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November 03, 2013



Last night showed up the flaws n our coaching.. No'd & these zone plays r not what's up. 4-3 man up - let's play.. Instead we play off da line 10yards -- no pass rush.. & 4 this OC I mean come on dude not 1 screen play 2 da RB.. We ran da ball on 1st down 90% of the time.. FSU out coached us n da 2nd half. I mean they adjusted 2 our running game.. I would 2 if u keep running left every 1st down. It's obvious we need a real DC this dude we hv garbage. 2 make matters worst we lost Duke 4 da season on a 4th & 2 where our online was pushed back-- da while stadium knew we was running left..

No 2 TE sets , no 3 wr I mean come on coley u need 2 b creative.. We hv the horses -- run them - last but least SM - Sm has no heart dude does wavy 2 b great.. He will b a Christian ponder type .. I mean his so inconsistent & inaccurate.. His game has 2 many flaws -- he needs a Qb coach.. Btw ---- who is THE HERB?? Lmao


Willie I agree with your post.


Fsu's talent and coaching is better. AG has to recruit his ass off and improve the talent level on both sides of the ball. I think Coley and Dno are in over their heads. That soft ass sissy zone is BS football. AG rally the boys and let's beat VT next week. FSU will beat Bama for the National Championship. Once again SM is Jacory with a strong arm. Duke speedy recovery. I am not upset because I thought the outcome would be what it was. Recruit, recruit, recruit and make a change say OC and DC.


Miami after 8 games, Record, Points For, Points Allowed:

1994: 7-1 (270-86)
1995: 5-3 (225-151)
1996: 6-2 (249-111)
1997: 4-4 (225-202)
1998: 6-2 (302-154)
1999: 5-3 (239-151)
2000: 7-1 (356-157)
2001: 8-0 (325-72)
2002: 8-0 (344-141)
2003: 7-1 (260-138)
2004: 6-2 (260-153)
2005: 7-1 (240-86)
2006: 5-3 (187-119)
2007: 5-3 (203-174)
2008: 5-3 (244-180)
2009: 6-2 (239-192)
2010: 5-3 (228-151)
2011: 4-4 (227-178)
2012: 4-4 (215-259)
2013: 7-1 (291-165)

Hurricanes in last four games of regular season:

1994: 4-0
1995: 4-0
1996: 3-1
1997: 3-1
1998: 3-1
1999: 3-1
2000: 4-0
2001: 4-0
2002: 4-0
2003: 3-1
2004: 2-2
2005: 3-1
2006: 1-3
2007: 0-4
2008: 2-2
2009: 3-1
2010: 2-2
2011: 2-2
2012: 3-1

VA Cane

Well we did do much better than them in punting average 53.0, and we only had 2 penalties for 5 yards. Those are 2 areas that were not big factors, but I still like to see them positive.

Both will be important vs VT. Get your horse blinders on Cane fans, and lets focus starting today on what we need to do to win.


And for the fun of it, here's Nick Saban's first four classes against Al Golden's:

Saban (2007-2010)
Total 5 Stars: 11
Total 4 Stars: 58
Total 3 Stars: 34
Total 2 Stars: 3

Golden (2010-2014)
Total 5 Stars: 2
Total 4 Stars: 29
Total 3 Stars: 44
Total 2 Stars: 5

This is the effect of the NCAA investigation at play, but it shows how Alabama got to where they were and how far we need to go.


Actually the first half was on the players not the coaches. Players were in position to make plays but didn't capitalize. Same can be said on the first possession of the second half, Coley was open for a TD but was under thrown. Morris actually played his best first half ever.

Second half was more on the coaches. Our running game got too cute instead of running the same type of plays we ran the first half. Note to staff, that diamond formation that ga tech and unc ran against us only works on our D, also nobody believes Morris is going to run the ball on these read option plays we run so its a waste of a play.

Golden, has three keys on his key chain and keeps trying to force the same key in the hole that doesn't fit and won't ever attempt to at least try another key, is puzzling. He's had two years to get Morris and Williams ready.


For the FSU fans who think that they are on par with Alabama - not quite. Here's how they compare against a team that had the number one recruiting class in 2011, 2012, and 2013:

Alabama vs Florida State (last 4 classes)

Total 5 Stars: 8
Total 4 Stars: 39
Total 3 Stars: 41
Total 2 Stars: 3

Total 5 Stars: 11
Total 4 Stars: 56
Total 3 Stars: 31
Total 2 Stars: 1


Omg... I listened to Duane Starks on the radio after the game last night. He also said the talent isn't what beat us. It was game planning & execution. Morris missed 2 wide open TD passes. Our LB's were 10 yards back on EVERY 3rd & short, giving up the 1st down before the snap. Players play the way they're coached to play. We've seen this shyt for 2 1/2 years but react dumbfounded when I tell you what will happen & it comes true...

VA Cane

Lot of rumblings in Blacksburg; I know believe me....lots of inside sources. They have lost to Duke and BC. One reason is that they have no offense....and they cannot stop a good run game. Beamer is under huge pressure; he is in twilight of his career. His son Shane, through default, not ability is set to take his place in the future. Jim Weaver AD is not well and rumor has it he will step down, Beamer to AD, Shane Beamer to HC....and Bud Foster out of there. That will be there death. Not sure Foster is HC, but a great DC. If he had pure talent that top dogs have, he would create the best D in country.

All the more reason for VT to be a stumbling block. Lose to Duke at home, lose to BC there....lots of griping, bitching, complaining.....what better way to quiet the storm than to regroup and beat a down UM team? We cannot get down dammit, we move on.
Now to those of you who looked at this 3 weeks ago or so....you know who you are....its here. Now we can really focus on VT instead of talking about it. We need to run the damn ball. Crawford and Clements and OL got to focus on that. SM needs to command a strong run game, and hit some receivers. D has to pressure Thomas, and tackle him. He is the reason they have won, and he has struggled. Hes a big boy, and if you can swarm him stop their limited O and cover people...man...you can win. Time to get focused on this game.....cannot have a 2-3 game slide. We find out how big we are now.


Hey, as long as we run the ball with Dallas and OT we should be fine. The defense is playing much better. We saw the depth tested. Miami has the best chances to win out and lose yet again to FSU and play in a good bowl game carrying the momentum into next year. Let's go canes


I just don't know what to say.....according to most we are 14th ranked team in the nation with horrible QB, LB, and Defense coach. 7-1 record. We played #3 team in country in their house....they are special...they have NFL talent as several positions. We played without top WR. Playing hurt QB, freshman WR,,,,,,

These no name no nothing kids are trying...playing above their level in some cases. They may not have made plays last night but they did fight until mid way thru 3rd quarter.

I will take the 7-1. (And most would have too before the season started.) This is a work in progress....if we can say some growth and win some more games this year then Canes are doing well.

LET's GO CANES! Beat VaTech Pokies.


I think Gary Ferman hits it about right.

TALLAHASSEE - Sometimes in sports you have to man up and acknowledge that your opponent is simply better than you are, no matter how much that sucks, no matter how painful it is to reconcile. When that opponent is your arch rival, the team that forever has been your measuring stick, and you get beaten the decisive way that Miami did Saturday at Doak Campbell Stadium, the ache can destroy your soul if you don't possess the fortitude to withstand the poison.

This is the crossroad where the Miami Hurricanes are parked right now folks. They must reconcile how much it means to regroup and defeat a reeling Virginia Tech team Saturday and Duke the next week to seize control of the ACC Coastal Division and point toward a rematch with FSU in the ACC title game.

Florida State beat the Hurricanes handily on Saturday and will be favored by three touchdowns again on the neutral field of Charlotte, should Miami get there. But win or lose, a berth in that game would deem the Cane season a success by any reasonable measurement. You must see that through all the darkness of defeat, right, and this one was plenty dark with the final lasting image of Tallahassee being Duke Johnson on crutches with a cast on his right foot and what was believed to be a broken ankle.

The year is coming and going in a flash, just like this great opportunity on the big stage did for Miami on Saturday.

College Game Day?

The prime time slot on ABC on a Saturday night?

Miami may have been badly trounced, but the Hurricanes were at least there to remind the nation that The U does continue to exist, even if it still might not be totally recognizable to the common eye.

This game was classic Men vs. Boys once Jameis Winston stopped acting like the freshman quarterback that he is and throwing the ball to Miami's safeties.

Miami's defense just didn't have enough personnel to stop the FSU offense. Fans will want to blame defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio on this one, but trust me, D'Onofrio tried everything. He mixed coverages. He brought blitzes from everywhere. And none of it worked.

The scariest thing for Miami is that it really wasn't even close to good enough on that side of the ball, even with the well-acknowledged forward advancement that has been made this year.

The struggles against North Carolina and Wake Forest were not a mirage.

Miami was particularly exposed at linebacker and with safety A.J. Highsmith, who was totally overmatched athletically by FSU's receivers and backs, was beaten and missed tackles repeatedly and had an awful game. The Canes' pass rush was non-existent even when they did blitz because players were just not explosive enough against FSU's better athletes.

And the offense? There was so much hope at times, but just nowhere near the consistency to stay with these guys on their turf. Because of the defensive liabilities, Miami once again just didn't get to run enough plays, just 57 to FSU's 73. There was zero margin for error against a very good defense, and when the Canes fizzled with an opportunity to tie the game at the start of the third quarter, the most critical possession of the game, it only opened the flood gates for the avalanche. And FSU was not blowing that invite. No chance.

Maybe if Miami could have put together a good drive there and put some pressure on the Noles that they have not experienced this year, the Canes might have had a chance. But they could not. They will never know.

So Miami will not go undefeated in 2013, a bulletin for those who actually believed in the possibility.

The thought of that has always been kind of insane, no matter how attainable it seemed. Al Golden has always been grounded, always sure to remind that this program very much remains a work in progress. Too many South Florida studs have been lost in recruiting over the last five years and not enough great defensive players have been signed.

Cornerback Ladarius Gunter was the only Miami defender who really stood out Saturday night.

It was kind of astonishing really. Even guys like Denzel Perryman looked so ordinary out there, not reading plays quickly enough because they were developing ... well ... so quickly.

So it's circle the wagons time for Miami because the truth is that these next two weeks are way more important to this team and this program than Saturday's game in Tally. The Noles are one of the three best teams in the country this year, and we knew long ago that Miami was not. But to call this season a success, Miami must get to Charlotte. It must win the remainder of its games against competition it should be able to handle, and embrace the challenge of doing so with its best offensive weapons - Phillip Dorsett and Duke Johnson - on the sidelines.

It is Charlotte or bust.

This is a team that has collapsed under the weight of adversity the past two seasons and now must show growth by using that as fuel to get through the season. A similar fade from glory in 2013 would be particularly devastating simply because of all the progress the Hurricanes have made as a program in the first part of the season.

Miami kicked things off in September on a quest to become relevant again, and the Hurricanes were a meaningful part of the college football season for the first time in a long time Saturday, even if they were not quite big enough for the moment.

So, in that regard, this latest little trip up to the State Capitol was a winner for the Canes.

But it's all for naught if things don't press forward from here.

The Miami mission Saturday was to get the game to the fourth quarter, and for a while it looked like that would be accomplished.

The Hurricanes have typically gotten off to slow starts defensively this year and things didn't look very promising when FSU took the opening kickoff and went 72 yards in 13 plays for a touchdown. The disappointment was magnified when Matt Goudis continued his annoying habit of missing field goal attempts, wasting the momentum of a quality Miami offensive drive, and FSU began moving again.

But Deon Bush intercepted an overthrown Winston pass at the UM 35 and Miami struck quickly to tie the score with a 33-yard touchdown pass from Morris to Allen Hurns.

FSU took command with a pair of touchdowns in the first part of the second quarter against the defenseless Miami D. But Miami got a gift late in the half when Winston threw the ball to Rayshawn Jenkins. When Morris hit Hurns again on a beautiful pitch and catch in the back of the end zone, Miami had a lease on life down by only seven at intermission.

But the third quarter was a nightmare, and it began with that failure on the opening drive. FSU put up 165 yards of offense in the period and put the game away before the Hurricanes knew what had happened. This was a team that scored 35 points in the first quarter against NC State a week ago. Give the Noles an opening to trounce you and they have no problem with it.

The cold reality for Miami is that through various circumstances it has not really improved as the season has gone along, which is kind of unusual. On offense, that can be attributed to the injury woes of Morris, Johnson and Dorsett and Seantrel Henderson's failures and lack of accountability, which necessitated too much shuffling on the offensive line. Defensively, Miami has really missed having Deon Bush out there as an every down safety and playmaker and another impact player or two in general.

That's why the bottom line remains recruiting, because if there was one thing that was glaring on this latest visit to Doak Campbell Stadium, it was that there is no substitute for great players - and a lot of them.

But the silver lining at this moment in time is that even with that acknowledgement, Miami really can go 11-1 this year and possibly earn a spot in the Chick-fil-A bowl game in Atlanta against an SEC foe that would probably be Georgia or South Carolina. That would be one of the sexiest matchups of the post-season. The year 2013 can still be one of tremendous progress, even if we all know it would be a launching point on a long road that still lies ahead for Al Golden and his staff.

True forward progress in 2013 would be a strong finish, a fight through this latest wave of adversity.

Which way will the Hurricanes go? How much have they grown?

Those are the questions laid before the Hurricanes now that the question of whether they were ready to compete with FSU has been so decisively and undeniably answered.

VA Cane

Posted by: CaneRock | November 03, 2013 at 11:58 AM

Well thought out CR. Things will improve and we will get more and better horses. FSU had more and better horses last night; we hung around for a while but did not have the depth and quality to get the job done. We got beat and we have to work hard on all fronts to get better....coaches, staff, players and fans....JMO

Account Deleted

soup, weeds are gone...just feeling sad...

Account Deleted

Drop to 14 in both polls, about right.

Interesting week ahead. VT game is everything now and Duke is gone (reading maybe surgery).

VT has a far better D than us. Crawford will have to step up along with the OL.

So its up to SM to out duel LT. Guess we'll see who is the worst of the two...

Saw SM still smiling in Manny's post game video. Sure doesn't seem to let losing bother him much.......


Way I look at it, as SOON! as the NCAA announced sanctions, it was YEAR ONE! for Golden. We were basically on probation from the time that Yahoo article came out, and when these LYIN'ASS! mofos were going around SF saying death penalty. Point blank, we got the horses, just NOT ENOUGH! horses. And the GLARING! deficiency on offense to me, is at RB...after Duke, we're STUCK! I'll say it again, I like Crawford, but He's not an elite level RB...SKRAIT UP!


I still don't the OL is as good as everybody keeps saying, but they aren't nearly the glaring liability that the DL is.

Posted by: dj moonbat | November 03, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Agreed, but they are still probably the best unit that we have.

dj moonbat

I've been warning yall about Golden & No D's zone. It will NEVER work against a good offense.

Posted by: CoCane | November 03, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Maybe. But I don't care WHAT scheme we brought against FSU last night. With that DL, it wasn't going to stop that offense. Those guys just are not good enough.


The Herb says this:
"F" the dam zone defense. What's worst getting gutted the entire game or giving up an ocassional bomb. Maybe we might be able to get off the field, with a bump and run plus a blitz.
Go get some difference makers on defense, through recruiting. I still don't see that in this years verbal crop, not at LB, where we need some serious talent, not at DB, where we do have talent but need more depth, so we don't have to play Highsmith and I don't see a difference maker at WR either. We all better hold our breaths and hope Valentine & Stucky can get in at DT. We need some badazz talent on defense and throw in a D- Coordinator, who has got guts. We all know he doesn't have enough firepower on defense but that doesn't mean he had to draw up a pussy defensive scheme. Finally, The Herb says to tank Morris and put Williams in and lets win and get ready for the future and enough of running on first down 80% of the time and being predictable. Coley, you need to grow a set of super sized nuts and drop the vanilla fudge cake offense.

VA Cane

Sorry Duke got hurt....that was ugly....not sure how he got all crunched up and under in that position....got to move those feet. He's a fine kid...will be back. DC got to carry the load now. He can do it, we need to run the damn ball with authority. got to get better in all phases....cannot stop to cry now. Lets GO!!!

VA Cane

Good point CoCane.....good pressure making a guy run, throw early and off balance, getting hit sacked and having to deal with BT man to man was whaat I hoped for last night......and....LOL that's what my kids did. We went man on everybody, and I unleashed the rest out of the Flex and the 46. Now my kids are 13.....but I got a hell of a pass/blitz rush.....they are animals....cannot tell you how many hits sacks hurries....I would bet 10 to 12 sacks....we did knock a WR out....Ouch!!!! he got maimed....and the 1st and 2nd string QBs both came out a couple times each...we were on them. You got to hit people not zone em off. JMO

dj moonbat

Until we have NFLers on that DL, we will constantly have to look at the O to play keep up. I like our DBs and I like our LBs. But our DL is just so ssslllooowww.

Posted by: 360Cane | November 03, 2013 at 06:43 AM

Sloooow and not all that strong.

UM plays that game to a draw (or better) if they have a dominant DL like the UM teams of old. FSU never had to change their offensive tactics, because the DL just couldn't make them.

Unfortunately, the guys who are the core of the reborn Miami line aren't enrolled in the university. IF they enroll on Signing Day 2014, Miami is still a couple years away from having a top-flight DL.

I still don't the OL is as good as everybody keeps saying, but they aren't nearly the glaring liability that the DL is.


^^^^ survive without Duke


I've been warning yall about Golden & No D's zone. It will NEVER work against a good offense. The game went exactly how I said it would. Winston picked apart the holes in the zone. No amount of talent will fill the holes in our zone. Even with a hellified pass rush, you can just dink & dunk it down the field. Morris just isn't accurate & smart enough to put up the numbers we need. J. Coley & Morris handicap each other. Now Duke is out for the rest of the season. Uh oh... We played hard but until this staff learns how to unleash talent instead of holding it back, we'll continue to get smashed by elite teams. I've enjoyed seeing this team rise to the top 10. I hope the coaches figure things out & survive without to see FSU again in the ACCCG. Go Canes!

mountain cane

Jack, the average daytime temperature in Pitt in late November is 48 degrees. It won't be snowing. For anyone who has been north of Orlando, it won't even be cold. As I've said before because it is a pet peeve of mine after us get killed in Orlando with everyone on the sidelines in giant parkas at 50 degrees, don't bring any coats. Al should go short sleeves.

How do all Cane nflers succeed in Green bay, buffalo and minny but can't handle 50 degrees in college. Man up.

VA Cane

Well I got home in time to see the second. Glad my charges were ready to play; we rolled 49-0....Ran the hell out of the ball right at them.....and my D was like walking into a slaughterhouse.....that O they ran....spread got killed. We really played well.

We did not do the things that were needed on either side of the ball. We ran well at first but then got away from it....some TE work but got away from it. 2 TOs were costly, 3rd down we just could not convert. Nice plays by Morris to Hurns...Hurns played well. D we got no pressure, we missed tackles, we could not cover...we got 2 TOs.

We played a deeper, stronger more athletic team; we hung with them in the first half, their deeper and superior motivated talent pulled away. We came and played we got beat. It happens from time to time. You look at the film, get a grip on what went wrong try to correct it and move on with the corrections to the next game. Some things like the pass rush you cannot correct in 1` sitting. Tackling and blocking you do the fundamental drills every day....they should and must be corrected.

So we are 7-1. What are you gonna do now? take your ball and go home, cry, whine, make excuses, point the finger at each other and go on a 3 game losing streak? or......get that Tunnel Vision for VT?....TV for VT that's the saying for this weeks Big Push we focus on VT and work our asses off to get better......cause if we do not quit we got to play those cats again......and dammit I want to play them again and beat them. I never quit I never say die. Go Canes get your heads up and Get To Work!!!!

TV for VT Tunnel Vision for VA Tech....all together now WHOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Yeah, we have a 250lb fullback and we run 190 RB on 4TH & 2 and now Duke is gone. I really don't stand the logic, when you need a yd. It would seem to The Herb, that you would give the ball to a guy that weighs 60lbs more.


I thinks Pitt will be tricky one probably in the snow at the Steelers filed. Must beat VT, Duke "tricky too" and finally pay back UVA damnit!


7-1 only loss to FSU not bad my friends! I believe we still finish 10-2 not bad at all!

Building a Program Mr Golden, THANK YOU SIR!!


yes! highsmith is mediocre @ best


I just didn't get why we had no pass rush. I don't want to watch that game again... slow knife ? But after AQM missed on 3 sacks, 17 got some pressure once. .. They went with shayon and chick. .. not sure what the play count was but damn. Great to see Deon out there. Earlier they had a great plan vs fsu but after Jenkins int and halftime we adjusted we did not. Coley the Oc lost his battle and Morris couldn't lead me info the bathroom. Go canes. I'll take this L. Beat fsu. 7-1 I'll take it


...and while I'm at it, the safety play by Miami is intolerable. We can gripe all we want about DT's but until we get two safeties who can run and play the ball in the air and tackle, it doesn't matter how much pressure we get on the QB. Highsmith and Rodgers may be able to line everyone up right and be where they are supposed to be, but they can't make a play.


Sarasota- yeah I remember that logo stomping game and then getting our a$$ handed to us. Now THAT was embarrassing. Losing to an elite team like last night, not so much. Shows what we need to work on to improve.


maybe it's me..but I thought the offensive play calling was terrible last night.

And I said it last night, the play where Duke got injured was a terrible call. If your gonna go for it, do a naked boot or roll out and hit your TE....But no, lets run it with 8 men in the box...... we played was to conservative.


Unfortunately, Morris was the difference again.

Posted by: Texascane | November 03, 2013 at 09:40 AM

Good post. the UM - A&M matchup would be interesting. LOL getting ahead of myself there.


Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 03, 2013 at 09:35 AM

We don't have QBs close to Kosar


A&M has no defense...absolutely no defense. I would love to get a shot at them. he difference at the top is that FSU, Bama have boths dies of the ball.

The long interception on first down in the third killed Miami. The screen pass TD would have scored on any defense in the country that ran the same blitz from that side.

The key, as I said a couple of days ago was that the offense had to match scores and keep it close. Winston is a different player when he has pressure to score on him (first half vs second half).

Unfortunately, Morris was the difference again.


Good morning SpacerS

I think there needs to be a serious discussion about Al's management skills regarding his BFF NOd and P17. With or without talent our defense is schemed not to lose rather then attacked mode like FSU did to us in the second half, if there aren't any changes made to the defensive coaching staff this off season, expect more of the same. Al's loyalty to P17 is a detrimental to the team as a whole, either he is too hurt to play or too stupid to play, hand him the clip board and call it a day.

PS After is was stated he was smiling and joking on the sideline."I WISH IT WAS P17 ANKLE THAT SNAP IN HALF INSTEAD OF DUKE"

Da U N Houston

With some of the fans on here you'd think the season is over. As coach says bunker mentality. I'm a huge fan, but as someone who played folks gotta chill. 1st lost, some things got exposed, now back at it. Going to be hard to Replace Duke if he is out, but our D is a good D, FSU is just a great team and no we are not there yet. But we need to get ready to beat VT. Win that game and we should see FSU again.



Keep it real folks...on the road again.



The time we played a superior team in 1983 Kosar hit everything that was moving in an orange jersey. You can beat those teams by throwing.

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 03, 2013 at 08:58 AM

I see the improvement, it's just hard to watch UM play against top 10 teams regardless of rational expectations.
I saw a bowl projection that would have UM playing against Texas A&M in the Peach Bowl (If we win out and lose the ACCCG). On the one hand that would be a huge step forward for The U if it comes true, on the other hand Texas A&M would wipe the field with this team.
Sometimes reality bites!!


S*T*A*R*S* MATTER . . . . according to today's Miami Herald (Manny & Susan). Here is an excerpt:

Scouts say Seminoles' talent superior to Hurricanes

As exciting as it was for University of Miami and Florida State fans to see both of their programs back in the top 10 and playing in a meaningful rivalry game this late in the season, scouts said Hurricanes coach Al Golden is still playing catch-up with Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher when it comes to stocking the shelves with talent.

FSU has eight NFL Draft-eligible players ranked in the top 10 at their respective positions by CBSSports.com. Miami, by comparison, has five.

History shows why the Seminoles are a deeper and a more talented team. After Randy Shannon reeled in the fifth-best rated recruiting class in the country in 2008, according to Rivals, FSU's signing classes - anchored by Fisher - were rated better than UM each year (2009: FSU 7th; Miami 15th; 2010: FSU 10th; Miami 16th. 2011: FSU 2nd, Miami 36th; 2012: FSU 6th; Miami 9th; 2013: FSU 10th; Miami 20th).

Making matters tougher for UM has been holding onto its top recruits or developing them. Of the six Rivals four-star prospects Miami signed in 2010 (the Hurricanes didn't sign any five-stars), only three are still with the program (offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche, running back Eduardo Clements and offensive lineman Brandon Linder). Miami signed only two four-star recruits in 2011 (no five-stars) and one (defensive end Jalen Grimble) transferred out this season.

But since Golden has had time to establish himself beginning with the 2012 class, the Hurricanes have signed two Rivals five-star recruits (cornerback Tracy Howard, running back Duke Johnson) and 17 four-star recruits. Of that group, only receiver Angelo Jean-Louis and receiver Robert Lockhart are no longer on the team.

The Hurricanes don't have any five-star recruits among next year's commitments, but they do have 11 four-star prospects. UM's class (26 commitments) is ranked sixth by Rivals. FSU (25 commitments) is ranked seventh.


When we are ready for the top ten we will be lighting it up on the long ball.


If we can pick off Winston twice, imagine what we'll do to Logan. TH3 must be licking his chops.

Sarasota 'cane

Sarasota - I started thinking HOW LONG it has actually been.....for me I knew something was up when LSU stomped us in the bowl game - 03 I think?

Posted by: CGNC | November 03, 2013 at 08:48 AM

That is so funny that you just said that because the two games for me that signify the beginning of the downward spiral of the program was the LSU Peach Bowl and the Louisville "Logo Stomping" game!
When our players held up their "four fingers" at the end of the 3rd quarter last night I thought about how long it's been since we ACTUALLY did own the 4th quarter against top 10 teams. I was saying to myself put your hands down and keep them down until the former players tell you it's OK to put them back up.


CGNC maybe u r not. But a whole lot of other people were crying apocalypse on the last blog.


After our oline pushed them all over the field in the first q on the scoring drive they brought their backs up for run support. Steven percentage was was not accurate beyond 30 yards so we did not exploit that d. It was the difference in the game.


Posted by: NigeianCane | November 03, 2013 at 08:58 AM

No one is losing perspective. Just about everyone knows that we are not there yet.


can someone stop 'jenny winston' from talking. I know hes young but this kid is goofy fokk!


Now, to the showers followed by a 3.5 hour ride home while tired, disappointed and about $400 lighter in the pocket.


CGNC...yes we had a blast at the tailgate and at the game for the first half. It got ugly quickly in the third period and then the fun was over. At the half I thought we had a shot at winning but:


And expect to win.


damn! our fan base lack perspective. 1st:
we r working with young wide receivers except for hurns. dorsett is out. the only negative with us tonight was the QB. morris is the problem, not the whole team. the defense is not elite but is better & has won us games this year. i'll take there. 2nd: we r 7-1 with a 90% chance of going 11-1. these r all 75% improvement over last year. the defense played good enough to win. we needed morris to hit on the balls he missed and we needed our play makers to be on the field. we will most likely meet them @ the ACCCG & the result will be different. hurricane fans r tough. I doubt most of u r real football fans. I think the canes just fill a void in your life. so u r a wreck when they loose.


Sarasota - I started thinking HOW LONG it has actually been.....for me I knew something was up when LSU stomped us in the bowl game - 03 I think?

Sarasota 'cane

With that said, in the past decade we have seen a coach that could not use a headset followed by a coach who could not utilize time outs or recruit topped off with a big NCAA investigation. It's been a long road for all of us. It will not get fixed overnight, but I think the worst is behind us.

Posted by: CGNC | November 03, 2013 at 08:37 AM

I agree with that statement 100%. I also think it's too bad that UM lost Duke on such a stupid play call at a meaningless point in the game.


Bummed about Duke. can't say last night was not unexpected, just hoped it wouldn't happen like that. Our 3rd down conversions were bad because we never or rarely had third and short like FSU did. The biggest difference on offense that I saw was Winston can quickly read his progressions and SM cannot. We just need a bigger, badder D-line. Period. As for SM smiling on the sidelines, dude needs to hate losing more than like winning

With that said, in the past decade we have seen a coach that could not use a headset followed by a coach who could not utilize time outs or recruit topped off with a big NCAA investigation. It's been a long road for all of us. It will not get fixed overnight, but I think the worst is behind us.

Soup, did you have a good time? (other than the score)


I was not surprised. Canes are pretty good, this year FSU are elite. I think the best in country and you can see that belief. That game was easy for them. Thought the game plan was good 1st half and then completely outcoached, outplayed in the 2nd.

Coley drop early 2nd half was big as was the miss to him on the deep pass.

Guttsy call end of the 1st half on 4th down, not so sure when they went for it late and to top it off DUke was injured and out for the rest of the season.

Morris, I just don;t know what to say, good 1st half, very bad 2nd.

Hopefully we'll win out and get them again but the outcome will be the same of worse.

It has taken Fisher this long to build FSU into this, 4 years? AG is half way thru year 3 and coing out of the NCAA debacle. He still my choice and I believe in 2 years we'll approach what FSU are right now.

Account Deleted

Just read Duke is gone. Lost on a stupid play call late in a game that was already lost. Should have been Crawford in the short yardage package or the Bus. Been saying is all season. Now it really costs us......

BTW, SM is hurt far more than we've been led to believe. Hobbled around during the game again.

Sorry Soup, time to go pull some weeds...

Account Deleted

The morning after a loss we knew was coming..

Still believe AG can get it done, and it will take a few more years. It showed last night, we don't have the talent, depth or experience to play at the highest level. We do have a smiling QB that is simply a flop this season.

No'D never really left, we just improved enough to not be the worst when playing poor teams. FSU did anything they wanted all game long. No pass rush, no run D, nothing....played soft and let them run up almost 600 yds of offense.

On the O, not sure which is a bigger failure, SM or Coley. FSU is probably laughing today at us for taking him. Play calling made no sense, and SM is not a winner. The last 2 victories the running game carried us late down the field.

Shame Duke got hurt, been a tough season. Injuries and fumbles.

No special teams plays at all, and a missed FG.

AG got schooled, now we'll see if they quit or have a real commitment to winning.


FSU got 192 yards rushing and 517 yards of total offense. Ouch!

Account Deleted

top ten..and about as close as we'll see again this season


For me, the big reason for FSU success was their offensive line play, which was excellent. Rick Trickett is an excellent offensive line coach and their running backs always have running lanes and Winston always has time to throw. The Canes aren't the only good team to experience this. The running game for FSU, and a timely called and executed screen play, won the game last night.

I still love my Canes and Al Golden. Go Canes!


Sorry about Duke and his injury. That is a big loss. Just want to find a way to win the remaining games and make it to the ACC Championship game. That will be a successful year - something the Canes have never accomplished. It's not a national championship,but it is a big step forward


But we can stand with the Canes and trust the process...with that being said...I know it is easy for me to say from the couch but I swear I could run that defense better than it is being ran right now...whomever it is that has been recruiting our DTs need to get his ass kicked


NOd's scheme is base off the Penn St slow un-athletic players from up north used to contain explosive Florida type players, his scheme is riddle with the fear of getting beat deep but it allow you to get rapped on every other route


Ok, now I know why we don't run a slip screen.

What was the final 3rd down count? 2/13? We are in desperate need of linemen. Transfers coming in and taking the starting job should tell us all something.

But the negativity on here is ridiculous. How many times does Golden have to say, "we're not there yet"?

Our 3 star QB vs their 5 star QB.
Our 3 star DL vs their 5 star DL.

Yes. I know stars don't matter here. But maybe because we haven't developed them in the past decade. Until we have NFLers on that DL, we will constantly have to look at the O to play keep up. I like our DBs and I like our LBs. But our DL is just so ssslllooowww.



Saliva Breath

No more Shannon era QBs. Done. Time to move on.


Great post 86. Sad. . Just sad. The Margin For error was small but we lost To a great team but losing our best player is something that will cost us. I'm over with Steven. Great kid but him smiling got me upset. We are getting killed and you and shayon smiling ? Ugh. We need a QB LIKE FSU has


Get better duke

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