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August 08, 2013



Just bought tickets to go support the Canes on the road vs. USF. Cant freaking Wait, last game I went to was vs FSU a few years back when they lost badly at sunlife 45-17 i think. ..Now trying to get my hands on some tickets for when they play Virginia Tech at home.. (First?!?)


I think Wilson & Lane go to Florida with Lammons picking Miami.

Posted by: UMike | August 08, 2013 at 02:02 PM

That seems to be the prevailing wisdom around the 'Net for awhile now?

Posted by: SOUP | August 08, 2013 at 05:11 PM

what you trying to say SOUP? lol I have said it for a while myself..so take that lol

mountain cane



UMike...I think what I was trying to say is that U are correct sir! There is that better? LOL


Can't get a first these days!


Just back to the CCC in the 863 from the 352. What did I miss?


Yes 86..much better lol


ust back to the CCC in the 863 from the 352. What did I miss?

Posted by: 86Cane | August 08, 2013 at 05:31 PM

We got yet ANOTHER D-Line transfer


We all know what Duke can do, but does anyone know who will be providing the smash that Mike James used to deliver?


We all know what Duke can do, but does anyone know who will be providing the smash that Mike James used to deliver?

Posted by: CalgaryCane | August 08, 2013 at 05:35 PM

From what I've been reading, Gus Edwards. I haven't heard Danny Dillards name lately, but I assume He's in the mix also.


We got yet ANOTHER D-Line transfer

Posted by: UMike | August 08, 2013 at 05:32 PM

Damn, what is that like 10 of them? There must be 92 players on the 85 man roster now huh?


Gus Edwards. I haven't heard Danny Dillards name lately, but I assume He's in the mix also.

Posted by: CaneRock | August 08, 2013 at 05:37 PM



BTW...I am going (legal) Gator hunting in the near future. This is gonna be FUN! More to follow...


It’s no secret Miami Central and Miami Booker T. Washington each have some of the nation’s best talent.

On Thursday, the debate began as to which was better.

Central found out early in the day that it will open the season ranked No. 1 nationally by Rivals.com, which released its Top 100 preseason poll. But later in the day, Booker T. found itself in the No. 1 spot in USA Today’s Super 25 preseason rankings.

The teams play each other Sept. 6.

In the Rivals poll, Central is joined in the top 10 by Booker T. (No. 4) and Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas (No. 9).

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/08/3550857_central-booker-t-ranked-nations.html#storylink=cpy


Matt Hayes ‏@Matt_HayesSN 31m

If there’s anything worse than a clueless, rudderless #NCAA, it’s a spineless, stand-for-nothing, bow-to-anything NCAA. Soon @sportingnews

Old Skool

If it matters, I'd say the blogger that gets to wear the black jersey today is Umike


Watch this, trust me:




"@mattyports: NFL Draft guy @TonyPauline says he loves #Canes LB Denzel Perryman: "You're looking at a Ray Lewis-type of clone there."



Great video of the Canes fishing tournament SOUP, who was the guy that showed his ring? Carlos Huerta?

Oh yeah legal gator hunting aint near as fun as the adrenaline created by fish and game and a free trip and overnight stay at the Bartow Hilton! LOL



Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan

#UM #Canes OL coach Art Kehoe on Seantrel Henderson's haircut: "He's a really handsome dude. I didn't realize how handsome he was.''

This is now more than a love affair...Lol....


Ok folks as i wrote here before tomorrow should be decision day august 9th 2013 from the NCAA regarding the Miami situation.
Just my gut feeling based on vague informations i have received following many emails i sent to the members of the COI 3 weeks ago.

It's unaceptable that Al Golden and the Canes have started their 3rd fall camp Under this NCAA cloud which is the worst punishment in itself. The NCAA is a circus with clowns and Emmert has to go. The commissioners of all the conférences need to get together and decide what should be the future of the NCAA and making sure the standards are fair for all the schools.

Miami has done enough but once again i expect the bad guys at the NCAA to impose
a reduction of 5 ships per year for 3 years.

If the NCAA makes common sense which i doubt Miami should be in the clear and no more sanctions should be applied like most people agree in college football...MIAMI HAS DONE AND SUFFERED MORE THAN ENOUGH BASED ON WHAT HAS BEEN PROVEN.

I just hope that new cases like the one with Johnny Football doesn't make the delay worst for UM. I am sure that Donna is furious right now. She still has a lot of friends in Washington and the NCAA is on very thin ice...So NCAA just be fair.


Where did all this Lammons to UM talk come from? Like 4-6 ppl picking Canes, but not picking Lane? We've got about as good a shot at Lane as we do Lammons. I'm confused.









I'm still not entirely convinced that we will only get off with scholarship reductions. They may feel the need to make a "we're not pushovers" statement after letting Oregon off with a slap to the wrist with a pillow. IF (hopefully big IF) the NCAA were to impose an additional bowl ban, what is the timeline for an appeal? Would we appeal, and would the process take us through the season?


Tony, there would most certainly be an appeal, which I think they have 90 days to provide. Timeline of finishing the appeal process I have no idea. It's the NCAA tho, it can't be quick


Miami has done enough but once again i expect the bad guys at the NCAA to impose
a reduction of 5 ships per year for 3 years.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | August 08, 2013 at 08:11 PM

Again (In my Al Golden voice), why do we keep conceding power, to an utter, and completely powerLESS entity...

The NCAA doesn't give scholarships, so why do we give them the power to take em' away...

Just like these bowl bans they call themselves imposing, how the hell are they gonna stop a team from playing in a bowl. They don't own the sponsors, they don't own the facilities the games are played in, they don't have the backing of law enforcement...so again, how are they gonna stop a team from playing in a bowl.

I say PHUCK THOSE MUTHPHUCKAS! (In my Al Blades voice), and let's get out this plantation mentality. Reminds me of a saying by Harriet Tubman..."I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."


90 days...hmmm. Let's say there is a rash of injuries, we substantially underperform and are 6-5 near the end of that window. We withdraw the appeal and let the NCAA have their way. Then sue them afterwards and get the scholarship reductions eliminated.

On the other hand, if we're contending for a BCS berth, we file the appeal in November.

Let's hope it never comes to that and that the NCAA braintrust is sufficiently cowed and goes away.

Terrance Sullivan

Oh please god shoot me with all this NCAA crap. 21 days till Gameday. Lets Go Canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

I have a feeling (not based on any fact mind you, just intuition) that the COI is going to look at the tainted investigation, add in UM's cooperation/previous punishments, and basically put this at the feet of the coaches who didn't listen to their boss regarding the booster in regards to football. Basketball on the other hand will have a little more difficulty getting out of this relatively unscathed by comparison.

The Don still might sue and start the dominoes falling on 'super division' football a little faster than normal otherwise, which would mean I'll stop watching that game as a result due to the implications for both 'minor pro league' talent bases and the ensuing handicaps UM would be facing in such an arrangement against the rest of the teams in that pool.

Either way, that old Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times," seems to be apt here.


Ohio..I have read it plenty of places that Miami was "in the lead" for Lammons, or "had the inside track" lol...Last night on Twitter the SOTU writers were saying Lammons will NOT be coming to Miami. Since there as been a lot of talk of Lane and Wilson playing together, and then making their choice together at the same makes me think they will pick Florida. Obviously Wilson doesn't have a Miami offer, and if the common thinking holds true (them playing together) then Miami doesn't get Lane.

Lammons seems more WIDE open and couldnt end up at Miami, South Carolina or TN lol..Yesterday I thought her was Miami, but the smoke seems to be blowing the other way, so who the hell really knows lol


Ariz workin...

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be visiting some of the top programs in South Florida to give you guys an inside look at some of the team's top prospects, the program's overall philosophies, and what to expect for the season. The first stop on the tour was Booker T. Washington High School, the talent-rich program who won the 4A state title last season and is poised to repeat this year.


**The first thing you notice about the Tornadoes practice routine is the fast tempo the coaches strive to get their players working at. The pace is nonstop. The Tornadoes have a mantra, "Washington is faster," and they do not stray from that philosophy even as far as practice goes. Offensive Coordinator Tim "Ice" Harris, Jr. urged his group today by saying, "It's gotta be a track meet." When I spoke to Harris, Jr., he again stressed the importance of their uptempo style due to the fact that they aren't the "biggest" so they have to use their speed.

**A couple more interesting notes from a discussion I had with Harris, Jr.:
---He said that Chad Thomas has been utilized almost primarily as a defensive tackle during his high school career, which is something that not many people know about. Harris, Jr. says that he has interestingly been more effective inside than as an end, and he attributes that to his quickness. There aren't many guards at the high school level who can handle 6'5", 235-pounds of speed and power coming at them.

---I asked him for a guy on his offense who could really break out and he pointed towards 2015 WR Vaquan Smalls. Smalls is a 6'3" receiver who needs some polishing up, but all the physical tools are there. Smalls is a runner, hurdler, and long jumper on the famed Booker T. Washington track team. Look for him to really emerge this season as his touches will climb. I see him as a red zone touchdown-maker in this offense. I had heard buzz about Smalls in the offseason, but this was the first time I saw him up close and he passes the eye test.

---Harris, Jr. loves the offensive line group he has and is encouraged by its youth. Despite the loss of Denver Kirkland, he seemed very confident that this will be a strength of the team.

---One more note: Some of you were asking about Treon Harris and the possibility of Miami flipping him from Florida State, who has offered him at quarterback. I asked Ice Jr. how solid Treon's commitment to the 'Noles was, and he told me it was solid. I followed up by asking him if he thought there was any chance Miami could get back into it for his brother, and he responded, "As a quarterback?..." with a big smile on his face.

**Miami Beach transfer LB James King (2015) really caught my attention. At about 6'2", 210-pounds, King has great length with a frame that has a lot of room to add weight. You can tell he's a younger kid as well, so as he continues to mature over the next two years, he will be physically ready for the college level. I have never seen him in live game action, but he looked fluid and should benefit from an extremely strong line in front of him.

**2014 WR Lamar Parker (WVU commit) is going to be a guy who lights it up in the Dana Holgorsen Air Raid offense. He's a guy Miami might have taken a look at if their sights weren't set on some of these bigger fish already. Perfect slot guy.

Now let's take a look at some Miami-specific targets

Demetrius Jackson
---The Miami commit is one of the most interesting stories in this recruiting class. By now, most people know that Jackson is a guy who just starting playing football back in the spring, but showed such incredible flashes of potential that Miami offered. I had seen Jackson's spring highlights, but wanted to get a closer look today. Wow, was I impressed. His athleticism and measurables were a given, but if he makes the types of plays during the season that he was making in practice today, he will be rated a 4-star prospect by the end of the process.

---Jackson's get-off is quick and ferocious, which is a complete surprise considering he's made the transition to the football field so recently. While he is still working on technique, his basketball skills are evident. He batted down multiple balls and recorded a sack during situational work.

--Speaking to someone who has seen Jackson play during his basketball career, they described him as a player who just physically dominated the game. According to this person, Jackson would manhandle much taller and bigger players through the wirey strength he possesses. He is known as a rebounder, defender, and shot-blocker on the basketball court, which all translates well to the football field.

---I had a chance to speak with Demetrius and asked him about the first few days of practice.

"It's been a grind, man, I've been tired. I've been getting a lot more comfortable with the sport, though and I'm just ready for the season to start."

Jackson has mentioned multiple times about his relationship with fellow line mate Chad Thomas.

"Our relationship is getting stronger each and everyday because it's a brotherhood on that defense so we stick together. We're just getting better everyday, getting stronger and staying on each other."

How do his skills on the basketball court transition to the football field?

"I'm athletic and I can jump high so that forces quarterbacks to throw the ball really high and it will give them a hard time seeing the field. I also have good footwork from basketball."

At first, Jackson was unsure about his decision to play football. Now, he's all in.

"It was the right choice because it's paying for my education. I can have fun while I'm in school and hopefully get to the next level, but I'm 100% in. I'm loving it."

A few weeks ago Jackson tweeted that he would be making his "final" decision after the season. Has his Miami choice been solidified recently?

"Yes. I have players from my own team so it feels like home."

Nigel Bethel
---Bethel is a player who brings it every day and we know what he brings to the table. He's a competitor and despite his smaller stature, he's physical and that's his game. I still see him as a perimeter corner as opposed to a slot guy because his type of speed is better suited for that spot.

---Quotes from Bethel:

On recruiting for Miami
"Before camp started I was talking to Johnnie Dixon and Ermon Lane. They told me they liked the program and we're their number one school, but they don't know if they want to stay in Miami. Since the season has started, I've just been focusing on my team."

On his goals for the season
"My personal goal is just to blanket every receiver I face. I don't really care about the stats, I just want to blanket them. As a team goal, I just want a National Championship and to run the table on everyone."

On his family's reaction when he committed
"My mom and dad were very happy because they thought I was going elsewhere so they were really excited. My little brothers were very happy and they're ready to see me play in that Miami Hurricanes uniform."

Chad Thomas
---Thomas is another prospect who we know what his ceiling is and we know the physical gifts he possesses, but I was very encouraged by what I saw from him as a leader today. It's obvious that he is stepping up now as a Senior and trying to be more vocal. He is not only the unquestioned leader of the defense, but maybe the entire team. You can tell that the younger guys truly respect and appreciate him. He was running warmups with the defensive line and directing the younger players.

--Thomas will be attending Booker T this year for school, as opposed to the New World School of Arts.

---Chad looks noticeably bigger from the times I've seen him in the offseason. His upper body is filling out very nicely and I expect his lower half to really take a big jump when he gets into the college weight room.

The Tornadoes have been named the preseason number one team in the country by USA Today. How is Chad making sure the team doesn't get ahead of themselves?

"Like coach says, don't work on the stuff we're already good at. Work on all the stuff we're bad at and when we mess up, pay attention to that."

Thomas mentoring Jackson on the football field is sort of his way to repay him. Why is that?

"When I started playing basketball, Demetrius showed me stuff and he went hard on me so when it came to football I knew I had to do the same thing for him by going hard on him and teaching him."

How special does Chad think that tandem can be?

"Real special. They gon' feel us. Every team gon' feel us."

2016 RB Mark Walton
---Walton is a prospect who is almost a folk legend of sorts. Despite not being a primary ball carrier last season and having to wait his turn as a younger player, he already holds offers from the likes of Miami, Alabama, Florida State, and West Virginia.

---Walton will put up huge numbers this season and will have big lanes to run through due to the spread attack that the team employs. Walton is a freak, who's already weighing about 190 pounds at 5'10", while running a 4.4. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be next up in the line of great South Florida running back prospects.

---The good news for Miami fans? It already seems like Walton could be Duke Johnson-esque in his attitude towards recruiting.

"I feel like committing to Miami is the best spot for me. Growing up loving Miami and now getting the opportunity to go to Miami is just wild."

What impact do his three teammates being committed to Miami have on him?

"Great guys over on the other side of the ball in Chad Thomas, Demetrius Jackson, and Nigel Bethel. It's just more comfortable for me to go over there and finish my college career over there."

Hurlie Brown has been on fire since he's taken over the running backs coach position earlier this year. Walton could extend Brown's hot streak.

"Coach Hurlie Brown and Coach Barrow are recruiting me. When I went to the camp, they were straight up with me. They told me to just keep grinding as a young player out there."

I also had a great conversation with Booker T. Washington Defensive Line/Strength and Conditioning Coach Pierre Senatus.

Q: Talk about the group of guys you have right now and what are your expectations for them?
Coach Senatus: It's a phenomenal group of young men and the sky is the limit as far as their abilities go. As high school players, I think they have so much more to accomplish. They're still maturing and everyday we see progress in the weight room and academically. When they come on this football field, you have Chad Thomas, Demetrius Jackson, Tevin Evans, and Tyrone Robinson as the starting four. Then you have guys like Osvelt Joseph, Jordan Ingram, and a young guy like Andre Duncan who are all going to help. So we have a great core who we think can just take over a game. Our goal is to have a line who can be the best in the nation. It's not about sacks or tackles for loss, it's about being solid and technically sound.

Q: Talk about Chad's growth as a player. Everyone has talked about his potential for years, but it seems like he's putting it all together now.
Coach Senatus: The maturation process has been incredible. His intelligence is special. He has a musical intelligence at New World School of Arts, but he's coming into the building this year so music has always been a passion along with academics and also balancing athletics so now he's focusing more this summer on solely athletics so you're now seeing that progression. Rivals defensive line camp MVP, Nike camp up at Barry defensive line MVP, out in Oregon with every defensive player in the country he goes and gets MVP, goes to Florida State and dominates it, Friday Night Lights as a junior and dominates it, University of Miami defensive line MVP, Alabama he goes and gets an offer, so his best football is still in front of him. He's growing in the weight room and since I'm the strength and conditioning coach I get to see him lift. His olympic lifts, his power, his stamina, his agility, what he does in ploy, his agility stations, his running, his speed is all still developing with him and he's such a passionate worker that will call me to work out after practice. He comes in early for meetings. He has great character so the best is still way out in front of him. I've seen guys and realized they've kind of maxed out at the high school level after you see them for two or three years in college, but this young man has so much ceiling in front of him and he's still growing in height, he's still growing into his shoulder pads, he's still lean and he's a solid 235. Coach Harris is a track philosophy coach with our tempo of practice and even our meetings are so fast-paced so the metabolism is burning at such a high level. When he gets into a real nutrition instruction system, his muscle gain is going to be phenomenal. He may not put on 30 or 40 pounds, but he's going to put on 20 or 30 pounds of great muscle. We monitor their body fat percentage and he's in the low single digits. He's just going to be so special at the next level.

Q: What have you seen from Demetrius in his transition from basketball to football?
Coach Senatus: In the short amount of time just having him in the spring and seeing how he's soaking it all up, learning escapes, learning the game of football, and the grind of Booker T. Washington he has just been broadening his scope. He lights up on the field and in the meeting room when a guest speaker is in there. He has the same energy that he has on the field. When you see him on the edge as an anchor end or a play side end, he takes away the sky with his wingspan and explosiveness with his basketball instincts. He has a great get-off, but he is continuing to develop it with his speed. He doesn't even have a favorite move. Some guys are speed guys, some are power, some are power-to-speed, some guys are bull guys, but he doesn't have a clue yet. One play he'll bull a guy, the next play he'll run right by a guy, the next play he run right through them and jump into the sky and knock the ball down. He's starting really to understand how to play the defensive end position.

Q: When I've talked to Coach Harris, he said Demetrius could be kind of like a Dion Jordan. Do you agree with that?
Coach Senatus: Oh, absolutely. Our groups in the weight room are based off their maxes and he's right below Chad. He's made the biggest gain right now in the weight room. His 225 reps went from 2-3 to almost double digit in a matter of two months. He's not even a guy who is able to work out everyday and eat right so being in this community and adding that much strength in this amount of time is something that I'm really proud of him because he's worked so hard on getting stronger. He's a guy that has that Dion Jordan, but you hate to compare guys because they're their own players, but he really has a variety of capabilities.

**I will be posting a slideshow of pictures tomorrow and shout out to Burr who contributed to this report.


With the way this class is shaping up, and with the surprises im to sure will come later, "missing out" on Lane and Lammons wouldn't be such a big deal, especially if we pick up Dixon or Berrios.


NCAA gets called out / busted and now they are "back tracking". If here was ever a corrupt, money hungry corportation, it's the NCAA





Raize, I like how he says that he understands how its can "seem" hypocritical lol


What a putz.

"This is now more than a love affair...Lol...."

I discovered that before Seantrel stepped on campus. There is nothing holding back Susan from her man. Though I am concerned. This is Seantrel's last year on campus. If a non-Dolphins NFL team drafts #77, will she move with him?

I hope so, else I'd be worried for her. I'll bet she rocks his world like never before.



BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 19m

The latest #Canes depth chart...look at RT..DE...CB and more pic.twitter.com/paM3nSreho


SOTU writers quick reactions to Canes new depth chart:

Quick reactions:

Olsen Pierre is at End. He was a player we thought would see most, if not all, of his time at DT.

Pierre over Chickillo. Yes, I know Chick has been injured, which is probably the reason for him not sitting atop the depth chart. Still an interesting point.

Jelani Hamilton is at Tackle. He was against moving inside when he was coming out of HS. Interesting to see how long that lasts/what happens here.

Ereck Flowers atop depth chart at both LT and RT. He shares the top of the depth chart at RT with Seantrel Henderson (who seems to finally be putting things together), but it's looking more and more like Flowers is going to start somewhere on the line.

Jon Feliciano leading the battle at LG over Malcolm Bunche. This will be a battle to the end, and Bunche could be the super utility man if not the starter.

Dallas Crawford listed as backup to Duke Johnson. This falls in line with what we've been hearing out of camp. I'm interested to see where Gus Edwards fits into the equation at RB.

Clive Walford/Asante Cleveland battle for the TE spot. Golden has spoken highly of Beau Sandland in recent days. I can see all 3 players getting rotation time, regardless of who starts.

Hurns, Dorsett and Waters your 3 starting receivers. Stacy Coley all the way up to 2nd team behind Dorsett. Like I've said both on here and on twitter, Coley is going to play. A lot.

Not listed on the depth chart: Julio Derosier, Justin Renfrow, and David Gilbert. These players figure to be on the team once cleared (or graduated in Gilbert's case). When that clearance will come is anybody's guess.

Thurtson Armbrister still leads Alex Figueroa/Tyriq McCord at SAM linebacker. Another good battle that should last the duration of camp.

Al-Quadin Muhammad listed as 3rd team DE. Should still see at least spot duty in passing situations.

LaDarius Gunter and Tracy Howard co-starters at on CB spot, with Antonio Crawford at the other. All of these players figure to be on the field in nickel situations. The depth and quality of the CB position has increased greatly to this point. This progressions needs to manifest itself on Saturdays, but the early returns are positive.

Nate Dortch listed as backup to Crawford. He's been making plays all camp. His improvement, and the addition of Artie Burns (who is also high on the depth chart) can only help the Canes' secondary.

Rayshawn Jenkins over Kacy Rodgers at Safety. This is not a surprise. I expect big things from Jenkins.

AJ Highsmith over Deon Bush at the other Safety. This is a result of Bush being limited as he recovers from sports hernia surgery. Once he's back, he'll start.

Ryan Williams firmly slotted to be the backup to Stephen Morris. Again, not a surprise.

Phillip Dorsett and Stacy Coley co-starters at Punt Return. Again, Coley is going to see the field this year. Bank on it.

Dorsett, Duke, Malcolm Lewis and Artie Burns listed as Kick Returners. All of these players, as well as Coley, are able to positively shift field position with their return abilities. Special teams, which are overseen by Golden himself, looks like a strength on this year's team.


Ohio..a lot of good stuff on Twitter right now..great pics..but I cant copy and paste..so thats on you haha


Before anyone reacts/overreacts to the depth chart, remember it's still relatively early and will change more in the coming weeks.


UMike, I got it. Posting in between customers. They decided Friday morning is the time they need the most help. LOL


You can tell all the reporters are on the same tour..they all post pics of the same section at the same time lol


BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 1m

coaching plan for duke pic.twitter.com/I7LA0hLc4C

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 20m

#UM Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence pic.twitter.com/mJotRzbi1n

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 19m

#UM tour pic.twitter.com/e3243kIiUO

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 18m

2001 #UM Sears Trophy pic.twitter.com/DoycLnPeVg

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 17m


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 13m

Trainers' space #UM pic.twitter.com/rt8j7SSB08

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 9m


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 8m

#Canes locker room pic.twitter.com/5TKm99dypt

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 7m


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 5m

David Gilbert has a locker at #UM pic.twitter.com/s2AkEa2NMV

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 3m


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 3m

#Ray Lewis' touch pic.twitter.com/3OJCVFBeM7

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 2m

Relax #Canes! pic.twitter.com/aW7k6nlA2E


Renfrow and Kamalu also have lockers at UM


Gilbert has a locker..but his name is handwritten lol


"Jelani Hamilton is at Tackle. He was against moving inside when he was coming out of HS. Interesting to see how long that lasts/what happens here."

Good call.

You bet Susan's gonna push her man until he starts, but I don't know if he can take down Flowers. It's been said more than a few times that Flowers is the best offensive line prospect in MANY years.


BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 6m

foundation 4 pic.twitter.com/KJUnIyV1N8

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 6m

football health mantra pic.twitter.com/xVjp1nrWbf

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 5m

football lounge pic.twitter.com/BLCnjweMT1

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 5m

defense goals pic.twitter.com/QFF0XJ87U9

Matt Porter ‏@mattyports 6m

Guess who dropped dollars to help build the #Canes' locker room. pic.twitter.com/W7u3S0aeNX

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast 6m

Al mantras pic.twitter.com/IurJahlRkd

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 1m



I swear only in Miami will a dude shoot his wife and they post the pics on Facebook.. smh

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