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July 30, 2013


The Dude

Maybe I am in the minority here, and I am certainly not trying to defend a Gator, just in general I don't believe that saying n*gger makes one a racist. I haven't seen the video of him, but I know ESPN is really maiking a big deal of it. Maybe he really wanted to fight the guy and was trying to provoke him? I guess that sounds like I'm defending him? Well F him anyways for being a Gator.



You need to watch the video BEFORE you comment...

The Dude

Sorry roach, can't right now. Will check it out later tonight. I think you know what I am saying though. I was just reacting to the radio gossip.


@ChrisYandle: Good nighttime reading: #Canes release #CanesCamp depth chart. Players report Thu/Fri. Practice starts Sat http://t.co/HAe1yXuFLP


Have no fear Caneites, the big bad NCAA will not gut us, to bad. The Herb sees handing over a few ships to grease their palms and then it's on to bigger and better things. It's really a shame our defense is such a big question mark but that being said in all reality, if we can stay out of our own way, we could and probably should, with almost everyone back, run the table, during the regular season. I know our defense will be better BUT we don't have the star power or should The Herb say, nobody has stepped to the forefront as of yet.




He needs to be banned. Being a Yankee and a cheat, great combination, However, we appreciate the funds for the Baseball field and that's how The Herb sees it!

The Dude

Just saw the video. To me, he's being disrespectful. Not sure if it warrants a day of radio committed to where we are in this country in terms of racism. Is he a douche? Yup. Are there worse things in sports? Yup. That's just the media today though. 24/7 entertainment "news" Gotta talk about the same sh*t over and over again. Oh well, 29 days.


Interesting changes on the pre-Fall camp depth chart. Not sure what the changes mean



just in general I don't believe that saying n*gger makes one a racist.

Posted by: The Dude | July 31, 2013 at 08:52 PM

WHAT!? Then why the PHUCK! did He apologize like a lil' PUNK ASS BITCH! You know better than that TD!

Terrance Sullivan

@ The Dude tell us how you really feel. SMH



Da U N Houston

Watched the video.....IMO No need to apologize! At least all the cards are on the table!!!!!!!!!!



Don't want to pollute my brain.

Don't know anybody who thinks this way or talks this way.

Don't agree with anything he said.

That is all.

Terrance Sullivan

86 to quote your famous words. There it is right there.


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's a duck.

Yeah right. A long haired white guy, driving a truck, wearing jorts and a flannel shirt with cutoff sleeves, at a country music concert, yelling he wants to fight "all you n*****s" to the lone black guy in a sea of white country music fans, is NOT a racist and was taken out of context.

Trust me, I'm far from a race baiter and think a lot of the calls of racism can be wrong, or politically motivated, but this one just slaps you in the face. The guy looks, talks, and acts like a stone cold racist. Sorry

I grew up in the Deep South. I know what this looks like.


Watching the vid, his apology is complete and utter BS. He's not "sorry". He's a racist pig that meant what he said.

I hate when people who obviously mean what they say "apologize" later because its expected or forced on them. BS, just man up and say, "This is the pig I was raised as, take it or leave it"



The Dude

Lol CF1. Funny post. I'm not saying he's not one. Cooper can go f*ck himself.

@TS. Let me clarify bro. I do not condone him. I just don't think it represents America as a whole. I don't think it warrants minute by minute coverage on espn. I think the quick backlash from his employer shows how far we've come actually. I come from a seriously multi cultural family. My gpa is black. He was a 30 year marine and has loved me since I was born. My gma started dating him in the 1970s after my mom was born. We've heard every insult as a family. My blood gpa died in prison. A real scumbag that did terrible things. I guess I just don't look to espn to lead the charge on morality. Just report it and talk nuts and bolts sports. That's my gripe.





The question for 2013 is: How many game will D'no coach before he gets FIRED?




TGU CANE if DNo gets fired that means our defense is in shambles which can mean that we aint winning games like we thought we were. That is something i do not want to think about!!!!

CANES = NCAA CHAMPS!!! We going undefeated. If you dont believe me ask SOUP LOL


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