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September 09, 2013


VA Cane

I say they knew in their Gator hearts they were going to lose.....they gave up...they quit...

"Winners find ways to win, Losers learn to quit, and Quitters learn to Fail". VAC

I said this to a reporter from The Roanoke Times as a 17 year old senior on our way to a 2nd state title. It applies to sports and to life. I don't know if I coined it, but I claim it as a young kid who not as big as others, but played like Rohan Marley. This saying has driven my teams to greatness...their greatness not mine....for 35 years because they listened to it, learned it, lived it and rode it to unimaginable heights....it works if you drink of it...JMO


Posted by: JCane | September 12, 2013 at 09:46 PM

I missed the part were Florida moved the ball at will and also the part were Driskel had people open that he missed???

They had one legit score and that was a FG


Hey WW:

I remember at least one off the bat where Driskel missed a wide open receiver, toward the beginning of the 2 qtr on 2nd and goal...he just overthrew Dunbar who was wide open in the end zone, and it should have been 6 or 7 or 8 (The U was up 14-6 at the time). I think the next play was the Jenkins INT, so it worked out great for the U.

As for FU moving the ball, it wasn't hard to see. They moved into UM territory repeatedly throughout the game, with many good runs in 4-10 yd. chunks, and Driskel got himself a good completion %. That being said, when an FU player got the ball, he got hit hard, which is a huge change vs. last year. FU players were getting worn down as the game went on, and they were looking to knock the ball loose from runners and look for picks in the D backfield, and they made both happen.

I am not knocking this D. They've made a lot of progress, mostly in terms of being stronger, having a deeper D-line rotation, smarter DBs after having more learning time, being in better shape, and truly not quitting like they seemed to do so often last year as soon as things turned south. This last trait is going to make them better, as they are hungry. This D did what it needed to do.

mountain cane

Driskell will not be a successful NFL QB because he is both a slow and a poor decision maker. His general performance under pressure is abysmal. Lots of panic leading to lots of turnovers.


First pass of da game Driskel wuz hit


After watching the game countless times via utube (Shout out to Canes Flash Forward) the secondary is indeed the weakest unit of the D, if not the whole team.

If a good QB has time he can pick the 2ndary apart. Good thing our Dline has more depth (Shout out to The Golden Child for those key off-season aquisitions),skill,& size after a year. The pressure will be there.

Biggest shout out goes to the Space tho! Thank u all for everything u do keeping this the trillest UM blog EVER.


Posted by: JCane | September 12, 2013 at 11:32 PM

You are right, one player was open that was missed by Driskel but that was it.

Okay so you said that florida moved the ball at will, well lets look at the stats.

Florida Drives

1st Half

8 plays 26yds 4:50
5 plays 12yds 1:57
2 plays 9yds 0:40 Touch Down *Blocked Punt*
7 plays 54yds 2:43
11 plays 56yds 5:10
12 plays 66yds 6:16

Total Yds 245, TOP 21:36, 3rd down conv 5-8

2nd Half

9 plays 44yds 4:42 Field Goal
3 plays 8yds 2:38
3 plays 6yds 1:22
5 plays 18yds 2:28
5 plays 30yds 2:49
3 plays -10yds 0:56
4 plays 60yds 1:21 Touch Down *Prevent D*
1 plays -13yds 0:28

Total Yds 168, TOP 16:44 3rd down conv 1-7

I think the stats say otherwise, especially the 2nd half


Posted by: SLURRicane | September 13, 2013 at 01:30 AM

who got beat in the secondary besides Antonio Crawford???


Ariz workin..

Miami dipped into SEC country today to hand out their latest 2015 offer.

Junior WR Dontae Jones (6-5, 215) of Louisville, Mississippi received a call from ‘Canes wide receivers coach Brennan Carroll today with some good news.

“Coach Carroll had been looking at my highlights on Hudl and he said he likes how I am able to make big plays. He wants me to come down there after the football season or maybe in the summer so they could check me out. He said he wanted to offer me, but that he couldn’t give any official letters right now since I’m a junior, so I told him ‘thank you’. He seemed like a very nice guy,” said Jones.

Jones holds offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas State, Louisiana-Lafayette. He broke down his game.

“I’m tall, I can run, I can jump, and in the open field I’m pretty hard to catch. I’m a good person off the field too. I don’t get in trouble and you don’t have to worry about that stuff with me.”

A home state school has caught his eye early, but Jones is trying to keep his options open.

“Ole Miss is sticking out a little bit, but I’m staying pretty open right now. I’m still waiting for some more schools to come in and all that so I’m staying open.”

What did the Miami offer mean to him?

“It felt great because it lets me know that I’m working hard and doing big things. I’m glad I’m able to become nationally known, not just in the state. I’ve been trying to get like that since I was young so I’m just really proud of myself. I can’t forget about academics either like I can’t get my head in all this stuff and I have to keep my grades up.”

The big receiving target watched Miami’s big win over Florida last weekend and was impressed.

See more

Old Skool


Posted by: canezilla | September 12, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Yepp my question for Savannah State is what's the over under on minutes Gray Crow gets to play. I'd go with six and a half.


According to Rivals BTW RB Mark Walton, Miami is "5 miles in front". I think we were his first offer, he is only a sophomore and built like a college RB. Will be a 5-star RB in 2 years. He and his family love Miami.


Yepp my question for Savannah State is what's the over under on minutes Gray Crow gets to play. I'd go with six and a half.

Posted by: Old Skool | September 13, 2013 at 06:16 AM



Yepp my question for Savannah State is what's the over under on minutes Gray Crow gets to play. I'd go with six and a half.

Posted by: Old Skool | September 13, 2013 at 06:16 AM


He should be starting over Morris. IJS

Old Skool

Hmmm IJS. Urban dictionary lists that as an acronym for Intellectual Jewish Stoner

Da U N Houston

Total Yds 168, TOP 16:44 3rd down conv 1-7

I think the stats say otherwise, especially the 2nd half

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 13, 2013 at 01:42 AM

The Stats don't lie!!! Folks always watching the game and think just b/c they remember a couple of big plays that it's the whole story. The D played BALLS TO THE WALLS and gave UF all it ever wanted. People need to either A. quit complaining and enjoy the victory, or B. Move on to next week, this team has!


Tyler Horn ‏@Tyler63Horn 10h

So the former players with the axe to grind are questionable sources, but the angry 900 million dollar ponzi schemer is legit? Oh ok.


Dear star whores,

Jeff Driskel was a 4* QB and the #1 QB in his class coming out of HS.

Stephen Morris was a 3* QB and the #26 QB in his class coming out of HS.

Keep telling me stars and rankings matter.


Its amazing how ESPN already dropped the SEC story from their main page... but keep pushing the Okie State story lol


Man..Im so proud of my youngest son. He is now a stand up DE on his 9yo team and those boys can't block him! They run away from him and he just runs down the line for the tackle..#beastmode



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