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October 19, 2013



Soup, ps - how can I get this years shirts? Can PayPal U some $ if need be. Let me know. Would like the UF game shirt too

VA Cane3

UM 6 sounds good....I do not put a lot in that lofty perch. We still have things to improve on, we still have to build some depth, get faster bigger stronger and more athletic.

When we are on, we are pretty good....but when we are bad....whew very bad. Nice position to be in...like AG says it means nothing now. It never means anything to me...it never did as a player...or as a coach....until the final game. Now 4 of the last 5 years we have won the last game....that means something to me on our level.

Nice season full of surprises so far. Keep it rolling guys you are doing a good job. Focus on the task at hand, the rock is named WF. Go Canes!!!!!




Da U

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