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September 25, 2013


Old Skool

Hmm shopping for a tailgate with the wife in tow. Are we talking lady fingers and cucumber sandwiches?

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff 86. Have fun CaneSpace Fam.



Introducing fresh meat


TRUE STORY: So I am in the lobby at the Hampton Inn and I see a guy with his wife in the lobby wearing UM gear. I say to him: "It's all about the U", flash the sign and "Go Canes."

Later as we are coming back from the pool I see him in the hallway and he asks me: "Canespace?" and I say YES!

He tells me that I gave him and his friends a jumpstart at the UCF game menay years ago when their car battery died after the game.

Tell me he is the one who calls me "Sancocho" on the blog, some spanish word for some kind of stew. Says he picked the Hampton because he read it on the blog a few days back.

Unbelievably small world we live in. GO CANES!


Great stuff 86. Have fun CaneSpace Fam.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | September 27, 2013 at 05:19 PM



Roland Smith Says he has a great relationship with Al Golden.He Said the staff really did a great job of allowing him to be in the loop even when he wasn't coaching. He was a coach at Al Golden's Camp last summer.

It's hard to say why Dalvin Cook would consider playing for the turds while his best friend will play at the U and get a real degree. Cook is smart enough to realize in a few weeks that the grass is not greener in Gainsville to the contrary...UF will have a down year and the same in years to come with Muschamp and co. I still believe that Cook would be a great fit at UM. Who would you like to play for Will Muschamp or Al Golden??? So easy to answer...


Link to Watch live... Norland takes on Columbus at FIU North. Tonight at 7:30 - http://www.SFSN.tv


One good thing Miami has going in the ACC is no one has seen our offense. And even in the games this year we havn't shown a lot. We are still hard to plan for.

Posted by: UMike | September 27, 2013 at


VT and GT are BAD BAD BAD.

2 wins for Canes unless we play our worst game since Golden came in

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | September 26, 2013 at 10:33 PM

I was thinking that too!! #unimpressed


Yo 86....aka....Sancocho...lol
It was very nice meeting you and the Mrs. this afternoon. I forgot to remind you that I promised you a beer for giving us a jump that day. We will try to hook up with you guys tomorrow at the game....we're looking forward to another Canes victory.


looking forward to tomorrow. Leaving north orlando at 530AM...making a stop in south Orlando at 645 to pick up some folks and then head to the stadium.

Looking forward to seeing some of you again and looking forward to meeting some new folks as well. 86 knows how to reach me and track me down (4E). Stop by and lets have a drink. :-) GO CANES


Some amazing high school football played in south Florida. Some amazing athletes playing every weekend. The Canes have a lot of good athletes to choose from and I believe they actually have most of the athletes that they want in this upcoming class.

Mia Chi 'Cane '98

I'm in a spread league and normally do not bet the 'canes . But this week betting on my teams in college & NFL.

Canes -18.5 in the league but I am thinking of taking the under at 48.5. Thoughts?

Sarasota 'cane

I'm not a betting man Chi cane but my GUESS is that Miami will cover the under by themselves as well as the point spread. If I had to choose I would take UM giving away the 18.5. It seems safe as well as logical right now. Our defense might have 14 of those points by themselves!!

Go 'canes!


We cannot take anyone lightly. We are far from back. We are nowhere and we have a long way to go. Full steam ahead.




OhioCane present and ready for duty!!

Go Canes!!

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