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September 30, 2013


A Cane In Hooville



Yeah, I think so too!

mountain cane


mountain cane

Canes, at least a bit surprising to me, are only 5 1/2 point favorites at home on saturday. People aren't totally convinced apparently.

I do think we handle them fairly easily if we come ready to play. Remind the D it is a 3:30 start. They started the last 12:00 game around 12:15.

GT is not a team to fall behind on. It seems to stoke them and they just bludgeon you. I won't ever forget the night game in ATL a few years back where we got crushed from start to finish.

On the other hand, they don't come back well.

I'm just a bit concerned that the last real tough competition we had was a month ago. These guys will play more like them than the last 2 guys.

A Cane In Hooville

I am beginning to feel fairly confident in the "focusing on the opponent" situation. I doubt this offense is going to look past GT and I doubt the defense wants to give up all the ground they have gained.

I also take solace in the fact that we have been able to beat GT numerous times now with suspect defenses. I'd go for Canes -5.5 as VT's horrid offense won by 7 points. The time to win the Coastal is upon us and Golden will have these kids zoomed in.


Hooville...Nice FIRST!

Welcome to Canespace. Post here, post often.


Good article SOUP!

While Ray Jay isnt as fun as Sun Life for a Canes game, for central florida Cane fans it sure is nice to climb in your truck and be at the stadium in 45 minutes at least once every couple of years.

Dem Canes!!!

VA Cane

8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rohan Marley!!!!!!

Account Deleted

and another top 10!!

Account Deleted

from the look of te pics SOUP may ave been the only one at the game....plenty of seats available

VA Cane

Nice article, Schiano may be done soon. Maybe Freeman has been elbows with Bernie....


Maybe Freeman has been elbows with Bernie....

Posted by: VA Cane | September 30, 2013 at 08:26 PM

Uh huh.


Hooville makes a good point. Odds makers don'thave much respect for the Canes but Golden will have them ready.

Respect is much sweeter when it's earned rather than given.




If the oddsmakers truly believed the U was back, the Canes wouldn't have been only an 18.5 point favorite over a terrible USF team. Clearly Vegas nees to see the U beat a few solid teams to better figure where to rate them. Hopefully Golden and the boys will do just this on Saturday.


Pro Canes galore on MNF!! Jimmy graham then LM6!


The Miami Dolphins may have the WORST coaching ever in the history of the NFL. Maybe if they could recruit some more Gators they would be better. How about Urban as head coach? LOL


You're right Soup. Miller & the o-line has it going but Sherman keeps forcing the passing game. If they keep pounding Miller, that'll open up the play action pass.

I blame Sherman for Tannehills INT. He went to the slant too many times. Every time he threw it, the CB closed the gap more until he jumped it & picked it off. Killed the momentum & changed the complexion of the game.

Now the Phins have lost confidence & the game is getting out of hand.


Dolphins are TOAST.


I blame Sherman

Posted by: CoCane | September 30, 2013 at 10:32

And you could've stopped right there. Payton, is making Sherman's version of the West Coast Offense, look like the Wishbone.


Sherman is over-matched.

Philbin lacks the raw ingredients.

The Dolphins continue to suffer...

Sarasota 'cane

What game are you watching? Sherman has called a decent game, it's Tannehill's two picks that are killing the Dolphin's.


Smh at Sarasota's comprehension skills. Lol


Smh at Sarasota's comprehension skills. Lol

Posted by: CoCane | September 30, 2013 at 11:16 PM

He has NONE.

Sarasota 'cane

Listen to CoCane. There's growth on display, you just can't see it. How's all your D'no predictions working out for ya this season?



SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 5m

RAYS WIN #Game163! David Price goes the distance as Rays beat Rangers, 5-2; 4th playoff appearance in last 6 seasons for TB.

Sarasota 'cane

Rays needed that big time!


Sota...U are a fool.

Dolphins run a wide Sweep on 3rd and an INCH and lost 2 yards.

The Saints run a screen play on 3rd and 20 and get 21 yards.


Sarasota 'cane

I understand the game's over Soup. If you watch as much Dolphin football as I do there is still a reason to be optimistic about the future. They'll be 5-1 in three weeks. You can vault that.


Sota...optimistic about Fish's future? YES.

Disappointed about tonight's effort? YES.

Sarasota 'cane

Disappointed about tonight's effort? YES.

Posted by: 86Cane | September 30, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Agreed. Let's be real, no one had the Dolphin's winning tonight. It's been 10 years since there was a reason to like this team. When they get comfortable playing together, get the injured players back, and fix the simple mistakes this team should turn a corner this season. I think the Dolphins can win 10 games. When was the last time we could say that?


Let's be real, no one had the Dolphin's winning tonight.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 30, 2013 at 11:43 PM

Agreed. And that right there is the problem.


When U go into a game as a team KNOWING U can't win it is OVA!


Sota, I'ma Dolfan win or lose, BUT!, we should've BEEN WINNIN'! Now the previous regimes screwed this team up also, but Parcells CROOKED ASS! screwed the team, AAAAAND! bilked millions while doin' it! I'm all for the team on the field, but those SOBs in the FO...PHUCK EM'! As if one good year in FA, is supposed to erase Ireland's past transgressions...PSHHHH!


And what was Ireland's excuse for not taking Jimmy Graham again, He was too lazy or some such...


Sarasota 'cane

They'll live to fight another day. I'm still predicting 5-1 in three weeks. I'll take it and so will you.

Besides all that Manning and Brees are playing in another universe right now.


I'll take it and so will you.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 01, 2013 at 12:07 AM

Sota, of course. But I would've preferred several 5-1s beginning saaaaaay uhhhhhhh...6-7 years ago? LMAO!

Terrance Sullivan

Nice article Soup. I love Sun Life. Cant wait to hang with my CaneSpace Fam again this weekend. Go Canes Wreck Tech 28-14.

Sarasota 'cane

Who the phuck is forgiving Ross, Ireland, Parcells, etc.?

This team and these coaches have improved the team ten fold over last season. Phuck the front office. This loss tonight will sting for sure but in three weeks when they sit at 5-1 you'll be singing a different tune.

Sarasota 'cane

Sota, of course. But I would've preferred several 5-1s beginning saaaaaay uhhhhhhh...6-7 years ago? LMAO!

Posted by: CaneRock | October 01, 2013 at 12:12 AM

You got that right, canes and Dolphins!!


I hope so. It's been a LONG time since the Dolphins were 5-1....

1994: 5-1
1995: 4-2
1996: 4-2
1997: 4-2
1998: 4-2
1999: 5-1
2000: 5-1
2001: 4-2
2002: 5-1
2003: 4-2
2004: 0-6
2005: 2-4
2006: 1-5
2007: 0-6
2008: 2-4
2009: 2-4
2010: 3-3
2011: 0-6
2012: 3-3

It's been a long, long time.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL I was listening to 560 WQAM and some caller said Joe Philbon is Larry Coke illegitimate brother.


His Twitter account profile says “Just young dude out of Fort Myers trying to make it!!”

Hurricanes running back Dallas Crawford, who leads Miami with six touchdowns, is doing just that.

Crawford has scored five of the 20 times he has carried the ball this season — once against FAU, twice against Savannah State and twice at USF.

His 5-yard touchdown catch came against Savannah State.

Crawford, a compact 5-10 and 194 pounds, can tackle, too. He has four on special teams.

The redshirt sophomore’s highlight last year?

A 9-yard interception return on a botched Bethune-Cookman punt.

“Amazing,” is how coach Al Golden on Monday described Crawford’s growth this season. “Dallas is a competitor now. Two of those runs, I mean we don’t have them all blocked and he’s going to find a way to get in.

“He’s tough as nails. He goes down there on a kickoff and makes a tackle inside the 20. He’s getting better every week.”

Finally, after spending much of his early career on the scout team impersonating the opposing teams’ quarterbacks, receivers and running backs, Crawford is flourishing.

“I’m blessed to be in this position,” Crawford said Saturday after scoring twice in the win at USF. “It feels good — just executing my role on offense right now. My hard work is paying off.

“Patience is the key.’’

Crawford has solidified his spot as backup to Duke Johnson, his role, at times, as a short-yardage and goal-line specialist especially important with tailback Eduardo Clement nursing a hamstring injury and likely out for Georgia Tech.

“Dallas is a hard-working guy that was just waiting for his chance to play,” Johnson said. “He’s doing a great job. He’s a tough runner for his size. He doesn’t go down on first contact. He trusts his eyes.

“Dallas doesn’t say too much. He’s just happy to have an opportunity to play.”

Golden: ‘BYOB’

Freshman Gus “the Bus’’ Edwards has the best average-per-carry among the tailbacks (6.6 yards), but still hasn’t scored a touchdown after several attempts near the goal line.

“He’s got to BYOB — be [your] own blocker,” Golden said. “When you get down there you can’t block them all down there. He’s too big not to get in, so he’s got to run over his pads and torpedo and find a soft spot and get in there. Don’t go down the middle of [USF linebacker] DeDe Lattimore. That ain’t going to work.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/01/3661966/patience-paying-off-for-hard-working.html#storylink=cpy


Of all the things Mark D'Onofrio seems to be proud of the most when it comes to UM's vast improvements on defense it's the fact so many different players are having a hand in it.

"That's what's going on with our defense. Not one guy is standing out," said D'Onofrio, whose unit came into Monday ranked seventh in scoring defense, 10th in total defense, fourth in turnover margin and 10th in passing efficiency defense.

"You see 16 sacks, but you see [12] guys in on a sack. You see six interceptions and five guys have interceptions. Seven caused fumbles and seven guys caused the fumble. Seven guys recovered it. There's a lot going on. You spread it around. That's a sign guys are unselfish, trying to do their job in the defense."

During UM's struggles in his first two seasons, D'Onofrio often said players were freelancing too often. That led to players blowing gap assignments and running lanes opening up.

That of course is what the Hurricanes can ill-afford to do this week against Georgia Tech, whose flexbone option offense requires sound assignment football to stop.

Sure, UM's defense is much improved. But Georgia Tech's attack (ranked 51st in total offense, 37th in scoring offense) is superior to any offense the Hurricanes have faced this season. Savannah State is an abysmal Football Championship Subdivision program, and FAU ranks 109th in total offense, 104th in scoring; Florida ranks 70th in total offense; 91st in scoring and South Florida ranks 120th in total offense; 118th in scoring.

The good news for UM is that D'Onofrio and the Hurricanes have a strong track record in stopping Paul Johnson's offense. Although UM gave up 287 yards and five TDs a year ago on the ground to the Yellow Jackets, the Hurricanes have done the second-best job in the ACC's Coastal Division slowing Georgia Tech's running game down since Golden's arrival. Only Virginia Tech (188 yard average) has done better than UM (210.5 yards allowed average). The Hokies are 3-0 against Georgia Tech over the last three seasons including last week's 17-10 win.

The magic number it seems is keeping Georgia Tech under 300 yards on the ground. The Yellow Jackets are 4-11 when they finish under 300 yards rushing since the start of the 2011 season, and 14-2 when they eclipse the 300-yard mark.

"You always run scared. You never sit there and stop [working on it]," said D'Onofrio, who first faced the flexbone option when he was a graduate assistant at Georgia in 2000 when he had to breakdown 20 game films of Johnson's offense at Georgia Southern.

"Obviously you continue to work on it. They do such a good job, find new wrinkles. They do an amazing job. You just run scared and do the best you can.

"I've been part of a lot of staffs that have played it. We played it every year since 2006 when I was at Temple. We played Army, Navy two times a year. Same thing at Rutgers. We played Navy and Army when they were running it. It seems like every year we've had to play it."

D'Onofrio said the returning experience Miami has from last year's win will help.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/09/donofrio-likes-fact-many-hurricanes-having-a-hand-in-defenses-success.html#storylink=cpy


By Matt Porter

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Miami defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio doesn’t get much time to casually watch football.

“I just try to take care of our business, but if we have an early game, I get a chance to watch some games,” he said. “I’m a fan like anybody else.”

Fans of suffocating defense — and D’Onofrio is one, unless his opponent is playing it — can find it in the ACC.

Ranked by yards allowed per game, ten of the conference’s 14 teams boast defenses in the top 50 in the country, including four in the top 10. No other conference has more schools among the top 10.

Virginia Tech leads the way, allowing 241.2 yards per game. Then it’s Maryland at No. 6 (263.8), Georgia Tech at No. 9 (275.5) and Miami at No. 10 (283.5).

Florida State (No. 14), Virginia (No. 16), Syracuse (No. 32), Clemson (No. 38) and Wake Forest (No. 45) are also ranked highly through the first month of the season.

As noted many times before, D’Onofrio’s defense has been the biggest turnaround, moving up from 116th last year. Does it surprise him so many ACC defenses are playing well?

“I don’t think so,” he said. “It runs in cycles. A bunch of guys are young, then guys get in their second and third year. Coaches have now been there their second to third year, you start to recruit your own guys, get them comfortable in your system. You hope for improvement.”

It’s markedly different for the SEC, which built a reputation for face-busting defenses. Florida is the conference’s best unit at No. 2 (202.5 yards per game), but you’d have to scroll down to 27th to find the next SEC team, Alabama. Arkansas (No. 31), LSU (No. 39), Ole Miss (No. 42) and Vanderbilt (No. 44) are the only others in the top 50.



Report card: grading Miami Hurricanes 49-21 win at USF
by Matt Porter

Not much to complain about, once again, after a game in which Miami piles up 411 yards of offense in the first half alone. Here’s how the Hurricanes graded out after a 49-21 win at USF:


Grade mostly reflects Stephen Morris’ exemplary, if short, day of work.

In the first two drives alone, he hit Allen Hurns, Stacy Coley, Phillip Dorsett and Herb Waters for gains of 18 yards or more. He found Clive Walford for 18 on the third drive.

He limped off the field after throwing a 34-yard touchdown pass to Stacey Coley with 53 seconds left in the first. He left with a more pronounced limp with 11:46 of the second quarter. He finished with 222 yards and a pair of touchdowns on 11-of-16 passing. He has since said he’s fine.

Ryan Williams threw a touchdown pass to Stacy Coley and was 8-of-14 for 153 yards. He also bobbled a snap from Jared Wheeler on first-and-goal in the second quarter, took a sack and threw a late interception. He was generally effective running the offense.

Gray Crow started the fourth quarter and didn’t play his best. He threw into the hands of a USF player, who batted it; the Bulls turned it into a pick-six. Crow was 0-for-2 passing.


It was not an outstanding game for Duke Johnson, who picked up 84 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries, but fumbled twice inside the 5. The Hurricanes lost both fumbles, their only two of the season. Johnson also had a drop on a pass to him in the flat, on which Morris delivered a strike.

Johnson made the bad decision of trying to stretch the ball across the goal line and coughed it up at the 3 in the second quarter.

Johnson’s durability remains a concern. In the first quarter, Johnson left the game and was given a concussion test after taking a shoulder from USF safety Mark Joyce underneath the chin. He skipped over a cut block from Jared Wheeler and was in poor position to take a hit. Johnson should be fairly fresh heading into conference play; he had 16 touches against USF, after nine against Savannah State, 26 against Florida and 20 against Florida Atlantic.

Johnson did have a strong direction change on a 4-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, which made it 35-7. Nice job of planting his foot and going against the flow – good work down near the goal line.

Dallas Crawford, on the other hand, was excellent. He broke tackles and picked up yards after contact. He was rewarded for his tough running with two touchdowns, including one where he broke out of a backfield tackle and threw a stiff-arm to get in. Crawford finished with 41 yards on 13 carries and heaps of praise from his coaching staff.

Gus Edwards got in the game with less than six minutes left in the third quarter and took his first carry 29 yards. But Edwards struggled after that; he took three straight carries from the 1, but couldn’t get over the line. Crawford came in to finish the job. Edwards had 53 yards on 10 carries.

Maurice Hagens threw some brutal blocks for his men and got his first reception of the season – a 17-yard gain in the second quarter on which he fought for 16 yards after the catch.


Allen Hurns was steady, as usual – good hands, good speed, good blocking – except for an uncharacteristic drop in the first quarter. It was his first of the season. He made a stellar, twisting grab on a 31-yard pass from Williams in the second quarter. Finished with five catches (on a team-high seven targets) for 81 yards.

Breakout game for Stacy Coley, who hauled in two touchdowns. He outraced his man to the back of the end zone to make it 21-7 and made a stellar leaping grab. He also might have had a touchdown on the game’s opening drive, falling down at the 8 after hauling in an 18-yard pass. Four targets, four catches for Coley, and a team-best 96 yards and the pair of scores.

Phillip Dorsett had his best game of the year by far. Can’t say enough about the route he ran on a 55-yard reception in the first quarter. He used his speed – 4.29 in the 40, according to UM – and a smooth downshift-upshift to separate from USF’s secondary and pull down a bomb from Morris. Stats were 75 yards on three catches (five targets).

Herb Waters turned on the jets to get behind USF’s secondary and grab a 54-yard pass from Williams. Finished with 73 yards on two catches (three targets).

Malcolm Lewis was on the field intermittently the whole game and played on special teams.


Not a heavy dose of this group, but it was effective.

Clive Walford is as good a chain-mover as you’ll find. His first catch made it 18 of his last 19 touches going for a first down or touchdown. He might have had a touchdown on Coley’s second touchdown, in which Coley appeared to leap up and grab a ball perhaps intended for Walford.

He had a strong drive block on Crawford’s 7-yard touchdown run that made it 7-0.

Beau Sandland had a third-quarter grab.

Asante Cleveland was in on a couple series, but still has zero catches for the season.



Peter Ariz workin..

Jeremy Lewis was a part of the University of Miami’s highly touted 2008 recruiting class out of Palm Beach Lakes High School. Lewis came to Miami as a defensive tackle before switching to the offensive line and played a big role in the guard rotation during his junior and senior seasons. After finishing up his fifth-year senior season last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Lewis as an undrafted rookie where he was with the team for a portion of minicamp as well as training camp. Despite not sticking with the Bucs, Lewis has not given up his dream.

“My dream is to play in the NFL and right now I’m just staying in shape. I’ve already received feedback from a couple of teams so now I’m just waiting for that phone call so that when I get it, I’ll be ready,” said Lewis.

The former Miami Hurricane has stuck to a routine that he hopes will propel him into the league.

“I’m working out at 7 AM every day and then coming back at 9-9:30 to eat and relax before I go back out to work at like 2 o’clock. It’s going to be the same thing every day before I get that phone call.”

Lewis is grateful for the opportunity Tampa Bay gave him and says it was a learning experience for him.

“I always was mature and picked things up quickly, but I learned about just being in shape. Coach Schiano was a great coach and him and Coach Golden know each other very well and he told me to continue to stay in shape because he would love to bring me back.”

Dating back to his college days, Lewis has been a man of faith. He has been known for posting inspirational messages on social media and those around him look up to him for advice.

“My faith in God is real, man. I came from a rough neighborhood, graduated from high school, then came and graduated from one of the best universities in America so I just need to keep chasing my dream. God knows my desires and needs and the goals I want to achieve so I know his work is there. I just need to grind hard and pray hard because I know God will handle the rest.”

Athletes have different things that drive them to make it and be great, so what is that for Lewis?

“I see my mom living check-to-check every month trying to pay her mortgage and she’s struggling with gas money and I have a daughter that’s 4-years-old. I don’t want my daughter to go through that struggle and my mom just turned 51-years-old and I don’t want her living check-to-check anymore so that’s what motivates me every day.”

There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about the importance that Al Golden places on leadership within the team. Lewis says that was something that he believes helped change the culture surrounding the program.

“We had other guys on the team like Mike James who people looked at as a leader, myself, and Brandon McGee. A lot of guys on the team looked up to me because they seen how my career went and how things started happening for me over my last couple years and how my daughter motivates me and my faith in God. When I told them to do right in the team meeting or something like that, they felt like ‘Oh man, J-Lew must be right because he’s been here for so long’.”

Lewis credits a lot of his success over his past couple seasons at Miami to Golden.

“Coach Golden has a system set up where if you follow the process he had, you will be successful on the field and in the classroom and just become a better person because of it. I can really truly say that Coach Golden helped me change my mindset and the way I approached things walking into that building every day. If Coach Golden never came, I don’t think I would be in the position I am right now with the opportunity to one day play in the NFL.”

Not only did Lewis see the transformation in himself, but he has seen those same forces at work watching the 2013 Miami Hurricanes.

“I watched the Florida game and just watched the USF game. For the young guys, it’s like going into the NFL trying to be a veteran when you’re a rookie instead of going up to a veteran and asking them to teach you the ropes. You had freshman on the field last year trying to come in there being that guy and making mistakes so that’s how I looked at it. Once they saw that things don’t always work when you try to do them your way, I guess it hit them over the summer and now they’re really picking up what the coaches have taught them to do.”

After his playing days are over, the West Palm Beach native wants to be able to give back to the community – young kids in particular.

“When I was growing up, I wasn’t always the best kid and I did a lot of wrong. God blessed me to play this game that I love, so I want to do something in the sense of helping young kids about 13-14 years old and let them know you don’t have to do things to fit in or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with doing right.”



From CIS & Rivals..

Tyrek Cole Update

Cole Talks Top 10
-his Top 10 list reads Miami, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Ole Miss, and LSU in no order
-Attended UF-UM game a few weeks ago. He said about the game: "That game was great, very intense. There was a bunch of talent, it was competitive. The Miami coaches showed a lot of love. Before the game I was eating the coaches and recruits. After the game I went into the locker room."
-Will be going to Clemson vs South Carolina game in Novemeber wtih teammate Andre Godfrey
-Playing time will be a big factor in his recruitment
-FSU, Miami and South Carolina are moving up his list due to their good starts
-With the strong play of Jameis Winston, FSU is making a move. "I'm looking at Florida State heavy," noted Cole. "The defense is great. Florida State always has a lot of talent on defense whether it's the front seven or back four."
-Says his family grew up watching the Canes, but he doesn't have a favorite. He is most comfortable with Miami and South Carolina staffs
-Plans to announce at 2015 UA All-Star Game

Link: http://miami.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1555689


This loss tonight will sting for sure but in three weeks when they sit at 5-1 you'll be singing a different tune.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 01, 2013 at 12:14 AM

I agree but IMHO coaching lost that game last night.


I didn't stay awake long enough to have an opinion lol

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