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November 29, 2013





I have no prediction versus Pitt




Canes 26-Pitt 19.


Soup thanks for the 411

Morris needs a great finish to the season to improve draft stock, I say we win.big 42 / 10
Hurns is a beast


Canes 34, Pitt 20


Hassy...Yeah I think there was some confusion about what I sent U but U did get part II.


Let's GO []__[]!!!

The Dude

I'm not going to do a score prediction today because I'd pick Pitt to win. I'm very angry at this staff for pretending the defense isn't an issue. What will it take for Al to make a change? He knows this isn't working, but so long as Miami wins, it will be an excuse to stay the course. I want changes but fear the pressure to make those changes will only come if Miami loses. This prospect angers me. It takes a lot of joy out of the games. Hopefully, this is game 2 of a 100 game winning streak. Go Canes.

The Dude

For Ohio Cane and all the others going to the game. Have fun, I hope for your sake they win.


go Canes!

Is this immaturity or is he a gangsta?



Just spoke to a chick fil a bowl rep in the airport heading to the game


When it comes to recruiting, nobody has come up with an exact science of how some coveted “4 and 5 Star” athletes never live up to the hype.

Though there are a number of reasons you can point to, the actual reason is that many of these people who are putting those lofty ratings on players never really see these athletes play football – with full gear on – live.

Talk to any head football coach across the country that isn’t looking for a job every other year and you will find someone who is doing a lot of recruiting on their own. Butch Davis insisted that his coaches evaluate and not to listen to what others say – or judge from watching someone in shorts. 

To fully understand what recruiting is all about, maybe you should follow the lead of University of Miami head coach Al Golden. If you want to know something about what it takes to get the “lofty” players, but also uncover gems – across they country – this is the man I would ask.

I happen to believe what Golden and his staff have done the past two years – under the cloud of the NCAA – is amazing. I don’t know anyone – and I mean anyone – who could have attracted the athletes that the Hurricanes have.

Ask just about anyone who has played football at the “U” and they will all explain how “void of talent” this program was when Golden arrived. This program had deteriorated to the point that the once flowing pipeline to the NFL had dried up.

Unlike most current-day Hurricanes who will talk about Randy Shannon, Larry Coker, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis and Jimmy Johnson, I remember when selling this program was not so easy. Lou Saban, Fran Curci, Pete Elliott, Carl Selmer and the legendary Charlie Tate set the table for Howard Schnellenberger and the success that would come for over two decades.

At a time when this Hurricane program didn’t meet the expectations of the fans, for Golden and his staff to be at this point – after coming in and watching this program lay down in the Sun Bowl against Notre Dame, they have to be beaming inside.

The smiles have to be over a tremendous 2012 and 2013 class that addressed some needs, but for a 2014 group that has the entire country watching and has the attention of Florida-bred players.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/29/3785541/miami-hurricanes-defy-odds-with.html#storylink=cpy


Anyone coming to the game that needs an extra ticket? I've got 1 extra...


Ohio..I will be there in like 8 hours..hold it!!! haha


Ohio..take lots of pics


UMike, U'll be just in time to watch overtime! LOL jk


New Raising Canes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6o_LJwhgzE&feature=youtu.be

Terrance Sullivan

27-20 M-I-A-M-I. Go Canes! Beat Pitt! Great article Soup!


It's 32 degrees at kick-off. Bundle Up Canes!! If it's sunny and cold, and we are winning, hell, you will feel like it's
springtime. No score prediction here.

orange 'n green in the vein

Terrance, got nothing but love for you man, but we are going to agree to disagree here.

Offense is averaging a fantastic 444 yards a game. 35 points on the board a contest. Has great balance at 172 and 272 yards rushing and passing respectively a game. 5.1 yards a carry, just a shade under 60% completion percentage and Morris and his backups only gets sacked 4% out of all pass attempts. Those are extremely great to good to healthy numbers however you want to measure it.

If the defense was just passable, not bottom of the commode circling down like it is, but passable, those numbers would go up. The OC was worth the money, the guy who hired his counterpart and his counterpart aren't.

Meanwhile, as it is on earth, it's 33 degrees today and partly cloudy in Pitt. Nick Stahl is UM's football program legacy. Claire Dames is the average UM football fan as our POV character. Arnold is UM's new football coach (he's from the future, you see), and Kristanna Loken needs to be wearing a tie to make this whole sloppy analogy hold together by spit, tape and bailing wire, but barring that look, she can just go blue and white with a Nittany Lion logo on her chest;



OGV - I agree on the 98 squad. LOL how would this team deal with Santana Moss or Reggie Wayne, Edge, Najeh, etc., etc.


Marylou, nice to see you around. Hope that you are feeling better!

orange 'n green in the vein

CGNC, add Bubba Franks, Rich Mercier, James Jackson (#2 career yardage rusher in school history), Nick Williams, Mondriel Fulcher, Andre King, Morgan, Reed, Michael Boireau, Damione Lewis, Leonard Myers all the 2002 draftees who would have been true freshmen providing depth to that list. Then with that decided talent advantage, you add in the historically bad coaching staff this year's team has calling the shots for them and it's not close and could get real ugly, uglier than the Duke blowout even.

(Did I mention Duke blew out UM, in football, this year? OK, good, just checking.)

If you want to see a good staff from the MAC earning a shot at a job like Miami's by you know, WINNING GAMES OTHER THAN AGAINST REALLY BAD TEAMS, tune into Bowling Green playing for the division title on the road today in a de facto division title game at 1:30. If UM can steal their coordinator on defense before the staff leaves intact for a better job this off season, UM might just have a defense that can win games for the retooling offense next year, but don't hold your breath that Blake will grow the set needed to stand up to the incompetence in that coaching office just yet.


I'll say it again…..Cold Weather 24 - Canes - 17


Saw many of the recruits play live and they are very good. If golden develops them when they arrive, the Canes should compete for a title.

The problem the Canes have had is they did not recruit good players in their backyard. The top three high school teams with the most NFL players at the beginning of the season was Norland, St. THOMAS and pahokee, and only one of those players (Hankerson) went to UM. Many were not even recruited by Shannon or Coker. And most really wanted to go to UM.

There is so much talent in Florida, and it appears Golden does a better job recruiting the best players regardless of star rating.


5. Canespace is a fantastic blog with great research and tremendous fans.

Yes it is, it really is.

OGV, I know. Offseason will either be interesting or sad


Canes play well in cold weather under Golden. The Canes win impressively, Hurns gets 1000 receiving yards and Canes prepare for post season with a chance at 10 wins with a bowl victory.


Canes play well in cold weather under Golden.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | November 29, 2013 at 12:55 PM

Better or worse than they play in warm weather?


At grille 36 in Pitt. We are outnumbered 10 to 1, but representing well.


It was 5 degrees outside this morning and all I could think about is how the Canes will compete in cold weather. You never really get use to it but you just learn how to deal with it, mental toughness baby! Lets do this! Shout out from Upper Michigan! Da UP, eh!


Well, not sure what you guys think of this but the whole defense and Jared wheeler are practicing with no shirts on.


5. Canespace is a fantastic blog with great research and tremendous fans.


(But we all already knew that.)

Thanks again for all you do.

Let's Go Canes!


Ohio - Al golden is killing it on the recruiting trail!



They will all have pneumonia by half time lol


Hey. At least they're trying to act like the cold doesn't bother them. I LIKEY!

(That's better than huddling up around heaters... )

dj moonbat

The OC was worth the money, the guy who hired his counterpart and his counterpart aren't.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 29, 2013 at 11:21 AM

To pile on to OGV's excellent statistical explanation of why the offense is nowhere near as culpable:

Miami has only been held below 21 points once. That was FSU, which is tied for the nation's #2 scoring defense.

Miami's scoring offense is currently ranked #28. It built that ranking against some decent scoring defenses: 4 in the top 25, and 8 in the top 50.

Miami's scoring defense is currently ranked #57. That's not good, and it looks even worse when one looks at the offensive firepower of the teams we've played. FSU (#2) is the only scoring offense Miami has faced in the top 20, and joins GT and Duke as the only teams in the top 50. On the other end of things, USF, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Florida(!) are ranked below 100. And then there's Savannah State. Eight teams ranked 50 or below.


Ohio - Al golden is killing it on the recruiting trail!


Posted by: Surfercane | November 29, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Too bad he can't kill it with the coaching staff


DJ..if you take away the cupcakes we played that #57 looks even worse lol


Raize & KY present & accounted for.



Wow we got ESPNs F team for the broadcast AH this year has gone to crap fast. Lets end it great boys!!!

Account Deleted

nice start, fumble recovery and a missed coverage.

We're up early, and it looks cold!!


WOW this team with coley and Johnson on O....just give me a QB who wont throw picks and it wont be stopped!


MOrris to Coley wide open after a fumble recovery on the opening KO. 7-0 UM wooo


Lets do this! lets hope this is the start os a great game for the Canes!


good hustle by the D!


3 and out and now a blocked punt!

Account Deleted

wow...pitt self destructing early.

players look slow and tight in the cold.

Game speed much slower


COley with another bubble screen TD!!! 14-0

Account Deleted

holy cow!!! Did Pitt even show up today???

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