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August 17, 2013



CGNC...don't be a stranger. U going to any games this year? Tally, Tampa, Miami?

orange 'n green in the vein

I'm not really sure you want to compare O'Donnell to a movie villain who was on every steroid communist scientists could discover and yet still lost his climatic battle with his arch-enemy in his backyard while having his home crowd turn on him, but he is listed as being bigger than every RB, WR and DB on the roster and a lot of LB's too so . . .

Sarasota 'cane

Damn a H.S. kid was killed in a football game here in Atlanta last night. He was a sophomore who was already being recruited by Kentucky.



O: R.Scott
D: T.Howard
C: DB coach, don't know who it is
Freshman: AQM


Soup, I don't pick LOF's any more, I am so wrong every year. I will just wait and be surprised.

Posted by: CGNC | August 17, 2013 at 10:51 PM

Remember we in this together this year

Terrance Sullivan

Montreal Yes Sir but of course I think we gonna win it all and go 14-0.


Do they make "Troll-Be-Gone" spray yet?


I'll hold off on predictions until just before FAU (unless rules state otherwise). Lots of time for injuries between now and then.


LB...IF one of your players that U choose gets injured BEFORE the season U can change your pick up until the day of the FIRST game vs FAU.

Otherwise U cannot change your picks. So unless an injury occurs do NOT try to change your picks once made.


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 20m

We only saw a few minutes of practice today. But OL Malcolm Bunche, source of injury rumors, in full gear & seems fine.


Daniel Thomas outperformed Lamar Miller for the second straight game. Thomas had four carries for 25 yards and one catch for 27 yards on a shovel pass. Miller ran for just 10 yards on five carries, was limited to three yards on two receptions, and dropped a short pass on 3rd and 2 on Miami’s second drive. Philbin was upset about Miller’s drop.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2013/08/postscripts-observations-from-dolphins-loss-to-texans.html#storylink=cpy


"LB...IF one of your players that U choose gets injured BEFORE the season U can change your pick up until the day of the FIRST game vs FAU.

Otherwise U cannot change your picks. So unless an injury occurs do NOT try to change your picks once made."

Sounds good to me. I'll hold off until the day before FAU.

VA Cane

Damn Coke, you should be on TV Comedy channel 40 here in VA.... or Def Jam!!! You are hilarious my man, you keep it rocking. Put them big pearls away my man somebody might get hurt!!!! You make my day with your posts!!!!

Politically, I am not a Prez guy on some things, but I would love to go to the WH. I think Prez is very smart, loves sports and would be great to chat with and drink a cold beer!!!
I would love to talk with him about The Canes, Raiders, Oakland A's, steroids, NCAA in general, my great teams and hell, play him in a game of hoops!!! I would think it would be a blast to meet him and let him be a regular guy.....no need to talk about politics....he wakes up every day to a job with more stress than we could ever dream of much less handle!!!! I hope he has a great vacation and plays a bunch of golf cause he deserves it. I may not agree on some issues but I do respect him as a person, parent, and sports fan!! I could never do his job hell I would not have the courage to tackle his tasks; with his intelligence he could learn mine in time. JMO

VA Cane

ZILLA, girls, beer, Canes football, and a bouncing baby boy with AG......aint that pure poetry!!!!!!


You just got to learn to play Spades if anything stressful is going on. LOL


Canes Snub.....


Players love the personal attention from Golden and his staff, easier now that the NCAA has relaxed rules regarding contact on social media.

Booker T. Washington’s Chad Thomas, rivals.com’s No. 11-rated defensive end, said Golden has sent him a quotation before practice most every morning the past two months.

“I know it’s just for me because he’ll say, ‘I know this one is appropriate for you this day,’” Thomas said. “He sends me quotes from NFL stars, like Ray Lewis, or people who made it in life. They’re not even dealing with football, just life. I don’t get that from other coaches. Coach Golden will make sure my day is going right. That’s how I know it’s a coach that cares about you.”

Miami Northwestern three-star defensive end Mike Smith said UM linebackers coach Micheal Barrow “sends me motivational speeches and letters on Facebook. He quotes a lot of scriptures from the Bible. That’s different from other schools.”

### Several players cite Golden’s honesty. “Coach Golden is different from all coaches,” Hialeah Champagnat four-star defensive tackle Travonte Valentine said. “He took me in his office, locked the door and said, ‘I’m going to be real with you.’”

Said three-star St. Thomas Aquinas center Nick Linder, brother of UM guard Brandon: “He’s not two-faced. He’ll talk to you like a friend. You know he has your back.”

Four-star Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby said Golden “says really how it is” and doesn’t “sell [players] a lie.” Yearby's teammate, four-star offensive tackle Trevor Darling, said Golden "is an easy guy to talk to. We talk about practice, life, how his family is." And Booker T. Washington defensive end Demetrius Jackson said he was drawn to Golden because “he’s a God-fearing man and so am I. That’s a connection we have. He’s a family man.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2013/08/um-commitments-explain-keys-to-canes-recruiting-success-dolphins-texans-notes-heat.html#storylink=cpy


I'll hold off until the day before FAU.

Posted by: LB | August 18, 2013 at 09:59 AM

Just so U know, waiting until the starting rosters are announced is like cheating.


O: Hurns
D: Porter
Fresh: SAM
Coach: Oh yes I'm saying it Don
Surprise: Goudis

orange 'n green in the vein


Just put in a deadline for having pics selected, like, for example, when the countdown clock reads 7 days? After that you can only change a pick for someone who's out for the year between then and kickoff. I had Marve the first year we did this and less than 48 hours later he was in his rolled car and out for the year and I didn't even get another pick, bloggers will survive if they have to make a decision in a timely manner and then stick with it unless unforeseen injury gives them a chance to alter it 86.


Posted by: SOUP | August 18, 2013 at 09:47 AM

Lamar Miller could have used 1 or 2 more years in college like Al Golden told him... he still had things to learn on the college level and he might have been a 1st round pick and be more NFL ready. I hope this will be a lesson to current Canes.


OGV...I agree.



I hope this will be a lesson to current Canes.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | August 18, 2013 at 11:23 AM

There IT is right there.

Semper Fi

So the NCAA has decided to go from being inept to absolutely disgraceful. They are making this Marine redshirt, because he played in a recreational military football league while serving his country.



LA3...check email.


LA3...also check out: www.aventuralimo.com or 800-944-9886

Alex D

Offense:Antonio Crawford
Defense: Dallas Crawford
Freshman: Stacey Coley
Coach: James Coley
Bonus: Eduardo Clements

What's good Legion, long time no post.


"Just so U know, waiting until the starting rosters are announced is like cheating."

Presuming I can adjust before FAU via injury:

Offense: Hurns
Defense: S. Green
Freshman: AQM
Coach: Kehoe
Unsung Hero of the Year: O'Donnell

orange 'n green in the vein

"Presuming I can adjust before FAU via injury:
. . .
Defense: S. Green
. . .
Posted by: LB | August 18, 2013 at 01:19 PM"

Now you'll have all your bases covered, if you can just teach your hands to see, as an insane man once said. He usually makes it at least to the opener before sustaining his yearly IR reporter LB.


SOUP.....got. Thank You VERY MUCH!
Canes Fans are lucky to have a MAN like you taking charge and leading the way!


LA3...my pleasure. I do what I do.


O'Donnell and Goudis getting some love? I like it!

So far Dorsett seems to be the offensive fav along with Hurns while U have Figs and Howard on D?

Who is gonna vote for the long snapper? LOL


o: Waters
d: Robinson
freshman: AQM
coach: D'No (I'd go with Kehoe with this o-line, but if D'No is the man, it means we had a real D and a BCS game!)
darkhorse: Clements (would love to see him really bounce back. He's been through a lot, works hard and is humble)


Alex obviously has the Crawford boys mixed up, but we know what he means. Just so he doesn't have the Coach returning kicks! LOL


Sup SpaceCadets?

O: Hurns
D: Porter
Fresh: Fig
Coach: Coley
Bonus: O'Donnell



Here are our choices in my opinion,

Offense:Dorsett, Scott, or Waters
Defense: ANTONIO CRAWFORD, Bush, or Pierre
Freshman: you know I gotta go Corn, others would be Figs, Burns, or AQM
Coach: Carroll, Coley, or Swasey
Bonus: Nantambu, Pass rush, or OGV switching to the positive side




NCAA drop dead.

Alex D

My bad with the Crawford boys mix up; is it too late to go with the Chickillo boys instead, lol.


The defense willl dramatically improve. Gilbert and the new editions will add mucn needed depth and the DL will put more pressure on opponents QBs leading to more turnovers and shorter fields. If the Canes stay away from turnovers they will score a lot of points and are capable of beating anyone on their schedule. I think in 5 years we will look back on this year as the year Golden turned things around. This is the magical year with the experienced OL and ELITE QB. Not next year when that wil, simply be another BCS year to follow this one. Golden has this team ready right now.


O: Herb Waters
D: Tracy Howard
Fresh: Stacey Coley
Coach: Barrow
Bonus: O'Donnell

Tracy Howard has shown me that focus needed tk have a shut down corner, big things coming!!!

Old Skool

Not every famous legacy is Hurricane material

6-foot-2 rising senior Vincent Testaverde will get the initial first-team snaps for Jesuit High in Tampa. In limited action last fall, Testaverde threw for 152 yards (16-for-35), four picks and a TD.




Offense: Phillip Dorsett
Defense: Deon Bush
Freshman: Alex Figueroa
Coach: Mark D'Nofrio
Bonus: Pat O'donnell


^^^ Nice 'Bonus' pick Native! LOL.


Athlon Sports recently broke down the Miami Hurricanes game-by-game for the 2013 season and the general consensus is somewhere between a 9-3 or 10-2 regular season, with losses coming to both Florida (9/7) and Florida State (11/2), as well as a possible ACC loss on the road at North Carolina on Thursday October 17th.

The writers who chimed in were Steve Lassan, John Castillo, David Fox, Ryan Tice, Braden Gall and Mark Ross – some who write for Athlon, while others are freelancers, sports writers or cover specific programs (re: Tice is a beat writer for NC State).

Some thoughts from the handful of writers, in no particular order. Some little nuggets and some painfully obvious stuff that fans already knew, but national writers are just scratching the surface on:

- Stephen Morris at quarterback and Duke Johnson at running back are obviously two of the nation’s best.

- The defense which allowed an average of 486.4 yards per game last year can improve if / when players like safety Deon Bush and linebacker Alex Figueroa fall into their roles.

- Lassan points out that Miami gets eleven days of rest before playing North Carolina in Chapel Hill, yet still predicts the Tar Heels beat the Hurricanes.

- Castillo, like the others, points out that the early part of the schedule is obviously favorable to UM, going Florida Atlantic, Florida, Savannah State, @South Florida and Georgia Tech – four of five games at home. Another obvious statement in stating that if Miami beats Florida, this is a top ten squad. If not, it’ll most-likely result in an 8-4 season.

- Offense will be even better than last year’s solid offense, but defense will again be huge downfall if the ship isn’t righted over there (duh!)

- Fox has Miami going 10-2 on the season, beating Florida and Florida State, but losing at home to Georgia Tech and on the road to North Carolina. Fox is the only writer calling for a win over the Gators and / or Noles. The other five beat writers pick Miami to lose both games.

- Gall states that even with the deep, competitive ACC Coastal and off-the-field turmoil for Miami, that there’s reason for optimism as last year’s underclassmen are a year older and wiser, that Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech head to South Florida and that had the Canes not had such a brutal out of conference schedule in 2012, UM could’ve easily been a 9-3 team, or better.

- Ross states that the in-conference swing games are North Carolina and Pittsburgh, and like most other writers still feels that the ACC Coastal is Miami’s for the taking.

Nothing earth-shattering with the piece, but it underlines that most feel Miami is primed for a return to semi-greatness this season, with the sky the limit if the Canes can topple the Gators early. The offense is expected to explode, while the defense returns ten starters, more experience and will again welcome some immediate-impact freshman who can help make a difference.

Clean things up defensively and Miami can definitely climb in the rankings as the 2013 season rolls on.

orange 'n green in the vein

I don't know about the rest of Wally's picks, but that bonus one is guaranteed a winner already no matter what record the team finishes! Did you all know she wears Canespace? That's has been mentioned before? Just checking.

86, I have a legit question; is the 'freshman' pick supposed to be an actual true freshman, simply any signatory from '13's class, or a player who is a freshman, either red-shirt or true, on the roster? Because depending on the answer I realize I didn't make a selection for the category and it'll change my pick accordingly, but that clock is telling me I'm running out of time to do so, so suckas gots to know!

Plus, you have to hit how many to win again? I thought last year it was any two, but maybe I'm off base on that and too lazy to go back and check?

WWIN, don't you start needling me too, you'll make me abandon your three time, three time, three time, THREE TIME state champion protegee if you keep up like that man.

Old Skool

Excellent Pick Native. A 1st rounder for sure.


O: Herb Waters
D: Rayshawn Jenkins
Fresh: Artie Burns
Coach: Brennan Carroll
Bonus: The Viagra Idiot on this blob! Is there anyone more consistent?


o: Waters
d: Robinson
freshman: AQM
coach: D'No (I'd go with Kehoe with this o-line, but if D'No is the man, it means we had a real D and a BCS game!)
darkhorse: Clements (would love to see him really bounce back. He's been through a lot, works hard and is humble)

Posted by: JCane | August 18, 2013 at 02:10 PM

I knew I would have to make a example of SOMEONE, but this entry was REJECTED!

Too many words, follow the approved format.

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