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November 14, 2013



The Rock!

Da U N Houston

2? Dang


Coley & TH3 get it done Saturday!

The Dude

I must be questionable?

Terrance Sullivan

Go Canes! Beat Duke!



Miami Herald link talking about the Hurricanes defense and former players with their opinions.

As some of you know, I'm on the "we don't have enough talent" side. Both sides do bring up great points




Talent is lacking to go along with coaching.


Sure we can! Ain't no doubt about it!




Oh and BTW...eat rocks.

Duke beat VT on the road.

We can't beat VT at home.


If this defense struggles against duke and makes Boone lookl like an all American, will ppl still cont to say its bc we lack talent? Bc seriously when all is said and done it's duke and there is no way anyone can say with a straight face that our talent is not superior. But Im afraid even if we struggle at duke fans will still say we lack talent


Posted by: CaneRock | November 14, 2013 at 07:03 PM



As some of you know, I'm on the "we don't have enough talent" side. Both sides do bring up great points

Posted by: Meast | November 14, 2013 at 10:24 PM

The best point is this, we don't have the talent we want but we have MORE TALENT than the teams we playing

Terrance Sullivan

Our Canes better win no excuses!


Absolutely. Regardless of Duke's record, on paper they have the weakest roster (by virtue of recruiting rankings) of any team left on Miami's schedule. Just one four star player.


"“Coach can’t fix the bad tackling. I know we like to blame everything on coaches, but it boils down to the players. "

Well how about work, work and more work and if the player can't tackle better, next man up. If the next guy can't tackle, well there is a problem.

Terrance Sullivan

Well said CGNC!


LOL Terrance. You know as well as I do that "bad tackling" would not fly with Saban at Bama. It would get fixed or else.


Where Miami fell behind.

Four Star Players Recruited:

2002: UM 15, FSU 14, UF 8
2003: UM 10, FSU 8, UF 9
2004: UM 10, FSU 16, UF 11
2005: UM 11, FSU 13, UF 8
2006: UM 11, FSU 18, UF 17
2007: UM 7, FSU 7, UF 16
2008: UM 15, FSU 13, UF 12
2009: UM 9, FSU 10, UF 9
2010: UM 6, FSU 8, UF 18
2011: UM 2, FSU 13, UF 11
2012: UM 8, FSU 10, UF 11
2013: UM 9, FSU 9, UF 14
2014: UM 12, FSU 10, UF 10

Five Star Players Recruited:
2002: UM 2, FSU 6, UF 1
2003: UM 3, FSU 1, UF 5
2004: UM 3, FSU 1, UF 1
2005: UM 2, FSU 3, UF 0
2006: UM 0, FSU 2, UF 4
2007: UM 1, FSU 0, UF 4
2008: UM 2, FSU 2, UF 4
2009: UM 1, FSU 2, UF 3
2010: UM 1, FSU 2, UF 4
2011: UM 0, FSU 2, UF 0
2012: UM 2, FSU 3, UF 3
2013: UM 0, FSU 2, UF 2
2014: UM 0, FSU 0, UF 0

Following the recruiting trends three things emerge:

1) The arrival of Urban Meyer coincided with a downturn in Miami's overall recruiting.

2) Florida is underperforming badly when you look at the numbers.

3) The overall numbers of four star players recruited by the Big 3 fell somewhat in recent years. And it was not just Miami. FSU's total number of four star players is down as well from several years ago. All three schools saw some drop off from the high period of the mid 2000s. Miami suffered the worst - the question is - who benefited?

Four Star Players Recruited (Miami, FSU, UF, USF, Alabama, and LSU):

2002: Big 3 37, USF 0, AL 4, LSU 10
2003: Big 3 27, USF 0, AL 4, LSU 17
2004: Big 3 37, USF 2, AL 4, LSU 12
2005: Big 3 32, USF 1, AL 6, LSU 7
2006: Big 3 46, USF 1, AL 10, LSU 12
2007: Big 3 30, USF 0, AL 10, LSU 19
2008: Big 3 40, USF 2, AL 19, LSU 11
2009: Big 3 28, USF 6, AL 14, LSU 11
2010: Big 3 32, USF 2, AL 15, LSU 15
2011: Big 3 26, USF 1, AL 14, LSU 9
2012: Big 3 29, USF 2, AL 14, LSU 9
2013: Big 3 32, USF 2, AL 13, LSU 15
2014: Big 3 32, USF 2, AL 15, LSU 9

Terrance Sullivan

CGNC yep it wouldn't fly with Saban, Meyer, Miles, Jimbo, Shaw, etc.


It doesn't take a genius to see this, but Alabama's rise is whittling down (slightly) the collective pool of 4 star athletes that Miami, FSU, and UF are recruiting from.

Terrance Sullivan

Our Miami Hurricanes have had 6 offensive coordinators since we joined the ACC in July 1, 2004. Dan Werner for the 2004 and 2005 seasons, Rich Olsen for the 2006 season, Pat Nix for the 2007 and 2008 seasons, Mark Whipple for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Jedd Fisch for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, and now James Coley for the 2013 season. Lawd Have Mercy! What a dumpster fire we change out OC's like we change our Drawers.


It also doesn't take a genius to see why Bama, consistently has been playing for the ship. This is why stars do matter, especially if you bring in enough of them and the other teams aren't. Bottom line our problem is to many c type players = average play. Our former players are split, somewhat on Deno and his lame schemes but they all agree, we stink talent wise on the Dee-line & at LB and you compound that with poor tackling and we all have seen what the end result has been. We have 3 maybe 4 LB's coming and none are rated 4 stars. Yes a miracle can happen and maybe 1 of them will turn out to play like a 5 star but we haven't been that lucky in a long time.


Terrance and you can add that many D-Coordinators.

Terrance Sullivan

Herb yep we have had 5 DC's in that time with Shannon, Young, Walton, Lovett, D'No.


Stars matter. Here's a comparison between the defensive classes right after the 2001 championship and the last three years:

Defensive Back:
2002-04: 3 five-star, 6 four-star, 5 three-star
2011-13: 1 five-star, 3 four-star, 8 three-star

2002-04: 1 five-star, 4 four-star, 4 three-star
2011-13: 0 five-star, 2 four-star, 8 three-star

Defensive End/Defensive Tackle
2002-04: 0 five-star, 8 four-star, 5 three-star
2011-13: 0 five-star, 5 four-star, 8 three-star


On the other hand, Golden is much closer Coker on offense in the same time period, and in some cases better.

2002-04: 1 five-star, 1 four-star
2011-13: 0 five-star, 1 four-star, 3 three-star

Wide Receiver:
2002-04: 1 five-star, 2 four-star, 1 three-star
2011-13: 0 five-star, 3 four-star, 1 three-star

Running Back:
2002-04: 0 five-star, 3 four-star, 1 three-star
2011-13: 1 five-star, 1 four-star, 3 three-star

Terrance Sullivan

Good stuff TonyCane.



JC Shurburtt, the national recruiting director for 247Sports, said he understands why UM fans are upset about giving up 42 points to a Virginia Tech offense that isn’t very good statistically. But he doesn’t blame UM defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio’s scheme.

“If you want an example of a program that has recruited its way back to prominence it is Florida State,” Shurburtt said. “Miami can definitely do the same thing. Right now there’s just a talent deficiency and lack of depth on the overall roster. There’s no doubt Miami’s a much better football team. But FSU has been at this, they’ve gone through it over the last five years from being an ACC runner-up to ACC champion to national championship contender.

“You’ve got to stack great recruiting class upon great class upon great class to be back. That’s what Alabama and Florida State have done. Miami is really just getting started now.”

Read more here: Miami Hurricanes’ focus centered on foundation


Mark D’Onofrio has become the most scrutinized figure in the UM football program, not unlike other past coordinators here whose units frustrated fans with inconsistent play: from Patrick Nix, to Mark Whipple to Tim Walton, who now runs the St. Louis Rams’ 17th-ranked defense.

So the criticism is predictable. What’s noteworthy is the divergent opinions of D’Onofrio’s work offered by people who have played the game.

Not surprisingly, several UM players have been effusive in their praise of D’Onofrio this week, after his Hurricanes defense was pulverized for 1066 yards the past two games. “He calls great games,” cornerback Tracy Howard said. “Outside people don’t know football.”

Even after leaving the program, former UM cornerback Brandon McGee, now with the Rams, has strongly defended D’Onofrio, saying his system was sound and blaming defensive shortcomings on the players.

Meanwhile, three prominent former Canes defensive players weighed in on D’Onofrio this week, with opinions varying.

Defensively, UM is being “outcoached every week,” former Canes and NFL cornerback Duane Starks ranted on WQAM’s postgame show. “Out-coached! Out-coached! They’re predictable. There’s no disguising…. It’s embarrassing! I would get rid of some people.”

Starks said Virginia Tech “knew we were blitzing the weak-side linebacker. That’s why you saw wide open receivers. FSU did the same thing, put a guy on the right side and dragged him across the field where the blitzing linebacker can’t pick him up. When you have a receiver or running back making the catch with no one around him, that’s when you know you are being outcoached.

“They ran the same predictable things. If I’m the head coach, I’m saying, ‘Let’s switch this up. Let’s surprise somebody. We’re not defending the screen.’ We see it. You see it. Do something about it! I’m pissed! We have the talent. If you can’t coach good talent, there’s a problem.”

But that last point is where others would disagree. One standout former UM defensive player said the talent is simply not good enough, especially at linebacker. Remember, five of UM’s front-seven starters were three or two-star recruits. Safety Deon Bush clearly is diminished after offseason groin surgery.

UM hasn’t had a defensive All-American since Brandon Meriweather and Kelly Jennings in 2005.

“I like his scheme, but he doesn’t have the personnel to run it as well as he would like,” said the former Canes standout defensive player who asked that his name not be used because he’s close to the program.

“Linebacker is the biggest problem. Aside from Denzel Perryman, these guys are not [major BCS program] level. The linebackers have to cover the backs, and the middle is always open. It’s poor coverage. The safeties can’t tackle and they’re out of position. They can’t get away with playing a three-man line against good teams because the line isn’t that good.”

The player said he believes D’Onofrio is generally a good coach but has a few quibbles. He said UM should play more bump-and-run coverage because “that’s the way to re-route the receivers.” He said the defensive line is stunting too much. That’s a maneuver designed to confuse offenses but leaves the defense vulnerable.

He questioned why the defensive ends often switch sides between plays. “Why aren't we set [often enough] before plays? Virginia Tech ran a play on us and we were barely out of the huddle. That's embarrassing.

"They should have put a spy on [Virginia Tech quarterback] Logan Thomas. And we don’t blitz enough. I don’t see delayed blitzes.”

He also said the defense “seems burned out and out of gas…. But you can’t blame the poor tackling on D’Onofrio or [Al] Golden.”

Meanwhile, former UM All-American safety Bennie Blades defended D’Onofrio and blames the players primarily.

“I think D’Onofrio does a decent job,” said Blades, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame who was previously defensively coordinator at Piper High in Broward. “Coach can’t fix the bad tackling. I know we like to blame everything on coaches, but it boils down to the players. What we’re missing is unblockable defensive linemen. We haven't had a Russell Maryland or Cortez Kennedy or Jerome Brown in a few years. I’m not overly impressed with the safety play.

“I want to see a lot more blitzing, but if you don’t have that corner who can play man to man on a consistent basis, you can’t do much blitzing. The players are not maximizing their ability, but you have to put that more on the players. The onus is on them.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2013/11/former-canes-players-assess-donofrio-incognito-reaches-out-to-fins-fins-heat.html#storylink=cpy


On a two-game losing skid and with a tough road test Saturday afternoon against much-improved Duke (7-2, 3-2 Atlantic Coast Conference), things might not be going in the right direction for the slumping 23rd-ranked Hurricanes.

But off the field, coach Al Golden has continued building his best recruiting class to date. And analysts say Miami’s list of 28 pledges is loaded with enough talented linemen that fans won’t be complaining about the defense for much longer.

“Getting [Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle] Anthony Moten to commit [Wednesday night] was the cherry on top of a really impressive defensive line haul,” said Chris Nee, who covers Florida State and serves as the state of Florida’s recruiting analyst for 247Sports.com

“Although they improved on the defensive line this year with those transfers, the depth still isn’t there. I think that’s why when games wear on teams take advantage of them. It’s not about having 11 players, but really 22 or 32 they can rely upon every Saturday. That’s what they’ve done with this class. They’ve gotten guys that will help them next year and in three to four years, too.”

Charles Fishbein of EliteScoutingServices said Moten (the highest rated of UM’s five defensive tackle commitments according to Rivals) and Hialeah Champagnat’s Travonte Valentine (6-3, 286) are legit NFL prospects who will come in with enough size and polish to contribute right away. Nee believes Booker T. Washington defensive end Chad Thomas (6-5, 250) and junior college defensive tackle Michael Wyche (6-4, 330) are also key players among UM’s eight defensive lineman commitments who should also make an instant impact.

“Moten has played a lot since the ninth grade, can put pressure on the quarterback, play inside or out in the 3-4 [formation],” Fishbein said. “I think the last two years UM started doing a nice job improving its back four with Tracy [Howard], Deon Bush and Artie Burns. Now, it’s the front four they’re really addressing.”

Before UM climbed all the way up to seventh in the BCS rankings and began its free fall, Golden had been saying for weeks the program still lacked the depth it needed.

“Look if you’ve got to go get kids from other schools in May and June [defensive line transfers David Gilbert and Justin Renfrow] you’re not where you want to be,” he said Monday. “We’re still trying to develop depth. Nobody wanted to listen to me five, six, seven weeks ago. We’re not back. We’re building.

“We finally got the [NCAA] gloves off and we get to go fight a fair fight. We’re going to go fight a fair fight. In the interim, we’re going to keep developing these guys, keep moving the program forward.”

Nee said Golden did a good job in his first three recruiting classes landing talented blue-chip recruits like running back Duke Johnson and Howard. But negative recruiting from the NCAA investigation by other programs “definitely hurt them,” and at times forced Canes coaches to take early commitments from players who otherwise probably wouldn’t be at Miami.

“In the end, you have to get kids in there, take bodies to build depth,” Nee said. “This class is different. The top 10, 12, 15 of this next signing class -- especially the defensive guys and o-lineman they got and then Brad [Kaaya] at quarterback -- those are guys that are going to be major contributors and reasons why Miami will gradually move up.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/15/3754272/miami-hurricanes-focus-centered.html#storylink=cpy


When 2012 leading receiver Phillip Dorsett went down in a heap of pain on Oct. 17 at North Carolina, it looked ugly. A partially torn medial collateral ligament had him on crutches and was going to keep him out at least four to six weeks, UM coach Al Golden said at the time.

But Thursday there was a pleasant surprise in UM’s weekly injury report when Dorsett was upgraded from out to doubtful for Saturday’s game at Duke — a sign he could be ready to come back soon.

The Miami Herald learned last week that Dorsett had been catching passes at practice. Quarterback Stephen Morris said Tuesday that Dorsett was wearing a yellow noncontact jersey and pads in practice this week, but he also said Dorsett had “not been running or anything.”

“I hope he’s close. I really don’t know the extent of how close,” Morris said. “But I know whenever I’m in the treatment room he’s always in there with me.

“He’s doing a lot of good things. I know [trainer] Vinnie [Scavo] is really excited for him.”

It’s more likely Dorsett could be ready for the home finale against Virginia a week from Saturday.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/15/3753995/miami-hurricanes-phillip-dorsett.html#storylink=cpy


Good point/post from a CIS blogger...

Safety Recruiting
This class is loaded and there is no question about it. What Al has done with mediocre records and dark NCAA clouds above the program is mindblowing on the recruiting trail. The only concern left for this class is the safety position. We are losing Rodgers and Highsmith which is addition by subtraction if you ask me but we don't have much behind them numbers wise. We currently don't have any safeties committed and only have Carter, Jenkins and Bush on our 2 deep coming back. Who is realistic that we can pull for S as we haven't heard too many names thrown around for that position. Gunter has played some safety which helps but we need some more help back there depth wise.

That is a little worrisome lol..I do think Miami is very much in play for 4-Star S Hester and if Gray can someone stick in this class he can play Safety..but this guy makes a good point.


Miami has moved up to the 3rd ranked class in Rivals.


What a dumpster fire we change out OC's like we change our Drawers.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 15, 2013 at 12:36 AM

I don't wear drawers, I wear knickers.


Tony...GREAT STUFF! That should be a front page article. Excellent research.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL Soup!


I truly believe that Al Golden is the right head coach for UM but I also believe he is being held back by his coaching staff if we cannot put a complete game plan against Duke, win or lose we don't deserve to be in the ACC championship

:( Duke 31 CANEZ 24 :(


Sinister, I agree 100% about Golden (not the score lol)


Sinister...I told U NOT to root against your team. Canes 30 - Duke 27.


"It’s more likely Dorsett could be ready for the home finale against Virginia a week from Saturday."

I would not play him vs UVA and risk reinjuring the knee. Rest him and let him play in the ACC title game IF we make it by luck or in the bowl game.


I got to admit, it is really sad when I'm rotting for Maryland..but keep thinking "We still got to beat Duke"...like its freaking questionable!!! lol




Thanks SOUP.

Miami comes out angry...Miami 31, Duke 10!


Good morning! Sinister, we are not losing to Duke.

@Terrance, we change our coordinators alot, this is true. The way to get around that is to hire higher quality staff and PAY THEM. Nix was not good, neither was Whipple. Starting with the head coach - he should know who to freaking hire. If the hire does not work out, then a change should be made. LOL I call it "climate change"


Tony...Miami better come out angry and win because IF they lose (they will NOT) the anger all up in here will be beyond manageable. I mmay have to shut this thing down? LOL



On January 2, 2013, Patrick Nix was hired as the 34th head football coach in the history of Scottsboro Wildcat football. Nix comes to Scottsboro after 17 successful seasons in college football.

Coach Nix began his football career as a stand-out at Etowah High School. Following high school, Nix played quarterback for the Auburn Tigers from 1992-95. During his time at Auburn, Nix helped lead the Tigers to a perfect 11-0 record during his sophomore season in 1993. Nix graduated in 1995 as the school’s career leader in passing efficiency. At Auburn, Nix played under head coach Terry Bowden, offensive coordinator Tommy Bowden, future head coach for Clemson; and quarterbacks coach Jimbo Fisher, current head coach at Florida State.

Nix began his coaching career with a three-year stint as an assistant at Jacksonville State University. From there, he received his first head coaching job at Division II Henderson State University. After two years, Nix left to become receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Samford University. In 2002, Nix joined the coaching staff at Georgia Tech. He served as Tech’s running backs coach and recruiting coordinator during his first year. In 2003, Nix served at quarterbacks coach and running game coordinator. In 2004, he was elevated to offensive coordinator while continuing on as quarterbacks coach. For 2005, Nix’s offense boated both the ACC’s leading rusher (Tashard Choice) and its leading receiver (Calvin Johnson). Prior to the 2006 season, Nix assumed full play-calling duties. Tech would go on to make appearances in the ACC Championship Game and the Gator Bowl.

In January 2007, Nix was hired by Miami to serve as offensive coordinator under coach Randy Shannon. After two seasons in Miami, Nix was hired as the WR coach for Charleston Southern and in 2011 was promoted to offensive coordinator.

Nix left the college game in order to have more time with family and the opportunity to coach his sons as his father did with he and his brother Rusty. Nix will be joined on staff by his father Conrad, the former head coach of Northside High School in Warner Robbins Georgia.



On January 7, 2009, Whipple was named the University of Miami Hurricanes football team offensive coordinator.[3] Whipple was fired along with head coach Randy Shannon, following the end of the season loss to South Florida on November 27, 2010. Whipple signed a contract with the Cleveland Browns on January 30, 2011 to be their quarterback coach.

College head coaching job opportunities

After coach Tom O'Brien left Boston College to coach North Carolina State, it was reported that Mark Whipple was the leading candidate to replace him. That job eventually went to Jeff Jagodzinski.

He was reported to be the leading candidate for the Connecticut Huskies head football coach, an opening created when Randy Edsall left to replace Ralph Friedgen as the head coach at the University of Maryland following the 2010 season.[4] However, Connecticut hired Paul Pasqualoni on January 13, 2011.

Whipple was the QB coach for the Celeveland Browns from 2011-12.


Dan Werner is doing well under Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss, his resume at Miami is VERY impressive:



From 2009:

Arizona State is in the market for a new offensive coordinator.

Dennis Erickson said Thursday that he is not bringing Rich Olson back for a fourth season, the first coordinator-level change since Erickson became head coach in 2007. The move comes after a second consecutive losing season, the first of Erickson college career, in which ASU was 90th or below nationally in total, rushing and scoring offense.

"It really has nothing to do with what he (Olson) did or didn't do," Erickson said. "It's more about change and trying to get some new ideas. Rich Olson is a good coach, always has been and always will be. I needed to make a change. Our failings offensively had more to do with everybody involved, not just one person by any means."


Rich Olson

FBU Quarterbacks Coach Rich Olson is an accomplished coaching veteran at both the college and professional levels.

Olson coached on Lou Holtz's staff at Arkansas for three seasons as the Razorbacks' secondary coach, and also coached on Ron Meyer's staff at Southern Methodist University. He then served as an assistant offensive line coach at USC in 1977 under the legendary John Robinson, helping develop future Pro Football Hall of Fame offensive lineman Anthony Munoz.

From 1984-1991, Olson coached under Jim Sweeney at Fresno State, where he tutored first-round draft choice Trent Dilfer, as well as Kevin Sweeney, who finished his college career as the nation's all-time leader in passing yardage (10,808).

During his three-year tenure (1992-94) as offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach at the University of Miami, Olson helped direct a total of 10 players drafted into the NFL, five of which were wide receivers. He was an integral part of Gino Torretta's success when the quarterback won the Heisman Trophy in 1992.

When Miami head coach Dennis Erickson left Miami for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks for the 1995 season, he brought Olson with him. After four seasons in Seattle, Olson coached with the Washington Redskins (1999-2000), Arizona Cardinals (2001-2002), San Francisco 49ers (2004) and Minnesota Vikings (2005).

He reruned to Miami for one season in 2006 before joining Dennis Erickson's staff at Arizona State as offensive coordinator for three seasons (2007-2009).


Berry, berry interesting:



I can not express the gratitude I have for Golden and staff for sticking with the program through the NCAA crap. He has earned his five years. He has created accountability and drive in a program, that was snowball fighting during the Sunbowl a few years back.

Most rational people said it would take about five years to bring Miami back. We are in year three and the team has gotten mentally stronger and physically stronger every year. I don't know what you all thought that five year growing period would look like, but it is filled with disappointments.

Loosing to a less talented team is emotionally exhausting. How much more is it heart breaking for Golden. The man broke down in front of his team whilst announcing the end of the investigation.

Miami's coaches are learning just like the players. They deserve their time if not more due to the ncaa crap.

I believe next year will be similar in a way because we are loosing most of our upperclassmen dt and have (hopefully) five freshmen coming in.. So, pockets will not collapse and qb's will escape. Such is life.

CANES will be back! GO CANES BEAT DUKE!!!


Bill Young got fired by Gundy at OSU, has not been rehired anywhere:



Tim Walton went on to coach the Detroit Lions Secondary and is now the DC for the NFL St. Louis Rams:

Three weeks, 86 points, 1,179 yards and two losses. Those aren't the numbers most people had in mind when they were making predictions for the St. Louis Rams defense. Last year's group led the league in sacks and stole a few wins during a surprising 7-8-1 campaign. And they didn't even a defensive coordinator.

Enter Tim Walton.

A former college coordinator and, more recently, the Detroit Lions secondary coach, Walton's presence was billed as another link in making this group one of the league's best.

"He fit in very well with the staff," Jeff Fisher said about his new hire in February. "Our staff, considering the circumstances last year, did an outstanding job and we feel like Tim is going to do nothing but help us to improve defensively."

Walton was a known commodity, having worked with Fisher's former coaches Jim Schwartz, Gunther Cunningham and current Rams assistant secondary coach Brandon Fisher.

In addition to Walton's familiarity by association with Fisher's style and his role as the secondary coach in Detroit, he had another title attached to his business cards with the Lions: third-down package responsibilities.

That's notable because Fisher has been clear about the Rams defensive struggles on third down. Dallas was five-for-11 on third downs against the Rams defense this week.

"Really the key is third down," Fisher said Monday. "When you're playing a good offensive team like we faced yesterday, where our offense is struggling, the defense is going to have to get turnovers or get the ball back and we didn't do that. That really, to me, is the difference in the game. They did an outstanding job on third down - a couple areas that we must improve on if we're going to win football games and a short time to do it."

In actuality, the Rams have struggled on second down as well. For instance, Tony Romo completed 10-of-12 passes on second down last week, with 129 yards and one touchdown. He turned seven of those 12 second downs into a new set of downs.

But let's stick with third down for now.

The Rams defense is allowing a 50 percent conversion rate on third downs so far this season. The league average is 38.5 percent. Last year, the Rams defense allowed a 37.5 percent conversion rate on third downs, and that was without a third down specialist at defensive coordinator.

As the Lions secondary coach and third down man in 2012, Walton's defense allowed a respectable 36.5 percent conversion rate, and this was with a number of injuries in the secondary.

So what happened?

That's harder to answer. Sure, the Rams could do a lot better than being the league's worst third-down defense. But if they don't improve on first and second downs, it really won't matter much.

Right now, as Will from Rams Herd points out, the Rams are on pace for the worst pass defense in franchise history. And regardless of how much input the other, veteran coaches have, Walton's the one whose name plate reads "defensive coordinator." People are starting to question him.

The Dude

I'm not routing for Maryland. I'm routing for Tech. This team needs no part in getting blown out on the national stage again. Nah. I just want these Canes to go out on a solid, quiet 4 game winning streak and pick up a few more top notch recruits.


John Lovette gets around:

North Carolina[edit]
Lovett spent the 2007 and 2008 seasons as the special teams coordinator and a defensive assistant at North Carolina, where the kickoff coverage unit ranked among the nation's top 15 and the Tar Heels blocked six kicks in 2008. He coached the NCAA all-time leader in combined kick return yards in Brandon Tate, who also established the ACC career mark for kickoff return yards.

On February 12, 2009, Lovett was hired by coach Randy Shannon as the new defensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes.[2] He served at the position for two seasons until being let go with the rest of the coaching staff following the firing of Randy Shannon at the end of the 2010 season.

Texas Tech[edit]
Lovett was hired by his former employer at Auburn, Tommy Tuberville, to serve as the Defensive backs coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.[3]


Following head coach Tommy Tuberville's departure to Cincinnati, Lovett remained a member of the Texas Tech staff through the 2012 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas. Following the game, it was announced on January 4, 2013 that Lovett would be following Tuberville to Cincinnati to accept the defensive backs coach position.[4]

Philadelphia Eagles[edit]

However, on February 8th, Lovett was named the defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.


Thanks SOUP.

Miami comes out angry...Miami 31, Duke 10!

Posted by: TonyCane | November 15, 2013 at 08:20 AM


Not a chance.....it will be a lot closer than the score you have listed. Notice I didn't say who will win? Would not be shocked if Duke won by a FG.

The Dude

rooting* lol, I did it too UMike.


Well, well, well...looky here:



Raize...I fixed it.

Are U ALL IN for the $70 tix to the Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill that include BBQ, beer, admission and parking at Universal? I will buy 2 tix today if so. With MasterCard I get 10% off!


Here's ya boi, Johnny Lovett:



Randy Shannon

Position: Assistant Coach - Linebackers

Randy Shannon Bio
Courtesy: Athletic Communications
Release: 12/30/2012

Randy Shannon, who has won three national titles as a player and coach, was named Arkansas' linebackers coach on Dec. 30, 2012.

Last season, Shannon coached linebackers at TCU following a four-year stint as head coach at the University of Miami, where he led the Hurricanes to a 28-22 record from 2007-10. Before rising to the head position, Shannon was the defensive coordinator for Miami from 2001-06 and was an assistant coach for the Hurricanes from 1991-97.

In between his stints on the Coral Gables campus, Shannon spent three seasons as an assistant coach with the Miami Dolphins.

Shannon, who lettered at Miami from 1985-88, was part of three of the Hurricanes’ five national championships as a player and assistant coach.


I seen some of this on CIS and though I would expand on it...

2011 was Golden's "first" recruiting class. By the time Golden arrived 4-Stars Teddy Bridgewater and Eli Rogers had jumped ship and I don't think we have any commits.

Good gets..
Anthony Chickillo
Dallas Crawford
Phillip Dorsett
Denzel Perryman
Olsen Pierre

But look at who we lost...
Thomas Finnie
Jalen Grimble
Kevin Grooms
Eddie Johnson
Antonio Kinard
Gionni Paul
Ricardo Williams

We actually lost more players (7) than good players added (5). This class was ranked 36th by Rivals

Of course this was his first REAL class, but it was also he first year recruiting with the NCAA mess hanging over.

Good gets...
Deon Bush
Ereck Flowers
Ladarius Gunter
Tracy Howard
Rayshawn Jenkins
Randy Johnson
Malcolm Lewis
Tyriq McCord
Herb Waters

Players lost...
Jacoby Briscoe
Vernon Davis
Danny Dillard
Angelo Jean-Louis
Robert Lockhart
Josh Witt

This class was ranked 9th by Rivals. Most of these "good gets" make up the current talent with 2 years still to grow.

Miami finishes ranked 20th by Rivals..and he I think the staff got away from the local kids to much, but still a few good prospects..

Good gets...
Artie Burns
Stacy Coley
Al-Quadin Muhammad
Beau Sandland

Players lost
Devante Bond

These freshman are already playing big roles.

Golden got back to the Miami roots and has a class loaded with top Florida/South Florida products including one of the best OL/DL hauls in the country.

The talent and depht is being built. We are getting more "good gets" and less misses.


LOl so time-out Randy is a LB coach? Wow.


Same sad song.."We don't have the talent!".. blah, blah. Golden escaped the true wrath of Cane fans because of the indecisive nature of the NCAA sanctions. Now reality is about to set in for him. Being out coached is a terminal illness for him and his BFF. 50/50 shot Duke wins tomorrow and if they do, what will the response be? They have more talent, really.


dg, did Golden escape the wrath of Canes fans because of the NCAA, or did other NCAA teams escape the wrath of Golden because of the NCAA?

What he's done with that cloud not many others would've accomplished, not to mention even stuck around through it.

With most other coaches thrown into that, we'd just now be looking for a real replacement now that it's over. Instead, we're chugging along and boasting the #3 recruiting class in the country.

I'm fine with where we're at, even though it's not where we want to get to yet.

PS - No, I'm not ok with losing to either team in the fashion we did, but it's not all on the coaches, as so many have firmly stated they believe it is.

Have the coaches been perfect? Not even close, but neither have the players.


Ohio,"NCAA teams escape the wrath of Golden because of the NCAA"..what wrath??DB's playing 10 yds of the wr's for easy completions. Miami's D is the cure for every team's QB. I'm a Vandy alum so I watch them regularly. Very rarely does Franklin get out coached and the defense is always making plays even against more talented teams--see the Gators and all their 5 star talent. You play with what you have. The investigation had nothing to do with the X's and O's on Saturdays. No one can be perfect but at least make sure your team is in a position to win. Conceding at the beginning is a losing proposition each and every time!

Terrance Sullivan

Great point CGNC once again U are money! Soup thanks for the updates man. U rule.
31-27 M-I-A-M-I.


Whats going on people!!

Everyone bringing incredible information to the table today i love it.. Glad to see Umike back also...

Question for thsoe who follow college football as a whole... Is there any young exciting defensive coordinator who has proven to field a good defense out there that you would like Miami to get if Dno was let go? and who are they i would like to look some guys up.


Whomever is Mich. St's coordinator, is one guy or Bud Foster.



Herbie thats the guy right there.


--see the Gators and all their 5 star talent.

Posted by: dg | November 15, 2013 at 10:19 AM

The Gators ain't that good this year, "see" what we did to em'. Let's face it, the VT game was just a COMPLETE!, and UTTER! BUMBLEPHUCK!

They recovered 2 fumbles near the goal-line (1 for a TD)...2 true freshman fumble kick returns...our punter downs the ball inside the 5 yd. line...instead of our All ACC LB (Perryman) wrapping up on 3rd & 17, He goes for the kill shot, and we give up a score...we had guys not knowing their coverage responsibilities...we get WHOOPED! on both sides of the LOS...

I don't give a damn WHO! coached that game, they would've yielded the SAME! results.


I want a DC who brings his DB's up and if they get beat then he can say "I dont have the talent" lol...but dont have them 10 yards back (and back pedaling) on 3rd and 5 and not give them a chance lol...Does anyone remember last year, how did we bring pressure? The ONLY thing we did was bring EJ from the same spot every freakin time lol...Same thing his year..quick as someone in Idaho who is in Miami's 3rd down package and what we will do and I bet they know lol


I agree bring the surprises switch it up confuse the freaking QB and their coordinator stop being predicateble on defense. Same thing on offense switch it up stop beign predicatble goddamittt!!


I agree...the O has been no better than the D when it comes to being predictable.


NOd's counterpunch scheme would make Bobby Boucher look like Vernon Davis or pretty much any TE that place against us





Ed Orgeron won’t ever lose the battle of mindset.

In advance of Saturday night’s game against Stanford, a reporter asked Orgeron on Tuesday evening, “When a team runs the power or runs the ball 40 times, how do you see that taking a toll as the game progresses?”

Orgeron responded, “It all depends on who’s taking the toll.”

What about on defense?

Orgeron said, “Maybe we’re giving the toll. It all depends. Whoever wins the war up front is going to win. We know we’re not always going to win the battle, but we know we’re very prepared and I expect our guys to play well.”



This is a new era for Duke football.

Miami (FL) comes to Durham this Saturday with a 7-2 record and 3-2 in the ACC. Duke has the exact same record and is thinking about a division title.

A year ago, Duke lost to Miami by a 52-45 score. The Blue Devils are fully confident they can take down the Hurricanes this time.

“Yeah, I think we've got a team that's been confident all year and not in a false way at all,” David Cutcliffe said on the ACC coaches teleconference. “But I think these guys believe they can compete with Miami and know that we have to play well. But we've known we have to play well in a lot of ballgames that we've played. So we've got quite a few fourth- and fifth-year guys on this team. So they understand. They've been in the battles. I think that helps you.”

Duke will be bowling for the second year in a row. The Blue Devils are now used to playing in big games in November, something Duke rarely ever was involved in.

“I think it's huge,” Cutcliffe said of big game experience. “The thing that we've done is we've put ourselves in position to be playing in a big game in November, and we've done that two years in a row. You hope lessons learned and opportunities are coming your way that you take advantage of it. But we had a great home crowd a week ago with North Carolina State here, and we're certainly looking forward to the same with Miami coming to town.”


On Wednesday, Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley expressed his commitment and support of Will Muschamp in a story on Florida’s official site.

The Gators are 4-5 and on a four-game losing streak after a home loss to Vanderbilt last week.

In case you were wondering about Muschamp’s future, here are Foley’s comments:

“As athletic director, I’m a thousand percent convinced that Will Muschamp is the guy to lead this football program. Nothing has changed in what we feel about Will Muschamp from the day we hired him. Everyone around here wants the same thing. We want to do what is right for the University of Florida. We understand that this football season has not gone the way any of us wanted it to go, certainly not the way our fans wanted it to go, and most of all, not the way Will Muschamp wanted it to go.

“We have a history of being successful, we have a history of fixing things when they need to be fixed, and that is what is going to happen here, and Coach Muschamp is the one that will fix it. … I understand the passion and the disappointment. But at the end of the day, we’ve got great fans, they love the Gators and their passion makes this place special. They are hurting, they want the program to be successful and we feel that hurt. … We will get better under Will Muschamp’s leadership.


Duke has won five consecutive games to improve its records to 7-2.

The Blue Devils have won three straight against ACC opponents Virginia, Virginia Tech, and NC State despite converting only 7 of 42 third-down opportunities and turning the ball over 9 times.

Think about that.

Those are some mind-blowing stats.

Fortunately, the Duke defense has recorded nine takeaways over the same three-game stretch against ACC opponents.

Earlier this week, we illustrated the improvement by the Duke defense by way of a chart. Certainly, the defensive backs have made their share of key plays over this five-game winning streak.

David Cutcliffe said this week, “I don’t want to sign safeties and corners – I want to sign defensive backs. I want to sign guys who can cover and tackle back there. I don’t care what they’re called. That’s what we’re getting more of.”

He joked about a couple of traditional defensive back descriptions when he said, ““You know what a cover corner is? It’s a guy who doesn’t want to tackle. And you know what a strong safety is? A guy who can’t cover. I don’t want either one of those.”


Florida Atlantic athletic director Pat Chun has many ties to Ohio, having worked at Ohio State for 15 years. But it’s a Buckeye with Florida ties who is helping him out.

Last week, a report surfaced that Chun went to Columbus to interview OSU defensive coordinator Luke Fickell while the Buckeyes were off, but Urban Meyer later denied that report.

On Sunday, Ohio State’s women’s basketball hosted FAU, and Chun was seated courtside along with OSU athletic director Gene Smith. Chun declined comment when asked about interest in Fickell.

On Monday, Meyer was asked about Chun and agreed with a comment that some of Meyer’s staff would fit the profile of what Chun was looking for.

“We did. We talked about names,” Meyer said. “Pat's a great friend. I have a lot of respect for Pat and nothing more than I would like to see Pat Chun be successful. He's also very respectful of this time of year for us. I think the No. 1 thing we talked about was a profile, because that's a unique place.

“I lived in Florida and that pocket, that's a very, very unique recruiting place. So that's mostly what we talked about is, first of all, the profile of a coach and someone with that, to just go dive into south Florida recruiting, that's not a place you want to dive into unless you've been there before.”


I was all excited hoping that once i opened that link Dno's name was going to pop up as the number 1 coaching target lol.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL UpNorthCane I was also. and was hoping tha Coley would be hired by FIU lol.


Coley is not going anywhere, no head coaching experience and just one year as a OC. I like the idea of Cristobal at FAU that would be a good choice for them.



Bill Young is at Wyoming


Coley might be on the move come the offseason. Only to FAU though . D'no . I am not so sure about. I understand all of you guys being upset with how the season turned out as of two weeks ago. But we are better statically in every category and across the board. We weathered the storm guys. Let's be positive for awhile.


Bill Young, a former defensive coordinator at Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, Kansas, Miami (Fla.) and Oklahoma State, was hired as a Defensive Quality Control staff member with the Cowboy Football program in November 2013.

Young has coached in 19 bowl games during his career, most recently in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl with Oklahoma State. In 2007 as the defensive coordinator at Kansas, Young was one of five finalists for the Frank Broyles Award, which is presented each year to College Football's Assistant Coach of the Year. One of the other five finalists that year was Christensen, who was the offensive coordinator at Missouri at that time.


Let's be positive for awhile.

Posted by: laquinton | November 15, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Not sure that's possible with a fanbase like ours. Accustomed to winning and winning big from the past, and now that we've gotten a taste of it again (starting 7-0), it's hell or high water when losses come around.

Golden said it 4-5 weeks ago, "We're not back, we're building"


We be fine given time doesn't mean do nothing and everything will work out. We need better players AND better coaching; I didn't have a chance to respond to 360
s posts (and I did appreciate your position and willingness to respond in a truly professional manner, 360), but assuming you're right and D'No did tried different combinations and still couldn't find anyone who could defend that drag pattern, that speaks volumes about 1)the aptitude of the kids we recruited and 2) the inability to teach something as basic as "watch for this play."
I do have faith that Golden sees what we all see, and somehow, someone gets pushed out the door. I still think it will be 1-3 position coaches who get a "better" gig somewhere else. But we can't keep doing the same thing and expect dramatically improved results any time soon.





Are U ALL IN for the $70 tix to the Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill that include BBQ, beer, admission and parking at Universal? I will buy 2 tix today if so. With MasterCard I get 10% off!

Posted by: SOUP | November 15, 2013 at 09:08 AM

I cant commit this far out....have several trips in the works (one being to Cuba)....


Brennan Carroll ‏@brennanpcarroll 8m

#WelcomeToTheU !!!!!


Tito Benach ‏@TitoBenachCIS 1m

Receiver Class for Miami: Darrell Langham, Braxton Berrios, Derrick Griffin, and Tyre Brady. Johhnie Dixon still in play with Miami


If we get Dixon, this is the best WR class in the country and I don't care what stars are next to their names.

Account Deleted

In perspective, last years D was virtually last in Div 1.

Keep in mind we also had a much softer non conference schedule this year which allows from improvement as well.

Hence they had no where to go but up this season......


Golden said it 4-5 weeks ago, "We're not back, we're building"

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 15, 2013 at 12:38 PM

That's called wiggle room!


Dixson isn't as much of a Cane lean as he was... we will found out 11/30.

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