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October 26, 2013




Terrance Sullivan

Indeed Beer. indeed Sota.


Lost in all of the drama today was Rashawn Scott. Where was he?


OSU is trying some funny stuff here.

Sarasota 'cane

Ore St. is stupid!


True: The Canes D is still only mediocre, although way stronger, in better shape and with more depth than last year. The line moves like they're in slow motion, but they don't seem to get worn down as the game goes on like last year. Still, gotta get to the qb and not let every 3rd and long be an adventure for the d. The O clearly has trouble against good Ds (and even mediocre Ds). However, other teams have figured out the O's weaknesses, and Morris has regressed. Clearly our coaching staff doesn't trust Morris right now and is holding him back, with good reason.

I agree the next two years look bright, as we have Olsen with some experience in this timeframe, and Kaaya is coming. For those who think a first year qb (like Olsen would be next year as a redshirt) can't win, see Bernie Kosar 1983.

Many teams ranked in the top 25 have had their share of problems this season. Oregon State lost in their opener to an old div 1-AA school, for instance. The U didn't play well and pulled one out, which is more than VTech can say. LSU, another of the great (sarcasm) SEC schools clobbered Furman today, but when I checked in on the game at the half, it was 20-16, LSU, with Furman kicking 2 FGs to make it close in the last few min. of the first half. Clemson barely got by a bad Maryland team that had lost several of its starters to injuries. How about Mizzou blowing one (to a good team) at crunchtime...

The problem: The U is regressing at the wrong time and is looking way overrated (this year), and FSU is firing on all cylinders. Still, there's a reason why the game is played, and we'll only know for sure the outcome after. I'm concerned, but....

Keep rebuilding, bring in the right guys (the right levels of talent and who want to be here) even better with the NCAA issues behind us, and Let's Go Canes.


Truth is, for now there is a big dropoff after the top 3 or maybe 4 (not sure yet with Baylor). Everyone else finds way to lose every week.


The coach of Oregon St.is really not a Genius.


What a finish to game 3 of the WS!!!!! Unreal


Jon Jay (The U) with the game winning RBI

Sarasota 'cane

What a day/night for sports!!! The World Series just ended with one of the craziest calls of all time!

Sarasota 'cane

Game 3 ended...



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