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August 30, 2013



Yeah that one punt right before halftime was crazy. He put that one into low earth orbit it looked like CR.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 30, 2013 at 11:42 PM

Thanks OGV, that's what I thought.


Game. NDSU beat K-State. Goodness


Kstate has lost to ndsu

orange 'n green in the vein

If he broke his collarbone? Redshirt time. Most likely broken bone in the body too and he'll need more than three months to heal.

If it's a shoulder? He can be back but next week is pushing it.

I'm guessing it's a shoulder because of the way his elbow impacted and he was holding his forearm IIRC coming off the field instead of higher up toward the chest/shoulder area, so he was immobilizing a joint in reaction to pain in it I though it appeared to me.

But why am I answering for you The Dude? You got the concussion test at first sight and I had no clue until you posted about it, you tell me what it is!


Things that I shouldn't have to say during a Canes game;

"Where da ho's at"???????

I was expecting to be able to drive da 12% bus thru at least 1

The Dude

I broke my collar bone as a child. I remember it took a while to heal. All Scott needs is a little deer antler spray, 2 weeks max, lol.

orange 'n green in the vein

And yet Bill Snyder, 2-0 lifetime head to head against Al Golden.

Oh, my stomach isn't feeling good now at all.

VA Cane

We looked very bad tonight....sorry. My salot team would have wiped this team out. We looked bad very bad.....they were HS team at best...my team just beat a JV team. We have a long way to go.....very disappointing

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: VA Cane | August 30, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Stop making so much damn sense! The season just started and I haven't had a wicked enough buzz yet!

I'm letting the weeds grow this week.

If Scott is going to cheat and go with the Deer Antler Velvet Spray, then he'll be back on Sunday.




Saw some good things, saw some bad things. Definitely didn't see a powerhouse football team. OLine needs attitude. WRs need to catch the d@mn ball. Need a power running game. Need a redzone target. DLine did okay. Linebackers need to make plays when the opportunity arises. Thought the safeties and corners played pretty well. Some freshmen played really well. Morris showed pinpoint accuracy. Duke is Duke. Punt returns were awful. Dorsett looks lost. O'Donnell is good. Goudis got it done. A lot to clean up. Will be watching the enemy tomorrow.

Posted by: The Dude | August 30, 2013 at 11:31 PM

This is exactly the way i saw this game....Plus Waters will become our no.1 wide receiver...Love his cuts, speed and good hands. Since last year i don't think Dorsett is doing a good job in Kick off Returns. Lewis didn't play a down same for Bush. Burns will become our best DB.

Usually it takes 12 weeks for a collarbone fracture to heal.So Scott is out for the season if he has a fracture...He will get a medical redshirt...

Game ball to coach D.


Williams looked better than Morris!!!!

Punt return formation looked HORRIBLE; nobody will return a punt or block one wit that formation

No Coley's looked good

Its hard for WR's to get open on bubbles

Scott shoulda been starting and he probably wouldn't have got hurt

O-Line was EMBARRASSING!!!!!


VA Cane

I need a drink we sucked tonight.........we looked bad against a bad team.....they suck.....should have been 100-0 they are horrible...HS said they are his legacy....pardon me but they are an embarrassment as a football team I really have seen HS teams that are better...should have been a runaway.......UF will be much better bad way to open JMO


Sorry Lewis saw very little action...

orange 'n green in the vein

I really think this was the worst FBS team UM has played the last three years tonight.

At least they didn't go BCU on the 'Canes tonight though.



I broke my collar bone as a child. I remember it took a while to heal.

Posted by: The Dude | August 30, 2013 at 11:57 PM

TD, those collar bone injuries can be "funny" sometimes. I coached a kid who played an entire season with a broken one, His mom told me they didn't even know it was broken/cracked.

Sarasota 'cane

Those Coley drops reminded me of the Dorsett drops in Chicago last season.

orange 'n green in the vein

If Scott broke his collar bone tonight, trust me, HE KNOWS IT!


I really suspect a shoulder sprain or dislocation at the worst. But I like Scott so I'm biased.


first game out of the way......now it's showtime. Beat the Gators and hopefully, we get some respect


Unacceptable Al didn't ask for a replay...Gus was in...Plus Al has some assistants in the booth...

orange 'n green in the vein

Oh please, they just hit Coley in a bad spot;



We did not show a lot of things vs FAU that we've got. Speculation was right that we'd be vanilla vs them. Like I said 3 dropped tds and this game looks way worse than 34-6

VA Cane

We looked bad.....from a coaches view. The talent we supposedly have did not show. This is why you need to open with a quality team instead of a feel good or HS team......they could be a HS JV team or less. As far as how HS feels I do not care. If they won a conference title, the rest of the teams were retarded players big time.....they are horrible. Why would you play this game? embarrassing ..... This was a joke of a game....I'd rather get beat 50-0 by bama well it would be 60-0 a real team crushes us from what I saw tonight


I saw Coley drop 2 tds. What was the 3rd? I missed it...

Dude on a Pale Horse

Maybe Coley was just doing his best Lance Leggett impersonation? Ha ha ha! Nice one Coley, but seriously, could you please catch the ball now?


Without reading any posts, here is what I saw and thought:
1) Offense was somewhere between inconsistent and awful if not for Duke. He can make any OC look good and we're damned lucky to have him.
My biggest concern is they looked terrible on 3rd downs, very surprising. FAU may be a lot better than I thought, but even though we had 300 yards passing I thought we looked like we had no idea of what to do too many times. Not buying any argument that we were playing too vanilla, I just don't think we executed.
2) Defensive front 7 was a pleasant surprise, I haven't seen play like that in 8 or 9 years. Love what Figueroa will bring to this team. I still don't think Gaines is great, but I'll give him credit, he does know where to play. He is never going to be a playmaker, but he can give us a workman like effort and be effective if the two OLB (or other 3 lb in a 3-4) are stars.
3) Special teams looked sensational until the end of the game with one exception- punt returns. Then, we had a punt blocked. I don't get why they just let the FAU punter boom kick after kick without trying to rush him. Seemed odd that we wouldn't try harder to make him rush one.
4) Coaching: love Golden, but I have no idea what he was thinking declining that penalty in the 1st Q. Only think I can think of is he didn't know each team had a penalty. If true, it really is inexcusable. Coley didn't wow me, we looked lost on third downs. Defensive coaching seemed a heck of a lot better, amazing what talent can do for ya. :)
5) Overall impression: Honestly, they could have won 10-7 and I would have been happy just because we played. But my critical eye tells me we have more and different concerns than I thought we had. I'm going to enjoy the ride, and see where the team goes, but keep my expectations tempered.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Next week will be tough. We will need to throw the ball a ton. I hope we have gotten the jitters out now. Florida will not let our mistakes go unpunished. Hopefully Coley was being very vanilla. We will need 3rd down conversions and maybe a couple of 4th down conversions. I think the D is ready for Florida and Driskel.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: CaneRock | August 31, 2013 at 12:08 AM

That's crazy. Was it a full break or a fracture?



VA Cane

Is UF good or not? hard to tell but we will see. Per our showing tonight we are not very good. We looked bad against a HS JV team.....sorry they are not good. HS should be embarrassed to be associated with them....they suck. He must be brain damaged they are horrible. His legacy is 83 not a piece of shit team and school...sad he has lost it in the golden years. We are in for a long season if this game is an indication of the future. Drink up mateyees you are gonna need it!!!!!!!!!!


I have broken my collarbone 4 times. It will take 10 weeks before full contact. I broke it one time 6 weeks after a previous break by getting hit in the shoulder. Hope it's not a break for Scott. I knew it was broken every time. Typically, you hold onto your belt to support the break, not your shoulder.


Fau was not that bad actually, had pretty good team speed and played wit a chip on their shoulders from not being recruited by us

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: VA Cane | August 31, 2013 at 12:57 AM

I am reserving my emergency stomach pump in the ER now!

WWiN, uh, I don't know if FAU was fast or the extra weight has made UM slow. They certainly weren't that noticeably faster down the roster to me than their Owl counterparts save for some of the skill guys for the Hurricanes.



They kept up pretty good wit Dorsett, Waters, and Duke. Although Duke and Waters each broke away once. They wuz getting to the edges quick on Duke

orange 'n green in the vein

I'm not sure how much to attribute that to Cooley calling plays for the first time ever and the combination of not wanting to unload the playbook in advance of the Gator game, although the flea flicker from play one kind of defeats that line of reasoning?

Here's the rest of FAU's schedule;

@ECU, @USF, MTSU, @Rice, @UAB, Marshall, @Auburn, Tulane, @S. Miss, NMST, FIU;

How many more wins do you see there?

I see no road wins and only the last two as games they have much of a shot in, maybe MTSU is a toss up, probably not Tulane and no chance with Rice, so at best they're a four win team, with a few upsets at home along the way, in my book this year? Again, glad the four score final margin got secured by the backups but this team should have been put away comfortably at halftime.


Miami after 1 game, since 1994:

1994: 1-0, 56 PF 0 PA
1995: 0-1, 09 PF 31 PA
1996: 1-0, 30 PF 7 PA
1997: 1-0, 45 PF 14 PA
1998: 1-0, 66 PF 17 PA
1999: 1-0, 23 PF 12 PA
2000: 1-0, 61 PF 14 PA
2001: 1-0, 33 PF 7 PA
2002: 1-0, 63 PF 17 PA
2003: 1-0, 48 PF 9 PA
2004: 1-0, 16 PF 10 PA
2005: 0-1, 07 PF 10 PA
2006: 0-1, 10 PF 13 PA
2007: 1-0, 31 PF 3 PA
2008: 1-0, 52 PF 7 PA
2009: 1-0, 38 PF 34 PA
2010: 1-0, 45 PF 0 PA
2011: 0-1, 24 PF 32 PA
2012: 1-0, 41 PF 32 PA
2013: 1-0, 34 PF 6 PA


Here's another look at Miami's schedule, comparing the average Rivals star ranking for the collective team over the last four recruiting cycles (3.22 stars) vs our opponents:

Florida Atlantic (2.18)
Florida (3.69)
South Florida (2.88)
Georgia Tech (2.95)
North Carolina (3.12)
Florida State (3.57)
Virginia Tech (3.17)
Virginia (2.96)
Duke (2.55)
Wake Forest (2.74)
Pittsburgh (2.92)

The Dude

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 31, 2013 at 01:46 AM

At least the D didn't make any 1 of the 3 QBs look like Heisman Trophy candidates, so I will take that as 1 small step for defense, 1 giant leap for D'Onofrio.


VA Cane, I'd rather beat a creampuff 34-6 and have the team work on the kinks for Week 2 and 3, rather than play a sloppy first game against a Florida State as we were doing in the mid 2000s.


I saw Coley drop 2 tds. What was the 3rd? I missed it...

Posted by: CoCane | August 31, 2013 at 12:35 AM

Denzel dropped a pick 6 on first drive

texican cane

Liked--morris on most of his throws
Liked--alot of the freshmen who played
Not sure--o line, both short yardage and pass pro
not sure--d line
Didn't like-- return game


WTF, Kosar?



My take on the game last night is that they were running very basic plays on O the D looked better but it was FAU. Like it has been said this was a glorified scrimmage, preseason game 3. With the exception of Coley at WR what else bad was there, I only got to watch after half. If the TE are open which it seemed like they are FU will have to focus underneath and then the WR will have the middle of the field. It is going to be interesting to see where we go next week, big improvements or same $hit?


Was anyone else annoyed as I was by high number of the WR screens? What happened to our vertical passing game? All those screens reminded me of Nix's offense during the RS years. No bueno amigo!

And what's up with all the trick plays? Did we really need to go there with a team like FAU? Are we that inept offensively?

And Steven Morris looked really slow and uncomfortable and his quick release wasn't there. Not a good sign.

Lastely I am SHOCKED that the offense is what disappointed and not the defense! I know they'll regroup so I'm not too worried but they definitely didn't meet te expectations of a supposedly "explosive" offense.

Thanks for letting me vent! Beat the Turds! #FUUF #GOCANES


of course it is only game 1



I think everyone is reading way too much into game 1 vs a mediocre team the week before we play our biggest game in probably the last 12 years


I agree with Texacan. OL on short yardage was disappointing and just missed blocks. Seantrl and Scott (if his injury is not serious) should play more. Dorsett and Coley were disappointing, but if Coley can catch the ball (a big ig I ad, it) Coley can be special.

My pregame prediction was that Duke eould go for 200 yds and the defense eould play eell. Fuke will always bring his A game as long as he is healthy. I saw him do it in HS and nothing nee.

The UM v Fla game will be decided by big plays. The Canes will have to execute those big plays when the opportunities are yhere and they need to stop Fla from making big plays and they will win. That is the Canes formula for victory

Sarasota 'cane

Did Herbstreit just pick Toledo over UF? What the hell is he smokin' this morning?


Don't like the idea of having Duke on kick-offs when the game is well outta reach!


Not saying Toledo will win Sarasota but they are capable of giving the turds a game.

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