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July 25, 2013


Terrance Sullivan

36 days till Gameday. Come on August 30th get here. Go Canes Beat FAU.


Terrance, RaizeCane and DeeCane...check email.




What up Zilla? I'm coming down to Miami next week

Account Deleted

top ten twice in one day....how sweet it is!!





Posted by: canezilla | July 25, 2013 at 05:25 PM

What about my girlfriend, AKA "The Shoes"? LOL





Thu., Aug. 1 – 11:30 a.m.

Head Coach Al golden Pre-Camp Press Conference
EJ Room

Sat., Aug. 3 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #1

Sun., Aug. 4 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #2

Mon., Aug. 5 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #3

Tue., Aug. 6 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #4

Wed., Aug. 7 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #5

Thu., Aug. 8 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #6

Fri., Aug. 9 – 8:20 a.m.

Practice #7 (media can watch final 30 minutes of practice)

Canes Correspondents Luncheon – 11 a.m.-2 p.m. outside Schwartz Center


I'm tryna come during the season too






8:20 am!!! Someone go break that lighting detector so they can practice in the real south Florida heat. I know there have been other issues but I contend that having to practice in the AM since that thing went off every other afternoon causing them to move practice to the mornings have hindered our stamina/conditioning. I'll you spacers in 36 days!


AJM...U know where and when: E5.


1991 Canes National Champions:



1989 Canes National Champions:



Sup SpaceCadets?


The University Of Lizards are removing ALL references on campus of Aron Hernanadez...






Zilla - if even true, not an NCAA violation unless he (Bosch) was a booster (highly doubtful) and he gave them away (highly doubtful as well)

Illegal or unapproved substances are not NCAA violations unless they are given or facilitated by school officials coaches

Sleepy is also the last guy to be worried about, imo

Again, nothing to worry about, imo


Ocala...yeah I saw that on the Internet today. They even removed a brick with his name on it at the Stadium.


Canezilla, that speculation has existed in college sports for a while. I believe it was Musnick who criticized college football several years ago, specifically calling out college football announcers who would talk glowingly about a football player gaining 40 lbs of muscle between their first and second years....and not questioning at all just how that was possible.



Posted by: canezilla | July 25, 2013 at 09:16 PM

Makes me wonder about DP52, that boy STRAIGHT JACKED!...KNOTTED UP! LMAO!


Barry Jackson:

### Brooklyn four-star defensive tackle Cory Johnson picked Kentucky over Miami. But St. Thomas Aquinas' coach said Class of 2014 four-star defensive tackle Anthony Moten is considering UM after de-committing from Florida.


Time to start talking up the hx of the FU-UM rivalry.

Who wants to relive the best of these games over the years? I'd go with 1984 and 2003. 2003 was the Brock Berlin miracle comeback, and yes, even I had thought there was no way a comeback was possible down by 23 in the 3 qtr. 1984 may have been better. Nothing like being at a family wedding with an earpiece listening to the game, having the turds take a one point lead with 41 seconds left in the game only to end up losing by 12. I think some folks thought it was nice I was so excited about the wedding. The marriage didn't last, but ah, the memories! Then, there was 1981. Anybody here remember "Miller time?" Danny Miller, a great UM kicker from years gone by, booted the game winner vs. FU from 55 yards out. Never thought it would get through, but just made it, hitting the upright if I remember. The best loss vs. FU, if there is such a thing? 1985....it was the last loss until U Wash after 58 straight home wins.

Ready for some football already!


RaizeCane bro do you still want the ticket next to me for the Florida game?

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | July 25, 2013 at 02:51 PM


I do....working out logistics. However, If you have someone who can purchase the ticket and you collect now or very soon, by all means do it. I don't want to keep you from selling it as quickly as possible.


JCane - Thanks for sharing! That was terrific!

And I agree with your top two! I remember where I was & what I was doing in 2013. Simply one for the ages!


zilla, I had the same reaction. Mine was a little more profane than yours. :) Hoping this passes.

Terrance Sullivan

Okay RaizeCane. If I havent sold it to one of my buddies really soon. I will keep it available for you man.


IDK if it matters or not, but just like Lane is good friends with Q. Qilson, so is Chris Lammons. They work out together, will be going to FNL together etc. Not really a good sign for Miami lol


### Whereas the Marlins’ Logan Morrison and Dolphins’ Richie Incognito serve up the most creative tweets among South Florida athletes, UM offensive coordinator James Coley has that distinction among local coaches.

Among those from Coley this summer: “It’s our U-niverse!!! Get U-se to it!!!!”

And “We are what you feared!!! Take cover from the STORM – you have been warned!!!”

He welcomed a new recruit this week with “#I Pledge Allegiance to the Swagg!”

Coley, by the way, likes to show his quarterbacks film of the Patriots offense, as his predecessor, Jedd Fisch did. “I have Tom Brady on all the time; guys think I have a man crush on the guy,” Coley told us.

“Everything from [calls at the line] to watching his technique when he throws the ball; he’s very sound with what he does. He does subtle things that affect defenses -- how early he puts his hand under the center, how he fake kicks in the shotgun to watch the safeties.”

Coley hopes studying Brady's nuances can help Stephen Morris and the other quarterbacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


Ariz Workin...

**13 members of Al Golden’s first two recruiting classes at Miami either never made it on campus or are no longer with the program:

2011 (20 signees)
-Thomas Finnie (kicked off team after arrest)
-Kevin Grooms (did not qualify – at Marshall)
-Eddie Johnson (left school – at Hinds CC)
-Antonio Kinard (did not qualify)
-Gionni Paul (left school)
-Ricardo Williams (transfer)

2012 (33 signees)
-Jacoby Briscoe (transfer – Louisiana-Lafayette)
-Vernon Davis (transfer – West Virginia)
-DeQuan Ivery (left school)
-Angelo Jean-Louis (did not qualify – at Marshall)
-Robert Lockhart (transfer)
-Gabe Terry (left school)
-Josh Witt (concussions)

--This is not an unusual thing to happen at big programs, but a common theme between some of these guys is a lot of them had some character concerns coming out of high school. Coach Golden hasn’t been afraid to take waivers on guys like this, but once they show they haven’t matured or cannot buy into the program, he is not afraid to part ways with them.

**Something we’ve seen from the Golden staff over their first two seasons has been their ability to “revive” a player’s career. In 2011, Jacory Harris and Tommy Streeter stepped up. In 2012, Ben Jones was getting a lot of burn before getting injured, Jeremy Lewis was a key player in the offensive line rotation, and Brandon McGee finally showed why he was such a highly rated player out of high school. This year, there are a few candidates for this role. Luther Robinson will need to play a lot at defensive tackle and he looks like he’s in the best shape of his career. Although Kelvin Cain does not have as much talent as guys like Tyriq McCord and Alquadin Muhammad, he has a lot of experience and seems to be out of the doghouse. Dyron Dye is back at defensive end for good and he has the size to be a big part of the rotation. Finally, there is Eduardo Clements. If healthy, Clements could end up having the second most carries on the team and has shown flashes of being a very reliable runner throughout his career.

**The school announced today that the annual CanesFest event will be open to the public after previously planning to have it open for season ticket holders and Hurricane Club members only. Associate A.D. Chris Freet posted on Twitter that the school “needed to make it public due to some NCAA rules.” The event will be on August 17th from 4-7 P.M. at the Bank United Center.

**Yesterday, the school announced that all single game tickets for the Florida game have been sold out: http://www.hurricanesports.com/ViewA...CLID=208801260

**It has been noted on the message boards recently, but it is evident that the staff comes from the Butch Davis school of talent evaluation. Here is an excerpt from a story back in 2009 on Davis’ ability to project talent down the line:

The ability to see a skinny 16-year-old for what he could be at 21 is, as Davis put it, "the craft and the art of evaluation." The trick is to learn what to value and what to ignore.
Davis said the facilities that the player has available to him in high school can lay a trap for a recruiter.
"You may be buying the finished product," Davis said. "There's a little bit of that in Texas. Those schools have got more money than God. They have a strength coach, 15 high school coaches. The players have been in the same program since sixth or seventh grade. You get them and four years later they are the exact same player.
"You go to Pahokee, Fla., where a kid eats once a day, his parents may not be around," Davis said. "You get him in a weightlifting program. Two years later, he's three times better than the kid from Texas." -- http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/column...van&id=3871726
--Golden and staff have taken a number of kids in this class alone that fall under that description, for example:

Trayone Gray – Gray is already weighing in at 6’2”, 210 pounds and he has yet to step into a legitimate weight room. He hasn’t put up crazy numbers in his career, but based off pure athletic ability and physical build, he might be a top 3 prospect in this class.

Demetrius Jackson – This is the ultimate project recruit with a world of upside. By now, most know that Jackson picked up the game of football this spring after playing basketball his whole high school career. At 6’5”, 215 pounds, Jackson has a 36-inch vertical. Something else I really like is that he comes from one of the top programs in the country and he won’t be completely clueless coming into the college level. Booker T coaches will do a good job with him.

Darrell Langham – Langham is another guy who had little to no hype before committing to Miami, but the staff thought extremely high of. Based on physical traits alone, he’s another guy who could be considered a top 5 prospect in the class. 6’5” with long, smooth strides and big hands.

Ryan Mayes – The first time I saw Mayes was at Miami camp back in June when he jumped right into one-on-ones with a tank top and basketball shorts. He’s the type of jumbo corner/safety combo player that we see in the NFL now. If the coaches can get some of that aggressiveness to come out of him, this could be a very good pickup. Runs in the 4.4-4.5 range at 6’2”, 200 pounds.

Mike Smith – Smith has been more heralded than the rest of this list, but still not enough in my opinion. I attended five Miami Northwestern games last season and he was dominant in all of them. Playing primarily as a hand-on-the-ground pass rusher last season, Smith projects as a linebacker at the next level. Smith played last season at 6’3” and roughly 195 pounds. I’ve seen him multiple times throughout the camp circuit and it’s evident that he’s added about 15-20 pounds of good weight since then. The good news is that he still has the frame to add a lot more without losing that speed.

Dennis Turner – Turner is only about 5’11”, 160 pounds right now, but the coaches offered him on the spot after seeing him at camp. He will definitely need a redshirt year, but if he can develop like the coaches hope then he can be a contributor in a couple years. The depth at corner

**Speaking of Dennis Turner, here is a story I had with him last night: http://www.canesinsight.com/threads/...ilence-critics

Despite his commitment to Miami, Turner has had to deal with whispers from ‘Canes fans doubting if he is “good enough” to play there.

“I’m not paying attention to any of those critics. I’m just going to go out there and do me and play football. The only person I need to prove myself to is me.”
--I spoke with Turner after the interview about that statement and I normally don’t look too much into stuff like that, but I could really tell that he has seen the negative comments from people about him and his commitment to Miami and is using it as fuel. I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs this season.

**There were some tweets from Demetrius Jackson a few weeks back that signaled his commitment might not be very strong to Miami, but he seems to have backed off that stance since then. I’ve had a few conversations with him about it and he seems as solid as can be. In my opinion and from talking to someone close to the Booker T. program, his “uncertainty” was more a product of him being so new to the recruiting process and not really understanding the ins-and-outs of it. The fact that two of his teammates (Bethel & Thomas) recently committed to Miami does not hurt either. Here are a couple of tweets that he has sent out recently as well:


From Dan E. Dangerously @ CIS

We are a little more than a week away from the start of fall camp. that means it's time to ask all of you a simple question...are you excited about this season or are you scared? Be sure to vote in the poll, and read my hastily put together list of 5 reasons to be both excited and scared about the upcoming season.

I really hate to compare Al to Randy, but I'm about to. It's a point I've made several times before and I think it has some merit. When Randy entered his 3rd year, he had 3 recruiting classes under his belt. A "smash and grab" type of class that he had 2 months to pull together. A loaded one filled with "stars" that the recruiting services all loved. And a 3rd class that missed out on some notable big names but still had key pieces in it. That team under Randy in year 3 (2009) entered the season un-ranked, but ended up spending 3 out of 14 weeks of the regular season ranked in the top 10 (peaking at 9). That team also won 9 games and missed out on a division title by 1 game to a team it embarrassed on national TV (Georgia Tech).

By all accounts, everyone agrees that team I just mentioned above underachieved. The schedule isn't any tougher in 2013 than it was in 2009. In fact, it's a hell of a lot easier IMO. Does that mean it's a lock we'll win at least 9 games and win our division? No, but we should. So there's a good reason for people to be excited about what this season could bring. These are my 5 reasons for being excited and/or scared.


5. The NCAA Nonsense is Almost Over

What started out as some bizarre blurb in the Miami Herald in the late summer of 2010 is now entering the final weeks of its existence. The U had it's day in court back in June, and were told to expect a ruling in 6 to 8 weeks. It's been 6 weeks, so it could come out in 11 minutes for all we know.

Based on the recent recruiting success the coaching staff has had over the past month, I'd say that they are pretty confident we won't be hit too hard. After all, we've already turned down 2 bowl games and a berth in the ACC Championship game. We'll be docked some scholarships no doubt, but we won't have to worry about any of this nonsense again. The most important thing to remember is once this season is over Shapiro will still be in jail and we'll have played in a bowl game. Oh, and Charles Robinson will still be a prick.

Fearless Prediction: The Rock breaks Nevin Shapiro out of his Club Fed prison cell in North Carolina, ties him to the back of a monster truck, and drags him down to Miami. At half-time of the Florida game, The Rock's entrance music hits the public address system as his monster truck speeds onto the field. Then the remains of Nevin's body are burnt at the stake at mid-field on the U logo. Afterwords, the Rock's music hits again as he does doughnuts around the fire and peels out. The People's Eyebrow is fully elevated throughout the course of these events.

4. We Return 19 of 22 Starters (10 offense, 9 defense)

This is where some dummy says something like, "LOL, they won 7 games last year how is that a good thing?" Well, we've got a confident, record breaking, stud of a senior QB who's entering his 2nd season as the man. We've also got the ACC rookie of the year at RB who set all kinds records himself last year.

Remember all those other freshman that got a ton of experience last year, like Bush, Howard, Crawford, McCord, Waters, and Lewis? Yea, they're all a year older with a college off-season training program under their belts to get bigger and stronger. The same WR corp from last year that made all kinds of big plays with Morris throwing to them. The same stacked offensive line (more on them later). It also means guys like Al-Quadin "Quan" Muhammad, Artie Burns, Jamal Carter, and Stacy Coley can be used to provide quality depth, instead of being counted on to provide instant results.

3. The Offensive Line

Last year this was one of the best units on the team. The top 7 guys from that unit all return, including all 5 starters. They only struggled in 3 games last year, but they were against 3 teams in the top 10 (Kansas St., Notre Dame, and FSU). The starting 5 are all entering at least their 4th year in the program (2 Seniors and 3 Red-shirt Juniors). That's a lot of off-seasons lifting weights and getting stronger. These are grown-ass men. Bunche and Feliciano are friggin monsters. The one with the least amount of playing experience is McDermott, and he's entering his 2nd year as the starting center and is on the 2013 Rimington Watch List. Linder (named 1st Team All-ACC) and Henderson have been playing and starting together since they were freshmen in 2010.

Speaking of Henderson, how awesome is it that he came back for his senior year? Sure he wouldn't have been a top pick, but think back to when/why/how he came to Miami. USC got put on probation and he didn't want any part of that mess. He comes here, and after 1 horrible season and a coaching change he's in the same mess that he wanted to avoid. Says a lot about his attitude and the culture change in the room. Also, anybody remember this thread back when he was "done". LOL.

By looking at Ofacekilla's eligibility chart, the depth chart is probably something like this:

Bunche-Feliciano-McDermott-Linder-Henderson (Same 5 as last year)

We could easily see a guy like Flowers come up to Bunche's spot and maybe force him inside. We'll also see Wheeler getting a few snaps in relief of McDermott or a random guard in each game just like last year. We'll need to see who else can push for time to take the role that Jeremy Lewis had last year. It would be nice if some other reserve guy was able to step up also. People forget during that during the Georgia Tech comeback, Ben Jones played nearly every snap of the last 2 or 3 possessions.

Fearless Prediction: 2 of the starting 5 will be named 1st team All-Conference

2. Stephen Morris

Stephen has had a pretty good off-season. I didn't even know the Manning Camp was even a thing, but he won the skills competition there over guys like Driskell, Murray, and several others. Now he's got TV analyst Mike Mayock and former NFL scout Bucky Brooks pumping his tires. He's even got mock draft guru's like Justis Mosqueda giving him a 1st to 2nd round grade and lists him as the 2nd best Senior QB going into the season. He's also been named to the Davey O'Brien Watch List (Nation's Best QB) and the Maxwell Award Watch List (Player of the Year).

It's all justified too. After undergoing off-season back surgery he threw for 3,345 yards (5th most in school history) and 21 TD's on 245-421 passes (58.2%). He also set the school record for yards in a single game with 566. He did so after he threw a 65 yard touchdown on a rope while on the run to beat NC State. How could you not be excited? He's going to throw for ALL the yards this season.

Hey, remember when Randy burned his red-shirt when Jacory got concussed because we had no one else?

Thanks comma Randy.

Fearless Prediction: 3,500 yards, 25 TD's, >60% completion percentage, and named to 1st Team All ACC at QB

1. Duke Johnson

What did Duke do as a freshman? Well, he broke Clinton Portis' record that was set in 1999 for most rushing yards by a freshman in school history with 947 yards. He broke the school record for Kick Return yards in a season with 892 and 2 TD's. He also had the 2nd most all-purpose yards ever in school history with 2,060. 2ND MOST ALL TIME. These are the accolades he received after that season:

2012 ALL-FRESHMAN (CBSSports.com)
2012 ALL-ACC, FIRST TEAM (Phil Steele, CBSSports.com)
2012 ALL-ACC, SECOND TEAM (ACSMA, coaches, Phil Steele)
2012 ACC FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR (Sporting News)

This year the 1st Team All ACC Sophomore RB has been named to 4 different award watch lists:

Maxwell Award (Player of the Year)

Doak Walker Award (Nation's Best RB)

Paul Hornung Award (Most Versatile Player)

Walter Camp Award (Player of the Year)



5. The Defensive Line

It's pretty simple. DE's couldn't set the edge, and DT's were getting blown back 5 yards on running plays. They made up for it though by getting absolutely zero pass rush without the help of a blitz. Really frustrating stuff to watch last year. Olsen Pierre looked good in spurts. So did Porter when he wasn't injured. Hopefully Pierre takes the next step everyone keeps talking about, and Curtis Porter shakes off the injury bug.

Silver Lining: Help might be on the way in the forms of "Quan" Muhammad, Ufomba Kamalu, Julio Derosier, and David Gilbert.

4. How do we replace Brandon McGee?

Say what you want, but we're gonna miss this guy. He used to be a whipping boy of mine. His first 3 seasons weren't that spectacular, but he made a big jump his final year. One of the more dependable guys on that whole defense. I know that isn't a big accomplishment, but it's true. He was usually matched up against the opposing teams best WR, and now that job falls to either Crawford, Howard, or Gunter. Hopefully they're up to the task.

Hey, remember when Randy burned his red-shirt and barely played him when we already had Brandon Harris, Demarcus VanDyke, Sam Shields, Chavez Grant, and Ryan Hill playing virtually ALL of the snaps at corner?

Thanks comma Randy.

Silver Lining: Tracy Howard and Antonio Crawford might shine. Artie Burns might wow people too.

3. How do we replace Mike James?

James and Duke were perfect compliments to each other, with James playing the role of thunder to Duke's lighting. But with his graduation who fills that void? Sure, Duke will be getting more touches, but he can't replace all of Mike's carries alone. Who's going to step up, true freshmen Gus Edwards? Eduardo Clements? Dallas Crawford? Maurice Hagens? Are any of those guys capable of taking the entire team on their back the same way Mike did against Georgia Tech last year? I don't know.

Hey, remember when Randy burned Mike's red-shirt because he had already decided to bury Damien Berry as like the 9th string RB?

Thanks comma Randy.

Silver Lining: Duke Johnson is pretty damn good.

2. My Goon Eddie Johnson is Gone

Ok, this isn't really a need to worry, but I'm gonna miss this kid. Yea, there was a lot of drama with him all last season. Yea, he got suspended a lot. Yea, it hurt the team. But damn if he ever did play with emotion and violence on his mind. He was a liability in the passing game too. I didn't, and still don't, care about any of those things. He was easily my favorite player last year. Please don't hurt me Eddie.

Silver Lining: Figatron runs things now.

1. The Defense
How bad was Miami's defense last year? Read this:

Jorge Milian @caneswatch
Ugly stat: Duke registered 583 yards of total offense, the fifth most ever accumulated against Miami, but only the third most this season.
3 of the 5 worst defensive performances in school history occurred in the same season. I don't see the point in writing anything other than that because...well...I shouldn't have to explain it.

But don't take my word for it. Take Vish's, who broke down the defense's ineptitude better than I or just about anyone else could. He also did it without resorting to gifs, photoshops, or dick & fart jokes. Instead he used things like "facts" and "data". Whatever that is.

This was my favorite part:

Quote Originally Posted by Vish
...Stats on the NCAA web site go back to 1999, and since then, the last two years have been the two worst defenses the Canes have had...

...Since the 1999 season, Miami has had six defensive coordinators, and in that time, Mark D’Onofrio has coordinated the two worst defenses. And the 2012 defense was the worst in school history, setting several records for futility...


Silver Lining: Our offense will be really good. Also, it's pretty much scientifically impossible for the defense to be as bad as they were last season.

FAU is just 5 weeks away people. Fall camp starts a week from this Saturday. It's almost here.

There's no time!! There's never any time!!!!


From Tito

Johhnie Dixon The Opening Highlights


Two things I notice here:

1) Somebody told me a month back that Dixon catches a lot of balls with his chest because he is afraid of using his hands. Looking at this video and watching his performance at the Miami camp, I noticed he has gotten better with trusting his hands for the catch. I don't really consider it a bad habit but it was something to monitor.

2) He did really well in the beginning and I'm really surprised he didn't play much more after that. Hope to see him doing backflips for the orange and green next year.


Fearless Prediction: The Rock breaks Nevin Shapiro out of his Club Fed prison cell in North Carolina, ties him to the back of a monster truck, and drags him down to Miami. At half-time of the Florida game, The Rock's entrance music hits the public address system as his monster truck speeds onto the field. Then the remains of Nevin's body are burnt at the stake at mid-field on the U logo. Afterwords, the Rock's music hits again as he does doughnuts around the fire and peels out. The People's Eyebrow is fully elevated throughout the course of these events.


UMike, this is your world, we're just living in it.


From "valid" @ CIS...

some 247 target predictions

Everyone has Moten, Dixon as Hurricanes:



Most have Lammons headed to Coral Gables:



Per Thread Killa..

Rohan Blackwood update

Wisconsin, USF, WVU, Minnesota, and Miss St. are standing out right now
Planning on OVs to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and WVU
Taking all 5 OVs since he hasn't been out of state
Miami offered in May
Was at the Golden Camp in June
Says he likes Miami and had a good time at the Golden Camp
Says Miami hasn't been showing him as much interest as other schools
Says if that changed, they would come right back
Says Golden is a good man and he likes the way he handles things

*Nate Adelson on ITU said he isn't sure Miami is particularly high on Blackwood or Bronson but they like Trent Harris



Trevor Darling NOT going to UF's FNL.

According to teammate Vante Phillips.


Possible one more down..?

Trent Harris to Florida

Will commit tomorrow per Luke Stampini.



Dalvin Cook visiting Texas


Stephen Morris #1 ranked Sr. QB

Josh Norris of Rotoworld (Josh Norris is an NFL Draft Analyst for Rotoworld and contributed to the Rams scouting department during training camp of 2010 and the 2011 NFL Draft. ) has ranked S. Morris #1 for all Sr. QB's for next year's draft. Ahead of guys such as Boyd, Fales, Renner, Murray, McCarron etc.


1. Stephen Morris, Miami (FL)

Miami’s offense is fun to watch, incorporating plenty of play action and misdirection from under center and shotgun. Jedd Fisch, who has now moved on to hold the offensive coordinator duties with the Jaguars, used a variety of personal groupings and mismatches. The school was blessed with talented, yet somewhat unrefined, offensive linemen and receivers that liked working down field. At the center of it was junior quarterback Stephen Morris, taking the full-time starting reins for the first time in 2012.

Footwork is one of the areas Morris could improve, namely his five and seven step drops. As a junior, Morris flashed perfection on occasion, but other instances displayed poor timing and depth in the pocket. It wavered between short, choppy steps, with some uneasiness at the end to slow strides leading to a rushed release for timing purposes. With proper footwork, Morris would hit his peak in conjunction with route depth and could start working off that initial read, if necessary.

As you picked up from my other quarterback evaluations, I highly value a quarterback’s ability to move in the pocket. Based on the number of starts attached to his resume, Morris is pretty natural when working in the pocket and confined spaces. He always shows the necessary awareness to evade edge rushers attempting to turn the corner, trusting the Hurricane offensive linemen to wash them around the circle while climbing the pocket.

Morris does not mind bodies moving around him, working vertically or laterally to create space or delivering while taking a hit upon release. His accuracy definitely suffers when being hit, but Morris shows a willingness to take contact to pick up yards. He frequently rolled out to his right and hit outside breaking routes or threw the ball out of bounds and moved on. Morris rarely panics, only getting antsy when the clock runs down in a close game. Eyes downfield, trusting his protection, and moving to find space or stretch defenses laterally.

At the basic level, Morris can be a one read, rhythm passer who could take advantage of tempo and an offensive coordinator’s gameplan. However, he showed much more than that in 2012, working multiple reads and taking a good number of chances downfield. I wouldn’t call Morris’ anticipation great, since he tends to wait to release the throw at the top of his receiver’s breaks, but he’s close and only improving in that area. The Hurricane quarterback enjoys testing vertically, that is obvious, and he throws them on a rope. Some will look at Morris and say he lacks strength. That is far from the case, and although his delivery can look a bit flat, there’s plenty of velocity behind his throws. This is apparent on outside breaking routes or inside patterns, where Morris isn’t afraid to give his receiver a chance to make a play in tight single coverage. More touch could be given incorporated on checkdowns, but he did show touch on back corner endzone throws. I’m not sure if he alters his throwing platform very often, but I rarely saw a batted ball and he buys space with his feet.

As with all of the quarterbacks, it is difficult to determine if these quarterbacks are making the appropriate read thanks to a poor camera angle and unfamiliarity with the team’s offense. However, Morris shows passing awareness to go with his pocket awareness. First, the soon-to-be senior recognizes corner blitzes or defensive backs who bail on their coverage too early and makes them pay by throwing a quick receiver screen on the edge even if a run is called. This the quarterback’s play to make, and Morris handled it well. His communication with receivers seems to be good, since there were a number of examples where Morris was in sync on broken routes to sit in open areas.

The impact of Morris’ hard count was obvious against NC State, but he continued to switch it up in the multiple exposures I took in. After forcing the defensive line offsides, Morris would remain calm, buy himself time and test 15-plus yards for a big play. I am not exaggerating when saying he converted six or seven offside penalties to three or four long touchdowns against the Wolfpack. Now, some of these passes were into fairly tight downfield coverage, and in a situation that takes advantage of a penalty this is acceptable, but some vertical shots did fall between receivers in triple coverage. This greediness needs to be tamed.

He is athletic and can pick up yards on a quarterback draw, but Morris isn’t a runner. That might be by choice, similarly to Geno Smith last season, understanding the correct play can be made by keeping his eyes downfield when on the move.

Where He Wins

Pocket movement and taking advantage of defensive mistakes. Morris gives his offense second and third opportunities, thanks to his awareness and mobility in the pocket to avoid the pass rush and buy receivers time to separate. The quarterback loves challenging coverages deep and is very effective, so projections to a vertical offense are understandable.

Areas Of Improvement

Morris’ timing is not poor, but it could be better. It starts with his five and seven step drops, which change their speed and depth play to play. Also, Morris could anticipate separation more. This is not a negative, but in order to be a quality starter, Morris would be wise to progress and be quicker with his progressions.


According to Rivals Miami is "still in the picture" for 4-Star LB Kenny Young. I read that he is Laron Byrd's cousin..



Remember 2011 recruit LB Antonio Kinard? Rivals is reporting that Miami and USC are "sticking out" for the JUCO LB..

This JUCO LB and former Cane commit doesn't insult everyone's intelligence by saying every team recruiting him stands on level footing. He doesn't want to pretend that his Toledo offer carries the same weight as the ones he holds from USC, Arizona and Miami. Read on.


Also according to Rivals Miami will be in the "top 2" for a star 2015 RB that has 45 offers...I just cant figure out who it is lol..Doesn't appear to be Scarlett.


The state of Miami recruiting heading into camp
by Matt Porter

One thing many South Florida high school coaches agree on: Miami is getting it done in the recruiting department.

“I think [UM coach] Al Golden’s done a remarkable job recruiting, especially with the clouds hovering around,” Palm Beach Central coach Rod Harris said. “I think his staff has out-hustled so many other programs.”

Despite the threat of NCAA penalties lingering — Golden said recently he believes the ruling could come very soon — the Hurricanes have pulled in some of South Florida’s best talent and several highly regarded out-of-state prospects. Before Miami’s first practice of the fall, Aug. 3, here’s an overview of where things stand.
Palm Beach Central's Kc McDermott is one of the key recruits in Miami's 2014 class. (Damon Higgins/The Palm Beach Post)

Numbers: Miami currently has 24 verbal commitments for the 2014 class, tied for second-most among FBS teams. The usual disclaimer: all such commitments are non-binding. Seniors may sign letters of intent beginning Feb. 5, 2014.

Rankings: Rivals ranks Miami No. 3 in the nation, behind Tennessee and Florida State. 247Sports puts Miami at No. 5. ESPN has Miami at No. 7, but its latest rankings update appears to have occurred before UM landed a commitment from four-star defensive tackle Travonte Valentine. The ‘Canes don’t have a consensus five-star prospect — Palm Beach Central offensive tackle Kc McDermott and Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby are borderline four/five, depending on which recruiting site you like — but have a mix of four-star players at many different positions.

Areas of strength: Plenty of size on this board, starting with highly-rated offensive tackles McDermott, the brother of senior center Shane McDermott, and Miami Central’s Trevor Darling. Those players, along with Nick Linder (brother of senior guard Brandon Linder) and Reilly Gibbons could ensure UM’s offensive line continues to be a plus. Also, 6-foot-3 outside linebacker Darrion Owens projects as a safety.

Locals: Fifteen players on the board are from South Florida — 10 from Dade, three from Broward and two from Palm Beach. Last February, four of Miami’s 20 signees were from those counties, a major dip from the 17 locals that inked with the ‘Canes in 2012. Miami’s current Palm Beach County commits are McDermott and big Santaluces receiver Darrell Langham. UM is among the favorites to land four-star Dwyer receiver Johnnie Dixon, a 5-11 burner who has Florida, Ohio, Alabama and many others on him. Cardinal Newman receiver Travis Rudolph (6-0, 185), who committed last spring but later backed off, is still considering Miami, though many expect him to pick Florida. Down the road, Royal Palm Beach linebacker and running back Charles Perry has committed for 2015.

Watch ‘em live: If you’re in Palm Beach County and want to get a look at some potential future ‘Canes, you’re in luck. Yearby and Darling’s Miami Central squad faces Dixon’s Dwyer team in an Aug. 23 kickoff classic. That game is in Palm Beach Gardens and will be shown on TV. Miami Northwestern is at Glades Central on Oct. 25. Palm Beach Central (McDermott) hosts Santaluces (Langham) on Oct. 4.

Top targets: Miami is in the running for the state’s top receiver, Homestead’s Ermon Lane, though Lane is believed to favor Florida over UM and Alabama. The ‘Canes are also chasing four-star cornerback Chris Lammons of Plantation, Wauchula-Hardee defensive end Keyon Brown and Fort Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle Anthony Moten, who recently de-committed from Florida.

Read the Rest..

Matt Porter is the new Canes writer for the Palm Beach Post btw


Sooooooo South Carolina did their OWN investigation and found no problems with Jay Z and Clowney...shocking!


Is it me, or is the SEC the only place where teams can just look into allegations themselves and report back to the NCAA that nothing happened lol


Also according to Rivals Miami will be in the "top 2" for a star 2015 RB that has 45 offers...I just cant figure out who it is lol..Doesn't appear to be Scarlett.

Posted by: UMike | July 26, 2013 at 07:08 AM

Jaques Patrick. Has to be.


Ohio..I actually didn't know he was a RB lol

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