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July 19, 2013





My first first in a couple of months, purely by accident.


"From what I am hearing if Al golden stays and Miami is in the hunt we have the best chance of landing Ricky Town."

That's what I want to hear. Nice!

Terrance Sullivan

Can't wait. Go Canes. F the Crocs


Happy Friday Spacers!

Soup hit me up when U can... lots goin on in Lizard Land...

Just so ya'll know Lizard fans faer us this year!!!


Sup Spacers?

Soup hit me up when U can... lots goin on in Lizard land...

Just so Ya'll know the Lizard fans here fear us this year!!!


Stacey Coley


Ocala...got your calls and will return a call this PM. I've been busier than a one legged man in an azz kicking contest.


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Sarasota 'cane

My Uncle Tom passed last night while battling pnemonia. He was a real "Dude" around Sarasota and will be missed by many!





Figures..post tons of stuff only for there to be a new blog lol


### Hialeah quarterback Alin Edouard, who remains a UM oral commitment, tweeted that he will be on the road visiting other schools this weekend, beginning with Cincinnati. UM is prepared to take three quarterbacks in this class, but some believe only two of the three oral commitments will end up coming (Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier or Edouard, with Rosier considered more likely).

"There will continue to be strong recruitment of quarterbacks until we get symmetry and the position where we want it," Al Golden said this offseason.

### Tough summer for several UM players starting their pro careers. Dallas’ Shane Larkin broke his ankle; Durand Scott has gone scoreless in just 25 Las Vegas Summer League minutes for the Spurs; Kenny Kadji is averaging 5.5 points (9 for 22 shooting) for Cleveland’s Summer League team, though he played better Thursday; and Reggie Johnson and Trey McKinney Jones are still looking for work. Julian Gamble signed in France.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:20 AM

### UM receiver Malcolm Lewis did not apply for a medical redshirt and will be a sophomore this season, not a redshirt freshman. Lewis suffered a season-ending injury in the fourth game against Georgia Tech last September and could have applied for a redshirt. But UM says he can apply for another year after his senior season, if he chooses.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:20 AM

I told you Holley wasn't an option..he liked us when we were on him early, but once he blew up and got all that attention, it was over. Oh well, we still got plenty of other options there.

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:23 AM

Nothing new..but might be to some..from a blogger at CIS...

SIAP, Lane & Q. Wilson "package deal"...

Lane and Quincy Wilson making it known that they fully intend on going to the same school.

I know it isn't "news" to anyone, but I guess this just serves as more confirmation that Lane isn't coming here.

Landing Berrios and Dixon will help me quickly forget about Lane.

I would gladly trade Lane for a Berrios/Dixon combo.

Support #⃣5⃣Jwalk ‏@_MoneyLane

My (Me) & @DC_Wilson954 playing together for 3 or 4 years

♛Chosen 1★ ‏@DC_Wilson954 15h

So if you commit to OSU, Ermon Lane would follow you to Columbus? — Yea http://ask.fm/a/5475kqj5

Zach Abolverdi ‏@ZachAbolverdi 15h

If Quincy Wilson & Ermon Lane truly intend to go to same school, it must be UF. No offers for Wilson from Lane's other leaders, Bama & Miami
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Kyle Pumariega ‏@KylePuma 15h

Ermon Lane & Quincy Wilson claim they are going to go to the same college. Cross UM off, Quincy doesn't hold an offer from Miami.
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Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:25 AM

During the season last year many wondered "where are the linebackers?" Sometimes they would show up on fourth and short in crucial situations (a la GT) and then sometimes they just.. wouldn't show up at all (ND). Let's take a look at who's returning this year and how they could possibly project for the upcoming season. The order of the breakdown is based on who I think will make the most impact next year for the team.

Denzel Perryman/ Junior / 6'0", 236lbs / Coral Gables, FL

When looking for a player that really needs to step up and take a leadership role next season, Denzel Perryman is the guy. He's been playing since his freshmen season which was in 2011 and hasn't relinquished the starting role. The only blemish on his record has been his spats with the big, bad injury bug. You can read more on him here if you want to check out more on Perryman but if you want the cliff notes version: if this defense is looking to improve on last season's abysmal rankings they'll need him roving side line to side line in coverage getting after the opposition in the open field. Last season Miami had him playing the middle linebacker position out of necessity but this season they'll be pushing him back to his natural position which is on the outside. We can expect Perryman to be on several watch lists and possibly be nominated for many awards for the upcoming season. If the Defense takes a step forward and Miami shines this year, be on the lookout for some new hard ware coming his way!

Alex Figueroa/ Freshman / 6'3", 231lbs / Stafford, VA

No Stats due to playing in High School.

If any of you would like to start an argument about the "star system" for recruiting, this new arrival may be the poster child for your discussion.. He comes to us from a suburb of Northern Virginia where he was raised with discipline by his two military parents (see Canes All Access). He was not highly recruited (was a three star) but Head Coach Al Golden and Defensive Coordinator Coach Mark D'Onofrio liked his work ethic and game tape so they decided to offer him a scholarship. Since his arrival on campus (if you didn't watch the above video) he has gotten down and dirty into the "U Tough" program and has blossomed. Per the last Spring Depth Chart, he's the starter alongside Perryman manning the other outside linebacker position. He brings this team an added "thumper" when it comes to the linebacker core as he's a readymade player at 230lbs. Under Golden it seems gone are the days of bringing in 190-200lbs linebackers which was a needed purge.

Raphael Kirby/ Sophomore / 6'0", 230lbs / Stone Mountain, GA

Now we get to the fun part.. The fight for the middle linebacker position.. In this battle we have two contenders, Raphael Kirby and Jimmy Gaines. Kirby had an unfortunate start to his college career by breaking his right leg in preseason practice before last season. Due to the injury he missed roughly half the season but contributed in the last 7 games. With this coinciding with him being a freshman and trying to get his conditioning back during the season, he really only saw spot duty. However, with a full offseason regimen planned out by the strength and conditioning staff at UM he's done well to throw his hat into the ring for a possible starting spot. The reason I have him above Gaines in the pecking order is that we've seen what Gaines can do. Don't get me wrong, he's a good player and a positive contributor but Kirby was a 4 star recruit and has shown a bigger upside when it comes to overall athletic ability.

Jimmy Gaines/ Senior / 6'3", 235lbs / Getzville, NY

With the above stated about Kirby, let's get to Jimmy Gaines. He came to Miami as one of the last recruits under former Coach Randy Shannon. He was an unranked ball player from upstate New York and has been a solid to above average contributor to the Canes since he's been on campus. Many pegged him for a breakout year last season due to his strangle hold on the elusive "Black Jersey" which Golden gives out to only the most worthy of student athlete's but overall, Gaines' impact was average on the field. You can see in the stats that he did well in the tackling department (was 5th on the team last year) but overall he didn't contribute much else. With that said, he does bring leadership and valuable experience (14 starts over the last two years) to a depth chart that doesn't have much behind him..

Tyriq McCord/ Sophomore / 6'3", 236lbs / Tampa, FL

Many have tried to surmise what Coach Golden has meant by the term "hybrid defense." From what I've seen, it's just a cute way of saying he's transitioning UM from a 4-3 scheme to a 3-4 base defense. He ran it at UVa when he was their Defensive Coordinator and he ran it exclusively at Temple when he was the Head Ball Coach. No other player can demonstrate the vast difference between the two schemes then McCord. He was recruited as a Defensive End from high school (see player review here ) and had a solid year as a rush specialist off the edge his freshman year. However, with the transformation slowly taking shape along the defensive front, Golden and D'Onofrio decided to "stand him up" as an outside linebacker this offseason so that he could attack from many different angles around the offense. As a freshmen he was second on the team in sacks and looks to improve off his numbers from last season. Look for him to rush the passer and be a Terrill Suggs/Brian Orakpo/Ryan Kerrigan type player. Not asked to play coverage too much but used primarily to get after the QB.

Thurston Ambrister/ Junior / 6'3", 220lbs / Hollywood, FL

The above mentioned players will probably get the bulk of the snaps come game days on defense. The next few guys listed will be extremely important when it comes to the special teams unit. Ambrister was another lightly recruited player coming out of High School, he only had one offer which was from Northern Colorado. He signed with Miami the year Golden got on campus and was actually a "late signee" who literally waited until the last minute (he signed pre-graduating high school, like RIGHT BEFORE graduation). Many thought he wouldn't contribute much if at all for UM but he actually has been a pleasant surprise and needed depth as an outside linebacker. His first year on campus he competed on the practice squad, even though he didn't record a tackle he had to have played in a game or else he would have been considered a redshirt. Last year he started a few games due to injuries. With the compounding of his duties on kick/punt coverage, he came away with respectable numbers for a backup. Ambrister is one of those guys that could develop to be a fringe starter along the outside but really his work will be as an ace special teamer. Even though that sounds like a step down from the other ‘backers he is a pertinent part of the field position game and will be counted on to make sure no big returns occur!

JaWand Blue/ Freshman (RS) / 6'0", 225lbs / Boca Raton, FL

Out of all the players I get to write about, Jawand was easily the most fun to research, only because his recruiting story is pure gold. Blue was a consensus three star inside linebacker coming out of the great state of Florida. He had many offers but had long been verballed to Virginia Tech. This wasn't a soft verbal like many are used to hearing about from recruiting services, this was a solid decision he made that many didn't think he would change his mind on, including Virginia Tech. On signing day our Miami Hurricanes had a scholarship open up due to a recruit deciding to go elsewhere so Golden called Blue to see if he'd be interested in staying home. He said yes and to say Virginia Tech was baffled and angry was an understatement. Read the link here.

Anyways, Blue redshirted last year so he was able to get into the playbook some more and hopefully contribute on special teams this year. If the depth is tested, he'd probably be the "next man up" behind Jimmy Gaines/Raphael Kirby when it comes to snaps at middle linebacker.

Tyrone Cornelius/ Senior / 6'2", 215lbs / Stone Mountain, GA

Just like Jimmy Gaines, this is another of Randy Shannon's last linebacker recruits. Let me make it known, there's nothing wrong with that but you can just tell the physical differences between what we have at the position now and what we used to trot out onto the field in previous years... Anyways, Cornelius came to us as a three star recruit and has bounced around from safety to linebacker as needed. The reason for this is because of his "tweaner" size. He's pretty speedy as a linebacker but too small to necessarily take the brunt of punishment. Although he is an adequate size for a safety he's too slow when it comes to coverage so therein lies the problem with him.. With all that said however, he has still helped out the Canes. He plays special teams and even spot started on the outside when asked to last year (again, injuries and very little depth are the reason).

Jermaine Grace/ Freshman / 6'1", 210lbs / Miami Gardens, FL

I may get a lot of flak for putting Grace this low in the "rankings" but I believe he should be redshirted, thus why he is where he is. I know he has the talent to be in the rotation but he wasn't an early enrollee and I see his physique being a hindrance to both himself and the team as he currently weighs in at a svelte 210 pounds. Again, I want to make it known, I think he could be a very good impact player due to his highlight reel hits and game changing ability in coverage (consensus four star recruit ). I just don't see it in his best interests or the teams to burn a perfectly good redshirt year. Hopefully he can grow mentally and physically over the next year and be ready to fill in behind Perryman (assuming he doesn't leave early), Kirby or possibly vie for a job with Figueroa.

Walter Tucker/ Freshman / 6'0", 205lbs / Plantation, FL

If we were to debate about Grace possibly getting playing time next year I'd understand your argument. Tucker on the other hand has no excuse to be playing. He is too small and will need at least one to two years of seasoning at the linebacker position (he may possibly move to running back). The reason for this is because Tucker is a two sport star. He was a late signee by Coach Golden due to the fact he wanted to be able to play football and also run track at his college of choice. Golden is allowing this due to the fact that Tucker is a two time state champion in the 110 meter hurdles and.. Why not? He's holding one of 80-85 scholarships, its okay to take a flier on 3-5 kids and he's one of them. His upside, if he were to commit to football, could be through the roof. This is a kid we'll just have to wait and see what happens, he could very well settle on the track team if he is really successful and no one would blame him if he did.

Akil Craig/ Senior / 6'1", 226lbs / Tampa, FL

Craig has mainly attributed to the Scout Team offense and defense at UM. Last year he was able to play the field in a handful of snaps and recorded one tackle. Based on redshirting, injuries or overall depth, we'll have to see if he can help on the special team's front this year. Only time will tell!

Overall Thoughts on the Linebackers for Next Season

If you compare this group to previous years, this band of men is easily the most physically gifted set we've had in the last 4-6 years. Under Coker and Shannon you'd see smaller linebackers who were more fast than dominant when it came to playing their assignments. These players could guard tight ends and running backs but really they couldn't push them around or be assertive. The current group is a tad bit young but they have all the physical tools to be able to play with anyone's personnel matchups. We'll just have to see if the scheme takes advantage of what they bring to the table.

Please note, I used the Miami Hurricanes Official site as a Roster and that's where I was able to retrieve the stats from as well. I am fully aware that I didn't include Alquadin Muhammad and Devontae Bond. Neither is technically on the team yet due to academic issues. I hope they are able to make it onto the roster but until then, this is what we got!

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:32 AM


Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:40 AM

Before we get started, I just want to mention one thing about Miami’s season. Tickets to the UF game are almost sold out and I’m thrilled that Canes fans are so pumped about the match-up. That being said, I want Miami fans to support this team on the road as well. The four best teams in the Coastal Division are UM, Ga Tech, Va Tech, and UNC. I think the Canes will take care of business against VT and GT with the games being in Miami. The game in Chapel Hill on Thursday October 17th will be the most important ACC game of the year for Al Golden’s team. Miami needs to reach and possibly win the ACC title game to consider this season a success, and the winner of this matchup moves to the driver’s seat in the Coastal. If you haven’t been to a Thursday night road game, I would strongly encourage you to make the trip. Hope to see you there.

While I’ve enjoyed catching up on Ron Zook’s new career and the concert escapades of Charlie Weis, it’s time to get back to business. Get ready for more college football predictions. I call this post "Don't be Surprised When". I will nervously check this list at the end of the season to see how I did. I want to receive some minimal praise, but also hope to hear the complaints from those of you who disagree with me. Debates and arguments are crucial aspects of the preseason. Miami dominates FAU in just 43 days and the excitement continues to build.

Don't be Surprised When......ACC Edition

The NCAA treats Miami fairly at long last

Miami fans, coaches, and players have been dealing with the NCAA cloud for what feels like a decade. Soon, this difficult period will be behind the Canes and everyone can finally focus solely on football. The Miami administration did a great job dealing with the NCAA during the COI meetings and I expect nothing more than a few scholarship penalties. The Canes will get credit for time served and their two previous self-imposed bowl bans will be enough to satisfy the NCAA. Mark Emmert and company know that in order to have time to rehabilitate their image, the NCAA must fade away from the headlines for a while. If Miami is punished with an additional bowl ban, the public outcry will be substantial. After hearing SEC commissioner Mike Slive’s comments that essentially bashed the NCAA and questioned its existence, I became very confident about Miami’s fate. With Penn State actively questioning their severe penalties and receiving public support, all signs point to a Canes reprieve. Oregon was the first beneficiary of the NCAA’s need to fade into the background and Miami will be next.

Clemson goes undefeated in ACC regular season play

The Tigers have a dream conference schedule in 2013. The Atlantic Division is far weaker than the Coastal in terms of depth, and Clemson avoids playing Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech. Clemson hosts Florida State and will have revenge on their mind. The experience of Tajh Boyd will be the difference and FSU freshman QB Jameis Winston will be facing the toughest challenge of his young career. Clemson’s road games are against Syracuse, Maryland, Virginia, and NCST. With the talent of Boyd and Sammy Watkins and four returning offensive line starters, this Clemson team is finally ready to avoid a terrible road loss. Dabo Swinney has improved as a coach and the Tigers’ win over LSU gave them confidence they can play with anyone. Clemson opens with Georgia at home, and a win could have the Tigers in the Top 5 all season, setting up a season ending thriller against South Carolina.

Virginia's Mike London is fired at the end of the season

After three seasons at the helm, his record at Virginia is 8-16 in the ACC and 16-21 overall. It's sickening as a Miami fan that three of those wins came against the Canes, but that streak surely ends this season. 2011 was a strong year for the Cavs, but London's team regressed in 2012. With tough out of conference games against BYU and Oregon to start the 2013 season, breaking in a new starting QB will be difficult. Don't be tricked into thinking that experienced assistant coaching hires can right this ship. Tenuta and O'Brien aren't wearing pads. The talent level isn't there to win in the ACC and the quarterback situation spells disaster.

Don't be Surprised When......National Edition

Urban Meyer becomes a disciplinarian to try to save face

Meyer will immediately throw the next player that is arrested at Ohio State off the team. Meyer will scold him publicly because he must make an attempt to mend his national reputation. OSU has a national championship caliber team in 2013 and Meyer must keep the media's focus away from his years at the helm of #LochteNation. Miami and FSU fans shouted from the rooftops about Urban's legacy of arrests and player leniency during his time in Gainesville. No one listened back then due to the media's love affair with Tim Tebow. Meyer is finally facing the heat he deserves as details are released about a seemingly endless number of "alleged" shootings involving Aaron Hernandez. Just when Urban tried to calm the situation down, his former players the Pouncey twins decided to show their fashionable support to Aaron in public. Now current UF coach Will Muschamp is taking shots at Meyer and most college football fans couldn't be happier to see Urban's hypocrisy being exposed.

The Media revels in the struggles of Johnny Football

Every incompletion or interception by Johnny Manziel will be blamed on excessive partying, a drinking problem, a lack of focus, or an ego that he cant control. No defense will ever get credit for making a play, or for making adjustments to stop an Aggies offense that they now have more familiarity with. No one will mention that Manziel lost several key playmakers and talented offensive linemen to the NFL. No one will mention the loss of his OC Kliff Kingsbury. It will all be about his partying and social media escapades of the offseason because it's the type of story the media dreams of. Most writers probably already have their story written, waiting to release it after Manziel's first poor performance. If and when Texas A&M loses a game, Manziel will be instantly labeled a Heisman bust and will be criticized beyond belief. (forgetting the Aggies lost two games In 2012)

Mark May and Lou Holtz are FINALLY removed from ESPN's College Football Scoreboard and Final after the 2013 season

Fox Sports 1 will try to challenge ESPN's college football supremacy, starting this season. In the past, viewers were forced to endure the painfully awful ESPN shows with Holtz and May if they wanted college football highlights. With another option now available, ESPN will discover just how hated these two men are as broadcasters. Mark May has stooped to new levels this offseason with his hypocritical outrage over Johnny Manziel's behavior. The novelty of "Dr. Lou" wore off years ago and he no longer provides any real insight or information, other than celebrating Notre Dame's success. I have pity for Rece Davis because I know he must be praying for the day that he is given better talent to work with. Being forced to watch "The Final Verdict," where Rece wears a robe and tries to stimulate discussions with May and Holtz, almost constitutes torture. ESPN must prepare for the 2014 season with commentators that viewers actually enjoy and respect. The playoff in college football will bring the sport even more popularity and ratings, so expect a change to be made at the end of this season.

The SEC's run of 7 straight National Titles ends this year

I realize this prediction is out of consensus, but all streaks are made to be broken. The SEC champion will face a much better opponent than Notre Dame this January. I believe in the Pac 12 this year and think that the winner of the Stanford Oregon game could be the team that dethrones the SEC. The Ducks are loaded on both sides of the ball and Marcus Mariota still doesn't get the respect he deserves. Alabama has to be very careful to not get complacent this year. The Tide will be ready for Texas A&M and seek out their revenge, but I'm not sure their focus will remain at that level all season. If Georgia or South Carolina ends up winning the SEC, that could open the door even further for a non-SEC national champion. Ohio State plays a very easy schedule and Braxton Miller will be tough to stop as his confidence increases.

Oklahoma State wins the Big 12

The Cowboys have a favorable conference schedule, hosting Baylor, Oklahoma, KState and TCU. The only road game that will present a challenge is a trip to face Texas. With Oklahoma likely to have a down year, the road to a BCS bowl could be decided on November 16th when the Cowboys take on the Longhorns in Austin. The Cowboys should be favored in their first nine games and will gain confidence as the year progresses. Jeremy Smith is a talented RB and both JW Walsh and Clint Chelf have proven their talents at quarterback. Both guys are capable of leading this team to a conference title. Mike Gundy has replaced offensive coordinators with success in recent years and I have confidence in his hire of Mike Yurcich. New defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer will be an upgrade over Miami’s former defensive "guru" Bill Young.


Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:48 AM

Also no surprise, but STA 4-Sta WR Corey Holmes committed to ND. He has all along wanted to go out of state.

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 06:52 AM

From Rivals..

Rivals250 defensive end Chad Thomas dominated the star-studded second session of Jimbo Fisher's FSU camp.

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 08:45 AM

Presently, Brad Kayaa, the strong-armed and well-built signal caller from West Hills, California is one of the better known high school signal callers in the nation. Back in the beginning of spring, Kayaa, was just a relatively unknown prospect on the West Coast who hadn't even drawn all that much interest from Pac 12 programs. Now, the Chaminade College Prep quarterback is pledged to the University of Miami and he capped off a strong off-season by being named to the prestigious Elite 11.

It was a process that was three years in the making.

Helping him along the way was a familiar face to college football fans, Rudy Carpenter, the former Arizona State standout, who started the better part of three seasons for the Sun Devils from 2005 to 2008 and has spent time on the rosters of the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brad Kayaa Sr. explained to CanesInSight.com, "Somebody who Brad knew got a hold of Rudy and said, 'Hey, he's a kid you should probably be working with a little bit' and so Rudy called me at a certain point because he knew that Brad was a high-level player and had the good frame and a good body and had a good work ethic. I think he saw Brad play in a passing league so he called and we started talking and he said, 'Look, I'm a fair guy, I'm not going to over-charge anybody but there's certain kids I like to work with, kids that really want to work hard and I think he'd be great with me.' And you know what? It turned out to be a really great decision.''

Kayaa, who is entering his senior season at Chaminade, was familiar with Carpenter, who went to Westlake Village High School and led his squad to a 14-0 record in 2003 and the CIF Division II title.

"Rudy played football in the Southern Section, I met him my freshman year at a passing league. He talked to my dad and he just told him that he could form me into a highly touted quarterback by my senior year and he's worked with me a lot since then and he's really transformed me as a quarterback," recalled Kayaa.

When asked what the biggest influence that Carpenter has had on him, he explained, "Every quarterback coach has physical points that they can point out. Y'know, 'Here's a three-step drop, five-step drop,' a throw here, a throw there. Rudy's played the game and he's been in there before. He's been through high school, he's played college football, broke records, played in the NFL. So he's definitely been there before and having a guy that you can conceptualize information with and just really get in-depth about the mental side of the game with, I think it's really special to have someone who's already been there."

Carpenter, who's name is all over the Arizona State and Pac 10/12 record books, says of Kayaa's evolution, "Brad was the kind of kid who when I first got him at the end of his freshman year was about 6'1, maybe 190 pounds, real skinny kid. Not a ton of athletic ability, not a very strong arm, not very accurate, maybe a little unsure of himself. But over the years together with just an extensive program of throwing and doing a ton of footwork drills and also him getting older and maturing, it's been great to watch him turn into what I think is a top-five nationally ranked quarterback."

Long Read..

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2013 at 08:48 AM


Sorry for your loss Sota


Blah, Sota, so sorry to hear that. Prayers your way, my man.


:( Sota sorry to hear...

VA Cane

God bless you and yours at this time Sota

Sarasota 'cane

Thanks guys. He and my Dad spent all last week in Jamestown R.I. where they were born. I'm grateful that they were able to have such an awesome trip together before he passed. Happy and humble is how I will remember him.


After posting this blog should I be more concerned about getting whacked by the Gators or the Gambinos?


SOUP..as long as Hernandez isn't renting cars any time soon, you should be ok


If U don't hear from me after a while and one day they do find me wearing concrete shoes and sleeping with da fishes, I leave the following:

1. The blog to OhioCane and UMike.

2. My season tickets to Terrance.

3. The Canespace T-shirt business to OcalaCane.

4. All my Canes memorabilia to Canezilla.

5. My Hurricane Club membership and all of my liquor to RaizeCane.

6. My kayak to Old Skool and my fishing gear to NativeCane.

7. My thanks and appreciation to Hassan, LB and CaneRock and all of the many other regular bloggers who have made Canespace THE place to be for Canes fans.

8. My love and appreciation to CGNC.

9. My hotel room at The Hampton and my Sun Life parking pass to OGV.

10. My thanks for all of the thrills and joy that University of Miami athletics have brought me over the last 35 years.


Miami Hurricanes sophomore RB Duke Johnson added a fourth preseason watch list to his résumé Friday. The 2012 ACC Rookie of the Year was named to the 2013 Player of the Year Watch List by the Walter Camp Football Foundation.

The Walter Camp Football Foundation’s Player of the Year Award is the nation’s fourth-oldest individual college football accolade. Miami has had two players win the Walter Camp award – Vinny Testaverde in 1986 and Gino Torretta in 1992.

Johnson, who was a second-team Walter Camp All-American selection in 2012, is one of 50 players named to the preseason list is one of four ACC players on the list, joining Tajh Boyd (Clemson), Logan Thomas (Virginia Tech) and Sammy Watkins (Clemson).

In all, 37 schools are represented on the list with defending national champion Alabama having four players.

The Miami product has also been named to the watch lists for the Paul Hornung Award (most versatile player in college football), the Maxwell Award (college player of the year) and the Doak Walker Award (best college running back). Johnson enjoyed one of the greatest freshman seasons in Hurricanes history in 2012, amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 TDs, while breaking Clinton Portis’ 13-year-old school freshman rushing record with 947 yards. His 892 kick return yards were a single-season record, while also tying the school single-season mark with two kick returns for touchdowns.


Watch list central for 2013 season:



"Duke Johnson up for four National Awards"



RIP uncle Tom

Thanks Soup.

I am looking forward to to season




Sota sorry about your loss, times liekt hese are always difficult. Crazy to hear your family is from jamestown, RI im from Rhode Island and still live in the Rody State. Growing up we used to love playing soccer in jamestown always had incredible games. jamestown is a beautiful place.

Once again keep your head up!!


No worries Soup... U know I got your back!

We eat Gator meat!


Sorry to hear of your loss, Sarasota- always sad to lose those who are close to us.
42 days, friends. . .



"The quickest way for ANY coach to get his ass beat is to ASSUME he is "smarter" than the other coach. Thinking you are going to "out-manuever", or, "out-cute" the other coach ain't going to get it done.

The BEST way to win is to keep things simple, reduce the game to it's lowest common denominator, & teach the kids to physically kick the CRAP! out of the opponents.

If I've learned ANYTHING in over 400 games, THAT WAS IT!

PS: NICK SABAN is the "hottest" name in coaching today. Here is what SABAN says about the subject: "COUNTER YOUR OPPONENT'S COMPLEXITY WITH SIMPLICITY AND AGGRESSION (play simpler, faster, without "paralysis by analysis"). I'll take HIS word for it!!!"


Miami quarterback Stephen Morris has been under the radar from a national perspective, but the more folks watch him, the more that will change.

It already has started to change, in fact.

Two noted NFL draft analysts in recent weeks have heaped high praise on Morris, declaring him one of the best quarterbacks in college football. Steve Muench from ESPN Scouts Inc. gives Morris the nod ahead of Tajh Boyd as the top quarterback prospect in the ACC at this early evaluation point. Muench says, "Morris gets the same accuracy grade as Boyd, but it's his frame and eyes that give Morris the edge. He is better able to see the field and does a better job of looking off safeties and finding his checkdowns when his first option isn't there."

More recently, NFL.com analyst Bucky Brooks said Morris "might be the most talented quarterback in college football" after watching him at the Manning Passing Academy. Brooks says, "I believe he could rate as one of the top pure passers in college football. He is an outstanding rhythm passer who displays terrific anticipation, awareness and timing in the pocket. Although he only has one year of starting experience at Miami, Morris' remarkable physical tools and superb game-management skills could garner him high rankings on quarterback lists around the NFL."

Interestingly enough, noted NFL analyst Mel Kiper Jr. does not have Morris listed among his early top quarterback prospects headed into the 2014 draft. But I think that will change once Kiper digs deeper into his evaluations and has another full year to watch Morris play.

Simply put, Morris isn't going to remain an unknown for much longer.




Terrance Sullivan



CB Nigel Bethel commits to CANES!!



UMike, U were saying? Lol ;-)


N.Bethel ‏@_NigelBethel 4m

Thanks everyone appreciate it...no hard feelings to any other school, I just wanted to eat in my hometown.

^^^ That's what's up.



10+ win prediction


God, I love 2-0 E-Reed

and Michael Irvin talking gave me goose bumps


VA Cane

"COUNTER YOUR OPPONENT'S COMPLEXITY WITH SIMPLICITY AND AGGRESSION (play simpler, faster, without "paralysis by analysis"). I'll take HIS word for it!!!"

I agree CR they sure are doing something right. He goes after people, faster quicker stronger and very aggressive. Great point!!!


UMike, U were saying? Lol ;-)

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 19, 2013 at 04:19 PM

I am hear to eat crow lol


am here**

Old Skool

All right we got ourselves a Nigel. FSU's had a couple over the past few years.

Eat in his hometown... Guy likes home cooking. Gotta respect that.


Soup - lol on the crime family. Good article.

Unless you're cutting into the Gambino's revenue stream, or are turning State's evidence on them, you have nothing to worry about. It's all about the Benjamin's.

Also, I'm pretty sure if you add up Urban's and mushump's arrests its close to 50!!!

Think about that!

The Dude


Don't ya just love the $EC?

The NCAA should have taken this kids scholarship.


Lately, The blog has become a veritable black hole for all of my occasional comments. Why? Am I doing something wrong? Am I banned? Do I have to sign in each time with TypePad again? Is the NSA is somehow intercepting my posts?


Soup - lol on the crime family. Good article.

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | July 19, 2013 at 06:00 PM

I built up the courage from your remarks.

My head winds up on a platter it is all on U!


Guys when can hurricane club members buy tickets for game against ufag?


UPNorth...7/22 at 7 AM on line and 9 AM by phone.



#Canes DB U - Since 98' Canes have had 9 NFL 1st Round Pick DB's, LSU has had 4


Can someone else besides old skool get pumped we got an elite 4*, so to be 5* cover corner? Come on!!

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