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September 19, 2013




Terrance Sullivan

Cant wait to see our Canes lay 70 on SSU on Saturday night, Go Canes!


Come on Man LOL


TSully...if the Canes score 70 I will buy U a box of cigars! Ain't gonna happen.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL Soup. Deal.

Hurricane Alley

I don't think coach Golden would do that. But I do think he's gonna turn them baby Canes loose.


I say maybe 52, 55, 59 or 62 but not 70.


70? I want 700 points.

Hurricane Alley

We're still not tryna show 2 much. But Y U want 700 points? There's only 2 teams I wanna hang 700 points on, and since you're a Cane I know U know who those 2 teams are.


Oh, for those two teams I want 1K!

Terrance Sullivan

Gary Crow will get extensive time finally.




My top ten most hated teams list

1. Floriduh
2. Nosuch Dame
3. Suckeyes
4. L$u
5. Bama
6. U$c
7. Louisville aka lil Miami
8. Tennessee
9. Arkansas
10. F$who

Hurricane Alley

Trust me, I'll take that 1k also. So many baby Canes are play this weekend, we'll really see what our future looks like. And I really believe our present is ready 2 put the U back where it belongs.

Hurricane Alley

I agree with your top 10. And they're all about 2 hate us, again. By me livin' in N.O., I wanna move LSU up, but I know them Suckeyes robbed us, so I can't.


No Penn State in the top 10?

Hurricane Alley

U right , Penn St. does belong on there. I'll replace F$WHO with them, cuz I don't really hate F#WHO, I just dislike um a lot.

Hurricane Alley

I meant F$WHO. I'm sorry Canes.


Great article. I hope to see the Canes execute their plays and few mistakes or missed assignments. That is more important than the final score. That said, I think the Canes will cover the spread without breaking a sweat.


That said, I think the Canes will cover the spread without breaking a sweat.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | September 19, 2013 at 11:22 PM

U cover 60, U gotta at least break a sweat!

The Dude

Replace USC, Arkansas and Tennessee w/ Auburn, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech and we got the same list in a different order. I respect USC as a program and school. Just don't like Kiffin.

The Dude

That's funny Tonycane.

To cover a 60 spead, your opponent is really the game clock.

D Cane

I gotta disagree with your list WWIN.

1. Suckeyes
2. F$WHO
3. Notre Shame
4. Gayturds
5+ I could care less


@Tyre_Brady: The "U" came to the game to see me 🙌

Terrance Sullivan

My Hate List is 1. Florida 2. Notre Lame 3. Penn State 4. Alabama 5. Nebraska 6. Oklahoma 7. Virginia Tech 8. Washington 9. Ohio State 10. Florida State

Hurricane Alley

I thought all us Canes fans hated F U 1st and Notre Lame 2nd. I was wrong on that 1.

The Dude

I got Florida 1, Ohio State 2, then Notre Dame.

The Dude

Florida State is a hard choice for me, I really don't hate them until the week we play them, then I really hate them. They hang around number 10 for most the year then shoot way up the list to probably 4 until we play. If they ever beat us they stay at number 2 for a few months, lol. I do think 99% of Canes fans hate Florida the most.

Terrance Sullivan

Florida and Notre Dame is clearly 1 and 2 for long time Canes fans. Ohio State is hated a lot more by Canes fans who became fans in the last decade or so. IJS. I agree with the Dude. at least FSU had the testicular fortitude to play us every year unlike those cowardly Crocs in Gainesville.


U fans from the 80s can't help but have FU and NDU at 1 and 2 on that list, although FU is there from any era imo. OSU mostly is there because of the 2002 championship game. Most of the rest of the list has to do with games the U feels they coulda won over the years, like Bama and PSU championship games. OU has that 80s rivalry, but it's kinda gone by now. VTU is the rivalry that's been around a while but hasn't really gained the intensity I might have expected, probably because the ACC affiliations have been at a time the U dropped off. I only hate FSU in a friendly kinda way, as FSU and the U formed that friendly rivalry in the late 70s and 80s that caused both programs to get to national prominence while dumping on the Gators (the good old boys of Bobby B and Howie S). Reminds me a bit of Dabo's recent shout out to the U after the win over FU.

Too much talking from me, but basically I have FU, NDU and then I don't really care!

Hurricane Alley

I know Ohio State robbed us but I have em 3rd, with LSU 4. We've just been through 2 much with Notre Lame 4 me 2 drop them outta the 2nd spot. And as long as I live, I will always hate FU more than all of them.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL Florida State is paying Bethune Cookman 475,000 dollars for their jamboree er game Saturday. Thats at least a 100,000 too much but Florida State math is always scewed lol.

Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Alley callin' it a night in N.O. Good night my Canes family. I'll be back tomorrow. Oh yeah, thanks again 4 exceptin' me.

Terrance Sullivan

Good night Alley.


The List of Woe:

1. Ohio State - That penalty flag shall never be forgotten
2. LSU - for the tunnel fight
3. Notre Dame
4. Florida
5. Virginia
6. Texas - the 1990 cotton bowl was not sufficient
7. FSU
8. Alabama
9. Louisville
10. VA Tech


1. Gaytors- I don't have to give a reason do I?
2. ND- I hate them so much that I like watching them play so that I can watch them lose
3. Suckeyes- dude...I can't even speak on them...I hate that team
4. VT- comes with the territory I guess
I have no problem with anyone else and I respect FSU...except when we play em


### Twice this week, Al Golden has expressed serious concern that the Hurricanes “have six scholarship receivers” – actually seven, counting injured Rashawn Scott, who Golden expects back before or after the Oct. 17 North Carolina game.

“That’s a scary number,” Golden said. “Most have 11, 12. We badly need to add receivers.”

Of those seven, Allen Hurns is a senior; Phillip Dorsett and Scott juniors; Herb Waters and Malcolm Lewis sophomores, Stacy Coley a freshman and D'Mauri Jones a redshirt freshman. UM could always move Corn Elder to slot receiver in a pinch, but coaches like his development at cornerback.

What’s clear is this: Adding at least a couple more receivers is a priority in the remaining months of recruiting.

Three that UM remains firmly in the mix for: four-star Johnnie Dixon of Dwyer in West Palm Beach (rated 16th among receivers nationally, by rivals.com), Raleigh-N.C. based Braxton Berrios (rated 39th but gaining momentum) and South Dade’s Tyre Brady (a three-star prospect who has generated some buzz).

Berrios, who projects as a high-caliber slot receiver, told me today: “I’m deciding in 3ish weeks. So really figuring things out right now. But just know Miami will be in the mix ‘til the end, for sure.”

Berrios, who visited UM a couple of weeks ago, has many offers, including from Oregon, South Carolina, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Dixon’s coach, Jack Daniels, told me earlier this month that UM is a slight favorite, but that Alabama is close behind. And Dixon reportedly was impressed by Arkansas during his visit last weekend.

Brady, a former Kentucky oral commitment, told Canesport.com that “there’s a great chance I’ll wind up a Cane.” But he’s also strongly considering USC, Mississippi and Mississippi State.

UM has three oral commitments who project as potential receivers: Carol City’s Trayone Gray (who has been playing quarterback), Norcross, Ga.’s Christopher Herndon (who also can play tight end or H-back) and Lantana’s Darrell Langham. All are three-star prospects, with Langham probably the most polished of the three. Herndon has 10 catches for 175 yards in three games, Langham 5 for 115 in two.

UM also continues to recruit Miami Northwestern’s JoJo Robinson, rivals.com’s No. 50 receiver and an FSU oral commitment.

UM has heavily recruited Palm Beach Cardinal Newman four-star receiver Travis Rudolph, but he said recently that Miami isn't in his top five.

UM remains uncertain whether elite receiver prospect Derrick Griffin will be admitted eventually, though football and basketball coaches remain hopeful he will clear academic hurdles.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


There were plenty of times last season when coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said he went to his bench too much as he tried to plug the holes and solve the woes of a putrid Hurricanes defense.

“Last year we probably played 25 to 28 guys in certain games,” D’Onofrio said Tuesday. “We had too many guys on the field at the same time who were susceptible to a big mental error, a missed tackle, those sorts of things.”

The 16th-ranked Hurricanes, who host 60-point underdog Savannah State (1-2) on Saturday night, aren’t throwing the kitchen sink at opponents anymore. Bigger, stronger, deeper and finally with real veteran leadership, UM’s defense played only 19 players against Florida, D’Onofrio said, a sign there is finally a standard of excellence where only the best who can hold their own will play against the best.

“That was the right number for that game because at this point those 19 can execute at a high level and not have a drop-off where you get gashed or somebody is not in the right spot,” D’Onofrio continued. “I’d like to play more, but I’m not going to play more until they play at the level the 19 are executing at.”

A year ago, D’Onofrio said there were current third-team players on his defensive line who got upwards of 300 snaps.

With the additions of veteran players like senior defensive tackle Justin Renfrow and ends David Gilbert and Ufomba Kamalu, freshmen and sophomores who aren’t ready aren’t being pressed into action anymore.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/20/3638098/miami-hurricanes-leaders-raising.html#storylink=cpy



It’s common for big-name programs to schedule early-season home games against weaker teams, paying a lower-level opponent for their time and travel.

Sometimes, they get more than they bargained for.

Just ask Blake James.

When James, now Miami’s athletic director, worked for Maine in 2004, he scheduled a game with Mississippi State in Starkville. James’ program would get a budget boost — used mainly for travel expenses, recruiting and summer school improvements — while the Bulldogs would flex their muscles for an adoring home crowd.

Or so they thought. After a stunning 9-7 upset, Maine became just the second FCS (formerly Division I-AA) team to beat an SEC school since Division I-AA was created in 1978. Fans later voted it the greatest moment in Black Bear football history.

Do not expect a similar upset on Saturday, when Savannah State visits Miami at Sun Life Stadium (7 p.m., ESPN3.com). While there have been 10 FCS-FBS upsets this season, including eight in the first week, the Tigers are a staggering 60-point underdog.

No matter what the final score, Savannah State wins. According a game contract reviewed by the Post, SSU will earn $375,000. For a program of the Tigers’ size, that’s hardly pocket change.

The paycheck from this game equals nearly nine percent of the school’s endowment ($4.2 million, according to school documents) and more than seven percent of the school’s reported $5.1 million athletics budget.

Savannah State, like many FCS programs, plays marquee opponents for the money. Last year, it took home a net $660,000 for games against Florida State and Oklahoma State, games which it lost by a combined score of 139-0. Since Savannah State’s football team brought in $1.3 million in revenue in 2011-12, those two blowouts boosted the Tigers’ football team revenue by more than 51 percent.

By contrast, Miami’s football team brought in more than $29 million in 2011-12, according to the most recent U.S. Department of Education Data. Its athletic budget was more than $62 million. The school’s endowment is valued at $678.7 million.



The teams I hate the most..

1) Florida
2) Florida
3) Florida
4) ND
5) OSU


They wait till they play a FCS team to hand down suspensions lol



“That’s a scary number,” Golden said. “Most have 11, 12. We badly need to add receivers.”

Then move Corn Elder to WR if it is SO scary. Run more two TE sets if it is SO scary. Either that or hush yo mouf!

Really hope Griffin makes it in eventually.


1) Florida
2) Florida
3) Florida
4) ND
5) OSU

Posted by: UMike | September 20, 2013 at 07:42 AM

I approve this list.


Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 32m

Browns RB Willis McGahee will play Sunday vs. Minnesota; system similar to one he played under in Baltimore.


Browns RB Willis McGahee will play Sunday vs. Minnesota; system similar to one he played under in Baltimore.

Posted by: SOUP | September 20, 2013 at 08:34 AM

Lets just say he knows the head coach really well also;)


Tito from CIS said he is dropping some good news today..but not about recruiting


BTW dominates Jackson & Demetrius J sacks Flowers 3 times!

Booker T. Washington loves looking at the No. 1 next to its name in the national rankings.

The only number the Tornadoes are as proud to look at is when there’s a zero on the scoreboard next to the opposing team’s name.

So when Jackson scored its lone touchdown on the game’s final play Thursday night, it didn’t sit well with Booker T.’s defensive leaders.

“That’s pride for us because when you score on us, it makes us feel like all that hard work we put in all week was for nothing,” said senior defensive end Demetrius Jackson. “We’ll get those things corrected.”

The Tornadoes barely missed what would have been their third shutout this season, beating Jackson 35-6 at Traz Powell Stadium.

Demetrius Jackson’s perfectionist attitude is a reflection of the entire Booker T. defense and what’s helped it dominate multiple high-quality opponents like the Generals (2-1), who entered the game ranked No. 1 in Class 5A, so far this season.

“This is one of those games people thought we might slip because Jackson is a very good and talented team,” Booker T. coach Tim “Ice” Harris said. “But it’s very hard in one week to put it together when you face the tempo at which we run this type of team.”

Booker T., the top-ranked team in the nation in every poll, has allowed only 23 points in four games. Jackson had three of the Tornadoes’ seven sacks in Thursday’s game as they once again frustrated one of the state’s best quarterbacks into an uncharacteristically bad game.

Jackson senior quarterback Quinton Flowers threw three interceptions and finished 3 of 18 passing for only 56 yards.

Flowers threw his lone touchdown pass on the game’s final play when he lobbed a 3-yarder into the corner of the end zone to Jovon Durante. He also completed a 44-yard pass to Xavier Bailey on a fake punt.

Take away those two plays and Booker T. limited Flowers to 1 of 16 passing for nine yards. In two games against the Tornadoes the past two seasons, Flowers has gone a combined 7 for 36 passing for 91 yards and four interceptions.

“The D-line comes to play every game,” senior defensive end Chad Thomas said. “We’re trying to shut out everybody in every game. We face the best offense down here every day in practice and I feel like that’s making us better and better every week.”

Junior La’Darius Crump, who transferred from Jackson in the offseason, had one of the interceptions. Brandon Boyd and Nigel Bethel II followed with one each later in the game.

With its defense dominant once again, Booker T. took control early behind another solid performance by its own quarterback, Treon Harris, who finished 10 of 14 for 160 yards, two touchdowns and one interception (only his first of the season).

Sophomore running back Mark Walton gave the Tornadoes a boost with solid rushing. Walton scored two touchdowns including a 44-yarder that gave Booker T. a 35-0 third quarter lead capping a drive in which Walton picked up 63 yards on two carries. Walton finished with 100 yards on eight carries.

Harris connected with Vaquan Smalls and Lamar Parker for touchdown passes of 21 and 26 yards. Harris also ran for a touchdown.

“A lot of guys can sit around and talk about stopping us and watch our team on video, but when you go against it, in one week I don’t think you can get it done with the type of tempo we practice and we play,” Tim Harris said. “It should have been the third shutout in four weeks, but we don’t want to be the team to put the first team back in just to preserve a shutout. We need our second team guys to be ready to face situations like that.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/2...#storylink=cpy


Per a poster at CIS and Rivals..

Da'Vante Phillips Rivals Update

UF Commit: Canes Still In It

-2014 R250 Watch List WR Da'Vante Phillips is an early Florida commit, but says Canes still in it
-Florida State, Alabama and Clemson are also still in the picture
-Committed to Florida early because he "liked the school and the coaches when I wend down there."
-He has family and friends hammering on him to stay home and play for the Hurricanes
-Phillips said "I get that a lot, the `change your mind." I'll do what I have to do. It's got to be my decision at the end of the day."
-Asked what UM has to do to catch Florida, Phillips offers an enigmatic "Keep in contact."
-He says he talks regularly to Cane coaches Coley, Golden, Carroll and Hurlie Brown
-Says Miami's recent win over UF doesn't have an impact on him -""I'm not worrying about how many games a team wins, I'm worrying about how the program is run, the depth chart."
-Says he'll take a visit to Miami, but doesn't know when.
-Phillips is an early 4* WR in the 2015 Rivals 250 Watch List



Golden talking about his desparate need for WR to try to get Ermon Lane to reconsider? Or do U think his comments are more directed at Dixon and Berrios?


Saw a few more games H.S. recently, and plan to see more this weekend. The state of Florida is really loaded with talent over the next couple of years. Talent in South Florida has always been strong, but I think it is even getting stronger. Coaching and the athletes are really good, and they all have room to grow once they arrive at college programs. I feel pretty good about the recruits Al Golden has committed. As long as Golden keeps developing players, I think the Canes will be poised to make a serious run over the next couple of years.

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