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November 11, 2013


Terrance Sullivan

Great article Soup. I am really sad. Thank God I can drown my sorrows in Sam Adams Winter Lager!


Deon Bush. Great article 86. Since nothing will change I won't gripe. I'm happy my Vanes are 7-2 . Happy we have Golden . It's great to be a Miami Hurricane


Damn you swype. ***Canes


Real good article SOUP...hopefully Va. Yech slips up and we win out...which is strongly possible...cause they are Inconsistent and Virginia always gives them problems...


God knows I am trying.


Tomorrow Ocala. Then New Port Richey.

No time for blogging so U guys gotta handle it.


Majority of people expected Morris to continue where he left off from last season...God Bless those who did. The ship began taking on water weeks ago with the close wins, horrible defense and Stevens ankle... all signs of the season tking a negative turn.

Morris and his selfish ass lying about his ankle just so he could continue to play hurt the team. I lost complete respect for him today after reading an interview when he lied saying he doesn't Twitter or Instagram... We all know that's B.S.

Steven Morris = Jacoby the II


Oh my!


Didn't even want to read the blog the last few days. Probably don't need to. Coaching prep and game day prep were terrible, everything was predictable (on both sides of the ball), and play was generally inferior to, on paper, what should have been a weaker opponent. The team appears to be going down in flames as the season goes on, and it isn't all Duke and Dorsett injuries' related. Morris clearly has an arm, but not a whole lot more. Coley (WR) clearly has a nice future ahead, and that TD that took the lead showed he could run like the D is in slow motion (best part of the game).

Our talent isn't where we need it to be yet, but I think this is starting to change. We're still earlier in the cycle than we all wished. Where the coaching plays out, along with recruiting, is too soon to know, but I'm starting to have some doubts after this past weekend in particular. Truly, I have to say I'm almost happy that the U isn't likely to have a rematch with FSU, as they're simply not ready and it likely would get uglier than the first game was.

It's all like dating a girl you thought was one way and we all just found out she's another (hope vs. reality).

Now, I'm still excited about where '14's recruiting class could potentially go, especially if most/all verbals stick and we get a few more. Looking forward to hearing from Moten tomorrow, whom I expect to go U, but one never knows. We really need help everywhere, especially with depth.

Could be worse. Could be Cubs or Indians fans?!


Dolphins taking the lead now.

For you Tampa Bay Lightening fans, Stamkos left the game with a broken leg. Sorry to see that

Terrance Sullivan

Who is Jacoby? I thought our previous quarterback was named Jacory Harris Come on peeps if U are going to name former players at least get their names right. SMGDH!


After having watched the Miami game yesterday for the first time, I'm willing to give the staff a pass. But if they lose to Duke...


Bama 4 years prior to Sabin


Us 4 years prior to Golden


Which situation was worst??????


I follow most of the players on twitter and ig and Morris isn't lying. He rarely post photos on Ig .


Posted by: TonyCane | November 11, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Why???? Lol

I will say that the punt and kick returns were better this past gane, fumbles and missed tackles were on the players. Coley's fumble was a result of helmet to pigskin plus a wet pigskin, it jus happens sometimes. Burns, he thought he was running free for a TD and the moment was too big for him. O'Donnell, the snap was too low which was the snappers fault and he wasn't thinking.

Like that letter said tho, Golden's gameplans have to be executed flawlessly, if not GAME OVA!!


I'm willing to give Coach D'onofrio time. He isn't lying. I know I'm no coordinator. But as you watch the canes play some players are just all over the place. Kacy Rodgers may not make many plays on the field but you can tell the defense looks different . Same with Jimmy G. We are better than where we were last year guys. We all wanna be 8-1 . ( no way we are beating fsu) but that game last week was won fast. Let's go canes. Finish strong the recruit like hell

Terrance Sullivan

WWIN U got a point man.


As a junior, Streeter led the Miami Hurricanes in receptions with 46, receiving yards with 811 and touchdowns with eight.

On December 5, 2011, Streeter announced that he would forego his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL Draft. VERY BAD DECISION...

Professional career

Streeter was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens in the sixth round, 198th Overall, of the 2012 NFL Draft. On August 31, 2012, He was placed on Injured Reserve because of a foot injury.

On August 25, 2013, he was waived by the Ravens.


Terrance Sullivan

Montreal-Cane I think T.Street is on the Buffalo Bills practice squad now but your point is spot on. At least he has his degree.

The Dude

Coaches absolutely influence how players perform on the field in terms of emotion and confidence. This cannot be debated. I can't believe I am even having to type this. Absurd to think otherwise.


I apologize for the typo of Jacory's name in my previous comment. Sorry if it offended anyone. Someone's typo would be the least of my concern. I'd focus on SMGDH at The U's Ground Hog "comedy" they have provided us with.

Last I checked Morris does do Twitter and Instagram.... I'm sure he reads the comments and replies to some


Stephen played his best game in weeks! Several drops by the wideouts and still he had a good game. VT lost to Duke and BC the same way we lost to them SLOPPY play ie fumbles and ints. We beat Duke by at least a TD as long as we clean up those giveaways. Our D went from #116 last year to a top #50 D this year! Golden is building this program, we are good not great! Plus no DUKE, no DORSETT no R SCOTT = NO GOOD!!

Canes win this game PERIOD!

O yea soup, VT has a top five D in the country. That unit is NOT inferior to anyone SEC included PERIOD!!

Canes will win the next two games PERIOD!! I believe baby! Pitt is tricky, now if the Canes lose either of the next two games then I'll start to bitch too.



I'll check in Sat. Enough said!!


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Here are potential EE's

QB Brad Kaaya
RB Brandon Powell
RB Joseph Yearby
WR Braxton Berrios
TE Ryheem Lockley
OL Trevor Darling
OL Kc McDermott
DT Dalvon Stuckey
DT Michael Wyche
LB Darrion Owens
LB Juwon Young
DB Ryan Mayes
ATH Trayone Gray

big class this year. I think we need these guys for Spring


What I like about this class is that we are going to sign 5 DT's. That is assuming we land Moten who I think was ours to lose the moment he decommitted from UF. I know they aren't going to be starters right away, but any kind of depth at the DT position is great and not having to rely on 5th year seniors that transferred from another school or our current DT's that get absolutely no push. Btw, is it me or is Darrell Langham the quietest recruit that we have in terms of having great talent but not really talked about or not having many people excited? 6'5 receiver. Can't teach that height


Bad luck for the Pro Canes. Now Mike James may be done for the season with a broken ankle...

Get well soon, Smiley!


Even an 11 year old kid sitting in the last row of the upperdeck in a pouring rain under the scoreboard can see it.

Surely U can see it too?

Posted by: SOUP | November 11, 2013 at 08:03 AM

I did not see the game but i heard we played like trash. I think the 15 extra practices during bowl season are really going to help. The extended season will help us a lot.


I did not see the game but i heard we played like trash. I think the 15 extra practices during bowl season are really going to help. The extended season will help us a lot.

Posted by: Hassan | November 12, 2013 at 09:08 AM

Agree completely with this.


I really appreciate everyone of these Canes that suit up and bust their tales to preform. The results aren't what I'm used to, but all I can ask is to preform to the best of your ability.

This is the same team as last year. But overall they are playing heads and tales better. I said 5 years the Canes will be back and I'm sticking to it. Although the
7-0 start had me a little happy. I welcome my trip back to earth.

GO CANES! Beat duke!


P.S. I am tired of us having to adjust to other teams and they always seem to know our gameplan on both sides of the ball like a script. We are missing Jedd Fisch on O. On D we have all said what we have to say. Our coaches have got to go go coaching clinics, visit the best coaches and get better, because we have enough talent to win, we could be 5-4 right now because our coaches really have not done well.

Coley I think will improve from year 1 to year two, he can review film and just gain from experience. I think Morris bum Ankle. Dorsett going down, WR drops and Duke going out really set him back as a play caller. But he will get better and next year with Yearby and Griffin etc I expect an improvement.

Nofrio, I am not optimistic about, yes we need more talent but this guy calls crappy plays no matter who is in there. If we do not find some Juco or Transfer DT's we are going to be hurting next year in the middle too.


hey Coley quit telegraphing our play call with out personnel groupings. How about change it up sometimes. Gus in the game and Lewis the one lone WR, guess what we are going to do? Yup run into 9.5 guys stacked in the box and see if 1 lineman can block 2 guys.



VA Cane

lot of work to do lot of areas need work. I think the biggest problem for me Sat was the blocking and tackling. It starts there folks, and we did not get it done. What concerned me even more was what looked like a half baked effort to carry these basics out. JMO

VA Cane

I like SM as a person, he is a nice kid. He was impressive at Manning camp as well, but at 55, I could be impressive with no defenders. I run a lot of our practices from QB spot when we do new stuff; hell my guys think I played NFL!!!! Hardly!!! No defenders, no pressure, no coverage no need to win the game can be deceptive. I see him as getting drafted, but wearing a baseball cap and carrying a clip board to begin with. I do not see the skills to start or be a great backup. He will get there but it will take time.


Maybe our STAFF could learn for ED!

Ed Reed appears to regret his decision to sign in the offseason with the Texans, who now have lost seven straight and who deem him not good enough to help them get better, really. He let his feelings come out about Sunday's loss in a chat with ESPN.com's Tania Ganguli:

"Arizona played their best ball," Reed said. "We played really well outside of certain situations. Certain situations, we just got outplayed and outcoached."

In case that wasn't clear-cut enough, Reed expounded.

"If you're watching the game, it's not no-brainers," Reed said. "Certain situations we have to get off the field. We need three-and-out. You have to also come out as an offense and move the ball. We can't go three-and-out and put your defense on the field that quick. That drive that they had, I'm looking at it like guys are a little fatigued because I know if you don't control the ball as much, offensively and defensively, you're going to get fatigued. They're going to get plays.

"Eventually, they're going to figure out what you're doing if you're doing the same old things."

"I'm just doing what I'm told for the most part," Reed said. "At the same time, I know a lot of football. I know a lot about football. I know a lot about this game. I'm not just watching it blind. The stuff I do know, I can't say to you guys because it is a team sport and I do look at it from a coaching perspective as well. There's lots of soul searching, top to bottom, that needs to be done as coaches and as players."

Account Deleted

Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.

Vince Lombardi

I think the biggest problem for me Sat was the blocking and tackling. It starts there folks..
Posted by: VA Cane | November 12, 2013 at 10:08 AM

there IT is right there....TRUTH

VA Cane


I see we think in the same vein. Of course that puts us just a few notches below VL....LOL!!!!!!!

However, it is a point my Dad preached at me from age 7 block and tackle. Also to not commit stupid penalties and hold onto the ball. They are real keys to the game the foundation.

Thanks for the great quote from VL....you need to move to VA to help me coach my guys....you know the game!!


The play that upsets me the most was the 3rd and 17 that put them up 28-14. Thomas passes it to his RB and is 11 YARDS away from first down. 11 YARDS!!! That means we actually had a chance to stop them and hold to a FG attempt. Deon Bush and A. Crawford both close and fail miserably. Bush has him "wrapped" up and Perryman comes in and just completely whiffs at his attempt to bring him down. Jenkins comes in and takes a horrendous angle and barely grabs his legs and slides off. You can't make this stuff up. He basically evaded 4 potential tackles all on one play and all within 5-6 yards and he gets a TD. I mean, you can't win with that kind of crappy tackling.

Go Canes

Interesting posts, especially the one by Wille Will about Golden vs Saban.

Comparing those two situations is silly isn't it?

Alabama hired a truly great coach into a program with UNLIMITED funds, facilities, booster involvement. The tide is also part of the number one power conference in football.

We hired an up an coming coach who basically has had to survive after being blindsided by the longest investigation in NCAA history. Additionally, our program has limitations in all aspects mentioned above.

Despite that Golden has managed to get this program headed in a very positive direction, something none of us would have imagined had we known three years ago the damage this investigation was going to cause.

Just my opinion.

Hoping for a big win Saturday.

VA Cane


I agree with you 110%. That was poor positioning, poor effort and poor tackling. We did that all night long; that was like a spotlight highlight moment. Pathetic all around. This is what I mean by basics. You cannot play with Bama, Stanford, Oregon, LSU, FSU or any of the best teams, you cannot play with Savannah State that way.....hell you cannot play with my kids doing that.Very poor.....and that is a learned behavior. JMO


To an earlier post mentioned above about emotions and confidence. This is my opinion and my own experiences. I played basketball for my HS when I was younger and I had a fiery head coach. Some games he did the whole "pep talk and fire you up speech". Personally, that did nothing for me. I'm not the kind of person that plays so much better because I'm hyped. I prefer if you tell me what I had to do and let me go out and perform. I didn't need all that hype up speech. I never played football organized so idk if it helps in football. The one thing I do know, is if you are good, you are good. And if you aren't, you aren't and it is going to show. No matter how much your coach hypes you up and how confident you are. That only takes you so far.




Just my opinion.

Hoping for a big win Saturday.

Posted by: Go Canes | November 12, 2013 at 11:48 AM


I don't buy it......everyone says they would rather have a 3 star kid from south florida than a 5 star from enywhere else. Last season we could have esaily lost 2 more games....this season we needed a last drive to win in 2 different games.

When you look at it from that perspective, i don't think we are even close to where we need to be. how I miss the days where we would play duke and the only thing we needed to worry about was where to meet at halftime. Now, this game could be over at halftime and not in our favor.

VA Cane

The one thing I do know, is if you are good, you are good. And if you aren't, you aren't and it is going to show. No matter how much your coach hypes you up and how confident you are. That only takes you so far.

Good point. However if you are good, a strong, intelligent knowledgeable coach will TEACH you, not berate or holler at you. When you are taught the finer points of the game, you can become a great player. That's where you have to be two fold: accept great coaching that will make you better, and devote yourself to the worthy cause, and be able to drive yourself to new heights with new found knowledge and skills.

Account Deleted

“They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them…you show them the reasons.”
Vince Lombardi...

However if you are good, a strong, intelligent knowledgeable coach will TEACH you, not berate or holler at you.
Posted by: VA Cane | November 12, 2013 at 12:51 PM

VA Cane understands the masters of this game.

We need to learn this lesson if we are going to move forward....

VA Cane

I know how to motivate my kids.....by teaching them real skills that I KNOW are right, pushing them, challenging them, driving them to reach higher, go further win bigger.....in life school and on the field. They comprehend where I am coming from.

Todays kid is much different, from a different cut of cloth. The yelling screaming threats that were huge when I came along in the 70s are gone....you lose a kid doing that. They are sensitive and into other things....tv, technology, soccer, skateboarding, video games....they have other outlets. You got to capture and keep their minds....not by being a jerk, but rather a bright light they are drawn to.

My kids are treated the same...all of them. They are taught the finest football skills, they are driven to be the best to want to win wanting to win is the only thing that matters...field class life. Results of 35 years of doing this tell me I am right spot on. Not bragging but I work hard at it and get great response. You go 75-2 you are doing something right. That record is great, but.....my 26 kids have a 3.29 combined gpa, nobody has made a D or F this year and nobody is in trouble at all. We have a great chance to win the Super Bowl...got to win this week first.....but these kids are driven. Again not bragging, but my group of parents are 110% behind me....they think I am doing it right....I sure hope so.
These are only my opinions that seem to work.

Account Deleted

and while I'm at it, this is another one of our problems....players like 26, Shockey, Winslow, Sapp, Wilfolk, Lewis, Barrow, Kennedy, Maryland, McKinney, all got this concept.

“You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn’t mean a thing. That’s for the fans. You’ve got to win the war with the man in front of you. You’ve got to get your man.”

Vince Lombardi


I don't understand these depth chart releases every week. When your defense plays that horribly it would make sense to me to make some changes. There may not be much to change in he secondary because they are always out of position and missing tackles, but make some LB changes. Put in Figs and Kirby and let them loose. Cornelius and Gaines are definiely not getting it done. If there are basically no depth chart changes then why release one in the first place? I don't get it...


New practice field in the workings: http://www.mercurynews.com/sports-headlines/ci_24506515/miami-planning-new-football-practice-field

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