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November 04, 2013



Nigeian with the rational post of the day!

Well done, sir.


1. Seriously, u r all effin psychotic & u need to get checked out.

2. Get laid.

3. Get a life.

4. Get a clue!!!

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 04, 2013 at 12:27 PM

1. Psychotic is a little strong and implies being out of touch with reality or delusional. Most people here could more accurately be classified as neurotic and possibly suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, not schizophrenia as you suggested. Check your diagnostic criteria in the DSM V before making such exaggerated claims in the future.

2. Did that.

3. Have that.

4. Have all of those I need.

That is all.


For those who think we layed down or weren't tough Enough for FSU......

Lamarcus Joyner on Miami

“Gotta embrace the challenge,” Florida State cornerback Lamarcus Joyner said after the victory. “We know what kind of football team they are. We know for a fact if we have to play those guys again in the ACC championship, then it won’t be an easy championship game.”

Joyner called Miami “the toughest team we’ve played this season. Despite the scoreboard, that does not determine the way, how physical those guys played us. Those guys played our hearts out, and if we have to see them again in the championship, I can tell you that’s going to be a pretty hard-nosed championship game.”



Nigeian...Here U go for future reference:



Soup, u r actually the most rational in 'the tribe.' I sense your take on it is, what could have been, as in a perfect season. U seem stung like the rest, but u r stopping short of hysteria. That's y u posted the 3 previous questions to the blog to get different perspective because as u must feel, loosing dashes our dream of a perfect season but your feelings in regards to that is also tempered by the fact that our record so far is still elite. And if we go 11-1, everyone will then have to agree that the U is back.


1. This is the same team that went 7-5 last year. I assume u r all mad because of the way we lost. Me; we played better than Clemson.

2. There is nothing that shows me we would loose the rest of our schedule. I'm sorry but I have seen both defenses & VT defense is not the pack of raptors that FL state's his, not even close. & they r playing in Miami.

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 04, 2013 at 12:27 PM

These were the 2 points I was referencing that I agreed with, just FYI. Should've quoted the first time.


PS - For those who missed the game, Duke didn't get hurt on kick returns. It was a normal run play.


PS - For those who missed the game, Duke didn't get hurt on kick returns. It was a normal run play.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 04, 2013 at 12:51 PM


A play that still frustrates me today....they had the box loaded and we tried to run it in the A Gap....no imagination at all. I say again, run a bootleg or rollout to the TE and we would at least have a first down and Duke would still be healthy. Just saying....


FSU is Loaded, with Talent and depth of it. They have a QB playing beyond his years and plenty of skill players around him. Like flipping the field during a game, we have to do this in recruiting, against these guys. We have stumbled badly in getting defensive talent in here, especially at LB & DT. We get almost no pressure on the QB and therefore our CB's have to chase receivers all over the field. Our LB's drops are to far back and if the opposing qb takes off he's 10 yds down field before he's touched. It looks like we make no changes from weak to weak, it's the same schemes, how else are opposing teams just taking it right down field and scoring on their opening drives. We have some good pieces on defense but just think how much better we would be if we had a couple of guys in the middle of that defensive front, that are wrecking balls. That's our down fall and it has been for at least 8 years and it definitely doesn't help that you have a defensive Coordinator that calls a scared game. I'll give him the fact that we don't have enough elite talent on that side of the ball but does he have to make it that simple for a team to nickel and dime us the whole game and wait until they get to the 20yd line to start putting pressure on the Opposing offense?
Logan Thomas is no slouch QB, it just so happens that his skilled players are almost all freshmen. If we give him time he will carve us up and we all know he will take off and run.
Defensively, Foster is one of the best coordinators who likes to blitz and those guys play for him. The best I can see is a 23-14 win but it won't be pretty.


Wow dee cane !
And to think we r trying to 'eat our young,' complaining about how we played. The opposition doesn't want to play us again. I guess we have high standards in Miami.


Posted by: NigeianCane | November 04, 2013 at 12:27 PM

They are mad because their dream that we went for suck to super was just a mirage.


^^^ I am not saying that we sucked (last year) but many bloggers on here were saying that.




Let's Go Canes

Beat VT


Raize, Morris checked to that run at the line, it was not Coley calling it on a 4th and 2. Just FYI


Those are nice comments by Joyner. We played hard, made some mistakes (tackling anyone?) and are not as deep as FSU. Jimbo has done a good job in his 4 years but didn't step into the pile of caca that AG did. I think the Canes will be very good, soon. Just need a couple more top recruiting classes and, like Canesteeler, said coordinator change or two


Here's the thing I don't get:

1. Let's all accept and acknowledge that FSU has currently accumulated better talent accross the board than Miami.

2. Teams of lesser talent beat teams with greater talent every week in college football.

3. Why couldn't or didn't Miami beat FSU?

Posted by: SOUP | November 04, 2013 at 08:51 AM

True and true for your first points. But upsets require a lack of effort or focus by the heavily favored team combined with stellar, near once in a lifetime, play from the underdog. We didn't get either. Morris was what he always is, great at times, awful at decisions at others, and is hurt (no matter how many times Golden claims he's fine the evidence proves otherwise). We have good, young players at WR but nobody who is a superstar right now. And our one exceptional player got hurt. They played well at times, but not consistently enough in the second half.
On D, we played as well as can be expected, and what D'Onofrio has done with barely above average talent in the front 7 (with one notable exception (Perryman) and one guy who has skills but no experience (AQM)) can't be discounted. We made a few big plays, but FSU still kept their focus, and their offensive line gave Winston all the time he needed to avoid getting rattled, especially at home.
Bottom line is we're a good team but are inconsistent, they are an exceptional team who played well. We won't catch them this year, but the gap isn't as big as the score might indicate.


And if we go 11-1, everyone will then have to agree that the U is back.

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 04, 2013 at 12:46 PM

There IT is right there.


They are mad because their dream that we went for suck to super was just a mirage.

Posted by: CalgaryCane | November 04, 2013 at 01:13 PM

I think U got part of it right with that comment. I don't know who THEY are (those who posted negative or hateful comments?) but I don't count myself among them.

I am not mad, but disappointed. I went to the game with low expectations but got tricked (read: convinced) at the tailgate by other fans that Miami was REALLY going to win the game and my expectations rose significantly (read: unrealistically) just before the game.

I sincerely thought Miami could win but it would take (as someone already said) a GREAT game by UM and a sub-par game from FSU for that to happen. Still I thought it could and maybe even would happen just from the feel in the air among Canes fans before the game started and even during the early stages of the game.

Just didn't happen. Wasn't "our" night.


Still LOVE my Canes and this 2013 team.

Finish 11-1 and I'll love them even more.

Finish 10-2 and make the ACC title game against FSU for the rematch and I love them just as much.

I just don't wanna get caught looking for love in all the wrong places again. That has happend to me (and other Canes fans) consistently over the last 8 years.

When U drop $400 dollars and take a long azz road trip to see "your girl" U at least expect to get some love back right? LOL


I think we can earn our chance for a rematch vs FSU in the title game, winning is another story. Those couple times when we had a big play lost due to a drop of a phantom forward progress whistle really hurt us. I mean how do they blow Duke's progress dead when the guy has 1 hand on him and the tackler is being blocked away from him? That was mind boggling.


**correction- drop OR a phantom forward progress whistle**


The range of emotions was pretty crazy as well. Going into half feeling pretty good about our chances, getting the ball back after a successful drive to score. Then the drops/picks/under thrown balls/bad whistles started stacking up and our defense didn't make the necessary adjustments to stop FSU. 3rd down was unacceptable all night.


Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?

- Jimmy Johnson


D4...good points.

I remember the entire stadium not knowing what was happening when the play was whistled dead on Duke's run. Would have been 6 for sure. Instead we got nothing and punted.

BTW...O'Donnell was MONEY all night and game MVP (LB smiles).


SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 3m

THIS JUST IN: Florida jury convicts 23-year-old Eric Rivera of killing Redskins safety Sean Taylor in 2007 botched burglary.



The offensive game plan was sh!t in the second half and the defensive game plan was sh!t from the beginning. If Winston didn't miss throw those two balls then it would have been a complete sh!t show! Can't play zone coverage with the ahletes miami has against an accurate pocket passer. Can't run up the middle for no gain on what seemed like every first down for no yards in he second half, then incomplete on 2nd to turn every 3rd down into double digit yardage. Not going to pick up many of those. Do the RB ever catch a pass out of the backfield on a check down? It seems like all or nothing with the offense which is why they either score or go 3 and out. They need to learn to sustain drives and stay on the field to give the D a rest. Too many other "little" things that were bad about that game to bring up... They need to put this game behind and move forward...


Posted by: SOUP | November 04, 2013 at 02:37 PM

A win is always possible...That's how you approach a game as a fan... else why watch?... most of us knew that we would have to play exceptional and FSU would have had to be complacent.

that didn't happen...$hit! FSU players wanted blood from Miami... our players weren't so bloodthirsty.

I am happy that we have improved substantially and are still improving.




Expect Logan Thomas to have a career day vs NOd

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