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September 08, 2013



It was real fellas SOUP, TSULLY, and the rest of the gang thank you for the hospitality, although we didnt meet up at the pool after the game just wanted to let you guys know we appreciate everythin yall did for us this weekend. What an amazing time and what an unforgettable game...... See yall again in the future!!!

Posted by: UpNorthCane | September 08, 2013 at 05:26 AM


harry Miller

We kicked there ass.


3rd! and enjoying victory coffee out of my canespace mug


Great article Soup, can you say relevant?

My LOFs looked real good yesterday except Seantrel!

Dem Canes!!!

dj moonbat

I guess they're questioning the wisdom of cutting off the home-n-home series right about now. Bragging rights can stay with us indefinitely.


So in celebration last night I had a dinner of tossed salad and fried gator.

When I walked into the kitchen this morning I couldn't help but remember that famous scene with Robert Duvall from Apocalypse Now. So to steal his lines.

"I love the smell of fried gator in the morning!.....it smells like Victory"


Soup what section are you in for USF?

orange 'n green in the vein

Nothing like kicking the twerpy-little-want-to-be's-consumed-with-envy tails back down into the muck where they always belong. Nothing says loser for life quite like UF football fan, well UF baseball fan is even more appropriate but that's for later in the next trip around the sun. They'll always have basketball in the middle of nowhere however.

Why were Morris and Johnson not allowed to be picked for LOF again? LOL.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: KYcane | September 08, 2013 at 09:38 AM"

You forgot the rest of the line;

"One day this wars gonna end."

(That day was yesterday.)

Sarasota 'cane

It's like Christmas morning for the 2nd day in a row! And for the Gator fans at work that will tell they should of won the game, remind them that we let them back into the game in the 2nd quarter! That game was ours to win in the 1st half! Should of been a blowout!

We got some canes ova here... whoosh...whoosh!



they did it-- and the crowd was crazy!


Loved to see that the Canes can win ugly on D against a top 10 team. Its been years since we have seen that.. Al Golden will sit down with Coley and the rest of the offesive coaches this week and get that offense fixed. The Gators made a lot of offenses look inept over the last two years and the players across the board were unprepared for the intensity. It will not happen again. Al Golden will not allow it.

I am not as concerned as others about the offense moving forward. They committed a bunch of correctable mistakes. We will get to see how good Al Golden truly is as a coach when the Canes start improving in all these areas.


According to EVERY sports network, Miami didn't WIN, floriduh LOST. As if it matters...

Triangle cane

Coley (oc) will be okay. Fischy was predictable in his first year. Please do not start with the fire coley mess. God bless you all.

Hay guess what? We won. Hell yeah I said we!

Go Canes!


Any words from recruits? I live in Boca raton so I get the herald then I decided to look up Orlando sentinel and I loved the Florida lost it spin!!!! Mike Binachi is a douche bag Gaytor lover that cried writing that article!!


When U start drinking at 8 AM and finish drinking at 10 PM then that's gonna leave a mark! Me feeling quite crispy this AM.

Leaving the Hampton and headed back to the CCC in the 863. Lead, follow or GTF outta the way...



Had to go watch the clip. I had forgotten that part.

Gotta go shopping now for a new Canes polo to wear Wednesday at the meeting run by a guy with "Gator Alley" posted over his office door.

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: Sebas13 | September 08, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Over 100 recruits at the game and 350 H.S. coaches! We'll see what that translates to in February! A lot of work to do before then. If UM wins, they will come!

Go 'canes!

dj moonbat

According to EVERY sports network, Miami didn't WIN, floriduh LOST. As if it matters...

Posted by: 4-Real | September 08, 2013 at 10:06 AM

If the sport was boxing, Miami would've lost. Miami got in a good first quarter, then spent the rest of the game getting hit in the face again and again and again.

But it's not boxing. Those points Miami scored early meant that hitting the 'Canes in the face wasn't enough -- the Gators had to knock them out. And toward the end, most defenses would've let that happen. The 'Canes defense didn't.

I've been on the other end of games like yesterday's game, and yeah -- I got really mad at my team's coaches, or players, or water boys. It was ours to win, and we LOST it!! The other team didn't WIN!!

But a couple of days from now, people's memories will fill up with a bunch of details from other games, and from the rest of their lives, and their memories of Florida giving this one away will fade; they'll need to go look at the W/L column to remind them of what happened. And the numbers don't lie in this case.


A more fair article from ESPN:



First recruit to be affected by the UM win?

The winner is... Tyre Brady.

"UM now leads for Tyre Brady despite being currently committed to UK per Canesports Article.

http://miami.rivals.com/barrier_noen...fid=&tid=&mid= "


Paranos over at CIS posted that ^^


^^ More:

Asked if the win helps UM recruiting-wise, Brady said, "Most definitely. It was a great game. They got the win. It's great to see. It showed a lot of people how they're turning the program around."

A Cane fan growing up, Brady at one point committed to Kentucky. He says he is going to call coaches there tomorrow to officially decommit.

The chance he winds up a Cane?

"It's a great chance I'll wind up a Cane," Brady said. "I love it there. They stuck with me through the whole recruiting process."


Of course FU is downplaying the whole thing and giving no credit to the U for winning. Would anyone expect anything else. This is what they have to do though. They're simply trying to minimize/forget the whole thing and treat the U like a bump in the road. It's marketing. They have to think about their team this year and recruiting. This is why they don't want to play the U. The whole thing is pretty stupid, as the team that makes more mistakes usually loses, and the team that wins is usually thought to be the better team. We all already know FU lost, and that's the bottom line. The U won, however, or FU wouldn't have lost! The U played opportunistic d, looking for every chance to knock the ball loose. What FU won't say is what would have happened had Morris and his wideouts actually continued to play better beyond the 1st qtr. The truth is that FU's D is awesome, the rest of the team is just solid, and the U's D exposes the red zone weaknesses along with showing they were in shape and came to play. U Tough!

It'll be interesting to see if Lane changes his mind up the road, but I wouldn't worry about it much. He's a kid enjoying the whole experience. What his cousin Barrow might think is a different issue.


Will U cut it out already Ohio!!?? What's so EMBARRASSING about admitting u pay a WHOPPING $8 a month 4 a paysite??!! Hell, I do!!! Lol

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: KYcane | September 08, 2013 at 10:23 AM"

Everybody usually forgets the rest of the line, but that's OK, that tag puts the preceding dialog into the all time great movie quote pantheon and here it's so very appropriate. This war ends like all of them do, with the inferior side submitting to their superior opponents.

Old Skool

Nothing says loser for life quite like UF football fan,

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | September 08, 2013 at 09:50 AM

Indeed, witness Word to ur momma:

"I talked to the old crone last night and on her death bed she told me my father went to UM but left the family because of my mental defects apparent at birth."

Posted by: word to ur momma | September 07, 2013 at 04:03 AM

This colon of wit hasn't shown up again to publicly wipe his mouth.

orange 'n green in the vein

4-Real, for that $96 you pay a year, you could buy yourself a season ticket and watch who is actually in college playing college football instead of reading the same mad-libs generated recruiting article everyday written by a rotating cast of pedo-jock-sniffing high school rear-end chasers.

Most of whom don't know football, only subscription numbers, it should be noted. But it's a free market, so spend as you see fit.

Wayne Ritchie

Great win for the U. and like the score, I believe the next time these 2 schools will play each other will be in the year 2116. Why? because everyone that was at the game either as a player or watcher will be dead and gone. This will give Fla. time to heal, However scars run deep and 2013 season Fla. will lose more games and just this one. Thanks for letting me post here. Fan since I was 13.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: Old Skool | September 08, 2013 at 11:32 AM"

LMAO. Oh you didn't know? My friend, I heard from a reliable source that this particular human skid mark on the underwear of life tragically left his Teblow bobblehead bottom-boy alarm clock plugged into the wall socket and threw it in the tub he was trying to drown himself in depression in, thus ending his miserable existence in shocking fashion!

And nothing of value was lost, as the meme on the interwebs goes.


That win was amazing ! Igaf how bad the offense looked . UF has a top defense. I have watched this game on dvr like 3 times !! This year we will be something special . Lets go canes !


Forgot who called coach coley . Cley cause he has no (O) had me dying. What a sore loser Muschamp is. I watched his post game interview .. This game was based off education and execution which they thought that playing sec football running up the middle would work. Welllll folks it didn't ! Hats off to D'No..Denzel, Jimmy , Tracey and Tyreke who made big plays. Amazing I believe in Coach Golden


Great day to be a Cane!
Willie Will- not saying Morris is great (I think I said he was OK), but Dorsett looks like he is consistently out of synch with the rest of the offense. And his hands just aren't there. At TE: I just don't see any separation, most of the time, not sure why they seem to be blanketed all day long. Has Cleveland even caught a pass?
But these are fixable things, and we're 2-0 with Savannah State and USF up next we should be 4-0 before taking on Ga. Tech. I haven't seen them play this year, so I have no clue if they're any good. UNC shouldn't scare me as much as they do, but they've had our number way too often lately.
Still, the orange and green glasses tell me things are just fine in Cane land right now.


My $96 dollars last all year.


Get the offense fixed and this is going to be a very good season!




4-real, we've been over this more than once. I don't pay any subs to websites. I told U it was posted by Paranos at CIS. Look at his post from today, then about 6 posts later by "Youngboochie12" and compare my posts to them. I copy/pasted. As I always do.



^^ It's on page 4 of that thread

orange 'n green in the vein

Tech is much improved and their QB can chuck it, he's the best all around athlete they've had since going to the triple option at the position, so that game being at home is going to be like a remake of this last one it looks like.

Defense has thrown a shutout in their only game this season. Firing Al Groh worked out for them better than it did UVA to this point.


Wasn't trying to insult you Ohio. Just saying there is NOTHING wrong with sacrificing the equivalent of 2 big macs or a 6-pack a month. I'm just trippin at the fact that EVERYONE tries 2 act like subscribing to a $8 paysite is such a terrible thing ! Lol. On a more positive note, yesterday the Golden 1 definitely put his stamp on the Miami program! I haven't drank like this since the '03 fiesta :(


Long time reader. Just haven't posted before. Just want to say wow it's good to be a cane but it's still alot of work to be done never be content. My comment about this game was the game ball should def go to u tough. That is what won this game. The mental and physical stress from u tough made this team not crumbe and it will soon be back to the days when practice was harder than the games. Btw is it just me but doesn't the 2013 uf team remind u guys of the early 2000s hurricanes when the defense were solid but our qb was Kyle wright. Watching driskel reminds me alot of Kyle wright.


I can't stop smiling, dang it's good to be a Cane this morning. I can't wait for fsu. Ur on the clock noles haha. What a win we've had to be patient with our team. This feels so good CG said trust the process. And I'm so glad he has stuck with us. I hope he gets to hold that bcs trophy over his head soon.

orange 'n green in the vein

Who is this Kyle 'Wright' you speak of?

All I recall is some jabronie named Kyle Wrong, or Turf Face, or prison cheap date's boyfriend NCAA snitch, who ran the program into the ditch because he thought his MySpace page was important enough to not watch game film for. But hey, his dad says he wasn't treated fairly by fans in between sacks, fumbles, interceptions and losses, so maybe he can offer a shoulder for Driskel to cry onto today.

But welcome to the space jsy, post here and post often as they saying goes.

Canesfan _1

Nothing says loser for life quite like UF football fan,

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | September 08, 2013 at 09:50 AM

Truest statement you've ever made.


4-real, would never take it as an insult, just personally wouldn't pay for it. More power to everyone who does though.

Ps - Canes 18th in coaches poll. Gators 19th


Canes #15 in AP Poll


Can anyone tell me why or explain to me why um uses such a funky punt protection formation. We have a pro style offense and defense but why do we do non pro style punt protection. Anything that is truly strategically better is implemented in the nfl ie elements of wildcat and read option. But not a single nfl team lines up like that for punt protection. So if anyone could explain why any team would line up like that let me know thanks

D Cane

Miami 15th in AP poll


Including future member Louisville, that's 4 teams inside the top 15 (Clemson #3, Louisville #10, FSU #10, Canes #15), one shy of the SEC (Bama #1, TA&M #6, LSU #8, Georgia #9, SC #13).

Let's see how this plays out at the end of the year.


j.w., Dorsett hasn't dropped a pass yet this year, he's broken up 2-3 potential int's, and he's been double covered. TE's have been open but just not targeted. We try to get to greedy and hit Dorsett over the top too much since it was successful last year and other teams know that.

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