wide receiver during the off-season circuit. Everything about his game looks easy: his route-running, the way he uses his body to keep defenders away, his ability to snatch the football. Should emerge as a five-star prospect in the class of 2015.

2. Sony Michel, RB, American Heritage (5’11, 210)- Two years removed from a torn ACL, Michel is poised to take back the number one spot. One of the most mentally and physically mature players in the nation. When he goes to high school camps it looks like he’s participating in the NFL Combine. Ran a 10.73 100M after his knee injury, and is close to regaining the pre-injury cutting ability that made him the best prospect in Florida.

1. Dalvin Cook, RB, Central (5’11, 196 lbs., 4.46)- Youth football superstar who has emerged as the biggest playmaker in the state. Played his signature game in the state semifinal at Naples, where he turned 10 offensive touches into 233 yards and 4 TDs. Also plays cornerback full-time for the Rockets.


I like Dalvin Cook, and I saw him as someone with great straight-line speed, but I always thought Yearby has greater balance, agility and RB instincts. I really don't see much that separates them, but I like Yearby better as a RB. I hope the Canes can land both Yearby and Cook.

Duke is the best HS RB I have seen since Gore, but Yearby, Michel and Cook are certainly among the best. They each have different running styles and attributes, but I just thought Duke had it all, plus Duke has the heart of a lion and steps lighter than a feather.

I will go to a couple of games this year to see if my opinion will change but I still like Yearby.


For Duke to do the things he did against the teams he did his senior year, especially that playoff run was amazing.



New raising canes video people...

Old Skool

Of the 121 players on the 2008 national champions, 41 have been arrested either in college or afterward.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | July 12, 2013 at 05:11 AM

The Dolphins must be so proud to have honored that team.

What's next Casey Anthony appreciation day?


Old Skool that is some funny shyt right there lol


Old Skool that is some funny shyt right there lol

Posted by: UMike | July 12, 2013 at 10:11 AM



Evidence that McCord is a RUSH linebacker.



Current Team:

Seniors: Eduardo Clements, Maurice Hagens


Sophomores: Dallas Crawford, Duke Johnson

Freshmen: Danny Dillard (RS), Gus Edwards, Ray Lewis III

Duke Johnson is the clear cut starter here and one of the most electric players in the game right now. He has the ability to make a run at the Heisman before his career at Miami is over. The team is woefully thin behind him however. Clements will likely never play again due to a neck injury. Hagens has generated some encouraging buzz so far and might be able to handle a few carries in short yardage work behind Duke. Crawford is more of a Swiss Army knife style scat back who will try to find his niche in what will likely be limited touches.

The freshman group is somewhat underwhelming with Gus Edwards being the main cog of the group as the only one that looks to have potential starting ability down the line.


7 bodies are on the roster but 2 SR’s leaving after the year and 2 that look like bit time players. That leaves Duke (who could bolt to the NFL after 2015), Crawford, and Edwards as the only contributors heading into the 2014 season. Given that situation and the oft injured nature of the position, Miami will be looking to take 2 if not 3 running back during the 2014 cycle.

2014 Recruits:

Current Commitments: Joseph Yearby (4*)

Current Targets: Dalvin Cook (4*), Sony Michel (5*), Derrell Scott (4*), Brandon Powell (4*)

Current commit Joe Yearby might be the best pure RB in the State of Florida and could be the most ready made player at the position in the entire 2014 class. He will almost definitely earn snaps immediately as a Frosh. Miami will have to hold off some competition for him through the fall.

Dalvin Cook is arguably the best fit next to Yearby in this class and there’s no doubt that his Central teammates and current Miami commits are trying to convince him of just that. The flipside is the Cook is considered a strong Gator pledge at the moment and is openly recruiting others on their behalf. That said, there is some underlying good news for Cane fans as Cook has plenty of reasons to frequent the Miami campus during the fall and I’ve consistently been told that Miami will have their say in this before it’s all said and done.

Sony Michel is the 3rd of the big time South Florida trio of backs. He is a solid UGA commit at the moment and there’s no signs of that ever changing. The Miami staff seems to have let things settle on that front for a while but it’s safe to assume that they will pick up a heated recruitment of him sometime during the fall.

Brandon Powell is yet another local target that is currently committed elsewhere. Tennessee is his school of choice at the moment and Miami is hoping that is didn’t get to the party too late as they just recently threw their hat in the ring with an offer. Powell is more of a scatback style burner that would also be a good complement to Yearby in this class.

Finally, the lone out of state player on the list at the moment is North Carolina RB Derrell Scott. Miami is trailing a few programs on this battle but their do have some fairly strong interest so it’s worth noting him just in case.

read the rest..


Posted by: Cane_Since_1982! | July 11, 2013 at 06:33 PM

Holy Moly! Long time, long time. Where U been?

Posted by: SOUP | July 11, 2013 at 07:29 PM

Did the whole Afghanistan thing for a year, been back for a little while but super busy. Now I've got a cushy staff job to ride the rest of my tour here in Hawai'i. Some time around OCT I should be headed back to FT. Benning in GA for about a year so Ill be more active since Ill be back on East Coast time.


Posted by: UMike | July 12, 2013 at 12:02 PM

They're leaving out our walk-on RB De'Andre Johnson from Iowa.


Miami offered WR Javonte Seabury



BTW...Seabury's brother is 5-Star Jacques Patrick....I think Seabury wont fastest man at one of the Miami camps





Posted by: canezilla | July 12, 2013 at 01:37 PM

Ermon Lane wears a Canes hat, but most have him projected to go to Bama or UF.

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