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August 15, 2013



CGNC U still moving to Jupiter Farms? I was there last night at my daughter's soccer game at Jupiter Farms park and the mosquitos almost carried me away!

VA Cane

You have to get guys who make plays on the field in the game...O, D and ST.....not coddle people who are supposed to be stars.

That is how Clappy and Onion coached...dem stars baby not on pure effort ability success....Coley makes it happen...Duke does....Morris does....you play dynamic kids give them the opportunity.

CF Live says UF has the best secondary in the nation....hope we prove em wrong. I hate UF...I hope our D can get some knockouts carryoffs limpoffs we have to punish them....Driskell needs a target on his back....I want to hurt them bad....destroy their season....man I hate them so much....have 2 friends who are UF and FSU guys.....a chimp could go to those schools if he could play....and they would let it in........



orange 'n green in the vein

Monty, how can he suck? He worked with the same QB-guru VT brought in to work with their converted TE calling signals and I keep reading that means he'll show instant improvement because it worked so well for Timmay's mechanics as we can all see by the exaggerated windup and the molasses slow release he still employs.

Over/under on number of losses on the season before his insane fan-base calls for him to start over Brady? 1 1/2 sounds about right?

VA C, you sound like you're trying to get him a taste of reality while he's still impressionable enough to take it to heart and transform his person at a core level to change himself for the better, hope you can get him on board and help him out for his own sake.

The best thing I can say about Dye to this point, I've never heard any word of him refusing one of his four position changes by either two of his head coaches.


Marcus forston beasting right now....

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