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October 22, 2013



Shout out to Randy Phillips and shandell Richardson for that article they put out last night, good job!!! Very detailed LMAO

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 22, 2013 at 09:13 PM

Watch yo back, I hear da hood rats be activating n shyte.

Terrance Sullivan

Sweet on the tickets. Cant wait see U peeps next Saturday in Tally! Go Canes!

Da U N Houston

Clemson fumbled on the first play from scrimmage!!!! You can't do that, then they could not hold them in the red zone. You can do that against UNC but not FSU! As long as we play U football we good (establish the run, control line of scrimmage on both sides, no turnovers, great special teams, and buckle down in the red zone).... Do that and we win against anyone, yes I'm talking to you Saban!!!!


If we score more than the opponent, we win. If we don't, we lose. No matter the opponent. Simple as that. We don't have to play "U" football, we have to play score more than you football.


I wish folks would stop talking about the opponent two games from now. The focus is Wake Forest.

The Dude


"Don't take the cheese." -Al Golden


I think I have for FSU:

Zilla 2
TSully 1
Native 1
Old Skool 1
86Cane 1

Who am I missing?

Posted by: SOUP | October 22, 2013 at 08:25 PM


Nice articles:





86, my hats off to you for keeping your calm during these long three years. It was easy to think of the worst when it came to the Canes, but you kept steady and focused.


Amidst the riotous celebration that broke out at Coral Gables today, another noise was almost equally as loud.

It was the sound of frustration. Of slammed phones. Cries of rage in athletic departments. And bouts of cold sweat....

Nick Saban stood looking out the window from the opulent splendor of his office. He put down his gold chalice of coffee - a gift from an old college comrade - but was startled as a low rumbling began to shake the building. Windows rattled. Picture frames fell. Safes burst open, their monetary contents surging out onto the floor. The cup itself tipped over, sending coffee spilling over the crimson A emblazoned on the shag carpeting below.

The rumble faded, but not entirely.

"What is this?", he barked. No one dared answer him. "Laughter? Celebration?!"

And then he knew. The rumbling would not cease, because it signaled a realignment. The day had come that he had long feared.

"The sleeping giant," he whispered. "All we have done is to awaken him and fill him with a terrible resolve. The U...is back."


86, my hats off to you for keeping your calm during these long three years. It was easy to think of the worst when it came to the Canes, but you kept steady and focused.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 22, 2013 at 11:26 PM

You are so right TonyCane SOUP is already in the Hall Of Fame of the best Canes fans ever.


U guys remember that year Golden came to UM and has 2 commits in January? What a difference he's made!

We have 26 commits right now. I'm so excited for the future!


HAD* 2 commits


The Herb is always delited when we bring in the beef on the DEE line, not to mention I've done every thing but scream about the lack luster play for 3 years.
Still hoping we add a bigger back, a dominate LB, DB & Wr and we should be set.
speaking of baseball, I sure hope we brought some kids in that can hit.
Dumbo Sweetie, can talk all he wants to about how close he thinks he is to FSU because this will be his last year for a while that he can make that stupid comparison and with that being said it would be 2-8 vs the Noles if they played 10 times.


Jimbo Fisher Mum on UM

Asked about the penalty handed down to Miami by the NCAA on Tuesday, Fisher had no opinion.

“That has no bearing on how we play or what we do at Florida State,” he said. “I don’t even know what they are.”

The war is on.


This does not necessarily impact Aubrey Hill because he now coaches at Carol City (in Miami-Dade) high school. Carol City has UM Commit Trayon Gray, who is a really, really good athlete. I saw Gray play against MNW, and he scored two touchdowns and could not be stopped. Gray could be a great RB or WR, or could even play on defense. CC plays Miami Central on Friday, and I will try to attend to compare Gray with Cook and Yearby up close.

Gray might be a victim of academics..... hope he makes it in


Soup, man I wanna be at Wake Forest saturday for the post NCAA Cane celebration but gotta work. Grrrrr..........



Jimbo doesn't create any camaraderie at all. Dabo at least gave some kudos after the U took down FU. Howie and Bobby B. did the friendly thing perfectly for the benefit of both programs, and if the better performing ACC coaches did the same, it would benefit the whole conference. Jimbo is simply a jerk, or is looking for an excuse (as might FSU in general) for FSU to exit the conference without looking bad. If FSU dominates the whole season and doesn't get a championship game, it could make a better excuse. All the more reason for the U to shut him down.

Okay, I'm just being paranoid, etc. Still......


'Dumbo sweetie'.........
Now that some funny isht!
As if his name wasn't stupid enough already.

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