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July 29, 2013






VA Cane

Third getting closer baby!!!!!!



VA Cane

Nice looking player, think he will be a nice piece to our puzzle.

Just saw T Bridgewater on CF Live on ESPNU. He is a very nice kid; very composed good head on his shoulders has worked hard. He is quite a QB, even nicer young man who will do well.


7 of 8 CBS sports writers pick UM to win ACC Coastal division (one picked GT!):



Worst money spent ever:

#OhioState has announced a $5.8 million retirement package for former president Gordon Gee following his departure.


The Mavericks announced Monday that first-round pick Shane Larkin has signed his contract.

As the 18th overall pick, Larkin is slotted to make $1.28 million in the first season of his rookie deal.

Larkin, a point guard who was the ACC player of the year and tournament MVP as a Miami sophomore, is recovering from a broken ankle suffered the day the Mavs' summer league team left for Las Vegas. He underwent surgery July 16. His recovery time is estimated to be three months, putting his status for the beginning of training camp in question.

With Larkin's signing official, the Mavs have 13 players on the roster. They also intend to sign Devin Harris after the veteran guard recovers from surgery to repair a dislocated toe. That leaves one open roster spot for the Mavs, who are among the teams pursuing injury-prone former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden.

mountain cane



Welcome to the U.

VA Cane

Somebody ought to kick Gees azz, then Urbans. Liberals like those cats are what is wrong with USA and the youth of America....they are bad moral influnences, no values or disciplines. JMO




As of now, UM has more folks on their 2014 list than anyone else. Al is organized, and we're ready to leave.

Again, see my previous comments for translating the words: "dream school."


Miami target 3-Star DT Adam Torres committed to FSU


Well done SOUP...This is the statement some other recruits should think about...

"That was my dream as a kid (becoming a Florida Gator),'' Harris told the Orlando Sentinel, where he announced his decision at about noon Monday. "But I grew up, and I've got to realize what's going to help me the most in my future, and that's the University of Miami."

Got it!


Adam Torres will become a 4-star in 3...2...1...


Didn't know Kidd Kraddick attended UM...RIP.


Head baseball coach Jim Morris has announced the hiring of Rich Witten to the position of volunteer assistant baseball coach.

“I’m very excited to become a member of the University of Miami baseball program,” Witten said. “It’s an honor to be a part of a program with such incredible tradition and such a promising future.”

Witten, who most recently served as director of baseball operations at the University of Central Florida, enjoyed a stellar five-year playing career with Coastal Carolina University from 2007-12. He will work primarily with the team’s catchers.

“I think it’s important to have someone who has caught before - that was one of my main goals,” Morris said. “He graduated cum laude and near the top of his class at Coastal. On the field, off the field, and helping our players in the classroom, Rich will add a lot to our staff.”

The Danville, Ky., native, who registered a career .316 batting average during his time with the Chanticleers, was named to the All-Big South first team in 2012. The two-year team captain earned his bachelors of science in exercise and sport science, and minored in psychology.

“His leadership skills are off the charts,” Morris said. “[Coastal head coach Gary Gilmore] said that Rich has more going for him than any player he has had for the last 25 years. He made a great presentation during his interview, and we’re thrilled to add him to our program.”


Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 6m

Dolphins announce crowd at 22,876 - largest for a scrimmage in many years. Last year's drew 7000 on a Saturday morning.




Watch this, trust me:



Chip Brierre ‏@chipbrierre 43m

Lamar Miller doing what he does best, finding the edge and turning on the jets. Easy TD run for the former Hurricane RB

Terrance Sullivan

LOL 86 on the Dolphins maybe honoring Tebow or the Crocs.


Wow... nice video SOUP thanks for sharing that...

chicago cane

Tom: Video was great. Thanks for sharing.

Enforces my pride as a Miami alumnus. GO CANES!!


Chicago...U got it buddy!


Touchng vid Soup.

F' the Turds!

Terrance Sullivan

Nice video Soup.


Thank U all. I will have a feature about the Feliciano family in the coming week.


wow! thanks for the video. very nice.

Terrance Sullivan

Looking forward to the feature article Soup.


Looking forward to the feature article Soup.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | July 29, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Who knows, U might even be in it? :-)


Just lookin we got a great class..too good to be true...does anybody think who will possibly De-commit?? My guess would be either Rosier or Edouard...I think the staff got smart n picked a lot of kids from So. Florida who will stay committed..but we havent had a kid really waver to think he's not coming...I was scared of Owens n Young, but after their recent interviews..we good with them..lol


The Herb is liking the class, not quite loving it yet. I still think we need another LB, Db, who makes you go wow! Still need another RB and definitely an a-1 WR. Edouard will take a hike eventually. He's not the qb we need but if he wants to swap positions and can give up those qb dreams, he'll stay.


Damn, Mrs.Feliciano lives(ed) in a trailer...Mrs.Feliciano?!

The Dude

I agree Herb. We need at least another DT. NSD is a long ways away, feels good to be ahead of the curve though. Kudos to AG and his staff thus far. Now we just need to win big... and about that defense...


Damn, Mrs.Feliciano lives(ed) in a trailer...Mrs.Feliciano?!

Posted by: CaneRock | July 30, 2013 at 12:17 AM

And see, I don't know the Feliciano's current living arragements, but this is why the numbnuts at the NCDoubleAHoles are out of touch.

Don't know where they live, but I damn sure hope WE DID BREAK THE RULES, so that woman could watch Her son play in every CFB of His career.

The Dude

Isn't that dumb CR? All parents should get travel arrangements for games free. I know my wifes cousin gets 4 free tickets to all games but travel expenses are on the fam. Lucky for them they do well enough to travel to most games.

The Dude

BYU is playing at Virginia to start the year. Dallin may get some serious playing time too. Exciting time for the whole fam.


Isn't that dumb CR? All parents should get travel arrangements for games free. I know my wifes cousin gets 4 free tickets to all games but travel expenses are on the fam. Lucky for them they do well enough to travel to most games.

Posted by: The Dude | July 30, 2013 at 12:28 AM

No doubt!

And more features like this one need to be done, to shine a light, and SHAME! those numbnuts into changing their ARCHAIC,SENSELESS, and DUMASS! rules.

Old Skool

7 Gators named to the All Incarceration Team


### Kevin Coyle had to have been thrilled by this play: Olivier Vernon sacked and stripped Matt Moore, and Jared Odrick recovered. Odrick had another good night, generating heat on Tannehill on another play.


Tito Workin..

2014 Oakleaf (Fla.) linebacker Darrion Owens has been working out with his team and individually in hopes of finishing his senior year the best way possible.

“Right now, we are just working out. Monday through Thursday like working out in the weight room and then after we will go out and run around. I also workout with my brother and we use his gym and do stuff in there.”

Owens hasn’t always been a linebacker as he was a safety last year for his team. Despite the change, he feels there are certain things that help him make the transition easier.

“I can cover a lot better, since I worked as a DB and also I know what’s going on behind me and I know what I have to do and not worry about what’s going on behind me.

The 6’4 222 pound linebacker gave his pledge to the University of Miami early in the summer and has stayed in contact with the coaches ever since.

“My commitment is still strong since the day that I committed. I always talk to them through emails and stuff and I’m going up there to visit on August 11th for the barbecue.”

August 11th happens to be Senior Day for the Hurricanes and the Oakleaf product is excited to not only meet up with future teammates but also enjoy his time in Miami.

“I’m just looking to have a good time and meet up with some of my future players and teammates.”

Owens has payed attention to the Hurricanes recruiting efforts and truly believes this team can compete at the national level.

“I found out that we were number 4 in the rankings, I was really excited about that. So I was thinking around our junior year or senior year of college we won’t be able to be stopped. I know our linebacking core is going to be really strong too.”

Owens has a trip planned for Miami and August 11th, but it seems like he won’t be taking anymore after that.

“I’ll probably just gonna go to Miami for a visit and thats it.”


Lane Article from Canesport

Below is a summary.

Will announce sometime in August
All 6 final schools are even: Miami, Alabama, Florida State, USC and Ohio State (article did not mention UF)
He will make a final decision once him and his mom sit down
His mom said not to listen to anybody, just to pick the school that I like most.
Depth chart, winning program and getting him ready for the NFL are what is most important to him
Lane said it would be hard for him to turn down UM
He mentions that UM had a good recruiting class last year, they are his dream school and are in his backyard
Carroll is his primary recruiter and they have not spoken in a couple of weeks, but Brennan has sent him some messages
He has not spoken with Barrow in a couple of months


Juwon Young academic update

Said he needs 4 more points on the ACT and will retake it in Oct. Also said he committed early to focus on school and even though other teams are coming at him, he's all Cane


With many recent commitments, space in the 2014 recruiting class is limited. Trent Harris claimed his spot when he gave Al Golden his verbal on Monday afternoon.

It is well known that Miami is looking to bring in help on the defensive side of the ball. Al Golden and Co. have had plenty of success in this area recently, and that trend continued when 3* DE Trent Harris (Winter Park, FL) gave his verbal commitment to the Canes.

The 6'2: 230lb Harris is the 25th commitment in this class, and the 3rd Defensive End, joining Demetrius Jackson and Chad Thomas, both from Miami Booker T. Washington. Harris is a productive player who registered 11 sacks as a Junior. Harris needs to add size to be an every-down player at the next level, but he has a solid frame to support additional weight.

Looking for a bit more analysis on Harris? Check out this tweet from Bud Elliot of SBNRecruiting:

Trent Harris is a stout, powerful 3-4 OLB type. Doesn't have great length, but makes up for it with quickness.
— SB Nation Recruiting (@SBNRecruiting) July 29, 2013

Overall, this is a nice compliment to the talent already committed to Miami, and gives the Canes a more College-ready player, which could allow Demetrius Jackson to be brought along more slowly. All in all, that's a double win for Miami.



In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami fan up to date on their favorite players, SOTU will be running a Player Profile series. In these posts, our writers will profile two players from each position that they think should get more face time. They will recap their previous year, or in some cases, preview what may be to come. That way, when the season get's here, you hopefully will have a new found love for the team on the field.

Alex Figueroa
True Freshman / 6'3", 231 / Stafford, VA

This off-season a few high school linebackers were pegged to be the next star at the University of Miami... Alex Figueroa was not one of them. Alex didn't receive the amount of attention that his play on the field would normally garner due to his admitted lack of effort in the classroom. Go ahead and expect that this will be the last time the words "lack of effort" ever come up in a write up about Alex Figueroa, because as the son of a Marine mother and father, he has hard work ingrained into his DNA; and since his early arrival onto campus he has shown just that. The story of the super talented player with lack of work ethic is one that has been all too familiar down here as of late - this is not that story. While yes, he is new to the program so it's a small sample size, he has accomplished every goal that was set before him. He got onto campus early and dominated the U TOUGH offseason work out program by earning ( then keeping) the coveted black jersey that the likes of Perryman and Pierre were donning. Effort (in part) earned him the starting spot at Outside Linebacker on the pre and post Spring Game depth chart; but let's not paint him as Rudy or something; he is a 6'3", 230lb former 1st team All Metro selection by the Washington Post. Effort's great and all, but "Figatron" got talent. As a senior he recorded 107 tackles: 74 of which were solo, 11 for loss, and 9 were the kind that involve putting the QB on his back. But don't just box him in as a demolition expert; he also had 54 receptions for 612 yards and 6 TDs (that must have been a dark, terrifying time for high school DBs). I'm sure there are a ton of awesome quotes about when talent and hard work meet at the right opportunity that will sum up Figueroa's offseason; but you guys probably have seen them posted around social media sites, so just go with one you like. The bottom line is that he seems to be everything you want players of your favorite team to be: dedicated, hard working, and talented.

Coming into this season, he'll be filling the shoes of a linebacker that started as a freshman who is no longer with the team. How will he stack up? Take a look here at a break down our own CaneLB did on FigDaddy back in December (way better than the stuff I'm writing huh?) He comes in with great size that helps him take on (and shed) blocks; something that the defense seemed to struggle with last season...(see ANY game thread from last season;people had feelings on the subject)... He's not shy when it comes to laying the hammer down so, much like what Eddie Johnson provided last year, we should be in store for some good hits. While it's natural to compare him to the players that share his position, let's not forget that Perryman and crew made a few mistakes on the field as freshmen, and Figueroa does not have to be a freshman All-American to have a great year. He has the tools to be a special player, but was in high school not too long ago, so if he's out of position on the occasional play it's just the price of playing young talent. With the reputation he has earned since arriving on campus, it seems like him racking up tackles is already a given. Keeping healthy is the key to his overall production. Linebacker is a rough position; you take a lot of hits and are involved in a high percentage of tackles. Most of the LBs were nicked up at one point or another the past few years, so with Fig being a freshman it's good he has such a good work ethic in the gym. It will help him absorb some of the punishment. He had an ankle injury during the spring game, but it will not be an issue moving forward.

With all eyes on the defense next year, it speaks volumes about Al Golden's faith in "Figatron" to make him a starter. He seems to be very much the poster boy of what a Golden recruit is - talented with a blue collar, hard hat work ethic. With both parents being Marines - he has grown up with and knows the pride taken in the process of things - something that is going to be a great asset for him at the linebacker position. If he continues putting in the work that has earned him a starting role, look for Fig to have a very productive year and to become a bright spot on the defense moving forward - not even focusing on his size as he matures (and how terrifying that will be over the next 2-3 years) - but on the work he puts in and how that will rub off on the rest of the LBs going forward. We are quick to point out cancers and the effect they have on a team... it is nice to see a player reaping the rewards of hard work.



In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami fan up to date on their favorite players, SOTU will be running a Player Profile series. In these posts, our writers will profile two players from each position that they think should get more face time. They will recap their previous year, or in some cases, preview what may be to come. That way, when the season get's here, you hopefully will have a new found love for the team on the field. Today we profile Ladarius Gunter.

Ladarius Gunter / Junior / Cornerback / 6'2" 196 / Montgomery, AL.

Look around the NFL and you'll find more and more "big corners." Antonio Cromartie of the Jets is 6'2, Richard Sherman of the Seahawks is 6'3, and his teammate Brandon Browner is 6'4. With WRs like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald giving smaller CBs fits, the big corner is back in style.

Well the Miami Hurricanes have a big corner of their own in 6'2 Ladarius Gunter. He models himself after former UCF star and Pro Bowler Asante Samuel (although Samuel is a bit smaller then Gunter) "because he takes chances, intercepts the ball and scores touchdowns." Gunter started 4 games last year in his debut season with UM, after one season from Fort Scott Community College. And as the season progressed his height, athleticism, and cover skills became a bigger and bigger part of the defense. Gunter recorded his first ever pick against Va Tech, and had a career high 8 tackles against UNC.

The small town Gunter, who played his high school ball in Montgomery, AL and grew up in Kansas, picked Miami almost immediately during on his official visit.

"Miami is a lot different," said Gunter, "The people, the atmosphere, the things around the city are all different. When I was in Kansas, there was nothing but maybe a Wal-Mart."

This year Gunter should be even more active, as he is expected to man one starting CB spot opposite Tracy Howard. Gunter, who is described by receiver Phillip Dorsett to be the "most physical corner on the team," will surely develop in year 2 at Miami. In fact, it's also been well documented that Gunther was also one of the most improved players regardless of position during the spring, and that Al Golden took notice.

And if Howard and Gunter both makes the big strides expected of them, UM just might have one of the better CB tandems in the ACC,

When that happens, UM's D just might rival its prolific O, and that could lead to big things overall for Golden's squad.



"He mentions that UM had a good recruiting class last year, they are his dream school and are in his backyard"
Exhibit U. Translation: I want the fanbase to love me, but...

"He has not spoken with Barrow in a couple of months" Exhibit V. Translation: I'm still not coming...

Enough Ermon Lane talk. Please. He's not Ricky Town.


We need to work on keeping Florida out of Miami Central lol



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