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October 28, 2013



Wow... some nice pics there SOUP!




Had to double post this like that Coley catch...

Herb...be cool dude...we are going to be alright, you are wrong about the talent, their talent is not that far from ours. Y'all act like Miami's players don't have pride and they are gonna go out there and just lay down...that ain't gonna happen...our boys will not quit and they will not get tired...trust me...that means something...21 point dogs myass...I just hope D'no blitzes them and challenge our corners to play man to man...I see what FSShoes has done, I am wary of them...I am nervous(I am always nervous when the U plays) but I am not scared...our boys are gonna ball..12% baby!


The announcers yesterday were saying Coley has dummied down the offense for Morris so he usually has only 2 options on passing plays, that he feels comfortable with. So much for reading defenses.

Posted by: herbieibis | October 27, 2013 at 07:08 PM

They were actually talking about Wake when they said that. Morris has 3 options, a check down, and the ability to change the plays and protection.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 27, 2013 at 07:22 PM

The announcers were clearly talking about Miami!! lol..They specifically said they spoke to James Coley and that he "scaled back" to offense for Morris so that he only had 2 reads. They were definitely not talking about Wake, unless their OC is named James Coley and their QB's last name is Morris lol


My son had a playoff game yesterday, so I started watching he game right after WF scored to go up 21-17 so I am not sure how Morris looked, BUT, I do think he is missing Fisch. I wonder what Canes fans would rather have Coley's recruiting or Fischs's QB help. I know Fisch's play calling was at times suspect, but there is no questions QB's blossomed under him. Morris' biggest problem may not be his ankle, but Coley lol


### Plantation American Heritage's Sony Michel, rated the nation's No. 2 running back by rivals.com, attended the UM game Saturday and continues to be heavily recruited by Miami. But Michel told rivals.com last week that he remains "100 percent" committed to Georgia... Elite football/basketball recruit Derrick Griffin tweeted that he will enroll at UM Jan. 2, but the Hurricanes don't have official word yet that he has qualified. They remain hopeful. He could practice with the basketball team this season but cannot play this season because of NCAA rules, UM says.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


There were only minor changes on the Hurricanes depth chart this week as they prepare for their big trip to Tallahassee. UM, by the way, remained 7th in the BCS standings.

While the offensive depth chart remains unchanged, a few changes have been made on the defensive side.

> Senior Justin Renfrow is listed as the starter at defensive tackle after being a co-starter last week.

> Senior Tyrone Cornileus, who missed the tackle on Wake Forest's last touchdown Saturday, replaces Thurston Armbrister as one of the starters at outside linebacker. Armbrister moved to No. 2 behind Denzel Perryman at weakside linebacker.

> Junior Ladarius Gunter is now the starter at cornerback. He was previously a co-starter with freshman Artie Burns.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/10/only-a-few-minor-defensive-changes-on-canes-latest-depth-chart.html#storylink=cpy


The least-respected unbeaten team in the top 10 — that’s the stigma the Miami Hurricanes carry at the moment.

Part of the problem is that Miami has struggled to win its three Atlantic Coast Conference games by an average of just 7.3 points. But a victory at No. 3 Florida State at 8 p.m. Saturday — by any margin — would surely earn Miami respect.

Canes coach Al Golden, though, said Sunday he is not worried about the “magnitude” of the FSU game.

“I plan on being here a long time and facing a lot of these games,” he said.

According to Vegasinsider.com, FSU is favored by 21 points, a shocking number given Miami’s status as a top-10 team.

UM remained seventh in the BCS standings, and FSU fell to No. 3 as Oregon moved up to second.

Missouri’s double-overtime loss to South Carolina Saturday allowed the Canes the chance to move up one spot in the rankings. But Miami (7-0) stayed at No. 7 when it got jumped by once-beaten Stanford.

“Honestly, I have no idea what the rankings are,” Golden said. “I have no idea.”

Football fans, however, are aware of why Miami failed to move up after Missouri’s loss.

An inability to put away North Carolina (2-5) and Wake Forest (4-4) until the final minute the past two games has apparently fueled the notion that the Canes are not of the same caliber of Alabama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State and Baylor — the unbeatens ranked ahead of them.

In contrast to Miami’s narrow escapes, Alabama, playing in what is considered the toughest conference in the nation, has outscored its five Southeastern Conference opponents by an average of 32 points.

The other unbeatens ahead of Miami have similar stories: Baylor has beaten its four Big 12 foes by an average of 37.5 points; FSU, five ACC foes, 34.8 points; Oregon, five Pac-12 foes, 31 points; and Ohio State, four Big Ten foes, 19 points.

Of those six unbeatens, only Miami has won a conference game by less than a touchdown, and the Canes have done it twice in a row.

Miami has also trailed by double digits in each of its three ACC games and, if the oddsmakers are right, it will happen again Saturday at FSU.

To the Canes’ credit, they have made winning halftime adjustments the past three weeks.

But Golden was asked Sunday why those alterations can’t be made in-game, given that Miami has trailed at the half the past couple weeks.

“I think we are adjusting during games,” Golden said. “Certainly, our defense settled down in the second quarter [Saturday]. They were on the field the whole first quarter. … We scored 10 points in the second quarter, so we are making adjustments as the game goes on — no question.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/28/3715852/undefeated-miami-hurricanes-lacking.html#storylink=cpy


Report card: Grading Miami Hurricanes for 24-21 win over Wake Forest
by Matt Porter

Third week in a row Miami has come back from 10 or more points to win. Struggling with Wake Forest isn’t the best look heading into Tallahassee this week, but let’s assess it all for what it is:


Stephen Morris overthrew several receivers badly. He continued to miss receivers high, not setting his feet and throwing off one foot. He was constantly off-balance. It’s no secret his ankle is a problem.

Miami opted to let Duke Johnson and the offensive line win the game, not Morris, but about that: Johnson is an immensely talented running back, and the offensive line has mass and skill. So, it was probably for the best.

No interceptions this week, after four against North Carolina. Not to say he was perfect; a few balls were nearly intercepted, but he made better decisions than last week, when he was pressing.

With Morris’ performance this week (17-for-28, 191 yards, TD), it looks like Miami will have to rely on the running game against Florida State, and hope to hit a few deep shots with Morris, since it’s doubtful he’s in condition to take over the game unless he finally (mercifully) shakes the ankle issues this week.



From Thread Killa @ CIS and 247...

Canes @ Noles visitor list


QB/ATH Treon Harris
RB Shai McKenzie
RB Joe Mixon
RB T.J. Harrell
RB Jonathan Vickers
WR Malachi Dupre
WR Travis Rudolph
WR Markell Pack
WR Josh Malone
WR La’Darian Smiley
OT Chad Mavety
OT David Sharpe
OT Ethan Frith
OT/OG Corey Martinez
C Joshua Casher
DT/OT Arthur Williams
DT Fredrick Jones
SDE Kentavius Street
SDE Cory Thomas
SDE Blake McClain
WDE Lorenzo Carter
LB Kain Daub
LB Jacob Pugh
LB Delvin Purifoy
LB Jakob Johnson
LB Kenny Young
CB Marlon Humphrey
CB Kendarius Webster
CB Malique Jackson
CB Arrion Springs
CB Adoree’ Jackson
CB/S Trey Marshall
S Mattrell McGraw
ATH Tyre McCants
LS Stephen Gabbard


QB De’Andre Johnson
RB Kerryon Johnson
RB Jordan Scarlett
RB/ATH Jordan Cronkrite
WR Ryan Davis
WR Donovan Hale
WR Deon Cain
WR/S Shawn Burgess-Becker
TE Garrett Williams
OT Martez Ivey
OT Christian Pellage
DL CeCe Jefferson
SDE Marlon Gonzalez
WDE Austin Bryant
LB Quarte Sapp
LB Riley Nicholson
LB Darrell Williams
LB Cecil Cherry
S Derwin James
S Jonathan Crawford
ATH Jaylin Hayward
ATH Tim Irvin


RB Mark Walton
WR Sam Bruce
OG Darius Whitfield
DT Cedric Wood


Juwon Young
@juwonqyoung: I got my scores back from the SAT. Now I made over my requirement to get in to the U so there's nothing but hard work from now on.

Might also be an EE


IDK if it was posted, but Friday's game between Glades Central and Northwestern was cancelled due to gang violence in the area. Sad


UMike-the game was going to be played at Glades Central -I have been to that school for my daughters soccer games never any issues but things get crazy there at times


From Thread Killa @ CIS and 247..

JC Jackson and Travis Rudolph updates


While Miami continues their attempts to sway Jackson, he remains in communication with UF coaches and advising them he's on board.....before flipping from FSU, Jackson stopped talking with the FSU staff.....UF feels good about the situation, but knows Miami will not stop their efforts to flip Jackson


Rudolph's dad wants him in Miami, but that seems unlikely right now.....FSU's main pitch has been playing with Winston and UF has been countering that by saying he'll get 1 year with Winston vs a whole career with Will Grier.....UF has Rudolph's mom on their side, but feel their chances are slipping away to FSU


TJL..I know the area can be really violent, but I never heard of a game being cancelled. The cops might of had some information that something would happen at the game. There was a shooting just a few days prior, maybe retaliation was planned, who knows.


IDK if Duke is going o be around for another 2 years, but a backfield of Duke, Yearby and Powell sounds scary good. And if we flip Cook, mannnnnnnn lol


Dang...21 point dogs...smh


Canes had 4 RB's starting in the NFL this past week.


This is from k9cane at CIS who was at Kaaya's game Friday.....

Ok, guys had a great time with Brad Sr.( he's a great guy, really) I thought Brad looked really good tonight, after some early bubble screens on the first drive, he really started to drive the ball downfield and he threw some really nice outs, a deep post, a deep fade and a bang-8( in other words, real throws) He was really sharp and accurate tonight.

What I really like about Kaaya is that on deep throws, he has a certain touch and puts an arc on the ball. One technical flaw he'll have to work on is making sure his feet dont get too wide apart, which causes his base to drop and his passes to sail. He threw an INT tonight when this happened on one throw. But overall, I really liked what I saw tonight. I think he's going to really battle Olsen when he gets to UM.

Talking to him after the game, he is really a well-built kid, good thickness and I say about 6'3. What really impresses me about him is his mental make-up. There's a certain maturity about him beyond his years. ( And yes, he is keeping up with the team and he and the father will be watching the game tomorrow). I talked with Brad a good deal about the UNC game and the Canes in general

On that, guys I'd be stunned- beyond that, in fact - if they dont honor this commitment to Miami. Everyone that asked where he was going, the father flat out said Miami. They love this place and have a ton of respect for Golden and Coley. I met his mother, Angela Means, she's actually like a team photographer for them and she was laughing about the UCLA commotion that's been on these boards. So guys, as DMoney has stated, please take it easy on the vitriol on recruits, the families absolutely read this stuff.

Chaminade is a very talented team( St Paul, the team they played was simply overmatched physically and it was 50-0 at the half), they have Jo Jo Nichols, who is going to UCLA, the Lee boys( two of whom are brothers) and LT that looks the part. But there is one guy that really caught me eye, big TE/WR who wore 81 Braden Lineas( spelling Im not sure off), he's a Canadien, who because of transfer rules is a senior at just 16. Folks, he's got a tall frame and great ball skills. Brad Sr. introduced me to him after the game and I told him,'Hey, you did some Jimmy Graham stuff out there tonight." He's an impressive prospect, who's best football is certainly in front of him

But there it is, my version of Friday Night Lights....


I don't know if Williams will play better then Morris but at some point Al needs to hold P17 accountable


According to 247, Miami leads for 2015 4-Star TE Devonaire Clarington


Ah, the 80’s. What a time to be alive.

It captivated us with big hair, epic movies, power ballads, and horribly wondrous fashion. Slasher films came back to the big screen, something called New Coke was invented and flopped, and the Berlin Wall was toppled.

Oh, and two college football national powers were officially born….in the same state, no less. For the University of Miami, the phrase better late than never would be most applicable. Having started playing football in 1926, Miami never was able to find any form of success to raise the program to a respect-worthy level. Sure, Miami had its key wins once in a blue moon. Upsetting Purdue put the city in a fever pitch in 1950. Ted "the Mad Stork" Hendricks’ single-handed terrorization of LSU’s backfield at Tiger Stadium in a 17-15 win comes to mind. Dethroning Sports Illustrated’s preseason #1 Texas at the Orange Bowl 20-15 in the 1973 season opener was special.

But for each success, the failures were threefold. After all, the school earned its moniker of "Suntan U" from Nebraska, Notre Dame, and any other national power that scheduled the Canes for a simultaneous easy win and beach vacation. Attendance had dropped to where going to a Canes game then would have made today’s attendance seem like a Billy Graham gathering in the South. There were even internal talks about ending the football program altogether.

A man, a pipe, and a plan changed all that.

Howard Schnellenberger was hired, bringing with him a combination of toughness and level of proven success that commanded the respect of the college football world. His proclamation of winning a national championship in 5 years drew snickers, but those died down quickly in his first season. With freshman and native Pennsylvanian Jim Kelly getting the nod from Schnelly to start at Penn State, the young man responded as many of us would – he puked in the locker room. Then he responded as many of us would not have – he led the Canes to a shocking 26-10 victory, one that many former Canes still point to as the one that "put Miami on the map." The Canes were off, and on their way to great things.

As for Florida State, who began play in 1947, their successes were modest prior to the arrival of Bobby Bowden. They finished in the polls in four seasons before Bowden took over as head coach in 1976. Under Bowden, went 10-2 in 1977 and a then-school-best 11-1 in 1979, which included a 40-23 win over Miami at Doak Campbell Stadium. Miami finished 1979 at 5-6, highlighted by a win over Florida in the season finale.

1980: Miami 10, #16 FSU 9

In 1980, the Canes entered their matchup with the Noles at the Orange Bowl at 3-0 and unranked, having won two road games, at Louisville and #18 Houston sandwiched around a home shutout of Florida A&M. Meanwhile, FSU entered the game 3-0, ranked 9th, having allowed only 7 points combined to LSU, Louisville, and East Carolina.

While the task seemed daunting for Miami, an unplanned pep rally helped rally the troops and get the team in the right mindset for the game. Unable to sleep and jacked up for the game the Thursday night before, defensive lineman Jim Burt woke up his roommates Art Kehoe and Tony Fitzpatrick and took outside with several other teammates for a series of exercises. The shouts and commotion woke up others, and an impromptu pep rally broke out outside of the players’ dorm.

As for the game, Florida State’s defensive prowess was apparent, as points were at a premium. Jim Kelly ran 1 yard for a touchdown, and Dan Miller kicked a 26-yard field goal to account for Miami’s only points. However, the Miami defense, ranked No. 1 in the country against the run, was equally up to the challenge. Leading 10-3, Florida State mounted a last-minute comeback, scoring on an 11-yard pass from QB Rick Stockstill to Sam Childers with only 39 seconds remaining. As would doom Bowden in another later meeting, he went for two points and the win instead of the tie. Dropping back, he Stockstill. His pass deflected harmlessly off the helmet of Burt, who was breaking through the line. Burt helped the Miami defense limit FSU to 25 yards rushing on 33 carries.

Miami’s 10-9 win would be FSU’s only loss of the regular season. The Noles rose to the AP #2 ranking, but fell 18-17 to Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. Miami toppled Florida 31-7, earning the school’s first bowl birth since 1967 – a 20-10 Peach Bowl triumph over Virginia Tech.



YES!!!! HATE WEEK my favorite time of year!!!

L-E-T-S GO C-A-N-E-S!!!
17-14 Miami.



Posted by: roachcane77 | October 28, 2013 at 06:03 AM

I'm not quite sure who "WE" is but I hope U are correct Sir!


They specifically said they spoke to James Coley and that he "scaled back" to offense for Morris so that he only had 2 reads. They were definitely not talking about Wake, unless their OC is named James Coley and their QB's last name is Morris lol

Posted by: UMike | October 28, 2013 at 06:25 AM

Funny how some people hear what they wanna hear? LOL


Count me singular as one who hates FSU more than any other teams combined.

Monday Morning Notes, Thoughts, and Observations:

The phrase "better lucky than good" is an apt one.

Since UM cracked the top ten: Louisville, Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, UCLA, and Clemson have all departed it. Surviving in the top ten is a difficult task.

There are eight undefeated teams remaining in college football. Six of those have a legitimate shot at something special. UM is one of those teams. After this weekend, there will be at the maximum... five.

That being said:

I warned you all about Wake, specifically Campanaro. The "no offense LB, but FSU" phrase rang over and over...

...and it took everything they had to win.

Why did they win?

- Zero turnovers.
- Five yards per rush.
- Excellent second half adjustments, specifically on the lines.
- An extremely resistant mindset.
- Pat O'Donnell.


SOUP..Did I not hear that? lol


Add "all Fiesta Bowl opponents" to the U HATE list, please.


The Conference:

- For the first time in 2013, UM is a game up in the Coastal Division (as Tech lost to Duke).
- The ACC has five bowl eligible teams: UM, FSU, Clemson, Va. Tech, and Duke.
- Points Scored: FSU (388).
- Least Points Scored: Boston College (161).
- Points Allowed: FSU (91).
- Most Points Allowed: Virginia (234).
- Best at Home: UM (5-0).
- Best on the Road: FSU, Clemson, Duke (3-0).
- FSU, Clemson, Miami, Va. Tech, Georgia Tech, Duke, and Pittsburgh all have shots for the ACC Title Game.
- Completion %: Winston, FSU (69.9%)
- Passing Yards: Boyd, Clemson (2243)
- Passing TD's: Winston, FSU (23)
- Most Interceptions Thrown: Thomas, Va. Tech (10)
- Most Sacked: Savage, Pitt (24)
- Rushing Yards: Williams, B.C. (1010)
- Rushing TD's: Parks, UVA; Crawford, UM (9)
- Receptions: Campanaro, Wake (65)
- Receiving Yards: Watkins, Clemson (813)
- Receiving TD's: Greene, FSU (8)
- Sacks: Beasley, Clemson (10)
- Interceptions: Harris, UVA (5)


I feel like charlie murphy in the rick james skits after seeing that spread.

I think the U has to score at least 35 to win this game, considering the D adjustments don't kick in until the half.

My homer tends to override my rational side when it comes to the U.

45-35 Canes!!


The Game:

Total Offense
FSU- 4th (553.7), UM- 23rd (484.3)

3rd Down Conversion
FSU- 9th (.522), UM- 59th (.412)

3rd Down Defense
FSU- 12th (.310), UM- 14th (.315)

Sacks Allowed Per Game
UM- 11th [T] (.86), FSU- 77th [T] (2.14)

Picks Thrown
UM- 12th [T] (12), FSU- 22nd [T] (10)

Passing Offense Per Game
FSU- 11th (341.4), UM- 38th (296.6)

Passing Defense Per Game
FSU- 1st (153.7), UM- 17th (200.6)

Red Zone Defense
UM- 23rd [T] (.750), FSU- 33rd [T} (.765)

Red Zone Offense
FSU- 1st (.974), UM- 98th (.763)

Rushing Defense Per Game
FSU- 29th (135.7), UM- 39th (141.7)

Rushing Offense
UM- 24th (214.7), FSU- 25th (212.3)

Sacks Per Game
UM- 11th (3.14), FSU- 36th [T] (2.43)

Total Defense Per Game
FSU- 8th (289.4), UM- 18th (342.3)

Total Offense Per Game
FSU- 4th (553.7), UM- 23rd (484.3)

Turnover Margin
FSU- 11th (1.1), UM- 26th [T] (.7)


SOUP..Did I not hear that? lol

Posted by: UMike | October 28, 2013 at 08:21 AM

No, I believe U got it 100% correct young man.


F' the Noles!
Time to put little brother in his place...


LB...good stats! Thank U berry, berry much.



UM: Morris- 59.9%, 1463 Yards, 10-8 (TD to Int)
FSU: Winston- 69.9%, 2177 Yards, 23-4

UM: Johnson- 846 Yards, 6.7 per carry, 6 TD's; Crawford- 305 Yards, 4.5 per carry, 9 TD's
FSU: Freeman- 561 Yards, 6.4 per carry, 6 TD's; Williams- 354 Yards, 7.9 per carry, 7 TD's

UM: Hurns- 28-506, 2 TD's; Coley- 17-278, 3 TD's; Walford- 17-244, 2 TD's
FSU: Greene- 39-690, 8 TD's; Shaw- 31-574- 3 TD's; Benjamin- 23-430, 5 TD's

UM: Perryman- 52 Tackles, 1.5 TFL; Gaines- 42 Tackles, 1 TFL; Green- 31 Tackles, 7.5 TFL, 3 Sacks
FSU: Smith- 49 Tackles, 5 TFL, 1 Sack; Joyner- 37 Tackles, 4 TFL, 3 Sacks; Jones- 33 Tackles, 4.5 TFL, 3 Sacks


They can say what they want. But Miami has a shot to win this game. This isn't going to be a gimmie lay down for FSU like Clemson was, they are a good team. Playing all three fazes very good. Jameis is playing great, got a three headed monster at RB. 4 recievers. ..and a great TE. But this game on Saturday is what we have been waiting for. Nobody said we would be 7-0 ranked #7 in the country. Let's go canes. Put JBoo on his ass



The Contenders:
- UM is flawed, flat, and 7-0.
- FSU is a top 3 team.
- Duke went from joke to serious. They're also on a four game winning streak.
- Va. Tech goes on the road after their six game winning streak was snapped.
- Clemson won solidly vs. a former Top 25 team and boasts a 5-1 conference record.

The Questionables:
- Ga. Tech has very quietly won two conference games in a row.
- Pitt is weird.
- Maryland has lost two in a row, but still only need one more win for a bowl game.
- Wake now has to fight for bowl eligibility.

The Sucks:
- Syracuse got blanked 56-0 by Georgia Tech and should face an irritated Wake.
- B.C. is 111th in the country in passing and rides a two game losing streak. They also get Va. Tech this week.
- N.C. State lost three in a row. Can the Heels make it four?
- The Heels have to win almost every one of their remaining games to make a bowl. Their remaining schedule, stinks.
- UVA has lost five in a row but was surprisingly competitive vs. Ga. Tech. Good luck vs. Clemson.


LB's Top Ten:

1. Oregon. They are the beast of college football and it's not close.
2 (T). FSU. They thumped a top ten team.
2 (T). Alabama. Their schedule is questionable.
3. Stanford. They host the Ducks with a "meh" passing game.
4. Miami. Their psychology and Golden's coaching sees them through.
5. Baylor. Call us after the next three games.
6. Clemson. Nice recovery vs. Maryland.
7. Ohio State. Suck schedule.
8. Missouri. Everyone loses in the $EC.
9. Auburn. They're awesome at running the ball (5th).
10. Oklahoma. They rest up before Baylor.


"LB...good stats! Thank U berry, berry much."

You're welcome, Soupers. I'm trying like hell to be a little rational, since my hatred for FSU is on a legendary and epic scale.


5. Baylor. Call us after the next three games.

Posted by: LB | October 28, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Exactly, no quality wins


I think we have a chance to win his game. We havent played our best ball yet. Even if we win, the games after will not be a cake walk. Im just going to enjoy 7-0 lol


5. Baylor. Call us after the next three games.

Posted by: LB | October 28, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Exactly, no quality wins

Posted by: Keoki | October 28, 2013 at 09:12 AM

The same can be said for Miami lol..Florida is now 4-3 and our next 3 games will be very tough.


Funny how some people hear what they wanna hear? LOL

Posted by: SOUP | October 28, 2013 at 08:16 AM

That's twice now U've basically called me a homer. LOL

I swear they were talking about that while Wake was on offense and brought it up because of how they completely changed their offense mid-season.

Never said I couldn't be wrong.


LB no need to be rational our CANES are going to take care of fswhoo and we are gonna shock the nation and some of the bloggers here on canespace.

I've been one of Morris's biggest critics this year, but i believe the young man has one of thsoe special nights stored for us come 8:00 on saturday. Duke will be Duke and will take care of business. Perryman and McCord will deliver some mean hit's on winston.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S people please do not post come game day leave the new blog for me!


5. Baylor. Call us after the next three games.

Posted by: LB | October 28, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Exactly, no quality wins

Posted by: Keoki | October 28, 2013 at 09:12 AM

The same can be said for Miami lol..Florida is now 4-3 and our next 3 games will be very tough.

Posted by: UMike | October 28, 2013 at 09:22 AM

I would slightly disagree because we played The Turds when they were #12 ranked and HEALTHY w/ Driskel. They are not even close to where they were.

I do see your point about us, but let's see after this weekend.


P.S people please do not post come game day leave the new blog for me!

Posted by: UpNorthCane | October 28, 2013 at 09:28 AM



U just gotta know that it MUST be HATE week when U got Keoki coming around the blog on the regular. LOL


Camron Ghorbi ‏@CamronGhorbi 5m

Interesting note from @ChrisYandle's newest Game Notes - Miami is just 234 yards short of eclipsing its 2012 rushing yards total (1,737)


Camron Ghorbi ‏@CamronGhorbi 1m

WOW! 2012 - UM had 985 rushing yards by Game 8 (1503 this year) & had allowed 1776 (992 this year)...53% increase on O, 44% decrease on D


Funny how some people hear what they wanna hear? LOL

Posted by: SOUP | October 28, 2013 at 08:16 AM

That's twice now U've basically called me a homer. LOL

I swear they were talking about that while Wake was on offense and brought it up because of how they completely changed their offense mid-season.

Never said I couldn't be wrong.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 28, 2013 at 09:23 AM

They were referring to Morris but they were talking about the offense in the final drive of the UNC game . Simplified to two reads and a check down on plays that morris specifically liked to run. They haven't dumbed down the offense for the whole game... I hope anyway.

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