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August 21, 2013




Andrew Manis


Terrance Sullivan

I am so pumped for the home opener. Soup are U planning on going to the Hurricane Club Pre Game Tailgate? Go Canes

Andrew Manis

Alls I know is.... I just got f'd by trying to login to typepad through Facebook. So close


Caesar o'Neil!



The Dude

Hey SOUP, not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but when a new blog is up, how about a link in the post? Easier on the smart phone users.


If the NCAA really wants to hurt the U even more, they'll wait to announce until after the FU game, either adding insult to injury with a (dare I say it..) loss or taking/trying to take some recruiting momentum out of what would be a huge win (marking that the Canes are back). Hope I'm just being paranoid, but...

1983 was awesome. It was a like a first love....nothing's ever quite the same as the first time! The only thing I hated was being in Gainesville for their opener/Bernie's first game. Yuck. The rest of the way was awesome. Still have my OBC ticket stub tucked away in the closet somewhere.

Joe Wicker got an offer for 2015, likely DE, but his comments sound exactly like someone working for ESPN:

As long as ESPN has the nice monetary arrangement with the SEC, I don't see them letting up in trying to maintain the belief of SEC superiority.


I've withheld commenting in general on the NCAA punishment phase, but on the eve of the announcement I'd say we're looking at the following.

Best case scenario: 3 scholarships per year, no bowl bans. CHANCE: 30%


Easier on the smart phone users.

Posted by: The Dude | August 21, 2013 at 08:51 PM

I hate smart phone users. Why would I do that? LOL


Soup are U planning on going to the Hurricane Club Pre Game Tailgate? Go Canes

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | August 21, 2013 at 07:45 PM

ONLY because of the 1983 team scenario: YES.

I will buy tix for U, me, and DeeCane.


Ramos put in plenty of personal research before he began designing. “I went as far as to re-watch a few of the team’s games from that season,” he said. “I wanted to really get the attitude of the team, capture all of the poetic romance, and try to visually describe all of it.”

Hey, what's that smell?

Terrance Sullivan

Cool I will give U the money when I see U on the 30th.


Soup we need some inside scoop on the Dye and Dillard being kicked off the squad.


The Dude...when a new blog posts it already post on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog when I post: NEW BLOG IS UP!

Maybe u want me to come to your house, knock on your door and personally let U know the new blog is up? LOL


Soup we need some inside scoop on the Dye and Dillard being kicked off the squad.

Posted by: Canesteeler | August 21, 2013 at 09:16 PM

U already know what U need to know:

Dye was an NCAA liability who had already graduated with his degree and was never going to play another down at UM. He became more than a liability, he eventually was no more than a useless roster spot.

Dillard was a supposed to be a BIG back with great potential who never got physical enough to be considered as a potential RB/FB for UM. Basically, he lost his mojo on and then could never get his groove back, if he ever had one to begin with.

Any more questions?


University of Miami unveils new $46.5 million Student Activities Center


Wow! This is great...


Steeler...The bottom line is that dead wood is being cut OFF of the UM football team tree faster than U can say: "CHAIN SAW"


As long as ESPN has the nice monetary arrangement with the SEC, I don't see them letting up in trying to maintain the belief of SEC superiority.

Posted by: JCane | August 21, 2013 at 08:58 PM

Last time I checked ESPN had a big money contract with ACC also. ESPN love those that bring in the viewer, that is SEC right now. Once Canes get back ESPN will show us the love.


Agreed, USAF. The bigger deal for them is what brings in the viewers/ratings/ads, etc. The whole process of referring to the SEC as godlike is crazy though. They have had better teams than other conferences over the last @7 years, but the media hype is crazier than ever. I guess it's just the media era.

For those who care, go to the ESPN site and vote for Duke in as many Herbie polls as you agree with. He's in a bunch: best RB, ankle breaker, and gamechanger. Toward the bottom, the U gets its listing in the teams on the rise section:



Unfortunately, I just saw that the quote Wicker made (cut and pasted) didn't stay on my post. Some kinda BS about SEC/FU being the best and getting players to the league.

The Dude


VA Cane

Ken the F**k Calhoun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got it all started!!! I was at the game, uncle lived just down street from Howard S. They were friends my uncle Ernest "Jiggs" "Tubby" Wright was his investment banker ...we saw the game from the UM sidelines........I started following them in about 70-71 when my uncle and aunt moved to Miami they loved the Dolphins who I hated so much..but he needed football so on Sat we went to UM gamesa ...they sucked but it was fun to go to OB....saw Kelly met HS and it all opened up from there. I remember seeing them in 72 and 3 awful football.....lots of things have changed. I remember my first game at OB in early 70s it was like Mystically Yours so to speak...it was so cool...and then the magic came...like Tinkerbell dust...lol....


I remember my first game at OB in early 70s it was like Mystically Yours so to speak...it was so cool...and then the magic came...like Tinkerbell dust...lol....

Posted by: VA Cane | August 21, 2013 at 10:47 PM

I was there too.

And so it was...


John Renshaw...the Qam yesterday...classic f'ed up radio. Makes you miss Sileo...almost..


First game for me was Miami vs FSU in 1990. The alternate FSU chant was ear opening. We shocked the Noles with a heavy run game, led by McGuire.


Don't you guys get it!! lol.. I bet the NCAA has already decided our punishment, but someone high up is making sure the hammer isn't dropped until such a time that will inflict more harm on Miami...like the week of the Florida game. We will not get word from the NCAA before the season starts. That is basically asking them to do Miami a favor HA!!! They will have it down during the season to make sure they harm us a little more.


Anyone know what happened to Barry Jackson? lol


The good news for University of Miami football fans: season-ticket sales are up more than 6,000 for a program that badly needs to put more bottoms in the 75,542 seats at Sun Life Stadium.

The not-so-good-news for those eager to buy individual tickets to see the Hurricanes take on the 10th-ranked Florida Gators on Sept. 7 at Sun Life:

Forget it.

Unless you peruse the after-market or buy Miami season tickets, which are still available, you’ll be watching on TV.

The Hurricanes’ jump from 22,800 season tickets in 2012 to the 30,000 they expect to be sold by the Gators game “is the largest year-to-year growth we have on record,” said Chris Freet, UM’s associate athletic director for communications and marketing.

UM announced it had sold out of the single-game tickets on July 26. Freet said that Rick Remmert, director of UM Alumni Programs, told him “he can’t remember a time when we’ve sold out single-game tickets as early as we did Florida.”

The Hurricanes will add 1,313 seats for the UF game, the same seats used for the BCS National Championship game this past January between Alabama and Notre Dame. Those single-game seats, which will bring the capacity to 76,855, have already been sold.

“They’ll go right behind our bench and continue all the way down to the field,” said UM athletic director Blake James of the extra seats. “The game is going to be sold out.”

Among the remaining seats, 12,500 of them contractually obligated to UF, another 9,500 are reserved for UM students — with the rest of the single-game seats sold on a priority basis to donors and/or group sales, Freet said, adding that “more than 500 season-ticket packages were sold last week.’’

A very small amount of individual seats could possibly be made available for the UF game should they not be sold for season-ticket packages.

“They’d be individual seats,” Freet said, “meaning one seat in a section. I do not think we’ll have any pairs or groups of seats together.”

All four tarps that usually cover about 9,000 seats in the upper bowl for regular games will be removed for the Gators, though the tarps will likely go right back on for the other games.

“Hopefully with success, as I think we all recognize in this market, more and more people come out and support the team,” James said. “If that’s the case we’d continue to take the tarps off.”

It’s no secret that Sun Life Stadium seemed nearly empty much of the time last season. UM lists the official average paid attendance for 2012 as 47,719.

The last football sellout for the Hurricanes, Freet said, was the 2010 Florida State game: 75,115 strong.

The Hurricanes have attempted to build attendance by reorganizing the seating plans and lowering ticket prices in certain areas on the north and west sides of the stadium.

The student section, which was previously located in the west end zone, was shifted to the north sideline to the 40-yard line behind the visiting team bench.

The students get better seats, and TV viewers see more fans while they’re watching the game.

“I think we’ve taken some great steps,” James said.

FAU game

As for the season opener at 8 p.m. Aug. 30 featuring FAU, be assured that plenty of tickets remain.

Freet said he was optimistic but that it was “too early to put a number” on that game. “Our biggest uptake in sales is going to come next week.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/22/3578065/miami-hurricanes-expect-bigger.html#storylink=cpy


Mike - did you see that? Only 12,500 seats allocated to the gaytors.

So the geniuses saying it'll be 50/50, you think that of the 65,000 seats left gators are going to get over 30,000 or more through the secondary market, group sales, resales, ticket brokers, etc. Give me a break.

Try living down here and you would know. The pro canes buzz is unbelievable! It will be at least 70% canes!

That's still a lot of gaytors, don't get me wrong, it'll be over 20,000 loud gayturds which will make their presence felt. That's A LOT OF VISITORS. But it's still 70% canes.


Why is my post gone???


Canes..did you post show?


Also..im thinking 70/30 or maybe 65/35. Still a lot of Gayturds, but that is to be expected.


I do think the FSU games are closer to 50/50 though.




zilla..your right, I'm sure a good portion did that. Hell, I did it twice already lol. With season tickets their cheap and you can get them early. Simply sell the rest and get some of your money back.


http://www.footballstudyhall.com/2013/8/16/4626168/college-football-week-1-predictions WOW 6 WINS? NO LOVE FOR THE U


Also..im thinking 70/30 or maybe 65/35. Still a lot of Gayturds, but that is to be expected.

Posted by: UMike | August 22, 2013 at 06:44 AM

I'm thinking about 65% UM, 35% UF also. It will be nowhere close to 50/50 but the jorts crowd will be in town strong no doubt.


Canesfan_1..please email me at canespace86@aol.com. Thank U!

SOUP is OUT...


Yup, it was Carlos Joseph that played for Miami...

glenngarvin @glenngarvin

All roads lead to Nevin Shapiro: Carlos Joseph, ex-UM FB turned bouncer who apparently hit Richie Incognito, was named in Shapiro scandal


My gut tells the NCAA will announce Friday because the story will die down over the weekend.


Sinster..imo the NCAA doesn't want the story to die down. Everyone already knows the bad the NCAA did, that story has died down. Now the NCAA will stick it to us one more time so they "win" lol


Unless its the Friday before the Florida game lol


IDK about Rivals lol..this is the article titie..

"Edouard keeping options open"

Then the first sentence is this..

"Three-star dual-threat quarterback Alin Edouard is still holding firm on his commitment to Miami despite interest from several other BCS schools."

So which is it, holding firm or options open lol

orange 'n green in the vein


Whichever one makes you re-up your subscription of course!


lol OGV..they have to draw you in with the title


Man..Im LOVIN my new "Penny from Big Bang" wallpaper on the computer. Every time I close or lower a program I get a smile on my face lol


The NCAA grants transfer waivers to student athletes based on injury, illness or financial hardship of an immediate family member or legal guardian. If a family member is given a specific amount of time to live, that also merits a waiver.

Death, however, isn’t part of the criteria, it seems.

Rutgers transfer Kerwin Okoro lost his father Stanislaus and brother Idiongo in the span of two months last year, which made The Bronx product decide to leave Iowa State and come closer to home to attend Rutgers. Yet the NCAA denied the 6-foot-5 St. Raymond graduate’s transfer waiver request yesterday, a source told The Post.

Okoro, 19, was scheduled to be a key part of new head coach Eddie Jordan’s program in the winter, but now he might have to wait before beginning the final three seasons of his collegiate career.

It’s a head-scratching decision considering Okoro’s losses would seem to meet the waiver guidelines more than many other student athletes who have been approved in recent years. For example, Iona guard Tavon Sledge, who left Iowa State, received a waiver and was allowed to play immediately last season because his father was sick, while Hofstra guard Shaquille Stokes was granted one because of his sick grandmother.


Just another example of why the NCAA is a joke. The NCAA are basically slave owners making to to oppress and scare players every chance they get to assure there isnt an uprising. Sad

Sarasota 'cane

Have you all read the allegations brought against Ryan Braun by his former friend at UM? What the hell is wrong with UM alumni and boosters that makes them want to bring the school down everytime they feel slighted?

Shapiro, Perez, and now this clown Ralph Sasson!

orange 'n green in the vein

A drug cheat deserves no loyalty, especially one that lies about it. Braun should never draw a paycheck playing sports again. Cheater.

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