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August 28, 2013





I think this is my fourth or fifth of the year. Not bad. They are all random, though.


LB...bringing home the bacon!



Wow, Look how quick the NCAA took to rule on Manzel. The little liar gets to sit out one half of a cream-puff game against Rice-aroni and we're still waiting 3 years later. I guess this was the reason why we are still waiting, they had to get Johnny Football cleared first.





They better, cuz what they did today I'm NOT ACCEPTING ANY ADDITIONAL penalties, even if they say 1 scholarship loss and 0 bowl bans



CaneSpace is the place. Seriously. UMike's canine-like sense will have the article up in seconds after it's posted.

Posted by: LB | August 27, 2013 at 10:29 AM


dj moonbat

Jeez, what'd Jimmy Johnson ever do?


Key Largo, Florida Keys





They better, cuz what they did today I'm NOT ACCEPTING ANY ADDITIONAL penalties, even if they say 1 scholarship loss and 0 bowl bans


Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | August 28, 2013 at 06:54 PM



Posted by: canezilla | August 28, 2013 at 07:21 PM

That's what she said.

Terrance Sullivan

Congrats to Jimmy Johnson love that guy. Canespace is on fire. See U peeps in 41 hours. The NCAA can suck eggs.


National Communist Athletic Association and SEC azz kissers.


Don't know if this was reported already but the father of Texas A & M wr committ Ricky Seals Jones claims he was offered $ 300k by both a sec & acc school 4 his son's services. Media already blowing it off as nuthin.


Of course it's nothing. $EC is not subject to the full scope of NCAA rules.



Terrance Sullivan

LOL Zilla ^^^^^^^^^.



Posted by: canezilla | August 28, 2013 at 08:54 PM

That's what SHE said.

The Dude

Okay, so we can have our guys sign things for money as long as there isn't a paper trail if we suspend them for the first half of a game against a team that can't compete with our backups? So why not just let all of our starters do this and schedule the worst team possible every year to start the season? That way we can pay for top notch players..


The Herb knows this, the NCAA sure is swift when it wants to be or should I say they did a hurry up and sweep it under the rug investigation, just to get that punk eligible. I know he didn't visit 3 states on his own dine and not get comped.




What time will the honor the 83 team?


What time will the honor the 83 team?

Posted by: Anthonyjmanis | August 28, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Hampton Inn @ 2 PM.


Lol ! Soup your hilarious


Dolphins pre-season game tomorrow night.

UM vs FAU on Friday night.

It's gonna be a good two days at Sun Life!

Terrance Sullivan

Soup Yes Sir also St. Thomas Aquinas(FTL) v. Miami NorthWestern at Sun Life on Saturday Night. Sun Life gonna be rockin for three nights.



Posted by: canezilla | August 28, 2013 at 07:22 PM

HELL TO DA NAH, matter of fact if they don't give us anything I still want a lawsuit sent to em!!!! Its about da principle now



I think Im going to do a little research before I make a long comment on the Johnny Fairyball thing.....stay tuned..


Scan down the University of Miami’s latest depth chart and sophomore linebacker Tyriq McCord can’t be found anywhere.

True freshman Al-Quadin Muhammad has his name on the chart but way down the list at defensive end, behind seniors Shayon Green and David Gilbert.

Truth is, McCord (6-3, 236) and Muhammad (6-3, 233) might be UM’s best-kept secrets on defense.

They are a pair of cat-quick former high school All-American sack-masters whom coaches are counting on to help inject venom into a Hurricanes’ pass rush that didn’t have much bite at all last season.

UM, which produced a school-record-low 13 sacks last season (the Canes had 24 in 2011), will bring the dynamic duo in on third downs and obvious passing situations at defensive end to chase down opposing quarterbacks.

McCord, who finished second on the team with 3 1/2 sacks last season, said with Muhammad playing opposite him now the two can “cause a lot of havoc this year.

“It’s like seeing an alter ego,” McCord said of Muhammad, who starred at New Jersey national powerhouse Don Bosco Prep and was one of coach Al Golden’s most-prized recruits in February’s signing class.

“I’m feeding off him, and he’s feeding off me a little bit. I believe it’s going to be a big year.”

Muhammad is one of five true freshmen listed on the Canes’ depth chart heading into Friday’s opener against FAU (receiver Stacy Coley, fullback Walter Tucker, cornerback Artie Burns and linebacker Alex Figueroa are the others).

Although he hasn’t played a down in college football, he made quite an impression earlier this month on media day with some bold words.

Not only did he say he would like to break Daniel Stubbs’ career school record for sacks (39 1/2), but he also said: “Some of the things I do and moves I make you’ve probably never seen a guy make before. You probably don’t even see some of them in the NFL.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/29/3592567/young-pass-rushers-could-be-ums.html#storylink=cpy


Hey @ncaa , y'all are a joke. I'm Dequan Jones and I approved this message.
— Dequan Jones (@Dequan20Jones) August 28, 2013

My ruling wasn't expedited.
— Dequan Jones (@Dequan20Jones) August 28, 2013

Wrong sport and the wrong conference I guess.
— Dequan Jones (@Dequan20Jones) August 28, 2013

Compromise the integrity of amateurism in collegiate athletics for the sake of revenue. Sounds like the @ncaa I know.
— Dequan Jones (@Dequan20Jones) August 28, 2013

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/08/former-hurricane-hoops-star-dequan-jones-takes-shot-at-ncaa-after-manziel-ruling.html#storylink=cpy


Hampton Inn @ 2 PM.

Posted by: SOUP | August 28, 2013 at 10:59 PM
2pm o'clock it is. We're living food oL lake county at 7am.


Ok ok ok...This may not be strictly an SEC thing (see Green example below), but definitely a money thing and hypocritical thing. Let me break it down some..

1 - This was an NCAA suspension, NOT just an A&M suspension..from ESPN..

"The NCAA and A&M agreed on the one-half suspension because Manziel violated NCAA bylaw, an NCAA representative confirmed. The rule says student-athletes cannot permit their names or likenesses to be used for commercial purposes, including to advertise, recommend or promote sales of commercial products, or accept payment for the use of their names or likenesses."

2 - If there is "no proof" of wrong doing, then how can their be any punishment? His attorney said they only accepted the suspension so they could close the matter and move on. If there is punishment, there must of been proof.

3 - The NCAA based their entire investigation into Miami based of stories from a guy in prison for 20 years for lying and stealing. If he said something twice they considered in corroborated and true. At least 3 brokers admit to paying Johnny Fairball to sign autographs and there is photo and video proof he was in a hotel signing hundreds of autographs, but yet they cannnot "prove" it.

4 - Even after committing illegal acts during the investigation, admitting improper actions and firing numerous people, the NCAA would not make a deal with Miami yet the NCAA and A&M "reached an agreement" in less than a week.

5 - Dez Bryant lost his entire season because he lied about something that wasn't even a violation yet the NCAA believes Fairyball even after multiple brokers admitted they paid him, have video and photos etc.

6 - A.J. Green was suspended 4 games for selling HIS OWN bowl jersey. Even after he "repaid" the 1,000 to charity, they still wouldn't reduce his suspension.

7 - ESPN reported the NCAA was investigating Fairyball on August 4th, so in 24 days they were able to investigate and rule on it, Miami has waited 3 years.

8 - When the NCAA announced its OWN wrong doings they managed to have it investigated and ruled in 2 weeks.

9 - In 2011 8 Miami players served suspensions ranging from 1 game to 4 games AND paid restitution, yet the books weren't "closed" on the matter. From ESPN..

"Harris, Sean Spence, Travis Benjamin, Marcus Forston and Adewale Ojomo -- all of whom were likely starters -- must sit out one game and make restitution for accepting benefits after enrolling at the school. Four other players must repay small amounts, all under $100, but will not miss any games."

Full game suspensions for less than $100, yet Fairball made thousands (again there must be SOME proof, or no suspension would of came)

10 - This is a Miami thing. The NCAA has hated and always will hate Miami. When Miami wins ESPN and the media love us again, but the NCAA will forever hate us. From how we were in the 80's and 90's to coming back from the brink of death to build the best team ever, to embarrassing the NCAA and turning the media in them etc etc etc. That is why this has taken so long. They spoke with the same people over and over and over trying to get proof. They found "no proof" in a few weeks with the Fairball case, and this is with brokers admitting so. They didn't find anything, so they left it alone. With Miami if they dont find something, they try harder, or use illegal means to try and find evidence. I said it a week or so ago, don't be surprised if the penalties come down before the Florida game. And it won't be no "time served' neither. This is the NCAA's last chance to f&*k us and they are going too.


Also..do you realize that South Carolina was allowed to simply do their own investigation? The NCAA just took their word for it...



**I guess Georgia gave Sony's brother a scholly too..$EC baby!!

The ride to Athens, Ga., is a bit too long and he said he plans on watching most of Sony’s games on TV. The good news, Jean said, is Sony won’t be alone. His older brother, Marken, will enroll at Georgia in January, Jean said. Marken spent the past two seasons at the University of Massachusetts where he caught 31 passes for 260 yards and a touchdown in 17 games at receiver.

“For years they shared the same clothes, same shoes, same room,” said Jean. “At Georgia, they’ll share a room again. That makes me happy.”

What will really make Jean happy is what could come a few years down the line — when Sony and Marken won’t have to share clothes, shoes or a room anymore.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/28/3592080_p2/sony-michel-setting-the-pace-for.html#storylink=cpy


TJL, I'm sure its because of his athletic ability lol


I really do not like what is happening in the NCAA right now. It is a joke, and a very, very sad joke at that.



Here’s the part of that statement that really jumped off the page: “NCAA rules are clear that student-athletes may not accept money for items they sign, and based on the information provided by Manziel, that did not happen in this case.”

So the evidence they looked over was what Manziel provided himself? No interviewing the brokers for hours, no looking or trying to find the video and photos....no...we will just ask Manziel and see what he says! Meahwhile, they will repeatedly interview the same person and bully them in regards to Miami.


Anybody going to Sun Life tonight?


They are the best of the best. The players wanted by every program and destined to make a big impact at the college level and beyond. Rivals.com has identified the first five-star prospects for the 2015 class and is unveiling them this week. Ten prospects have been awarded five-stars but are not ranked at this time, and we will profile two each day. One of today's five-stars is Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage cornerback Tarvarus McFadden.

Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage

Attributes: 6-foot-3, 188 pounds, 4.50 40

Top Schools: Florida State, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Tennessee

- See more at: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=880&CID=1540360#sthash.6AhLF4Ox.dpuf


According to Rivals, McFadden doesn't currently have a Miami offer, I'm willing to bet that changes lol


They are the best of the best. The players wanted by every program and destined to make a big impact at the college level and beyond. Rivals.com has identified the first five-star prospects for the 2015 class and is unveiling them this week. Ten prospects have been awarded five-stars but are not ranked at this time, and we will profile two each day. One of today's five-stars is Gardena (Calif.) Serra linebacker John Houston.

John Houston, LB, Gardena (Calif.) Serra

Attributes: 6-foot-3, 207 pounds, 4.5 40

Top Schools: Florida, Florida State, Miami, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State

- See more at: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=880&CID=1540250#sthash.rTu53Psi.dpuf


One of today's five-stars is Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep cornerback Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep

Attributes: 6-foot, 183 pounds, 4.45 40

Top Schools: Florida State, LSU, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, South Carolina, Stanford, Virginia

- See more at: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=880&CID=1540374#sthash.06ujHYeK.dpuf


Anybody going to Sun Life tonight?

Posted by: SOUP | August 29, 2013 at 08:04 AM

Tonight I will be at the local high school game watching football and my son in the band :)


300K?!!! Patrick Peterson must be p###ed!


How Al Golden became a Miami Hurricanes fan
by Matt Porter

Like many pre-teen college football fans in the early ‘80s, Al Golden used to tape the big games on VHS and re-watch them. One of his favorites was Miami’s dramatic 31-30 win over Nebraska in the 1983 Orange Bowl, which gave the Hurricanes their first national championship.

Why the interest in UM? Golden’s big brother, Greg, tried to walk on for coach Howard Schnellenberger in 1981. He left school by the championship season, but Golden cheered for the orange and green thereafter.

“When your big brother goes to Miami, you become a Miami fan,” Golden said Wednesday.

Talk about things coming full-circle.



By Matt Porter

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Duke Johnson usually appears pretty sleepy when speaking to the media. Miami’s sophomore tailback produces chunks of yardage, not choice quotes.

But when he was asked which of his teammates had the best shot to chase him down, Johnson shot up an eyebrow in the manner that made ex-UM defensive tackle Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson famous.

“Chase … me … down?” Johnson said, taken aback.

Johnson showed that kind of swagger in every game last year, when he had arguably the greatest freshman season in Hurricanes history. He enters 2013 as a Heisman Trophy candidate, but he’s not the only one on the team. Senior quarterback Stephen Morris, cool off the field but fiery on it, has forced himself into the national conversation about the best quarterbacks in college football.

They are the best quarterback-running back duo in the ACC, and the best Miami’s had in at least a dozen years. They’re the type of 1-2 punch that could lift the Hurricanes to the ACC Coastal title and, should a soon-to-be-completed NCAA investigation bring no further major sanctions, their first bowl game since 2010.

“If you look at the teams that are playing in big-time bowl games, they have a quarterback and a running back,” offensive coordinator James Coley said. “How rare is it? I don’t know. It’s rare outside the top 20.”



By Tom D'Angelo

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Howard Schnellenberger will walk to midfield Friday at Sun Life Stadium representing two programs: One he says he grandfathers, one he says he fathers.

But for Schnellenberger, who will be the honorary captain for the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University during the coin toss, his loyalties remain with one school.

“I’ve been at Florida Atlantic longer than other coaching assignments,” said Schnellenberger, who started at the university 15 years ago and remains there as a fundraiser for the president. “I’m still an integral part of this university and this team. No question where my loyalties lie. My sentiments lie with what this football team has accomplished.”

Schnellenberger, 79, is the man of the hour for the first game between two programs separated by 50 miles of Interstate 95 and US 1, but linked by the man whose prints remain on both.

In 1979 Schnellenberger took over a Miami program on life support and four years later pulled off one of the more stunning upsets in history, a 31-30 victory over Nebraska in the Orange Bowl that brought Miami its first of five national titles. That 1983 team will be honored Friday.

In 1998 he started building a program at Florida Atlantic that has risen to impressive heights, culminating with a conference championship and bowl game victory in 2007. Schnellenberger retired following a 1-11 2011 season.



"I really do not like what is happening in the NCAA right now. It is a joke, and a very, very sad joke at that."

It's been evident for quite a while that the NCAA favors the $EC because they bring in so much revenue. They're even willing to brush things off.

Now it's as if they don't care to cover it up. It's really blatant, weird, and folks should be angry about it. If Stephen Morris had done what Johnny Manziel alleged...

...they would ban UM from football forever.


"Don't know if this was reported already but the father of Texas A & M wr committ Ricky Seals Jones claims he was offered $ 300k by both a sec & acc school 4 his son's services."

That's pretty cheap considering the going rate.

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