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November 03, 2013


VA Cane

I want to play hard and hit people with authority but bounty talk goes too far. I coach and teach my guys to be aggressive but never dirty or outside the rules.


11 in BCS
Not bad


WWIN - he didn't start though, did he? Coming in to mop up is different. Oh, if you and I were coaches.....LOL

Posted by: CGNC | November 03, 2013 at 07:01 PM

Yeah really lol

He didn't start but he came in for Morris when he got hurt and picked it right up

Terrance Sullivan

Number 11 in the BCS. I will take it. Go Canes! Beat VT!


In this game we compounded the problems by not being successful when they adjusted to us. I saw our offense push them around in the touchdown drive. But of course the next series we saw their safety making tackles the line of scrimmage. What happens when they are playing us tight and bringing their backs for run support? Instead of throwing the short passes we should have been throwing the intermediate and long passes. They had to bring their backs up or we would have controlled the game.

I saw our receivers with one or two steps on their backs.. We just did not connect with those passes. Back in the day we would have been licking our chops at the chance to open the passing game up. How things have changed.

Terrance Sullivan

If someone needs a ticket to the Virginia Tech game Saturday seat next to me. Section 130 Row 23 Seat 2 I am asking for 40 dollars. That seat is a 65 dollar ticket for this game. Go Canes.


Now we just need to win out, and we should, even without Duke. He will be missed, though


I'm going to miss watching Duke run the rest of the season. He just glides and is so elusive. Great stiff arm, too.

With Coley getting open deep multiple times vs the Noles, just think what PD could have done to em. With time, a healed-is SM17 ankle, a healthy-ish PD, and enough things to correct/work for the repeat, the ACCCG will be closer than 27pts.


On 60 Minutes...Nick Saban



undersized at 6 feet Keenum is another good NFL QB...


T.Y. Hilton was a starter under Mario Cristobal at FIU...No one at the U saw the talent of the young man...Sad.


MC he didn't have the grades to attend UM. VA cane and CGNC thanks.


DS is a fucking idiot!


I begged Um to recruit TY. but they told me they already had TB#3 coming so they did not want to duplicate talent....


Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on?

Had a great time tailgating with Soup, Old Skool, and TSully! saturday, then the game with Zilla and his bro, OGV, And Anastasia!
OGV gets the hard core fan award in my opinion. He brings the same loud enthusiasm when youre ahead as when you are 30 pts down, stays to the bitter end, and irritates the schnit out of opposing fans! LOL
It was apparent like Golden has been saying forever we aint there yet but we are making progress. We simply lost to a better team saturday but our day is coming!





Here's the thing I don't get:

1. Let's all accept and acknowledge that FSU has currently accumulated better talent accross the board than Miami.

2. Teams of lesser talent beat teams with greater talent every week in college football.

3. Why couldn't or didn't Miami beat FSU?


If U begin to accept the fact that it is a "given" that teams of lesser talent can never beat teams of teams of greater talent then why even play the games?

U can't say all week long BEFORE the game: "Hey anything can happen, that's why they play the games. They (the media) is acting like Miami shouldn't even show up!"

And then say AFTER the game: "Well FSU has better talent so that's why Miami lost."

We ALL knew that going into the game but most thought that Miami COULD win the game. The only question left is: "Why didn't they?"

dj moonbat

We ALL knew that going into the game but most thought that Miami COULD win the game. The only question left is: "Why didn't they?"

Posted by: SOUP | November 04, 2013 at 08:26 AM

Well, although FSU came out a little flat, they didn't stay that way. Miami needed a couple of defensive plays that would hurt FSU badly enough to keep the 'Noles out of rhythm, and never got them. (Or, actually, the two interceptions would have been those plays except that Miami NEEDED those plays to make up for the fact that otherwise FSU was driving at will.)

The more talented team almost has to screw up. They did, but no worse than Miami did. So really, there's no question left. The better team won, because they didn't screw up (Miami didn't force them to screw up) enough to lose.


Coaching talent is another factor. I'm not sure how many of our coaches have coached a game that big?



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