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August 19, 2013



Sorry here is the link.

Obviously, the TC poll is personal-me sitting around watching these games and seeing the effort from these guys.


um told dye his presence was a distraction? ouch! what about his rehabilitation? sucks!


Well Va Cane was right. Dye no longer on the team. Sanford big 3... ha


What I don't get about the Dye case, didn't he already serve a suspension two years ago???????? So what's the problem now?


no telling with the ncaa.. i wouldn't be surprised if they have an arm for baby punching . Pun intended.

orange 'n green in the vein

WWiN, he wanted to sue the NCAA for intimidation.

It was dumb. He wasn't going to play, Ray Ray didn't violate any rules last year and got shown the door and he could play, Dye stood no chance and now he can get bitter and narc if he wants but this case is basically wrapped now I'd imagine if this news is breaking.


Fort Myers.

VA Cane

Taylor often seemed a man among kids. That guy was it....I did not like him being a Redskin so much, they like to say he was theirs....sorry I am possessive he was and will always be a Cane.

Now I love the LBs we have had many of them....but being a smaller player myself....RM1 was a bad cat. He hit like Tatum....man he was unreal one of my real FAVs....and I really love Rusty Medearis that cat gave it all....but gosh you start naming Canes and its unreal how many great ones we have had...and we have had some knucklesheads as people....but damn they could play....Sapp, Irvin, and Lamar Thomas....too much ego in the room.....but they played their azz off in the games, and that's what counts...JMO

I kind of felt Dye was out...something else to this....but he never panned out...probably a nice guy, just not CFB material....I hope he stays positive and succeeds...


CORAL GABLES, Fla. From AP -- Dyron Dye will no longer be part of the Miami football program, a decision Monday that ends the Hurricane career for the last member of the program with any real ties to the Nevin Shapiro scandal.

UM determined it was too much of a risk to play Dyron because the NCAA told the university that Dyron was untruthful in the third interview.

The one nice thing is that it won't affect his aid at UM. But as far as his future playing for the University of Miami, that door's closed.


CORAL GABLES — After a long and winding NCAA investigation, Miami senior Dyron Dye is no longer a member of the Hurricane football program.
Dye is gone never lived up to the hype


Nevin Shapiro Scandal anyone linked to it are no longer at UM or part of the Program...
NCAA time to move on!

mountain cane

Glad Dye will receive the $ to finish his schooling. He would have been at most a marginal contributor, so would have been foolish to square off with the obnoxious, but powerful, NCAA on the issue of his testimony.


NCAA is just ridiculous. Bullying the University to push this kid out.

I'm glad he can still attend school on scholarship if he chooses.

Lets go NCAA. Finish the Phuck up and let us move on already!


Dear President Shalala and Mr. James,

Thank you for giving Dyron Dye the help he needs to focus on academics to complete his degree at UM if he wants to. He may need some supports psychologically or at least morally.

I hope the best for the young man.



Matt Porter is the new beat writter for the Canes at the Palm Beach Post. Jorge Milian is now covering the News at the PBP.


VA Cane

I hope he will finish his school, it is far more important than football at this point. He is a nice kid I assume, but never panned out to all the hype. So much for star lovers and gazing into the stars. None of those guys have really lived up to how great they were going to be. That is football.

Get that degree young man, it is something the NCAA or anybody else can never take away from you when you earn it. Good luck!!!


IOWA CITY, Iowa – Sam Dorman became the first Hurricane to ever capture three gold medals at the National Diving Championships, partnering with teammate Zac Nees to earn first place in the 3-meter synchronized event Sunday.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Dorman, who also took first in the 1-meter and 3-meter events earlier in the week. “Before I came here, I thought about [winning three events], but I never expected this would actually happen. I’m speechless.”


"UM determined it was too much of a risk to play Dyron because the NCAA told the university that Dyron was untruthful in the third interview."


The NCAA is LYING THEIR ASSES OFF! in the O'Bannon case, but they have the nerve to call somebody "untruthful"...



Dick Vitale ‏@DickieV 20m
Now I wish Mark Emmert's staff will put to bed Miami inquiry -NCAA admits messing up-accept their self imposed sanctions #ENOUGHALREADY


A new Miami Hurricanes depth chart will be released at 9 p.m. tonight.


Wow what a TD catch by Leonard Hankerson


Sick one hander by Hank!

F' the Turds!


Final Depth chart:



Rats... no Danny Dillard...


Thank god were playing fau first because i can not go more games of highsmith and rodgers as the safeties


NCAA took shots from everybody today including Charles Barkley.



I like Tucker at FB. Clive is noe the starting TE and he deserves it. Looks like their sneaking my LOF Coley up and he will play a big role. I think Gilbert and Renfrow will play a lot and add depth to the DL. Golden and D'No are happy. I think we will see a few more changes,

There is a lot to like about our Canes personnel.


It is the first time in a long time that I look at the depth chart and only see 1 freshman listed as a starter.


The University of Miami has just informed the media that Canes Camp has concluded and there will be no practice tomorrow or Wednesday.


The NCAA mess will come to an end the next couple days. Miami is ready to move on..


Perhaps they expect an NCAA decision by tomorrow or wednesday. Or Al Golden wants to give his player time to rest and heal before FAU week.




Is spence playing?


Spence is still in rehab and doing better.



I like Tucker at FB.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | August 19, 2013 at 09:32 PM

That'll be oooooooone fast FB LOL.
But then again, Willis McGahee was a FB, and He was a 4.3 guy.


From UM's Chris Yandel:

I was informed this evening that Coach Golden decided to break #CanesCamp a day early. There will be no practice Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you for your coverage during #CanesCamp and I’m looking forward to working with everyone during what we expect will be an exciting 2013 season.



Why does the kick off counter have the game kicking off at 8PM my time? 2AM EST.


Either the NCAA news is gonna break or Golden feels the team is "nicked up" enough to give them rest. Or maybe they saw what he needed during the scrimmage?

Or maybe ALL of the above?


Why does the kick off counter have the game kicking off at 8PM my time? 2AM EST.

Posted by: Cane_Since_1982! | August 19, 2013 at 10:21 PM

It is a Jedi mind trick.


I hope it's the NCAA.. So glad when that's over


Well I did read that they were doing repairs to the turf at Green-Tree, and they were moving practices to the baseball field.


Leonard Hankerson beautiful TD catch vs Pittsburgh tonight.



Another reason camp could've broke early, is the weather. I did see a few thunderstorms on the radar.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: Cane_Since_1982! | August 19, 2013 at 10:21 PM"

I think you answered your own question because it's set to EST and your time is apparently 6 hours behind (ahead?) so that means you're in Hawaii (UK)?

Because I'm adding it up and I'm getting 8 PM next Friday here.


It's coming. No inside info, but too many clues to ignore on this one. Then we move on.


That's what she said!!!!


WWIN, earlier comment of yours... I don't think Dorsett and Scott are going pro after this season, unless Morris throws for like 5,000 yards (which THAT isn't happening as we all know). Hurns is a senior, so maybe he gets drafted.

Golden talking about the depth at WR is a little confusing. I know some of the guys are dinged up, but I didn't think anything was really that serious. Miami definitely needs some guys in this class, but it looks like Golden has who he wants (minus Dixon and maybe Rudolph), so we're set in the future.


Did the NCAA REALLY call Dye "untruthful????"..And UM believed them? At least he can continue his education.


Canerock, I was not only thinking of Magahee, but also of Mike James who can both block and pose a threat out of the backfield. OC Coley also came from FSU, and they used their fullback a lot last year as a rusher and pass catcher. If Tucker can learn the offense, he can help.

On Dye: Let's also face the fact that there is more quality depth on the DL, so there is no need to risk it with Dye who probably could not contribute much anyway. Hopefully, Dye continues his studies, gets an advanced degree and learns some valuable lessons from the role he played in the Shapiro scandal.


UM released its final fall camp depth chart late Monday night -- then abruptly announced that fall camp had ended, a day earlier than originally planned.

There will be no media access until Monday, four days before the opener against FAU.

UM coach Al Golden made it clear Monday morning that the depth chart could change before kickoff.

The newest depth-chart changes have freshman receiver Stacy Coley now backing up wideout Allen Hurns and backing up slot receiver Herb Waters.

Anthony Chickillo is back as a co-starter with Shayon Green at defensive end, with Green listed on the other side as well.

Newcomer Justin Renfrow is now the backup to D-tackle Curtis Porter, with David Gilbert the backup to D-end Green. Junior college transfer Ufomba Kamalu is the third-team D-end behind Chickillo/Green.

Alex Figueroa is now listed ahead of Thurston Armbrister at outside linebacker, with an "or'' between their names.

At cornerback, Tracy Howard is ahead of Antonio Crawford, with an "or'' between their names; and on the other side, Ladarius Gunter is the starter, with "Nate Dortch or Artie Burns'' behind him.

Kacy Rodgers and AJ Highsmith are the starting safeties, with Deon Bush behind Rodgers and Rayshawn Jenkins behind Highsmith.

Offensively, it's "Dallas Crawford or Eduardo Clements'' behind Duke Johnson at tailback.

And Clive Walford has overtaken Asante Cleveland as the top tight end.

Freshman Walter Tucker has moved from linebacker to backup fullback.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/08/miami-hurricanes-release-final-depth-chart-then-close-fall-camp-a-day-early-.html#storylink=cpy

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