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July 15, 2013




Old Skool



a change of pace:


Old Skool

The hat thing is beyond stale. It's growing mold.

Playing the hat game says I have zero originality. All I know how to do is copy what's been done before.

If you're going to something that old, you might as well have Kid n Play music in the background.


Mistakes That Fans Should Avoid

If the recruit says that Miami is his dream school and he has a top 15...dont' go gaga!


Mistakes that UF players should avoid: leaving the house


Any gatah that EVER makes a Miami thug comment ever again should be drawn and quartered

Go gatah!

Old Skool

That guy takes a pretty good mug shot compared to John Reaves


Boy now you're going back a few years. Has Reaves ever been arrested?

Old Skool

August 2008 on assault, gun and drug charges.

Here's the mugshot. It looks like he's suffering from varicose face.


Account Deleted

top 10 yes!!!

Old Skool

If you haven's seen Carly Rae Jepsen's first pitch at the Rays game, it's a classic. The ball lands about 5 feet beyond the mound and heads toward the dugout.



Mistakes That Fans Should Avoid

Posted by: CalgaryCane | July 15, 2013 at 05:31 PM

My next article.


Hey, Soup! You stole my dream school/Jessica Alba analogy from the other day! :) Great and accurate article. Too much attention for many who simply aren't mature enough to be ready to handle it. The problem is that many never will be.

Looking forward to a fun season and nice recruiting class to boot. Take down the turds and it'll only get nicer on both fronts!


“Tray is a beast on the boards and at swatting shots,” said David Johnson, who has coached Valentine for the past 10 years on the Brevard Elite AAU basketball team in Central Florida and believes Valentine, a Hialeah Champagnat senior-to-be, could earn a college scholarship for basketball, as well.

“Back in February we were in a tournament in North Carolina. Kid had a fast break, went up for a layup and Tray came up behind him and blocked the ball off the backboard and into the stands. The ball was above rim above where the square starts on the backboard when he got his hand on it.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/09/3491048/d-line-recruit-travonte-robinson.html#storylink=cpy


Old Skool - I saw that mug shot. Thanks. I had no idea, that face has a lot of miles on it and it looks like they're bad miles. At that age, if you're getting in that kind of trouble, it's sad and pathetic.


Hey, Soup! You stole my dream school/Jessica Alba analogy from the other day! :) Great and accurate article.

Posted by: JCane | July 15, 2013 at 09:07 PM

I always follow great ideas with a GREAT article. Jus sayin...


Canes are the dark horse to land 2014 RB Jonathan Hillman from St Peter's Prep in NJ. Kid has the goods!

The Dude

D@mn guys, I'm drunk like its game night!!! Go Canes!!! I just wanna fight a Gators fan right now!


Mistakes That Fans Should Avoid

Asking for a fight when drunk...best to beat up drunk fans of opposing team...lol.

The Dude



Ha, Monty went to my hs. He was a hurricane before he was a gaytor. What a dumb thing to do. I mean we all like strip clubs, but you're telling me you couldn't wait until you're off work from your new babysitting job. C'mon man;)


Ariz doin work...

2014 Carol City ATH Trayone Gray was a relatively unknown name before committing to the ‘Canes last month. Since then, he has had to deal with more attention.

“I’ve noticed that if I go certain places that people will mention my name and ask me questions about if I committed and ask for autographs. It kind of caught me off guard. I didn’t know I would blow up like that,” said Gray.

Gray’s mother was surprised when he had initially committed, but he says she is satisfied with his choice.

“She just wanted me to make the best decision for myself not just with football, but academic-wise.”

The Carol City playmaker has not been paying too much attention to Miami’s current recruiting class, but says he will take a look at it soon.

“I just look at trying to get better and I don’t worry about all that other recruiting process stuff. Most likely I’m going to be looking into who is coming in and all that soon. I know Joseph Yearby from playing against him in optimist football.”

Many people who watch Gray mention he is a “football player.” What would Gray himself say separates himself as a top recruit.
“My size because I’m very big for a high school player and also I can move. It doesn’t look like I’m moving that fast, but when you get behind me you see it. I just always make plays.”

There have been recent reports that suggest Gray will not qualify for Miami straight out of high school, but the Miami commitment says not to buy those rumors.

“I feel like I’ll be able to get in because I had this one class that I’ll be done with next week so I will qualify. I don’t know what people are talking about because I will qualify. I’m taking my test in September.”

**Gray will play primarily quarterback for the Chiefs during the season and as of now does not plan on playing defense or receiver.
**He is currently weighing 209 pounds at 6’2”.


More Ariz..

Pearl River CC DT Dalvon Stuckey has been committed to Miami since late April, when he flipped fro Florida State. That hasn’t stopped members of his family from supporting the ‘Noles.

“Most of my family is Florida State fans. My mom, my dad, and some of my cousins are Florida State fans. My mom was shocked when I first told her because I had never talked to her about Miami, but my family is going to be where I’m at regardless. Some of my cousins play with me sometimes saying I’m a traitor, but they’re with me regardless,” said Stuckey.

One of the main reasons for his switch to Miami was defensive line coach Jethro Franklin, who he has developed a strong relationship with.

“He’s just a cool dude, man. He recruited me out of high school, but I didn’t really conversate with him then. He came here and told me that I was a much-needed guy and they needed D-Tackles. Everything he said to me really just fit so I just decided to commit since it all sounded right. I feel like Miami is a good place for me with a lot of tradition and I believe everything he told me. He a good dude though and he talks to me all the time.”

A recent Miami DT commitment reached out to Stuckey last night.

“I know there’s one named Travonte (Valentine). He added me on Facebook last night so I’m going to chop it up with him a little bit and conversate to see what he’s about. I heard he was pretty good.”

The 6’4”, 310-lb lineman feels very good about the shape he is in right now.

“We work out and run every day, Monday through Friday. With the new coaches that we have here now, they treat this program like a D-1 program so right now I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.”

He has his sights set on being able to contribute early on for the ‘Canes.

“I’m trying to be a guy that comes from JUCO and makes a name for myself my first year at Miami. I’m trying to really help the team and make a big difference.”

The decision to choose Miami was a simple one for Stuckey.

“I just wanna play in Florida and Miami is a good school so there’s no reason for me not to go there if I want to be in Florida.”

Stuckey hopes to be able to enroll in January and is confident he will be able to do so.

“I’m working on that right now because I have a lot of stuff I need to handle, but I’m trying to get to where I can enroll in January. I’m pretty confident that I will do it because of the coaching staff we have here and all of the help that they give us.”


### We told you previously that Alquadin Muhammad’s coach said he expects the defensive end to be eligible to play at UM this season (though it's not definite), and Devante Bond’s coach is unsure if he will qualify. The other UM player whose status is unresolved – Ufomba Kamalu – told canesport.com that he is finishing online classes and expects to enroll at UM in August. At 6-5 and 280 pounds, he said he prefers to play defensive end but also could factor in at tackle.

### Good to see former UM forward Julian Gamble sign with a pro team in France on Monday. He said his season begins in September, and his team will play only one game a week. Reggie Johnson and Trey McKinney Jones are still looking for work.

Gamble said he gave encouragement on Sunday to former Canes forward Kenny Kadji, who has been disappointed by his play for Cleveland in the first two games of the Las Vegas Summer League. Kadji had seven points and seven rebounds in his first game, five points and five boards in his second.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


McCray could commit this week

Terry McCray is visiting UM this week
- Coach D asked him to visit, so he is stopping by this week
- Says there is a chance he commits
- He has UM in the lead
- Says UM is on him hard
- Says he fits in nicely to Coach D's scheme and he likes Coach D
- Grew up a UM fan, he is Teraz McCray cousin and knows Tyrone Moss and Andrew Bain from his cousin. They tell him UM is a good school, a lot of players go pro and it could be good for him.
- If he commits or not, he will have his final decision before the start of his senior season


Alabama commit visiting this weekend

4 star DB Stephen Roberts

"I am still open - I have not signed any papers yet," Stephen Roberts said about his commitment to Alabama.
He is still committed to Alabama, but he plans to visit Miami on July 20 and that is the only visit he has scheduled the remainder of the summer. He believes Miami will offer.

Roberts also said he is "90-percent" committed to Alabama, but that they would be his only Official visit


per Thread Killa @ CIS

Some Notes From Non-Miami Sites

As always, all info porsted should be TFWIW.

Johnnie Dixon camped at Alabama this past weekend and improved his stock from his performance...Dixon also earned rave reviews from several sources
STA 2016 DT Edwin Alexander, who holds a verbal from Florida, stood out in camp...Alexander is originally from Hammond, LA
2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker visited Alabama as well and is being recruited by Cristobal who is doing a good job so far...Burgess-Becker could be the top prospect in Broward for 2015 according to some sources




Sources close go Travonte Valentine expect him to stick with Miami but LSU feels if they can get him on campus they have a good shot at flipping him



Madre London spoke with Bill Kurelic of Bucknuts about Anthony Moten...London said Moten is still being recruited by Michigan St., Florida St., Miami, South Carolina, and Ohio St...If Moten leaves FL, it would be to Michigan St. per London...London and Moten would like to go to the same school but that doesn't appear likely right now



Florida's CB and WR board per JHova
CBs on board: Dawson and JC Jackson
Uncommitted CBs in order by who they want the most: 1. Tabor, 2. Adams, 3. Lammons, 4. Wilson
Florida coaches won't turn down Adoree Jackson if he wants in so if he does, they would drop the last CB on their list
If Gorman or Showers leaves early, then they'll take both Lammons and Wilson if they want in
WR board in order by who they want the most: 1. Lane, 2. Cannon, 3. Rudolph/Dixon/Malone



Figueroa Keeps Impressing

Article from CS:

"Figueroa surprises himself in weight room"

- Talks about how he has exceeded expectations from the second he stepped on campus

- Measures in at 6'3 231 lbs.

- Benching 315 lbs. and power cleaning 286 lbs.

- Wants his weight to be at 235-240 range to start the season

- Working hard with Swasey to get his strength numbers up before the season

- Trying to make the best of his situation and not let it slip away from him

- He's working hard to perfect his technique

- Trying to master the SAM position before he starts to move around a little bit more

- Thinks his intensity and leadership qualities is what caught Golden's eye

- He feels that he has the ability to make plays

- Says he leads by his actions rather than just talk


The Defense (as a whole) last season was a disappointment; giving up almost 500 yards a game, 200 of which were on the ground (almost 5 yards a rush); earning a ranking close to last in the FBS . The defensive tackle position was not solely to blame for the down year - but are not exempt from the finger pointing either. As an important cog in the defensive machine, the big men in the middle set the tone. Coming back this year healthy(so far) - as well as bigger, stronger and more experienced - the DTs are primed to have a bounce back year, and will no doubt be playing with a huge chip on their shoulders. With no real change up front let's look at the 2013 DTs.

Olsen Pierre/ Junior / 6'4", 305 / Rathway, New Jersey

2012 stats: 27 total tackles, 1.5 sacks

Coming into his junior season Pierre has all of the physical tools to make the jump to a dominant DT this season. Last season Olsen started every game except Notre Dame (which he missed due to injury) and played in 7 games as a true freshman. That being said he will also have the game experience to rely upon as he steps up to become a leader for interior defense. He will be looking to improve on his 2012 statistics where he racked up 27 TTs, 5 TFL, 1.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. Olsen has earned a lot of praise this offseason from the team and coaching staff for the work he has put in. He seems to be on track to become a desperately needed threat on the inside that may require a double team, and could keep opposing offenses from keying in on the pass rush from the outside. If he has a big year its hard to imagine the defense as a whole not having a much improved year.

Curtis Porter/ Senior / 6'1", 316 / Charlotte, North Carolina

2012 stats: 9 total tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss (only played in final 4 games due to injury)

Injuries... that's been the frustrating summary of Porter's past few seasons. He has the talent to make the defense better when he's on the field. He was out for most of last season due to an appendectomy - coming back to play for the final 4 games. In limited games he had 9 TTs, 5 solo, and 2.5 tackles for loss. He will look to put the past behind him and make up for lost time this season, as he battles fellow Senior Luther Robinson for playing time next to Pierre. Porter graduated in December, so he will get to solely focus on football this season. To come back time and again from injuries speaks volumes of him as a person, so it's easy to root for him. We also REALLY need him to succeed (and make contributions) if we want the defense to improve from last year. He has the size, speed and strrength that can disrupt the line, and cause match up problems, so let's all root for a healthy Curtis Porter!

Luther Robinson / Senior / 6'3", 303 / Fort Pierce, Florida

2012 stats: 13 total tackles, 7 solo

Luther Robinson has had an equally frustrating career at Miami. Coming in under Shannon and redshirting as a true freshman, he saw action on the practice squad. The following year he played in 10 games (starting in 2); nothing earth shattering stat wise but the future was bright. A season ending knee injury in 2011 was the start of a weird drama filled run that almost ended in him transferring. All things were worked out and Robinson was back on the field as a defensive tackle in 2012, playing in 10 of 12 games. He recorded 13 TTs, 7 solo and one fumble recovery. Coming into this season Robinson is looking good; listed with Porter as the other starter next to Pierre. Like with Porter and Pierre, he has the size and strength to clog up the middle. Look for Robinson to be used heavily in the rotation, regardless of if he's named starter or not.

Cory King / Sophomore / 6'1", 295 / Boca Raton, Florida

2012 stats: 13 total tackles, 6 solo

Corey King is coming into this year looking to improve upon an impressive redshirt freshman season. After redshirting the 2011 season King saw his first action last season against Bethune-Cookman. He played in 9 total games, starting against Notre Dame in replacement of an injured Olsen Pierre. That start didn't turn out so hot, but it wasn't exactly only his fault. He will however, be better from the experience. He ended the year with 13 TTs - 6 of which were solo. As a redshirt freshman King had as much production at DT as anybody other than Pierre. It wasn't exactly a stellar year for the position, but with all of the starters graduating or becoming draft eligible this season, it's good to have some production coming from young guys. This season look for KIng to rotate nicely into the line and see plenty of playing time. (He also benched 400lbs... not super important, but strength helps at DT and if I benched 400, I would want people to mention it!)

Earl Moore / Sophomore / 6'1", 300 / Tampa, Florida

2012 stats: 6 total tackles, played in all 12 games as true freshman

Big Earl is another underclassmen making contributions along the line playing in all 12 games as a true freshman. He made his lone start against North Carolina. With what is required from the DT position, you generally see true freshman redshirt to gain size strength; the fact that he played speaks of his size and talent, and also the need of healthy bodies at DT. Moore was a former 3 star recruit from Tampa and former Al Golden football camp attendee.While not listed on the Hurricane post spring 2 deep depth chart, he should see some playing time and will be fun to watch coming off of his first off season strength and conditioning program.

Jalen Grimble / Junior / 6'2", 292 / Las Vegas, Nevada

2012 stats: 6 total tackles, 4 solo

Hey look guys - a former 4/5 star defensive lineman that was committed to USC! Sorry... Coming into his junior year the former 5 star defensive end will most likely continue to be a reserve at defensive tackle. He saw limited action playing in 8 games. He ended the season with 6 TTs, 4 of which were solo. Another year bigger and stronger, he has the size to make contributions.

* Better late than never news (info via CaneSport)
Ufomba Kamalu / Sophomore / 6'6", 280/ Fayetteville GA.

2012 stats: (JUCO) 54 tackles 14 for loss, 7.5 sacks

Word came out today on again off again JUCO transfer Ufomba Kamalu will be coming to campus later this month, he needs to finish some things before, but this is good news considering his name wasn't even being brought up as an option a week ago. Does it really happen? Sure why not, a kids mom stole his LOI a few months ago so anything is possible. Can he help? Yup, while his stats are at the JUCO level there is a reason he been getting pulled in every direction by schools trying to steal him. Even the SEC. HE has size and some experience so while id be surprised if he comes in and becomes a starter the coaching staff didn't go the JUCO route to sit him. A lot of ifs but if everything falls in line our Interior just got an upgrade going forward.

With all the fire power on the offensive side of the ball and play-makers on the defense, the defensive tackle position is in my opinion the most important on the the field. If they don't jam the middle and create a push to disrupt offenses, it leaves the rest of the defense vulnerable, and Stephen Morris stuck having to put up 40+ points a game to have a shot to win. It's the same group as last year, so the glass half-full thinkers can cling to them being more experienced , bigger, faster, stronger and (with a bit of luck) healthier. The half-empty will run with the "This group is terrible - why would I have any faith in the same personnel that was terrible last year? Fire everyone!" Like with most things, somewhere in the middle seems like a good place to be, cautious optimism until they prove otherwise. It can't be any worse, right?



Miami quarterback Stephen Morris quietly turned into one of the best quarterbacks in the country during the second half of the 2012 season, ending the year with a string of 139 consecutive passes without an interception.

Can he keep the streak alive in 2013? It's not going to be easy, with Florida's defense coming to town in Week 2. The Gators were tied for No. 7 in the country in passes intercepted last season with 20, two of which were returned for touchdowns.

The last interception Morris threw came in the second quarter of Miami’s game against Florida State on Oct. 20.

Morris is still a long ways from the ACC record, but he's getting closer to having the 10th-best streak in league history -- 161 consecutive passes without an interception by Georgia Tech’s Joe Hamilton. Wake Forest’s Tanner Price, who also returns this fall, had a string of a 181 passes without an interception stopped in last year's season opener. Price’s streak is the seventh-longest in league history.





zilla I agree..Morris and Duke full time..College Football Live had Duke on yesterday as one of the top 5 "home run hitters"


And with Crawford getting more touches, there is even more explosive options


CNNSI has a Mock College Drafts (Not NFl)..and have Duke going 20th..



Mistakes That Recruits Should Avoid= DON"T GO TO THE GATORS

Old Skool

FU has its place in recruiting. It takes conviction to sign with the Gators. You either have it before you go or you have one when you leave.


Hurricanes Football ‏@MiamiHurricanes 6m

Another #Canes player on preseason watch list: Phillip Dorsett named to Biletnikoff Award Watch List today. http://gocan.es/Dorsett-WR


From CASH over at CIS..

Ravian Pierce transferring...

Just got a little birdie who gave me a heads up. Hes heading to Palm Beach Central which is good for us!


I dont see a Cane offer though..just passing it along



From Shodell...

When asked if hes confident about making it he responded, "definitely". Says he will report end of July.

"I'm working out at a training center every single day with a trainer, three hours a day," he said. "I'm working out, trying to stay focused. I'm running and staying in shape so I can bring a lot to the table for the Miami defense."

Of the learning curve at the next level, Muhammad said, "I'm a fast learner so it shouldn't be a problem for me. I've been playing defensive end for a long time. When it comes down to football, my football smarts are real good."


+1 to Shayon Green & Maurice Hagens!


Muhammad seems to be a positive, high energy guy who is eager to go.

Learning the system, and being productive, although experienced, may not show his contributing ability until the middle of the season when he will be needed.

If he stays fit, and continues to stay in shape, Swaze will mold this kid into a contributor by workouts.

The playbook may be a little harder.

I like his style and attitude. Hope he makes it by the end of July.
Go 'Canes


Defensive line, baby.


funny sh8&-Johnny Hangover:



Sean White committed to Auburn




Lol Zilla. That's SHAWN! Haha


Terrible writing. Whatever recruit does what the story says not to, definitely Isnt reading this blog. Seriously.


Pot, meet kettle.


Flit..I have no clue what you just said lol

Old Skool

Terrible writing. Whatever recruit does what the story says not to, definitely Isnt reading this blog. Seriously.

Posted by: Flit | July 16, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Whatever writer does what the poster says not to, definitely is a terrible writer. Seriously.

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