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July 09, 2013



EA Sports, NCAA-FB 14 Ultimate Team Rosters.

#1 Miami vs #16 PSU:

Miami Roster

Captain: Michael Irvin


Ken Dorsey QB
Edgerrin James RB
Willis McGahee RB
Santana Moss WR
Andre Johnson WR


Warren Sapp DL
Ray Lewis LB
Dan Morgan LB
Ed Reed S
Sean Taylor S

Captain: Curt Warner


Kerry Collins QB
Ki-Jana Carter RB
Larry Johnson RB
Bobby Engram WR
Kyle Brady TE


Courtney Brown DE
Tamba Hali DE
LaVar Arrington LB
Paul Posluszny LB
Alan Zemaitis S


Terrance Sullivan

Soup that's awesome. Go Canes.


UpNorth rules!!! Where the hell is LaQuinton?


1. Btw Soup are the Party on the Patio will be in effect this year.

2. Looking forward to the upcoming shirts.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | July 09, 2013 at 11:08 PM

1. YES! I am still negotiating with the Hampton Inn and La Qunita Inn next door to determine the location. More news to follow WAY before season starts.

2. Canespace 2013 Shirts will be in by 8/15. Details to follow.


From Pete Ariz. My guess on total numbers for this class was very close to his. I said 30-32, he says around 31.

Yesterday, I took a look at the offensive side of the ball (http://canesinsight.com/threads/5396...utlook-Offense) and tonight it's about the defense. If you add up the maximum number of projections for each position, that would be 31 for the class. The number will not necessarily be that high, but will will be close. Expected number of signees for each position is in parentheses.

DE (2)
Commits: Demetrius Jackson
Targets: Chad Thomas, Keyon Brown, Trent Harris, Kevin Bronson, Andrew Williams
Demetrius Jackson is really considered a hybrid guy, but with his frame we will see a lot of him with his hand on the ground. Chad Thomas is the obvious local stud, but Miami will have to fight off Louisville as well as Florida State. Keyon Brown has always been interested in Miami, but Georgia seems to have taken a lead with him. Trent Harris is a newer name, whose interest was really heightened by a camp trip last month.

DT (5-6)
Commits: Travonte Valentine, Dalvon Stuckey (JUCO), Courtel Jenkins
Targets: Mike Sawyers, Thomas Holley, Braxton Hoyett, Cory Johnson (JUCO), Lamont Gaillard, Claude Pelon (JUCO), Anthony Moten
Biggest need on the team without question. Valentine’s recent commitment was a shot in the arm, but the staff needs to make sure he is doing everything he needs in order to qualify. They will take at least one more JUCO in all likelihood. Hoyett will be a tough pull because he seems to be high on the SEC from what he’s told me. Holley and Gaillard are both long shots, but I wouldn’t count them out for Holley completely. Sawyers is the wild card because he is Corn Elder’s former teammate and he has legit interest.

LB (4)
Commits: Juwon Young, Darrion Owens, Mike Smith
Targets: Terry McCray, Antonio Smothers (JUCO), Keeon Virgile (JUCO), Vincent Jackson
This is a major strength of the class. Juwon Young looks like he could step onto the college field right now, Owens brings great versatility and length, and Smith has huge upside. Smith will play linebacker at Northwestern this season after playing primarily as a rush end last year (18 sacks). Ely’s Terry McCray is a candidate to be the next commitment.

CB (3)
Commits: Ryan Mayes, Dennis Turner
Targets: Chris Lammons, Nigel Bethel II
Mayes and Turner are both solid, but the Lammons-Bethel dynamic will be one of the more interesting things to follow as the months wear on. I only see the staff taking one of the two, which would basically mean whoever committed first. I’m told Bethel wanted to be 100% sure of his decision and was not, so that is why he pushed back is announcement from Monday. Lammons looks like a true Miami-UF battle from talking to people who know him well. Mayes could play safety and it is very possible the coaches move him there once he gets on campus, but for now that is what they like him at.

S (2)
Commits: ATH Trayone Gray
Targets: Quinton Flowers, Montae Nicholson, Kyle Gibson
Before doing this breakdown, I didn’t realize how big of a need this is. After this season, the only three remaining are Bush, Jenkins, and Carter so it is very thin. These three are all potentially studs, but you need reliable players behind them as well. I put Trayone Gray here because I really think that’s where he ends up. Quinton Flowers would be a great fit here as well, but he is unwilling to play anything other than quarterback right now. I would like to see them stay local here. Cypress Bay's Dudley-Gordon won MVP at the first camp and Miramar’s Andre Godfrey is another potential late option.

Terrance Sullivan

Actually you can join the Hurricane Club for as low as 50 dollars. Sebastian level. I know because that's the level I am on. Soup and other members are obviously on higher levels. 52 days till kickoff. Go Canes. Btw Soup are the Party on the Patio will be in effect this year. Looking forward to the upcoming shirts.


Kaaya kicked the word potential in the nuts and said "I'm Elite, just ask The Opening"


Let the Herb say this Mountain Cane, we are nowhere near the talent level as the offense, in recruiting aside from Valentine and Stuckey, I see a bunch of middle of the road upside hopefuls. The O-line looks awesome and Yearby is going to be as well. We have 3 QB's who have the word potential beside them and I guess we might as well go for another and see if we can hit a grand slam. We need a couple lock down corners and a nasty safety and a couple more LB's especially a bridge embutment in the middle.


### UM is cautiously optimistic about elite defensive end Alquadin Mohammad’s chances of clearing academic hurdles. “He’s real close to qualifying – I expect him to be at Miami [in August],” his New Jersey high school coach, Don Bosco’s Greg Toal, said Tuesday, adding he still needs decent grades in two summer schools classes….

### UM’s Al Golden indicated he and new coordinator James Coley plan to stick with large doses of the no-huddle offense that was used last season under Jedd Fisch’s direction… A UM spokesperson said Tuesday, that contrary to Internet chatter, no football players have been suspended for the opener…. AmericanAirlines Arena’s bid to host the Atlantic Coast Conference men’s basketball tournament in 2016 or 2017 was rejected, but UM is joining others in pushing for the event to be moved from Greensboro to Madison Square Garden in 2016 and beyond.


U can join the Hurricane club for as little as $100. If U want to join email me FIRST at: canespace86@aol.com


Zilla...I got U brother. At least I know U show up like a REAL fan. LOL


Or even better, don't kill someone


idiot! either pick up your shell casings or use a revolver!

mountain cane

I really found UMike's summary of where we are on offensive recruits by position to be very helpful. Is there a defensive version of that or one in the works?

Account Deleted

ah yes,, the top ten..

Old Skool

The kids name is D.J. Russell

A 6-foot-6 small forward who will attend Jacksonville (Fla.) Arlington Country Day.

Old Skool

Reuters reporting the Hernandez case just got a lot less circumstantial

Police investigating a murder allegedly committed by former National Football League player Aaron Hernandez found a spent shell casing in a car he rented that had been fired from the same pistol as five empty shells found near the victim's body.

Old Skool

Rivals reporting the b-ball team has gotten its first 2017 commit. A freshman. A commitment from a 14 or 15 year old. Who knows maybe it'll stick. They guy's got recruitment over before he starts high school so he can buckle down and make sure he gets the grades.



The Dude


52 more days until kickoff!

The Dude






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