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October 23, 2013







Mike Bianchi with a UM hate rant this morning on Orlando radio. Such a putz.


I know CR posted this yesterday..and if you didnt read it you should. Kinda long, but worth the read..



As reaction to the NCAA’s ruling on UM poured in Tuesday, Nevin Shapiro’s father said his son --– serving a 20-year prison sentence for his role in a Ponzi scheme -- never should have opened his mouth publicly about the UM case.

“If it could have benefited him, then fine,” Larry Shapiro said by phone, sadness evident in his voice. “But it didn’t have any benefit. It hurt him. I said to him three years ago: ‘Was it worth it?’ And he got pissed off at me.’

“It wasn’t worth it! For what? What’s it led to? He stepped on a lot of toes for what? For [bleeping] nothing! What the [bleep] did it have to do with his criminal case?”

If he hadn’t spoken out about UM, “he would have been here in Miami and here with his attorney every weekend,” instead of Oakdale, La., and now Butner, N.C., Shapiro said.

“But he would have gotten killed” if he had been imprisoned “in Miami,” the father added, knowing UM fans were angry with him snitching.

Larry Shapiro, who said he believes all of his son’s allegations were true, said Shapiro was placed in solitary confinement two years ago in Tallahassee after the NCAA story broke because “they think he’s a squealer and a rat. They put food in a slot like they do with death row inmates.”

His said Shapiro speaking to Sports Illustrated this year about his gambling on UM games “was very detrimental.”

He said prison officials and other inmates “frown on it” and that some think he’s “infamous and a rat. What they do is they goad you to try to get you to do something. If he breathes, they monitor it. Guards say, ‘Where’s Nevin?’ They have him under a microscope. They monitor everything because of the [expletive] of the UM [story]. If you respond, they put you in a room with no windows, a 4 by 6 cell.”

Shapiro, who lives in South Florida, said his son’s e-mail privileges at Butner (where the king of Ponzi schemers, Bernie Madoff, also resides) have been rescinded for 90 days because prison officials thought he was trying to circumvent the prison mailing system, which Shapiro said his son did not do.

He said he suspects his son –- who called for UM to get the death penalty -– was unhappy UM’s punishment wasn’t more severe.


### Shapiro had accused 114 players of accepting illegal benefits. But the infractions committee concluded that 30 players and eight coaches committed major violations and said it used “photographs and statements of others” to confirm those charges. And the NCAA bemoaned that none of those 38 people “involved in the numerous major violations took any meaningful steps to report” them.

### The NCAA interviewed Shapiro 22 times – 22! – including 18 in person before it even informed UM that it was being investigated. The NCAA ended up conducting 118 interviews in all, with 81 different people.

### The NCAA concluded that “by granting [Shapiro] special access and celebrating him with the naming of a student lounge, it is clear the institution embraced him. He certainly did not ‘fly under the radar’ as the institution asserts.”

### Former UM A.D. Sam Jankovich told us: “I thought Miami might get fined. I didn’t think they would get scholarship cuts. But those committees have an ax to grind... The scholarships could hurt a little bit.”

### ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit: “If you’re a USC or Penn State fan, you could say, ‘Why in the world did [UM] lose only nine [football] scholarships?’ If you’re a Miami fan, this is a great day.”

### ESPN’s Dick Vitale told us: “The unfair part is how long it took for a decision. I don’t think [the penalties] were that bad. I don’t see it as something that will hurt them.”

### Green Bay Packers and former UM star Alonzo Highsmith, whose son plays for UM, said by phone: “I’m ecstatic. I’m glad it’s over. Let’s move on. Al Golden withstood the storm. Now we can put this behind us and take our program to great heights. Tell Nevin and his fraud attorney and Randy Phillips and Tyrone Moss: ‘Nice try. Now go crawl back under a rock and lead your life as former Hurricanes who everyone hates.’” (Phillips told The Sun Sentinel that Shapiro told the truth when he accused UM of violations, and Moss reportedly corroborated Shapiro's claims to Yahoo!)

### Leonard Abess, chairman of UM’s Board of Trustees, told us: “It’s a fair result. I’m not angry with the NCAA. They have done the best job they can.”

But considering Donna Shalala said earlier this year that UM deserved no further sanctions, why not appeal? “Because it’s over. It’s time to be done with it. It would serve no purpose for anyone to appeal this.”

### Former UM basketball coach Jake Morton, the only former UM coach who received a notice of allegations but no penalty, told us: “It has been a very trying 26 months. It’s been difficult in a lot of levels: personally, professionally. I’m glad it’s over. I’m not angry. I was angry through the process, but I’m ready to move on. I don’t understand why Nevin did it. I don’t understand what his motive was. It never made any sense to me.”

Morton, who has coached previously at St. Francis, James Madison, UM (2007-11) and Western Kentucky, said he’s hopeful of returning to coaching.

### Attorney Jim Zeszutek, who represents Hill, Aubrey Hill and Jorge Fernandez, was upset about Hill and Fernandez getting two-year show/cause penalties, which will make it very difficult for either to land college coaching jobs. Fernandez is out of coaching; Hill coaches Carol City High in Miami.

"I expected Coach Hill's to drop to a secondary violation, but the NCAA seems to have ignored all the sworn affidavits we provided showing athletes were encouraged to make statements against him," Zeszutek told my colleague Michelle Kaufman.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


Full Speed Ahead.

That's been the mantra through this whole ordeal, and it appears to be the phrase of the day now that the Hurricanes have added another big commitment to their 2014 Signing Class.

According to Canesport.com, UM landed a verbal from 6-4, 340-pound defensive tackle Michael Wyche out of East Los Angeles College. Wyche, rated a three-star recruit, had been committed to USC.

"It's funny, because I didn't even know about the NCAA stuff today," Wyche told Canesport.com. "I committed and then the coaches told me about it.

"They were like `Today is an exciting day.' I was like `Why?' And they said `Because now we are moving forward from the NCAA.'"

Wyche told Canesport he plans to enroll in January.

In the end, Wyche told Canesport he is a Cane because "Miami just seemed like a better fit as far as what I need. They're giving me a chance to come in and compete for a starting job. And they need more help. Hopefully I can give them the help they need."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/10/welcome-to-the-u-canes-land-dt-recruit-hours-after-ncaa-sanctions-announced.html#storylink=cpy


Big props to Pete Ariz and them boys at CanesInSight.. they were all over Wyche a couple weeks ago...

Two weeks ago, CanesInSight.com reported that USC commit Michael Wyche could be on the verge of switching his commitment to Miami. Today, the 6-4, 340-pound defensive tackle made it official -- he is a Hurricane.

“It’s a blessing, man. I’m just happy to be at the point of my life to make a crucial decision and I think it’s the best fit for me moving forward.”
The decision was an easy one for Wyche, a Junior College player at East LA C.C.

“They have a lot of guys leaving next year so they’ll be young at D-Line and I’ll have a chance to compete for some playing time and try to help the team in any way I can.”

What gave Wyche the confidence to pull the trigger without ever visiting Coral Gables?

“I just sat down and talked to Coach Jethro Franklin real hard. I’ll come down there next month to watch a game. All the things were just pointing towards the U.”

The newest Miami commitment has received a warm welcome on Twitter from ‘Canes fans.

“It’s been off the chain, man. The ‘Canes fans are amazing and I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It’s crazy.”

Some Miami fans are wondering if the timing of Wyche’s commitment had anything to do with today’s ruling from the NCAA.

“Nah, I actually didn’t know anything about it (laughs). That’s what’s so funny about it because everybody thinks I just committed because of that, but I hadn’t heard about anything.”

Wyche has taken a look at the 2014 recruiting class and likes what he sees.

“It’s a strong recruiting class and I think we can all come in there and help the team even more.”

“I’m ready to move forward and I’m happy to be apart of the family. It’s all about The U.”
**Wyche is planning to enroll at Miami in January.



Per Thread Killa @ CIS and 247...

Johnnie Dixon update

Per Luke Stampini

Says Miami coaches have been telling him sanctions would not be as bad as others said they would
Says the sanctions were never really a factor in his decision
No OV to Miami
Will announce 30 NOV
Says he knows in his heart where he's already headed
Stampini says it's Alabama or Miami, with Miami holding the edge



From Pete Ariz regarding Stuckey...

"As of now, I don't think he will qualify. There is time for things to change, but not looking good."


Also...FSU LB Matthew Thomas to have season ending shoulder surgery.


According to 247, Michael Wyche is a 4-Star and ranked the nations 29th best JUCO player.


We are also after 4-Star JUCO DE/DT Claudeson Pelon


This Wake game is bigger than the FSU game. This is the game Morris has to get his confidence back and forget about the ankle. If he runs around "spooked", leaving perfectly formed pockets just to throw picks, we can forget about beating FSU. This Wake game is VERY important.

dj moonbat

This Wake game is bigger than the FSU game.

Posted by: 360Cane | October 23, 2013 at 07:36 AM

If by 'bigger,' you mean 'sooner,' then sure.


Now about the article...

dj moonbat

Now about the article...

Posted by: SOUP | October 23, 2013 at 08:28 AM

Well, Muschamp is the guy who's REALLY screwed. Miami and FSU are running offenses that kids will want to play in. Muschamp's offense, even when it's running well, is boring. And it's not running well right now.

FSU won't start to feel the pinch on the field for another couple years. Those guys are stacked, from what I saw the other night. But three years down the road, they're going to really miss having the 'looming NCAA sanctions' bogeyman to use in negative recruiting.


Go to love Rivals..they run the story of Wyche committing, but when you look at his page it shows he is committed to USC and no Miami offer lol


Got to**


Moonbat...to be completely honest I think FSU may have too much firepower for Miami to win at The Doak this year. Me and seven other Canespacers will be there to cheer the Canes on to victory but it looks like a daunting task to beat them in their house.

But I think by 2014 or 2015 we will have passed both FSU and UF (already passed?) in recruiting and see them in our rear view mirror on the field. Of course we will not directly see UF ever again on the field but U get my point.


West Palm Beach


Be careful SOUP, you almost sounded realistic there lol


In all honesty the canes have the offensive weapons to match FSU play by play. The win will be decided in the trenches if our OL holds up and beasts then WE GOT THIS!! not only will it help Duke but then Morris will be able to play catch with his wideouts without looking so bi-polar on his throws and desicions.

On defense, make Winston beat you with his arm and get pressure on him without letting him get outside the pocket point and simple. Oleary doesn't scare me he didn't do shit last year.



UMike...I have my moments. LOL

But read the part where it says "Me and seven other Canespacers will be there to cheer the Canes on to victory."

We are gonna drop some dime on Tix ($80/each), hotel ($90 x 2 nights) and travel ($40 R/T). That's about a $300 trip to Tally for the game. WE READY!


SOUP is O U T...headed to WPB.


The timing of that interview with Randy Phillips was very strange. The only benefit I can think of would be if he were telling his side of the story.

But the negatives outweigh it:
- The investigation is closed and nothing will change it
- You're siding with a felon
- You'll irritate the university, anger the fanbase, and essentially be labelled a traitor forever


It's all about Wake right now. FSU is irrelevant until after Saturday.


Reminder: every remaining game on UM's schedule is a CONFERENCE game. They mean twice as much as the out of conference games.

Since UM has yet to appear in the ACC Conference title game, it's a big deal.


FSU has a bunch of 18 to 22 year old football players, just like we do. Our kids have a big something to prove. Morris is better than he has shown. We have the speed to compete with them all over the field. We are also resilient and won't give up no matter what happens in the game. Turnovers and adversity. Some things that we have overcome this year and FSU has never seen. I see us winning a close one. Payback is a terrible thing when you are on the receiving end.


I smell blood in the water....


Yea i understand Wake is up next but in all honesty we know this team will not fold against wake we will beat on them and hoepfully show no mercy...


98% of people on this blog were calling for a blow-out against UNC, a 1-4 team, so forgive me if I'm not on board with the thinking that WF will be a walk in the park lol. They have won 2 straight and although we don't play them often, when we do it is close. I do think/hope we will benefit from it being a noon home game. I also think they will be wanting to rebound from the UNC game. A healthy Duke is also working in our favor lol


Morris had his worst game maybe ever, Duke left in 1st quarter with injury, Dorsett with injury, Rodgers with injury, still didn't have Rashawn Scott.

UNC is a very good team that is struggling. Wake is a mediocre team that is over-achieving. Wake lost to LA Monroe and BC, who are awful. Blown out by 49 points to Clemson.

So, forgive me if I don't jump on the "OMG, Canes are doing it again" train.

Canes by 21+




It be nice to dominate the time of possession. Best way to beat Winston is to not let him have the ball.


Need a BIG W against Wake Forrest.
Off needs to show it can string 8-10 play drives together, convert 3rds, need TD's and not FG's, and DO NOT TURN BALL OVER.
We need to put things on film for FSU to worry about and plan against.
Because right now, FSU is going to stack the box and play man to man on the outside...daring #17 to beat them!
They beleive they can make #17 make mistakes. And if that happens, then it will look a lot like Clemson game.

On Def, we have to show some man to man coverage against wake and be succesful at it. Because the windows in our zone are wide open. FSU will eat us up in zone.
Winston showed hints of being affected by pressure...one int and put the ball in some very tight spots. Not sure IF he is that good or was forcing it....BUT he does have cannon of arm and knows when to use touch.
Our biggest problems is FSU's offense is wide open and balanced. Looked impressive.
Not sure how what to "take away" and dare them to beat us with.


More comments from recruits about sanctions:

2015 OL Billy Atterbury: "I think it is a long over-do decision. I'm happy for Miami that all of this year’s hard work won't be for nothing at the end of the year."

2014 CB Nigel Bethel: “It’s a real relief. Now I know we can be in a bowl game and it makes me feel more comfortable coming to Miami.”

2015 QB/WR Deon Cain: "My reactions are neutral. I don't really care about the sanctions because I love the U."

2014 OL Trevor Darling: “I was happy about it because everybody wants to play in bowl games, so the fact that they didn’t ban us from any bowl games, that’s a good thing. I wasn’t really worried about the sanctions because I was going to go to UM anyway. That’s just where I want to be. The sanctions weren’t going to stop me from going.”

2015 QB Torrance Gibson: "I really have no comment on that situation you know? It was the NCAA's call & they made it."

2014 DE Trent Harris: “Well, I think it's great that they weren't banned from any bowl games and I know that the current players on the team just got an extra boost of excitement! I just can't wait to go out there and win a national championship!”

2015 OG Tristen Hoge: “It is good that they avoided the bowl ban but it’s still too bad they lose nine scholarships. I haven’t heard too many of the details surrounding the case so I don’t know how accurate my opinion is.”

2015 LB De’Amontae Jackson: "I think coach Golden is not worried. He will continue to build the program. And he will keep winning and that will help out with a few lost scholarships and make more people want to go to Miami.”

2014 DE Demetrius Jackson: “Well it’s about time. It’s a great step forward for the program and the players. I believe it gives the players a sense of urgency, they know they can go win a national championship this year.”

2014 LB Vincent Jackson: "Wow, well that basically means nothing."

2014 RB Sony Michel: "Not bad, their program will go to the top."

2015 QB Lorenzo Nunez: “Miami should be able to absorb this ban pretty well.”

2014 LB Darrion Owens: "I'm excited to hear about the great news and can't wait for the U to get back into the national championship again."

2015 DE Scott Patchan: "The sanctions don't mean much. It's not going to affect me either way how I feel about Miami."

2015 OT Christian Pellage: "I feel the punishment is reasonable and hopefully they learned from their mistakes. None of this will affect my interest. I base it off of the education program and the football program."

2014 RB Brandon Powell: “I’m glad to see they finally got it all situated, but it’s sad that they lose those three scholarships for three years. That’s three players that we need. But those scholarships they do get, we just have to come in and work. Everybody’s gotta come in and work. It’s a relief because now some of the recruits that were waiting on that, they can go ahead and pull the trigger. Maybe we can get some big guys.”

2014 DE Chad Thomas: “I am just happy that we will be able to compete like the other colleges going to bowl games. The three scholarships won't hurt if everyone does their job and handles their business in the program.”

2016 RB Mark Walton: “It’s a pretty good announcement for us. We can go out there and compete for a national championship and a bowl game. We’re just losing scholarships, it’s hurting the team, but we can still compete for a national championship.”

2016 DE Jordan Woods: “They still are a great university.”

2014 RB Joseph Yearby: “It’s very, very good, because I thought we weren’t going to be able to go to bowl games or do anything other colleges could do. My commitment to Miami is very strong. I’m not really going there for games or anything, I’m going there for the education, try to do my four years and get my degree.”


It be nice to dominate the time of possession. Best way to beat Winston is to not let him have the ball.

Posted by: Brevardcane | October 23, 2013 at 10:48 AM

EXACTLY! Which is why the OFF needs to show up against WF.....long sustained drives resulting in TD's.


FSU game comes down to our OLINE plain and simple.


FSU is doing the old school Canes on Def...
LB was moved to DE. DB was moved to LB.

Additional thoughts...Their NG/DT eats up two players. Joyner is going to take away one WR.

Can the OLINE run the ball down their throats? I mean just line up and punish them. Without a running game we lose by large margin.

What WR is going to step up opposite whoever Joyner takes man to man?


Ohio..you were pretty adamant that Miami would beat UNC by 17 too lol..I am not saying we will stink up the joint..if you remember I was the positive one after the UNC game..a lot went into that close game..I just am not thinking we blow their doors off thats all


Although, we are more than capable of beating them by 21+, especially if Morris is healthy.


I just want a win,, by 1 or 41, I dont care, just win! lol


The Herb says this about the FSU game:
If we don't get any pressure on Winston, we'll get gutted like a fish. I don't look for us to be able to run the ball much, because they're strength is their front 7, so my man Morris, who has been erratic all year, will have to awaken from this slumber he's been in and make plays, smart plays and Coley needs to have the game plan of his short offensive coordinator career to give us a chance. The Herb wishes he could be more optimistic about the outcome but it comes down to defense and we are not completely there yet. The best hope we have is if, Winston decides to play like a freshman and if he does we can win!


Im looking at blowout city, CANES win big on primetime!!! and then everyone in the country will say yea FSWHOO is overrated they beat on a overrated clemson team.

IJS! lol

mountain cane

Canezilla, finding the other guy's tight end has not been a strong suit of ours for years. WE need to focus attention on it. Surprising that against UNC, who basically had 1 guy who could be us, we didn't give him more attention.

mountain cane

Uh oh, Vinny is honorary captain on saturday. I thought we were hoping Morris would have a great building up game for Nole prep. Trying to get away from Pics doesn't square with naming VT honorary captain.


SCHEMATICALLY!, I'd be more concerned with WF...they spread you our from sideline to sideline. Their scheme reminds me of KSU's scheme, albeit with a better passer. I actually think that's why D'Onofrio wouldn't budge out of Cover 2 against UNC, He wanted the DBs to work on keeping everything underneath them, and rallying to the ball...something that we're gonna have to do well against WF.


Im looking at blowout city, CANES win big on primetime!!! and then everyone in the country will say yea FSWHOO is overrated they beat on a overrated clemson team.

IJS! lol

Posted by: UpNorthCane | October 23, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Excluding the blowout, I feel the same way. IIRC, Clemson lost a lot of players from last year. And AFAIC, that FSU O-Line looks suspect to me. I remember damn near everybody was saying UF's O-Line was gonna wear us out, and look what happened. Way I look at it, this game's gonna come down to the 4th quarter...and in the 4th quarter, everybody's tired, so you can throw athleticism out the window...NOW WE EQUAL! U TOUGH!


Ohio..you were pretty adamant that Miami would beat UNC by 17 too lol..I am not saying we will stink up the joint..if you remember I was the positive one after the UNC game..a lot went into that close game..I just am not thinking we blow their doors off thats all

Posted by: UMike | October 23, 2013 at 11:21 AM

I was. Absolutely. We would have, IMO, had we not lost 3 key players and Morris played awful.

Morris has had 8 days rest/treatment, Duke is fine, Rodgers is fine, Rashawn is back.

Canes by 21+

27 ave cane

Hello guys I'm a long time reader but I don't post often. I have an off topic question. My coworkers and I all get together and we go to one game per year. This year we got tickets for the Virginia Tech game. My question is do you guys have any tips on tailgating we're going to be about 35 strong? Thanks

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