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November 23, 2013



First! I'll be at the game Friday! ROLL CALL if U wanna meet up with me, my wife and a few local friends!




Proud of our Canes..Florida fans talk so much bout injuries and we lost to Duke, but we are the only team to beat them full strength, and they lost to Ga. Southern!?!....I would lose to Duke before I would lose to GSU anyway of the week...Go canes Tame those Pitt Panthers!!!!!!!


Florida's win total!



dj moonbat

Can Muschamp survive an 8-loss season? (I'm going out on a limb and calling next week's FSU game a loss right now.)


The simplest & the best team hand symbol is the U. I see so many other teams throwing up their made up symbols & they look funky as hell. Some of them look like gang signs.


Well they got the W needed although ugly at times they did what they were supposed to do. Coley continued to be a bright spot and p17 well a low light but win out against pitt and a bowl and trying to look on the bright side we should be damn pleased for a 10 win season! Hopefully something will happen about this d in the off season is all I can say

Terrance Sullivan

Great article Soup. Glad U and Mrs. 86 had a blast. Despite the weather at Sun Life me and fellow Canespacers had a great time. Go Canes! Beat Pitt!

Terrance Sullivan

Well they got the W needed although ugly at times they did what they were supposed to do. Coley continued to be a bright spot and p17 well a low light but win out against pitt and a bowl and trying to look on the bright side we should be damn pleased for a 10 win season! Hopefully something will happen about this d in the off season is all I can say

Posted by: fmcane | November 23, 2013 at 10:48 PM
Ummmm U somehow forgot to add something needs to be done by the offense too otherwise U are acting blind.


I enjoyed my day on the golf course. After all, you can DVR a game but you can't DVR making a 23 foot putt for birdie.


BTW - anybody watching how OSU is manhandling Baylor? The corners are playing at the LOS and knocking their WR's off course…


Raize, I'm watching that game now


So much for the negative recruiting from the Florida Gators...what goes around comes around.

This is for you Will



Raize the DC called a good game for the Cowboys.


Interesting note...Gators were down 15 players by injury, Georgia Southern was down 19 scholarship players of the 65 max FCS schools allow...SmdH..no excuse Florida, no excuse....

Old Skool

Matt Porter bringing the perspective.

Virginia gained its highest number of rushing yards (243) and second-most total yards (483) against an FBS opponent this season. A blocked extra point with 2:02 remaining kept UVA from tying a season-high in points scored (27) against FBS teams. Junior tailback Kevin Parks, who was not stopped for a loss once on his way to 130 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries, set a personal best for rushing yards against non-FCS opponents.

A worthy read



Dos this kill Isadora's red shirt? I don't get it:

Noteworthy: Walk-on Keion Berry from Berean Christian, brother of Damien and son of Kenny, made a tackle on kickoff coverage … Offensive lineman Danny Isidora, who had not played this season after breaking his foot early in training camp, entered the game on the Hurricanes’ final drive … Miami had a season-high 186 yards in fumble and interception return yardage … UM was plus-2 in turnover margin for the first time since Sept. 21 against Savannah State, when it was plus-4. It was minus-6 combined in seven games after that. - See more at:


TJL - Matt Porter is keeping it real with those statistics. YIKES


LMFAO at anyone that even begins to hope that our coaching staff can make players better. 19 returning starters & getting worse. The Pitt game next & the bowl game will be embarrassing. Don't believe me just watch...


I was sick before. But I feel MUCH better now.


All the subs that played and YES Isadora is in there:

Miami: 1B-Ryan Williams, 3A-Stacy Coley, 5-Jermaine Grace, 6A-Jamal Carter, 6-Herb Waters, 7D-Alex Gall, 7A-Tyriq McCord,
7-Gus Edwards, 7C-Akil Craig, 8B-Hugo Delapenha, 8C-Zach Costa, 9-Malcolm Lewis, 11-David Gilbert, 15-D'Mauri Jones,
16-Pat O'Donnell, 18-Matt Goudis, 21-A. Crawford, 23-E. Clements, 26-R. Jenkins, 28-N. Fentress, 29-Corn Elder, 30-AJ Highsmith,
31-T. Cornileus, 33-Maurice Hagens, 35-Nate Dortch, 39-Ronald Regula, 40-Keion Berry, 44-Walter Tucker, 56-Raphael Kirby,
57-Sean McNally, 61-Paul Kelly, 63-Danny Isidora, 64-Hunter Wells, 72-Earl Moore, 73-Sean Harvey, 75-Jared Wheeler,
76-Taylor Gadbois, 78-Justin Renfrow, 79-Malcolm Bunche, 80-Rashawn Scott, 85-Beau Sandland, 87-Garrett Kidd, 90-Ufomba Kamalu,
91-Olsen Pierre, 98-A. Muhammad.


Golden supporters ya boy Al's nofensive scheme is giving up 414 yds. ppg through 11 games and that would rank his failure at 75th


I'm as disappointed as everyone with our D, however, time to move on. It is what it is right now. It doesn't sound like No'D is moving on.

3 big TO yesterday, Thought 71 had a good game.

8-3, chance for 9-3 next week. Canes have a long way to go, but it could be worse.


Is it better to lose to pit and make a lower tier bowl where our team will have a chance or to win and make the chick fila bowl and get blown out by lsu on national tv. Which is better in the long term for this team? I know mettenberger hopes we win bc what better way to improve your draft stock than to play us on national tv before the draft.

The Dude

The whole d@mn team has sucked under Golden. Defense still giving up career highs. Offense can't convert 3rd downs and sustain drives. You know why we always score on big chunk plays? Because we are so much more talented than our opponents which only goes to show how shameful our offensive play has been. How in the hell does this team have 8 wins? I don't think we win 9 games this year. I think we lose at Pitt and get embarrassed in a bowl game. This staff hasn't shown me anything to expect otherwise. I'll still be rooting like hell for my Canes, although, I think in vain.

VA Cane

Panthers end season with 30-0 blowout in SB. Well its 5 of last 6 SB titles for my kids. On a cool windy day, Panthers crush Patriots 30-0....not without controversy. We pin them deep on opening series, they are on 2. We sack qb in end zone....my DE dives and catches him by ankles and he hits ground hard....jumps up throws ball at my guy and calls him a punk. No flag no nothing. I told the refs that is unacceptable, that's got to be unsportsmanlike!!!! They give me a warning for pointing it out....never cussed or yelled just said you missed that bad like on purpose how could you not call it....they told me afterward they wanted to keep the spirit of the game.....!!!

Pissed me off but that's ok, we flat out destroyed them. 4 rushing TDs, we passed when they dint think we would....but running them in the ground was easier about 230 yds again on ground. But the D was it....we knocked the qb out...yea he got his...he was out. We played hard low clean....they had a separated shoulder and a broken arm.....their kids just could not take it....and at the beginning of the 4th they asked could we shorten it.....I said no we got to keep the spirit of the game!!!!! I wanted all my kids to play as long as they could, I got everyone lots of snaps. The hitting on both lines was fierce....but we did all the hitting!!! So we go out champs....man Apocalypse Now football lives again. This is going to be tough to leave....I want my assistants to take it over keep it going...they can do it.

The Dude

I want to say that I'd take this team over any team that Shannon ever had... but what is that saying really? Shannon's teams sucked. Does that mean I have to settle with what we've got because its better than garbage? Its not much better than garbage.


Golden has good experience as a coordinator and everyone can agree he did a great job at temple. But there are assistants that do not have a great pedigree behind them to be coaching at a level that will win championships. I still think that the defensive scheme is holding all of these players back. Maybe all the defensive assistants are pissed at NoD that is why Howard came to his defense and said no one knows what he is dealing with. The offense has been a surprise this season in a bad way. The 3rd down issues go back the last few years and I am tired of seeing us run the ball for 1yd a carry on 1st and 2nd down. I thought we played better when we ran the pistol earlier in the season instead of 17 going under center. I would hope there are some coaching changes in the off season. Defense needs an entire attitude adjustment. JJ needs to tell Golden how we play D at the U.


I didn't watch the 2nd half, how RW look?

dj moonbat

I didn't watch the 2nd half, how RW look?

Posted by: SinisterCane | November 24, 2013 at 11:07 AM



News flash, the defense ain't going to get any better. I'm tired of bitching about it myself. Let's just say, until we get the right combination of talent and coaching, it will continually be this way. We can't stop the run & if by some luck we actually stop the run they kill us passing because we lack a pass rush. With approximately 16-18 kids back on defense from last year you would think, we could of improved in one of those areas. The offense has only been slightly better but we do have weapons over their and can seemingly score at will at times and then just as fast go in the tank 5 possessions in a row, with 3 and out a forgotten art with our defense, 3 and out. We can still win 10 games with a whole lot of luck, if we can some how we can get out of our own way. There is a lot wrong on both sides of the ball, mainly inconsistency on offense and some of the play calling. Every team has injuries but we have enough talent to over come that, especially in this conference. Golden has done a descent job, all things considered but if he thinks changes don't need to be made he is delusional. When you are regressing this late in the season, somebody needs to be held accountable and some finger pointing needs to start taking place. A spade is a spade, you can keep saying all the right things but a change needed to be made after the Duke game. I don't care if you demoted DENO and appointed someone else as coordinator, although in my opinion, none of them are worthy. We all keep hoping things will get better, it's like waiting for Christmas but it never comes and we keep waiting for things to change but it keeps getting worse.

dj moonbat

We can't stop the run & if by some luck we actually stop the run they kill us passing because we lack a pass rush.

Posted by: herbieibis | November 24, 2013 at 11:29 AM

All we need to do is play GT every week. As long as we know, for sure, that they're going to keep running the triple option, we're good.


I didn't watch the 2nd half, how RW look?

Posted by: SinisterCane | November 24, 2013 at 11:07 AM

He got in the game with 2:02 left in the game and only got to attempt one pass, which was a throw away



VA Cane

Couple things about the game

1 Two of my kids played well....8 Anthony Harris 78 Morgan Moses both of Chesterfield VA

Anthony leads the nation The Nation in interceptions and you wonder why I am disappointed in the D...one of my favs.... great kid...terrible call. Spoke to him on phone earlier...he said as he went for the shoulder hit Morris went down....that was a poor call....our guy made helmet contact on the same play....he stays bad call on a good kid....shame our DBs don't hit like him.

Morgan also did a good job pass and run....very good kid....should get drafted

VA Cane

Couple other things
Chad Thomas tweeting... why does an 18 year old HS player who has never played a down of college football think he has the right to be mad at Canes fanbase? My advice is to please be quiet. Young man you do not know the ins and outs of the game at this level....until you have played a down, or make an AA team just be quiet I have forgotten more than you will ever know that's my nice advice.

Tracy Howard nice football play helped out nicely. Got to keep making them, playing tight coverage.
Gunter and Gilbert nice football plays tip drill scoop and score are fundamental drills good job.

Morris looked horrible, so many bad throws all low or high....no excuses not even ready for CFL no NFL talent. Another bad UM QB in a line of bad QBS.

D still passive backing up no real pressure, OL no drive...don't want push want drive....both lines of scrimmage were weak.

Deon Bush....on their 1st TD....he stood back let a big OL come to him and waste his ass instead of coming up hard and fast pitiful....don't want to hit....he was pitiful. If Hurns had a QB to get him the ball he would have 2000 yards....Damn.

Sloppy plays again....motion, offside, hands to the face, lineman not on line, holding....high school mistakes...lazy not thinking

We got outplayed in the first half, made some adjustments wore them down a little and with a little more talent won. I guess that's what matters a win.....but

We are not ready to play an LSU AZ OK St...those teams looked very good...we get killed. Tell you what instead of playing in a home state bowl lets just stay home

It will be freezing in PA next week.....well that's got to give Pitt at least 10 points or us an excuse...pack the long underwear boys.....I cannot wait to see the fights to see who can stay closest to the heaters.....if we blocked tackled and played man up close and personal like we get close to heat ....remember Jville.....we would be unbeatable

A win is a win....nothing solid or too impressive but a win JMO

VA Cane

Love that Gator loss, they look worse than we do. Muschamp I think has run out of excuses.


Close strong Canes!


People can kill Stephen Morris all day, but the fact is he was a low 3-star prospect, not a 4 or 5 star player...he had more upside than anyone imagined but Mark Whipple...give him credit, he found a good serviceable QB in Morris....he is a better stop gap qb than anyone we had in a long time...now we got 4 star guys like Olsen, and Kaaya coming in , that would be the real test in QB observation..hell if it wasn't for Harris getting fucked up against Virginia that year where we had to burn Morris red- shirt , because Spencer Whipple sucked ass, Morris would he here one more year..so I'm grateful he did a decent job while he has been here....


First of all, congrats Va Cane on another great season for your kids! (Pretty cool having some of your "alum" kids playing in our game.)

Second... No reprive from me on our sorry a$$ D scheme. The turnovers, and the absolutely HORRIBLE UVA offense were the only reason our defense had any chance of keeping them under 30 pts.

Like VA Cane said, "We are not ready to play an LSU AZ OK St...those teams looked very good...we get killed."

VA Cane

Glad e played yesterday.....it is 25 here with wind chill.....its cold today feels cold....it will be cold in PA for sure......we are very soft in the cold...





LOL, haven't heard THAT name mentioned in quite awhile!

Account Deleted

There's breaks in every game, but to be fair we scored 28 points off of gimme's from VA turnovers. Drop those points off and we lose.

VA's offense isn't very good, Pitt will do much better.

I really thought SM would move to the next level this year, didn't happen.

So the D is down to 75th? Still time to make the 100 level....


Yeah. But if you listen to AG, the D did GREAT!


We're in trouble… I just don't get these guys and their D philosophy…

Do they really think that a D whose success is almost soley predicated on turnovers is sound?


Olsen with the winning score at Sun Life in the final seconds ... I'm hoping to see that a lot in the near future.


Do they really think that a D whose success is almost soley predicated on turnovers is sound?

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 24, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Did U just use the word "predicated" on this blog? What are U a teacher or something? LOL

The answer, apparently, is yes.

orange 'n green in the vein

Hey now, why so glum Hurricane fans?

UVA was just what the doctor ordered for this win-less month of November, a team so bad, so inept, so willing to shoot itself in the foot with turnovers, penalties and lack of execution that they were held to slightly under 500 yards of offense and couldn't capitalize on the many chances the Al Golden coached Hurricane team was attempting to give them to get back in the game and win it in the fourth quarter!

Plus, there's that awesome season defining win against GT we can look back on, as long as we forget all the quotes by their coach about how they're not good at running that triple option, high school offense staple, that is their primary form of attack now.

Last time UM went up to Pittsburgh, they hammered the Panthers 31-3. Of course that was in late September not the end of November but look at this;


It's only supposed to snow on Thursday and the game is on Friday! So there's absolutely no chance that UM will have snow actually falling while they play, it'll just be bitterly cold and UM always plays well in the cold, outside of that VT game in 2005 I mean of course! Plus, Pitt hasn't beaten UM since '97! I was a senior in high school then! NCAA scholarship reductions were an actual thing back then! They can't protect the QB very well, they got nuked by FSU and Duke defensively, they only shut down New Mexico and Virginia's offenses all season, they haven't played a superlative game all year long, it's just for bowl positioning! I'll stop being the bearer of great news now and let everybody get hyped for this finale.

Doesn't look like the final defense ranking is going to get in the upper half of the nation for the year, guess 86 listened to the wrong informant in the program who sold him a bill of counterfeit goods in the off season, who would have guessed that was going to be the case with this staff though, right? Not me! Go 'Canes! Go out and get a new football coaching staff next year!

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