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August 30, 2013







Let's Go Canes!


University of Miami linebacker Denzel Perryman wasn’t expecting much sleep Thursday night.

That’s what “Christmas” can do to a guy.

“I’ll probably pop up in the middle of the night and just start watching film,” Perryman said in anticipation of the Hurricanes’ home opener against FAU at 8 p.m. Friday. “It’s just like Christmas. I’m going to wake up, I know I’m going to eat, and then … game time.”

Finally, after denying themselves an opportunity to represent the Coastal Division in what would have been their first Atlantic Coast Conference title game; after self-imposing their second consecutive bowl ban; after going more than nine months without the game that fuels them, the Hurricanes can exult in the antidote for all ills: football.

The Hurricanes will meet the 32-point underdog Owls for the first time, in an opener that will celebrate Howard Schnellenberger — the man who brought glory to UM and a football program to FAU — and the 30th anniversary of Schnellenberger’s 1983 UM national championship team.

But more pressing for Hurricanes fans and the program itself is that Friday will mark the start of what most expect to be Miami’s best season in years. With senior quarterback Stephen Morris, tailback Duke Johnson and an offensive line considered among the elite in college football, this is the campaign in which coach Al Golden is expected to take the Canes back to relevancy.

The five-time national champion Hurricanes have not won more than seven games in six of the past seven seasons. And with the NCAA — what Golden calls the “four-letter-word” — hovering on the horizon with pending sanctions, the Canes (7-5 in 2012) badly need the momentum that a successful season could bring.

“They look at Friday night as an opportunity to prove to themselves what they are developing and what they want to become,” Golden said. “There’s a lot of urgency right now.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/30/3594673/miami-hurricanes-cant-wait-to.html#storylink=cpy


Good morning spacers and a happy football season to all.


Let's go CANES!!!


Prediction time: the 2013 Miami Hurricanes will go …
by Matt Porter

A team with a huge, experienced offensive line, a talented senior playing quarterback and a potential Heisman candidate carrying the ball usually wins most of its games – especially with a friendly schedule, in which said team only leaves its home state three times.

That’s why I’m predicting a 9-3 season for the Hurricanes. Week-by-week, here’s how I see the schedule shaking out:

Aug. 30 vs. Florida Atlantic: WIN. Everyone’s excited to have football back, but Howard-fest isn’t much of a contest. Here’s my preview for Friday’s season-opener.

Sept. 7 vs. Florida: LOSS. The Gators are favored by three points as of this writing. I see them winning by a touchdown or less. Huge crowd at Sun Life for this one, split down the middle.

Sept. 21 vs. Savannah State: WIN. This is the team that was a 70 ½-point underdog to Florida State last season. The Tigers, playing their second season in the MEAC, are 17-102 since moving from Division 2 to 1-AA in 2001. Because of their low APR score, they were hit with a NCAA postseason ban, which seems unnecessary.

Sept. 28 at USF: WIN. Bulls defensive end Aaron Lynch is worth the price of admission, but Willie Taggart only has one of him. Curious to see if Pahokee product Chris Dunkley — a big talent whose issues are well-documented — will be a contributor.

Oct. 5 vs. Georgia Tech: WIN. Miami’s defense has jelled enough to handle Paul Johnson’s triple-option offense (36 points, 419 yards against the Hurricanes last year). Since Johnson was hired in 2008, the Jackets have scored 30.4 points per game.

Oct. 17 at North Carolina: LOSS. Thursday night on the road against Bryn Renner, who doesn’t get nearly enough pub in a league with Stephen Morris and Tajh Boyd. The toughest ACC game on the schedule besides Florida State.

Oct. 26 vs. Wake Forest: WIN. ‘Canes have to account for do-it-all wide receiver Michael Campanaro (871 all-purpose yards last season, nearly 20 percent of the Deacs’ total) and big-play corner Merrill “Bud” Noel, another Pahokee kid, but Wake is headed for its fifth losing season in a row.

Nov. 2 at Florida State: LOSS. Winning at Tally would be a big accomplishment. Miami won’t get blown out, but FSU is a cut above this year. Side note: I wish more college athletes had Jameis Winston’s personality.

Nov. 9 vs. Virginia Tech. WIN, and a huge one. Miami rebounds from FSU loss to re-capture control of the Coastal. Tech’s injury troubles will plague them again.

Nov. 16 at Duke: WIN. Begins a stretch of three beatable Coastal opponents. Duke is headed for the bottom of the Coastal.

Nov. 23 vs. Virginia: WIN. Looking back, third time was the charm for the ‘Hoos, who can’t beat UM four years in a row.

Nov. 29 at Pittsburgh: WIN. Pitt shows it belongs in the ACC, but Panthers fans are already looking forward basketball season.

That puts Miami at 6-2 in the conference, 5-1 in the Coastal. I think UNC will slip up elsewhere (the two Techs and N.C. State) , so, yes: I’m predicting the ‘Canes will play in the Dec. 7 ACC Championship game in Charlotte. I think they’ll lose to Clemson, then take their talents to Atlanta and a New Year’s Eve date with a good-but-not-good-enough SEC team (Ole Miss? South Carolina? Texas A&M? Them Gators?) in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.


Account Deleted

Top Ten...thank you very much

Go Canes tonight.....27-10...nothing fancy


I would like it to be 27-3 at the half lol..but I doubt we show to much and play the studs to long. I would just like to see a win, a couple of Duke plays and an improved D no matter the score


"Susan Miller Degnan‏@smillerdegnan8m
Miami #Hurricanes can’t wait to unwrap new season - #UM - http://MiamiHerald.com http://hrld.us/15b5oAk"

#Sutrel's been wrapping it up.


SOUP..is it possible to pick up my shirt Friday night at the hotel, the Friday before the Florida game?


knowing high school ball here in NC. Berrios is good, but the teams he is facing are terrible. his high school will have two "tuff" games during the regular season. But they tend to stay away from charlotte, fayetteville, greensboro, and the SE county schools, where you have other D1 talent.
BUT, that being said he seems to rise to the challenge.


Anyone got a hold of FAU depth chart?


I dont think FAU as got a hold of the FAU depth chart lol


Funny. I saw on the previous post something about 6'2" 225lbs dt..

I'm thinking if coach p put's that kid over linder or bunche.. my goodness! the pain. or worse in the 1 or 2 where he can taste a good double.

It would be better if he lined up 10 yards off with the corners.




Ready for the season to strt gooo canes!!!!


you alright with me Umike!


There some CANES OVA HEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!




so fau has a dt that is 225 and the other one is 260. They must be the masters of leverage.

well they practice against big strong guys so we will see.



SOUP..is it possible to pick up my shirt Friday night at the hotel, the Friday before the Florida game?

Posted by: UMike | August 30, 2013 at 08:08 AM

Yes sir! There will be several chances to pick up the shirt Friday at the hotel in the afternoon from 4-6 PM, at Duffy's Sports Grill near the hotel from 6-8 PM or at the hotel "Party on the Patio" Friday night from 8-10 PM.

Then it is early to bed and early to rise at 5 AM for Gator Game Day! Many more details will follow NEXT week, but FIRST we got FAU:



Spank the Owls!




Berrios is lightning. I'd take him any day, even as a special teams guru.


DeeCane...where U at?

OGV...did U get your tickets in the mail?


The countdown clock is off?

I am about to watch this from Afghanistan


SOUP, I appreciate it, I will text you that Friday to meet up.


Translating Nevin Shapiro's latest letter:


Paragraph 1: I'm really bored. I love grapes. USC.

Paragraph 2: USC, USC... hallelujah, USC. The wi-fi reception in here is really shoddy.

Paragraph 3: I've been reading some NCAA bylaws. Let me read them for you. I also like ponies.

Paragraph 4: Man, I miss the boat. And the hoes! Seantrel and Susan learned all their moves from me, because that's how I roll.

Paragraph 5: Maria isn't very good on conjugals. She's just not.

Paragraph 6: I have an astounding array of question mark usage. Let me demonstrate.

Paragraph 7: Donna Shalala R. Kelly'd in my face. Salty.

Paragraph 8: I love your paper. Kisses!


Duke Johnson video:



OK, gotta get going from wherever I am at, I think I lost track? Oh yeah, La Qunita hotel in Plantation. Moving over to the Hampton later today at 1 PM. See U peeps in the lobby at 2 PM to get locked and loaded for the FIRST tailgate of the season.

BTW...I checked with the Hampton and the shirts did arrive via UPS on Wednesday.




55-7 Canes or 55-31 if the corners are playing 10 yards off


18000k at Sun Lyte?

Account Deleted

Play action call on the first play with the Duke, Morris steps back and instead hits Dorsett on a wide open post pattern for the score.....and we can all go to bed early.... :-)


longtime, I would like that..but I think the game opens up offensively for UM for a simply hand off to Duke for a 15 -20 yard gain.


Miami 37, FAU 9

Duke has a solid game, Morris picks apart FAU secondary, defense forces (gasp!) a turnover early, 'Canes in control the whole way.


Account Deleted

UMike you're probably much closer than I am to the right call!!

I'm ready for an exciting and great season!

Fear the Tie!!


First play Morris fumbles the snap, FAU recovers. Scores 3 points to take the early lead. LOL



Posted by: Kenyon19_BR | August 30, 2013 at 10:37 AM


Account Deleted


Posted by: Kenyon19_BR | August 30, 2013 at 10:37 AM

There IT is right there!!!



Tailgating is a big part of the gameday experience for many fans. For safety and enjoyment of all, we ask that you please follow these Tailgating tips:

Occupy only ONE parking space per vehicle. Please do not save spaces for others.
Tailgate directly behind your vehicle using the designated 8'x10' space outlined on the ground.
Do not block the fire lane with tents or other items; the lane is needed for emergency response vehicles. Miami-Dade Police Officers will patrol these areas to ensure compliance.
No box trucks, trailers, grills in-tow or any catering service from an outside source may be brought in.
No kegs are allowed on the property. Anyone dispensing beer from a keg will be asked to leave and the keg will be confiscated.
No golf carts or motorized scooters of any kind permitted.
No generators, home speakers, banners and/or DJ's may be used.
Please keep music volume low and do not play music with inappropriate language.
Barbeque grills are allowed, open-flame fires are not permitted.
Extinguish hot coals with water before leaving the area.
Do NOT dispose of charcoal briquettes on the ground. After they are cold, place them in a plastic bag and deposit them in a trash bin.
Clean up your area before entering the stadium to watch the game so it's safe for you and others.



The Hurricane Walk, the newest gameday Miami Hurricanes tradition. Hurricanes fans are invited to take part in the walk by forming a "human tunnel" from Gate H (southwest corner of SLS) to Gate A. Join your fellow Hurricanes, the Band of the Hour, Sebastian the Ibis and the spirit squads as the 2013 Miami Hurricanes football team walks from its arrival point into Sun Life Stadium. To take part in this event and welcome the Canes in grand fashion, make sure you are at Gate H by 6 p.m.


No generators, home speakers, banners and/or DJ's may be used.
Please keep music volume low and do not play music with inappropriate language.


Posted by: SOUP | August 30, 2013 at 11:13 AM

yeaaaaaaa right! lol





orange 'n green in the vein

"OGV...did U get your tickets in the mail?

Posted by: SOUP | August 30, 2013 at 09:42 AM"

Not yet? If they aren't here today, should we start to panic?

"Posted by: LB | August 30, 2013 at 09:49 AM"

This made me laugh, legitimately laugh out loud. Your best work and it had to be squandered on someone so very, very tiresome and pathetic. My favorite when I scanned it over was where he tried to bump up his stolen chump change claims above SMU in terms of seriousness. Chalk up another outrageous lie for federal pen's favorite mop wig wearing easy date night bottom b!tch.

Now leave the backup tackle alone already and take a swipe at that high school junior for trying to put himself over as a redneck from the San Fernando valley to fit in instead! Yes, yes, let the hate flow through you!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: hassan | August 30, 2013 at 09:43 AM

You know, I'd take these outrageous claims more seriously if someone actually stationed in the EST would make them instead of at least a 1/4 to 1/2 way around the world? Seriously, any EST based users, tell the rest of our far flung blogging brethren, is the clock wrong? Plus more importantly, do you want a countdown for the real game to countdown toward just over 8 days from now? You know which one it is . . .


I'm sure Umike already posted this, but here's out latest 2016 commit.



"This made me laugh, legitimately laugh out loud. Your best work and it had to be squandered on someone so very, very tiresome and pathetic. My favorite when I scanned it over was where he tried to bump up his stolen chump change claims above SMU in terms of seriousness. Chalk up another outrageous lie for federal pen's favorite mop wig wearing easy date night bottom b!tch."

Ah Shapiro... what a putz.


I'm looking for FAU to run a lot of run option plays similar to what has destroyed us the past 2 years at K-State etc. I don't see them having the time to throw much down field. Hopefully, we've gotten a lot better at reading that play. No offensive turnovers tonight would be a great sign going into next week. That said:

Canes 43
FAU 13

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